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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science (Chapter 4, Chapter 5, and Chapter 12)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Smallville is located a way's off from Metropolis. After some incident, Kara Danvers was expelled from Smallville High School and she went to live with the Danvers in Metropolis. For a high school science project, Kara Danvers decided to return home and help make the Kent Farm run more efficiently since both she and Clark Kent no longer lived there full time. Zatanna tagged along to help and get inspiration for her own project. Zatanna cast a spell that put the plane on autopilot after Supergirl startled the pilot with a greeting. Ma Kent greeted them with two glasses of lemonade. She found the idea sweet and left them to it. Danvers held a tractor up in the air while Zee Zatara cast a spell. Danvers wanted to test it and see how fast it ran compared to her. She was impressed it now ran almost as quick as her. Zatara wanted to take a break and see what kind of entertainment Smallville had to offer. She asked if there were parties in a barn or something. They found a party in a barn.

Danvers tried to rock out to the band playing but she bumped into a teenage boy. The others recognized her and remarked that was exactly why she got kicked out of Smallville High School. Zatara could sense Danvers' mood changing. She demonstrated some of her magic acts and produced several dollar bills in the air and a dove. The teenagers realized she was Zee Zatara. A girl asked if everyone in the city dressed like her. Zatara told them Danvers was actually the coolest and edgy punk vibes were totally the rage in Metropolis. She mused they probably fought to make her the prom queen before she left. Zatara then told Danvers it was time for them to find a place with a cooler vibe. One girl told Danvers not to forget them and write. Another admitted they always liked her. Another asked to come back soon with Zatara and some clothes they could borrow. On the walk home, Danvers told her she didn't have to make everything up back there but thanked her. They learned the tractor was still running for some reason and raced over to stop it.

Supergirl lifted it up and Zatanna cast a spell that teleported it away. Zatanna didn't think her magic set off any of the vehicles. Supergirl smashed one up then tried to turn off another but it was jammed. Zatanna froze it. Ma Kent checked and saw a frozen vehicle melting. Danvers promised to fix it. Zatanna conjured some ducks for the new pond. Ma Kent thought about calling Clark Kent to come and help them. Danvers promised it was not necessary and promised they had it under control. Zatanna agreed and assured her that looks can be deceiving. Danvers asked her to give them until tomorrow and it would be better than new. Ma Kent gave her the day. Danvers was frustrated because part of her plan was to prove she didn't need Superman's help. Zatanna restored the farm vehicles back to normal and asked her if she wanted to try again. Supergirl declined and revealed Karen Beecher helped her create new quick-growing fertilizer. Supergirl planned to track the crop's growth as part of her new plan. The corn stalks, however, grew instantly.

Supergirl and Zatanna became separated. She used heat vision but the stalks grew back in an instant. Zatanna cast a spell and turned the crops into popcorn. She was grossed out after Supergirl told her fertilizer was made from cow pats and minerals and vowed to never eat popcorn again. Supergirl informed her that was how all food was grown. Supergirl decided to get rid of the fertilizer but it was gone. Zatanna denied her magic made it disappear and was ready to try again. Supergirl declined and suggested he was better off solo. Zatanna teleported back to Metropolis to help out Diana Prince. Ma Kent called up Clark and asked for his help. Zatanna returned to Smallville, greeted the same pilot from before, and confirmed someone stole Danvers' fertilizer.