Pelham Park

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Super Shorts): #BatAndSwitch, #SpeedyDelivery, #TheSlowAndTheFurious, #PhotoOops, #ToughCrowd, and #ShellShock
Appearances (Episodes): #AdventuresInBunnysitting, #SuperWho?, #BeastsInShow, and #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

During one of Zee Zatara's spells gone awry, Barbara Gordon's essence was swapped into the body of a boy juggling outside Pelham Park. She screamed. The Flash stopped at Pelham Park while en route to a birthday party to deliver a Sweet Justice cake. He observed spring riders, monkey bars, and his personal favorite: swings. He rested the cake box on the head of a boy picking his ear with a Q-Tip then sat on one of the swings and used his super speed. The wind generated caught a girl off guard and her blue balloon flew away. He took the cake box and raced after the balloon. Tommy was making a castle in the sandbox with a girl in Pelham Park but ran for it with her right before Jessica Cruz drove through the park in her mother's van due to bad directions from Diana Prince. Jimmy Olsen found Hawkman in Pelham Park feeding some wild pigeons. He sneaked out of the bushes to get a photo but he stepped on a branch. Hawkman and the pigeons were startled and flew away.

Zee Zatara performed at another birthday party in Pelham Park. However, it was to an older crowd of boys who were more interested in the birthday boy's gaming skills. She managed to get their attention and started her first trick, pulling one of her magical rabbits from her hat. The rabbit waved at the boys. She pulled more to reveal a multitude of rabbits standing on each other's heads. The boys continued watching the video game being played. She levitated in mid-air and moved a ring around her but was ignored. She tried a card trick but was ignored. She made an elaborate balloon animal but was ignored. She sawed herself in half but was ignored. Zatara was enraged and summoned more powerful magic. Barbara Gordon, who posed as Zatara's legs, exited the other half of the trunk. Gordon was concerned Zatara was losing control again but she struggled to stand in heels and feel off the stage. Zatara teleported herself and the boys into space. The boys had no clue what happened and kept watching the video game.

Zatara couldn't believe it and snapped her fingers. They returned to Pelham. She considered making their thumbs vanish. The boys were suddenly enthralled with her doing the simple thumb trick and lost their minds. The birthday boy declared it the best birthday ever. Danvers tracked the bicyclist, who unknowingly had her egg project, to Pelham Park and was horrified to see there was a Farmer's Market featuring local egg farmers. She saw a woman break an egg into a bowl, a juggler swallowing many eggs, and eggs being thrown at a target. Danvers frantically searched cartons and hens then saw Karen Jr. under a white hen. She took the egg but the hen took offense and startled Danvers. Karen Jr. dropped back into a nest and the hen sat on it. Danvers swapped eggs but all the hens started gawking at her. She tried to leave but accidentally stepped on an egg. They chased Danvers around. She hid in a small shed but it was a temporary hen house. The hens saw she had an egg and attacked her.

Zee Zatara performer her first paid solo magic act for Tommy's birthday party at Pelham Park. Just as she was about to produce a quarter from behind his ear, a wave of magical rabbit babies made its way to the park. Zatanna and Supergirl emerged from the rabbits. Zatanna was not happy and exclaimed she gave her one rule about bunnysitting, to keep her two magical rabbits apart. Supergirl claimed she did for 10 minutes. Zatanna glared. Supergirl claimed five minutes. Zatanna glared. Supergirl claimed three minutes. Zatanna glared. Supergirl admitted it was only for a minute. Zatanna was upset. Supergirl asked how she could have ignored their love for each other. Zatanna pointed out that was exactly the problem. Tommy, now seated at the top of a slide, complimented Supergirl's "Superman" costume. Supergirl corrected him that it was not. Zatanna introduced Supergirl as her lovely assistant for her next trick, to make all the rabbits disappear.

Zatanna demonstrated and tossed a baby rabbit into her hat, an open portal. Tommy and his friends cheered. Supergirl tossed more then ripped the slide off and funneled them into the hat. She flew around the rest and created a whirlwind that went into the hat. As Zatanna and Supergirl bowed, Tommy proclaimed Superman's sister was the best. Supergirl had just about enough of him but more baby magical rabbits arrived and flooded the park, carrying everyone into the streets. Superman later rescured a black cat stuck up in a tree. He punched the tree gently and held out his other hand. The cat dropped on his hand and he handed it off the its owner, an elderly woman. A crowd cheered for him.

Kara Danvers was walking past Pelham Park when a tennis ball popped out of a hedge. Curious, she picked it up and was tackled by Ace. Barbara Gordon emerged and hugged Ace, her pet dog. She explained he was Commissioner Gordon's retired police dog. Danvers picked Ace up and placed him on the sidewalk. He never moved and remained sitting the whole time. Gordon boasted he was the greatest dog in the entire history of the universe. Danvers disagreed and summoned Krypto from Smallville with a whistle. Krypto, also a Kryptonian refugee, arrived at super speed but charged through several buildings in the process. Danvers and Gordon got into an argument about whose dog was better and took eventually it to the 41st Annual Metropolis Kennel Dog Show but lost to a Pomeranian named Waffles. They had a play date at Pelham Park and finally admitted they both had great dogs. Ace and Krypto took off after a cat. Danvers and Gordon chased after them.

Diana Prince brought Steve the Griffin to Pelham Park to train with Barbara Gordon and Ace. Gordon boasted there was no pet more disciplined than Ace. As she talked, Steve ran circles around Prince. She struggled with controlling the leash. Gordon started with fetch. She threw the ball then told Ace to fetch it. He zipped off, returned the ball in her hand, zipped off, and returned with a napkin. Gordon wiped the ball and wanted Prince to try. Steve ate the ball. He saw a blue bird in a tree and took off after it. He ended up knocking down all the trees like dominoes. The trees randomly missed Ace as he sat stoically. Prince landed on her bum and caught Steve. Everyone glared at them. She bid all the pet owners good bye and hoped to see them the next day. Steve dragged her in the opposite direction.