Metropolis Plaza

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #ShockItToMe, #SheMightBeGiant, #CrushingIt, #PowerSurge, #ScrambledEggs, and #AllAboutZee
Appearances (Super Shorts): #PurseScratcher
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Metropolis Plaza is a mega mall shopping complex. Doris Zeul went to the mall in search of free weights. An employee at the sporting goods store asked her if she was looking for yoga mats. Zeul turned and stated she wanted free weights. He bet they were for dance aerobic class. Zeul growled. He got out two pink three pound weights. Zeul's anger came to a boil and she transformed. Karen Beecher, Barbara Gordon, Diana Prince, and Kara Beecher arrived in search of components to finish the new Bumblebee costume. Prince was proud to survive the escalator and leaped to safety at the top. Gordon dashed off to Emo Emporium to check out the new Gotham glory line of cowls. Danvers went to get chili fries. Prince and Beecher walked to the electronics store but a stationary bicycle landed in front of them. Zeul threw merchandise outside into the mall then the employee himself. She declared she was Giganta and everyone would feel her wrath for the insult. She grabbed a basketball pole, snapped it, and threw it.

Wonder Woman caught it and told the bystanders to clear the mall then leaped and punched Giganta in the face. Giganta was unharmed and stood in place. Beecher ran into the electronics store. As Giganta laughed, Wonder Woman slid between her legs and grabbed a hockey stick. Beecher piled the electronics on the floor and searched frantically. Wonder Woman dodged her attacks then gestured her to come. Giganta grabbed a barbell and loaded the weights on one side. They charged each other. Wonder Woman stopped abruptly and avoided her swing. Giganta threw a fountain at her and it avoided hitting Beecher in the electronics store. Giganta broke the hockey stick to pieces with the barbell. Wonder Woman used her Lasso of Truth and snagged a wrist. Giganta pulled and like a yo-yo, Wonder Woman was tied up in her own weapon. Giganta went to the Big Time Closet and hung Wonder Woman up on the "S" then knocked the "C" and "T" away to spell "Big Time Lose." She felt humiliated. Beecher dug for a 20 ohm resistor.

Kara Danvers walked back to the electronics store and noticed Giganta. She changed into Supergirl, flew to Giganta and punched her repeatedly. Supergirl took her attention away from Giganta to celebrate prematurely. She got grabbed by the legs and slammed around on the floor. Supergirl weakly stood up and asked if that was all she had. Giganta grabbed her head, spun around, and threw her through the skylight. Barbara Gordon was excited to see a fight in progress with Giganta. She quickly changed, dodged her attacks, and batted a Bat-grenade at her with a tennis racket. It did nothing to Giganta. Batgirl threw a net on her but she broke free. Batgirl suggested a deuce. Giganta grabbed her, rolled her into a ball, and bowled her into mannequinns for a strike. Beecher suited up and got Giganta's attention telling her to fight someone her own size. Bumblebee used her growth tech but only worked for a few seconds. Giganta tried to smash her with a hand but Bumblebee was so tiny she was unharmed and stood between two of her fingers.

Bumblebee embraced her size and buzzed around Giganta, forcing her to swat around blindly. Bumblebee then flew into her suit and tickled her. She fell on her butt. Bumblebee dodged a clap then led Giganta on a chase to the top floor then fired her stingers. They did no harm. She made a note to self to upgrade them and dodged a punch. She got an idea and flew for Giganta's face then flew away suddenly. Giganta punched herself in the face. Bumblebee echoed Zuel's taunt from school then poked her in the forehead. Giganta fell through the ground floor down several levels of the parking garage. By the time Bumblebee flew down to her, Giganta was gone. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl peered down and congratulated her on the win.

Leslie Willis went to Metropolis Plaza in search of the next photo for her mean memes. She sabotaged an elevator and it plummeted. At the same time, Diana Prince went to the Metropolis Plaza to return a pair of sandals to a shoe store, claiming the warranty stated they would withstand vigorous activity but didn't withstand infantry training. She overheard a scream and saw the elevator failed and dropped. She changed into Wonder Woman and used the Lasso of Truth to prevent it from reaching a deadly outcome. The crowd cheered but Willis pushed her way to Wonder Woman and accused her of ruining her shot. Wonder Woman realized she was the one behind the mean memes and told her they were mean in spirit. Willis apologized but Wonder Woman failed to sense her sarcasm. Willis promised an extra special announcement for the Super Hero Girls that night.

