Metropolis Rec Center

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #SoulSisters Part 1
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Diana Prince once again dominated the Metropolis Fencing Club at the Metropolis Rec Center. She congratulated Nathaniel on lasting two seconds against her, twice as long as before. She asked if anyone else desired a rematch. The other fencers were sheepish and turned away. Nathaniel joked everyone was done losing for the day and assumed she was staying to train. Prince confirmed he was correct. He chuckled and asked her to turn out the lights when she was done. After they all left, Prince noticed another fencer. They started a match. Prince noticed her footwork was impeccable and she was using the Danpei technique. The fencer admitted she thought it appropriate since she didn't know any of her weaknesses yet. She charged but to her surprise, Prince was happy. Prince revealed she fought left handed to give the club a chance then switched to her right. The fencer admitted she had something to reveal, too. Prince asked if it was she wasn't left-handed either. The fencer confirmed she was left handed but she wanted to say she was not distracted. Prince was tapped in the chest.

Prince was thrilled to have finally lost and thought she was incredible. Prince introduced herself. The fencer introduced herself as Tatsu Yamashiro and explained she just moved from Japan. She found Prince to be the first worthy opponent she met so far. Prince asked her to teach her how to parry like she could one day. Yamashiro offered to do it immediately. They kept practicing into the night. Prince succeeded and defeated Yamashiro. She was impressed how quick a study Prince was. Prince countered she was an excellent teacher. Prince saw the time and realized she had to go but invited her to hang out. Yamashiro admitted she trained more for fun after she was done training. Prince was amused and admitted she did so, too.

Prince and Yamashiro boxed but the latter was feeling bad about not making a good impression with Jessica Cruz, Karen Beecher, Kara Danvers, Zee Zatara, and Barbara Gordon. Prince realized something was wrong because she wasn't being punched in the face. Yamashiro came clean and explained she had trouble fitting in and people always thought she was strange or too intense so she was destined to be a loner. Prince confessed she, too, felt out of place and no one truly understood her but stated they now had each other. Yamashiro cheered up and admitted she was glad for her friendship. Prince felt the same way and felt it was time for them to try most vigorously to injure one another.