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Sinister Slum

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Super Hero Girls were insulted a taggers were trying to creep in on their turf. Batgirl recognized the tags were appearing at specific times in specific places. She took out her laptop and attempted to triangulate the coordinates of each location in order to accurately predict where the gang would strike next. Bumblebee beat her to the punch using her cell phone. They found themselves in one of the more seedier sections of the city, Sinister Slum. In contrast to everyone else, Batgirl wistfully thought about Gotham. They converged on the the next alleged target, a warehouse. They burst inside and blindly attacked five figures until Green Lantern made a lasso construct and snagged all of them. To the girls' surprise, an axe construct appeared and chopped a section of the lasso. Supergirl had enough and pushed the roll up door upwards to let sunlight in. The girls met a team of teenage super hero boys named Da Invincibros, comprised of Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Green Arrow.

Bumblebee was confused there were two Green Lanterns. Zatanna thought Green Lantern knew them, but she only knew the other Lantern. He denied they were the vandals and they introduced themselves. Lantern created a basketball construct and tossed it over his shoulder without looking into a hoop construct. Flash ran around at super speed. Green Arrow fired some of his trick arrows to set up the ambiance suitable to introduce himself with style. Hawkman smashed the floor with his mace. Lantern was about to tell the team name but Aqualad awkwardly showed off his hydrokinesis. Flash advised him to be a couple beats faster next time. Green Arrow stressed rehearsal mattered. Aqualad frowned and the water dropped on his head. Lantern continued. The girls weren't impressed. He then accused them of being the vandals. Wonder Woman called him a deceiver and claimed they were the vandals. Lantern was amused and called Green Lantern by her first name, asking what was up with Wonder Woman. Green Lantern was annoyed and resorted to pig Latin to get him to stop.

Aqualad realized she was Jessica Cruz. She then outed Lantern as Hal Jordan. Batgirl couldn't believe it was the dumb jock from school. Green Arrow found Zatanna's reaction bland and overly dramatic then realized she was Zee Zatara, his onstage nemesis. She had no idea who he was even after he took off his domino mask, said his real name was Oliver Queen, and the Trisan to her Isolde. Zatanna cut through the awkwardness and pointed out Batgirl was Barbara Gordon to her annoyance. Flash was amazed, recalled she loved the Candy-Cake Triple Ripple Tower and brought her one. Batgirl realized he was Barry Allen. She tossed the cake. They took each other's hands and hopped with excitement. Bumblebee blurted out she was Karen Beecher. Everyone paused. Jordan had no idea who she was. Arrow had no clue who Bumblebee was. Supergirl grew impatient and used her X-Ray vision on Hawkman to confirm he was the emo shop student Carter Hall and Aqualad was Garth Bernstein, the football team's water boy. Aqualad inquired how she knew that. She told him his mom wrote his name on the inside of his clothes to his chagrin.

Supergirl then told everyone she was Kara Danvers and Wonder Woman was Diana Prince. Everyone could see that. Once it became clear to even Jordan that neither team were the vandals, Wonder Woman pointed out they were taken for fools and the same Kryptonian art was on a wall. Arrow bemoaned the irony. Zatanna finally remembered who he was. Wonder Woman asked Bumblebee to use her phone to predict the next location. She did and gave her phone to Wonder Woman who then proposed they set aside their differences and find the real villains with her as the leader. Jordan turned down the offer and boasted they already had a leader who had similar experience in war as her. Supergirl was skeptical he also forged his courage in the flames of battle. Jordan noted he went to a military academy and chalked it up as the same thing. The girls were horrified to see Steve Trevor was their leader. He greeted them and apologized for being late then explained the rapid bus wasn't so rapid. He saw Wonder Woman, said hi, and asked what she had in her hand.

Wonder Woman was overcome and reverted to her lovestruck state of mind. She handed him the phone and he saw the next location was the LexBucks across Centennial Park. Aqualad cheered Trevor on. The teams had a stare down. The Invincibros dashed off. Flash pulled the roll up door down on them. Supergirl angrily shoved it up and broke it. The teams raced through the city.