Metropolis Pesticide Plant

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #FromBatToWorse
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Batman and Robin learned Poison Ivy was heading to the Metropolis Pesticide Plant and called Commissioner Gordon's Batphone to request back-up from him. Gordon's daughter, Barbara, answered instead and pretended to be him. After she suited up as Batgirl and left, the Batphone rang again. Gordon was confused when Batman told him he was running late. He departed for the plant, too. Batgirl arrived at the plant alone and was delighted in the prospect of taking care of the situation by herself and impressing Batman. Batgirl walked the halls until the ceiling cracked open and vines attacked. Batgirl used her Batarangs to counter them and encountered Poison Ivy in a room. Ivy found it curious and almost thought she was Batman for a second. Batgirl asked if it was the costume or the ninja skills. Ivy ordered her two venus fly traps to put her in the ground. Batgirl quickly neutralized them then rushed Ivy but was gassed. Batgirl eyed an exit and annoyed Ivy with a plant pun. Ivy chased after her. Batgirl continued with another pun.

Batgirl stopped in a plant nursery and yelled out one more pun. She shined her Batsignal flashlight outside but it wouldn't appear in the sky. Ivy informed her it worked in Gotham because of the pollution. The plants in the nursery turned into giant vines and grabbed Batgirl. Hung upside down, Batgirl's Bat-Mite doll dropped onto the floor. Ivy was amused and teased her. Batgirl freed herself and stole the doll back. She proclaimed it was not doll, it was a bomb. Literally. She activated it and threw into a vat of pesticide. The explosion and spread of the chemicals destroyed all of her vines. Ivy was aghast. Batgirl emerged from the cloud with a gas mask on and dragged her out. Commissioner Gordon arrived and was surprised to see her there. She almost gave away her secret identity but turned Ivy over into his custody. Batman happened to call Gordon's phone and he apprised him of the situation. He never mentioned Batgirl and told him he didn't need to come anymore. Ivy managed to escape while they were distracted by the call. Gordon asked her to do him a favor and not tell Batman what happened.