The girls took Diana Prince to the mall to get her mind off Steve Trevor. When she stopped at a pretzel stand, the others saw Trevor at the Every Shade of Beige store. They quickly shoved her in the opposite direction before she could make eye contact. In a bookstore, Prince found a copy of "The Odyssey" and took it off the shelf. Trevor happened to be in the next aisle. Danvers shoved the book back in and took Prince away. In an electronics store, the display of HDTVs had a cat playing a ball of yarn. Prince stopped to watch it but the other TVs suddenly showed Trevor waving. They pushed Prince out of the store before she saw Trevor looking at the display camcorder. Powergirl was invited to commence a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Metropolis Plaza. Kara Danvers and Harleen Quinzel went to the mall's Lexpress and bought "fragile" tape, cardboard boxes, and packing peanuts to protect their Home Ec egg project then rushed out with the cart. They left their egg on the counter. The worker didn't notice either and unknowingly bumped the egg into an open box he was working on. He sealed and set it up the conveyor belt.

Selina Kyle held her egg with her index finger and thumb while Hal Jordan bragged she won the "partner lottery" and made misogynistic comments like assuming she could nurture the egg because she was a woman and recommending she smile more. Carol Ferris, pushing her egg in a stroller, found them. Ferris was cold towards Kyle and she rolled her eyes. Jordan became nervous and wondered how she knew he was at the mall. She noted he always restocked his athlete's foot cream on the third Saturday of the month then asked him to watch "Hal Jordan Junior" in the evening because she had to work. Jordan got more uneasy. She thought the egg was like him, delicate and round and sort of cold. She glared at Kyle. Jordan told her he couldn't because he had his own egg to worry about. He intimated to her he thought Kyle was crazy by saying she was a few eggs short of a dozen. Kyle had enough. She shoved Ferris aside and smashed the egg on his chest then stormed off.

Zee Zatara asked Oliver Queen if he agreed they both despised him. He agreed then questioned what she asked. Zatara proposed to treat the assignment like an acting exercise: she would play the role of Mother and he would play the role of Father. Queen accepted, stated he could play a father in his sleep, and wanted to come up with a tragic backstory. Zatara swiped the egg and walked over to sit with Garth Bernstein and Barbara Gordon. Gordon revealed Bernstein had an old baby carrier laying around so they used it for the egg. Bernstein was a little embarrassed his mother kept all his baby stuff in his room for him to use instead of getting normal things. Queen joined them and jabbed that he had a mother who actually had affection for her offspring. Gordon asked Bernstein to have the egg for the night to introduce it to the superhero life. Bernstein refused and thought it would be too dangerous. Zatara agreed and thought they had their A in the bag. Queen scoffed at her talking about grades. Zatara raised her voice and asked if they could just have a meal. Everyone in the immediate area froze and stared at their table. Queen and Zatara started arguing. Danvers and Quinzel ran back into the Lexpress but the egg was gone. They ran out in a panic. Quinzel shoved her head into a trash can. Quinzel saw everyone else's eggs and got an idea. She asked Danvers how bad she wanted to stay out of summer school.

While out shopping, Zee Zatara saw her new friend Casey Krinsky in a dressing room with the same outfit and hairstyle as her. Krinsky didn't see her. Zatara nervously stepped back and avoided detection.

Selina Kyle went to the mall and starting shoplifting at a department store. After she slipped a belt under her clothes, a sales associate asked her if she needed any help. Kylie declined. The associate told she would be in the back and to let her know if anything caught her eye. Kyle stole bracelets then gasped at the sight of a new designer purse. She decided to steal it after the associate came back to the front. Barbi Minerva also wanted the purse and tried to undermine Kyle by saying the purse made her look like her great-grandmother, who was a beauty queen 70 years ago. It worked and Kyle put the purse back. She was relieved she didn't still an old lady purse. Minerva grabbed it and was elated. Kyle hissed and changed into Catwoman. While Minerva was looking at a rack, Catwoman stole the purse and ran across the rafters. Minerva spotted her and changed into Cheetah. She crashed through a wall and searched the changing rooms for Catwoman.

Catwoman hid on a clothes rack. Cheetah narrowly missed her. Catwoman tossed a hanger across the room. Cheetah went to investigate the sound. Catwoman sneaked off but she stepped on broken glass. Cheetah grabbed the end of Catwoman's whip and threw her through a wall. Catwoman frantically grabbed hangers to block Cheetah's strikes. She dodged a punch then pulled a carpet from under Cheetah and swung away. When Cheetah looked up she saw the purse dangling in the air. She leaped for it. At the last second, Catwoman yanked it away. Cheetah crashed into a light and was electrocuted then fell atop a mannequin along with the purse. Before Kyle could recover the purse, Zee Zatara declared it was divine and took it. Not knowing that was Cheetah, Zatara commented she wouldn't have paired it with such tacky faux fur and thought the idea was hideous. Kyle facepalmed.