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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre and #AllyCat Part 1
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

According to legend, the great wizard wrote the Book of Eternity over 1,500 years ago. It gives whoever holds it the power to know and there by control, the future. The Ancients buried it under Stonehenge to keep it out of the hands of mortals because it was deemed too dangerous. Bizarro Supergirl threw Stonehenge into the River Thames near Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, and the London Eye after the Great Wall of China and Taj Mahal were vandalized. Batgirl was able to triangulate Bizarro Supergirl's next target was London. They landed on the Westminster Bridge and noticed a distraught crowd. Batgirl got out a scope and looked around the river until she saw Stonehenge. The crowd mistook Supergirl for Bizarro Supergirl and surrounded her. Lex Luthor eventually discovered the location of The Book of Eternity and set up an official exacavation. He arrived at his dig site near Stonehenge aboard his LX-461 helicopter. He ordered the activation of The Lexcavator.

The machine temporarily and safely lifted Stonehenge and the land it occupied upwards so that Luthor and his men could search the underground ruins. Luthor opened admitted to his scientists that if it were up to him, he would have just blown up Stonehenge. The coffin of Merlin was found and pried open by Luthor's team then he took the Book of Eternity from the hands of Merlin's corpse. He blew the dust off the front cover and it activated. While Stonehenge was returned to its proper place, Luthor told a 24/7 Live reporter he hoped to use The Book to make the world a better place.