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Science Lexplorium

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #FightAtTheMuseum and #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Science Lexplorium is a Lexcorp affiliated multi-level science museum in Metropolis. Its newest exhibit, the Treasures from Space hosted priceless gemstones from the far reaches of the universe. Selina Kyle overheard Karen Beecher talk about the exhibit in Sweet Justice and selected it as the target of her next burglary. Fretting over interference by the Super Hero Girls, Catwoman came up with several strategies. She bashed the skylight in anticipation of Supergirl being the only one able to hear it. Luckily, Supergirl was also feeling overconfident at the time and went in alone. Catwoman counted herself lucky and revealed herself from an upper floor. She challenged Supergirl to catch her. Supergirl went into the Parade of Planets on level 3. Supergirl chased her around the hanging planet models but she slipped away at every turn until she tricked Supergirl into getting stuck in an asteroid. Supergirl broke free but Catwoman severed the line holding up Earth. Supergirl caught it over her back.

Catwoman then released Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and after a brief debate, Pluto. Supergirl couldn't support the weight and the planets tumbled across the floor. Supergirl followed her into the Tour of Taxidermy only to be confused by stuffed prehistoric cats. Catwoman was amused and pointed out the family resemblance was uncanny. Supergirl realized she was in the same pose as a caveman display. She angrily punched another cat but she shattered the tank behind it holding a giant squid. She was swept outside and emerged from the squid covered in its bodily fluid. Supergirl chased after Catwoman into the Marvels of Magnets. She grabbed a large steel ball from a display and prepared to attack Catwoman but a giant magnet was activated. Supergirl was stuck only to see the other steel balls coming to her. In the Caldarium of Current, Supergirl was zapped. In the Calvacade of Chemistry, Catwoman opened several cannisters of Helium and Sulfur hexafluoride. Supergirl declared she couldn't make a fool of her, only to release the gases gave her a high pitched then low pitched voice.

Supergirl was further annoyed to see Catwoman with her back to her looking into a compact mirror. Supergirl used her heat vision, but Catwoman deflected it with the compact and triggered an explosion. Infuriated, Supergirl pursued her into the Treasures from Space exhibit. Catwoman jumped over and slid under several displays but Supergirl just plowed through them. Catwoman jumped behind the Kryptonite safe and pleaded for her life. Unable to see into the safe like Catwoman thought, Supergirl punched the safe. Catwoman grabbed the Kryptonite and weakened Supergirl. She dragged Supergirl back to the lobby wearing all the crown jewels she stole. Supergirl tried to dial a group call but she was too weak and Catwoman placed her phone on a life-size chess piece then put the Kryptonite on her head. Catwoman laughed on her way out. Supergirl couldn't believe it would end with her powerless, friendless, and surrounded by "nerd stuff." She remembered Diana Prince's lesson about strategy and grabbed a pearl left behind by Catwoman.

Supergirl flicked it with what little strength she had. It rolled under a gear, jammed it and caused all gears to go flying. A hot air balloon was severed from its basket and was punctured by a pterodactyl display. It shot off into a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. The skeletons hit a Newton's cradle which hit a domino that struck the rest down. The last domino knocked the chess pieces over and Supergirl's phone went flying. It landed right on her head. After she finished lamenting how painful pain was, she dialed the other Super Hero Girls. They arrived, freed her, and surrounded Catwoman on a roof. With little choice, Catwoman shoved her bag of stolen crown jewels into Batgirl and leaped off the roof.

Hawkman and Bumblebee broke into the Science Lexplorium and headed to the Treasures From Space exhibit in search of Kryptonite to use against General Zod, Ursa, and Non. Hawkman accidentally tripped the laser security system and the lockdown procedure was initiated. Lasers appeared in a pattern around the Kryptonite display and doors started dropping around it. Hawkman lunged and used his strength to hold up a door. Bumblebee realized he wanted her to fly under. He yelled at her to hurry. She shrank and flew to the display but struggled to lift the Kryptonite. They succeeded and returned to the battle with the Kryptonite.