Metropolis Power Plant

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #PowerSurge
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Livewire and Supergirl battled at the Metropolis Power Plant one night. Livewire told Supergirl to give it up because the spotlight belonged to her. Supergirl rose above the roof of a building on site and threw a turbine blade at her. She shape shifted into electricity and dodged the attack. Four plant workers braced themselves. Supergirl checked on them but was zapped into a tower. Livewire laughed at her expense. Supergirl grabbed a girder and swatted Livewire away. She tapped into two conduits and powered up. She flew up into the clouds screaming and unleashed a massive electric blast at Supergirl, leaving a deep crater. The workers took off their hard hats out of respect. Livewire concluded she killed Supergirl and celebrated. A news reporter from 24/7 was live from the plant but erroneously called Supergirl, "Superman Girl." Livewire popped out of his microphone and called herself the Kryptoninan Krusher. The reporter continued to get facts wrong about Supergirl like her being Superman's kid sister but noted her acts of heroism were overshadowed by her emotional nature and hot temper.

The reporter interviewed one of the workers. He complained she threw turbine blades around and crashed into stuff and begged the question if she knew how expensive a power plant was. Supergirl decided to use it as a chance at a clean slate and debuted as a new hero named Powergirl who was from an alternate universe. Powergirl was invited to cut the ribbon at the grand reopening of the Metropolis Power Plant. Livewire interrupted the reopening at the plant. Declaring herself a best selling author, Livewire admitted she hankered for a new car and was going to write a new sequel. She balanced on a power line then teleported to the conduits to power up again. She flew up to the clouds and fired on Powergirl, creating another huge crater. Livewire gloated she was two for two and Powergirl was just as much a loser as Supergirl was. Powergirl remembered Cruz's words about how Supergirl was a hero. Livewire admitted she kinda missed "Stupidgirl." Supergirl got her attention. Livewire was shocked and fired.

Supergirl dodged. Then Powergirl taunted her that haters didn't matter. She dodged a blast. Supergirl added haters didn't know you. Powergirl stated only "you know you." Supergirl declared she was a hero and clocked Livewire into the crater. A 24/7 reporter reported Supergirl and Powergirl defeated Livewire but the latter shockingly announced she was returning home to Earth-2 to spend more time with friends. Powergirl told the crowd she was leaving them in good hands with the coolest superhero in any of the universes, Supergirl, complimented her hair then "left." The crowd cheered. The same worker interviewed before was again. He sarcastically thanked Supergirl for leaving a giant mess and wished Powergirl would come back.