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Senre Ville

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science (Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 12)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Senre Ville is a peaceful meadow located on the opposite side of Metropolis where Sweet Justice is located. Zatanna joined Bumblebee in a field as she prepared to film some bees. Zatanna admired the view and found it gorgeous and declared it was the perfect backdrop of a frielfie. Bumblebee didn't follow. Zatanna explained it was a selfie with a friend and took it. Bumblebee shrank down and Zatanna turned herself into a butterfly. Bumblebee reminded her to please try to avoid getting caught on her antenna cam. She admitted as much as it pained her to, she promised to stay out of the spotlight. Bumblebee got excited and pointed out a Bombus pennsylvanicus then took notes. Zatanna mistook that as a spell. Bumblebee clarified she used scientific names when she got excited. Zatanna found nature to be pretty relaxing but the pollen made her sneeze. The sudden burst of magic got a bee's attention and it stared her down. Bumblebee told her not to move. It decided Zatanna wasn't a threat and flew away.

Bumblebee handed Zatanna pollen as they prepared to enter the hive but she sneezed and Bumblebee got teleported to the Arctic. She found herself in a giant footprint and a penguin stared at her. She guessed it was going to be a long flight home. Zatanna cast a spell to return her and apologized. Bumblebee relented she now knew her suit could withstand sub-zero temperatures then asked if everyone was sent to the same place and if they should be worried about Giganta. Zatanna assured her that was intential but she sent her by mistake. Once inside the hive, Zatanna marveled at the architecture and wondered if her father could design a backdrop like it for their show. She inquired what the bees were doing. Bumblebee explained they were flapping their wings to help the water evaporate and make the honey thicker and stickier. Zatanna noticed it also stirred the pollen around and she sneezed, accidnetally turning into a spider. The bees surrounded them. Zatanna dodged one's charge but flew on some honey and got stuck.

Bumblebee elbowed another out of the way then got stuck, too. Zatanna opted to change them back to normal size but Bumblebee objected because it would ruin her project and destroy a habitat. Then asked if she could tell Cruz they did that. Zatanna called that a fair point and tried changing back into a butterfly but it didn't work. Bumblebee remembered beekeepers used smoke to calm bees. Zatanna cast a smoke show but it failed, too. Bumblebee theorized they were really focused on protecting their queen. She tried apologizing to the bees and promising they didn't want to hurt them. Zatanna got a new idea and promised it wouldn't hurt the hive. She transformed herself into a queen bee. Bumblebee pointed out queen bees didn't wear crowns. Zatanna boasted she did then ordered the bees to leave them alone. To Bumblebee's surprise, the bees obeyed her command. Zatanna hinted sometimes all it took was a little pizzazz. Bumblebee realized she lost her camera and an antenna. They started digging around the floor.

Zatanna didn't think it was work for a queen and magically forced the bees to help look around. Bumblebee had misgivings about it but Zatanna promised they would get awesome footage of the bees rebuilding the hive. The real queen bee approached Zatanna and challenged her to a duel. Bumblebee tried to calm things down but she tripped and bumped into the queen bee. Zatanna refused to back down and declared she always won her fights. Bumblebee warned her it was a fight to the death. They ran for it. Bumblebee realized her suit was damaged by the honey and she couldn't fly. Zatanna got her out then she exited the hive, returned to normal size, and jumped into a river at Bumblebee's suggestion. Zatanna cast a spell to form protective bubbles around their heads. Once the coast was clear, they floated on their backs. Zatanna admitted biology wasn't her jam and apologized about her broken suit. Beecher told her it was okay and she was sure she could fix it and finish her project on time.

Zatanna offered to help. Bumblebee assured her she was fine and was okay with her leaving to help Danvers with her project. Zatanna later realized she was followed from that start when she helped out Bumblebee at Senre Ville. From there, she followed the trail to Smallville.