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Barbara Gordon moved from Gotham City to Metropolis in the middle of high school with her father, Commissioner Gordon, and was suddenly the new girl at Metropolis High School. Commissioner Gordon dropped her off and assured her she would find her clique. Gordon noticed another new transfer, Kara Danvers, talking to her legal guardians, Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers. She insisted she was being punished for something she didn't do but the Danvers suggested a new school was more an adventure and less a punishment. Mr. Danvers reiterated Metropolis High would help her be the best Kara she could be and it was their responsibility to help her on her journey to self control. To Gordon's surprise, Danvers slapped the car and it was rocked so hard it tilted on its left tires. Karen Beecher stepped out of the school bus and tripped. Gordon zoomed to her side, helped pick up her tools, and tried to befriend her. Beecher was too shy. She whispered her name was Karen, thanked her, then walked away.

Zee Zatara stepped out of her father's black limo but Mr. Zatara popped out of the sun roof and told her she forgot her backpack. Suddenly the bag was in Zee Zatara's hands as she entered the school. Gordon wiped her eyes then walked in. She checked her class schedule: English at 8:00, Math at 9:05, History at 10:15, P.E. at 11:25, lunch at 12:30, Physics at 1:30, Chemistry at 2:25, and Band at 3:00. Gordon overheard a girl named Jessica Cruz trying to give a green ring back to another student named Hal Jordan. They noticed she was staring at them. She quickly turned around and pretended to be opening her locker. Gordon ran down the stairs and noticed a lot of teenagers wearing Lexcorp VR Glasses and talking about the recent Wonder Woman sighting. She vowed herself she would find how many superheroes Metropolis really had. During lunch, Gordon sat alone and came up with a scheme to figure who was a super, by getting them all in detention with her. She threw spaghetti right into Kara Danvers' face.

Danvers thought it was Karen Beecher and threw her burger at Beecher's head. Jessica Cruz came to her rescue and deflected the second burger with a tray. It instead landed on Zee Zatara's head. Upset about her hair, Zatara threw a milk carton at Cruz's head. Gordon jumped onto the cheerleader table and declared a food fight. The entire student body got into act. Mr. Chapin happened to be passing by the cafeteria. After being hit in the left eye, he ended the food fight. The students pointed at Gordon, Beecher, Danvers, Cruz, and Zatara who were all in a dog pile. Chapin took the five to detention. Danvers and Zatara bickered. Cruz wasn't interested in another fight. Beecher tried to apologize if she offended someone. Chapin returned with a truant officer who found a teenage girl cutting class. After they left, the girls realized she was Wonder Woman. Danvers thought she was a dumb cosplay girl. Wonder Woman declared she was Diana, Princess of the Amazons and she alone survived the 21 tests of the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite.

Danvers and Wonder Woman got into a fight. To everyone's shock, Danvers punched Wonder Woman through several walls but she tackled Danvers like nothing happened. Zatara ignored them and filed her nails. Cruz created a green spring construct with her ring and placed it between Wonder Woman and Danvers. Beecher put on a suit, shrank, and tried to fly outside to no avail. They realized Mr. Chapin was coming back and tried to quickly reassemble the room. Zatara cast a spell speaking backwards and the room was magically restored to what it looked like before detention started. Chapin entered and everyone grinned back at him. He asked if everything was all right. Zatara confirmed. Chapin retrieved his keys and left. Gordon felt validated. She admitted her scheme then announced she was Batgirl. Wonder Woman was elated and hugged her as a sister-in-arms. She admitted she didn't think she would find someone with the warrior spirit of an Amazon in the world of man then revealed her destiny was to bring the Amazon way of peace and prosperity to man's world and to rid it of all evil.

Wonder Woman was happy to have a sister to help carry her burden. Gordon got loose and corrected her, she had five. The others weren't interested. Danvers stated she got into trouble whenever she used her powers. Cruz said she isn't fighting anyone. Zatara claimed she was an artiste. Beecher claimed she wouldn't be good at it. Wonder Woman called them cowards and stated the same mantle of greatness bestowed onto her from the gods was also bestowed onto them. Gordon tried to appeal to them with the allure of heroes and villains, fighting crime, hidden lairs, and secret identities. Zee Zatara pointed out the trick to a secret identity was to convincingly pass as a normal human being. Gordon made them a proposition: give the team idea try and Wonder Woman would train them in how to be a hero and in exchange, they would give Wonder Woman a makeover. Everyone agreed to try it out. Gordon hugged them all at once.

Lois Lane covered the homecoming football game and reported live from Lombard Field. However, she struggled with stayed hyped for it. She wondered where the drama, human interest, and stakes really were and admitted she wasn't interested in the sport. Hal Jordan realized the visiting football team was from the high school his ex-girlfriend, Carol Ferris attended. He hid behind a trash can. Ferris spotted him and walked behind the bleachers. She changed to Star Sapphire and declared he was hers and fired a heart construct. It blew up the trash can. Lane had no clue why everyone was running away. Jessica Cruz couldn't believe Jordan. They recited the Green Lantern oath but only Cruz changed into a Green Lantern. Jordan's fear of Ferris made his ring useless. Cruz told him to run to the locker room then fired off arrow constructs to shatter Star Sapphire's hearts. and figured someone stole the mascot's head again. Olsen took off and hid behind one of the practice dummies on the field.

Lane was almost hit by a construct. She looked up and saw Sapphire then decided to look out for her own human interest then ran off and hid behind a merchandise cart. The cart was annihilated by a construct. Cruz formed a bubble around herself and Jordan then high tailed it. She stopped when Star Sapphire revealed he broke up with her by text. Sapphire generated a giant heart and threw it at Jordan and he went flying. Cruz caught him and flew to the locker room. The boys inside freaked out and ran away at the sight of Cruz. She slapped the back of Jordan's head. He explained a Violet Lantern's ring was powered by love. Cruz realized they had to make Ferris not love him. Lane realized she had the story of the century but Olsen ran into the boys locker room. She steeled herself and went in after him. The football team freaked out another girl came inside. Lane opened a locker where Olsen was hiding in and took his camera then closed the door. She believed it was the biggest moment in her career and nailing it would lead to swanky parties, awards ceremonies, and trophy shelves as far as the eye could see.

Cruz believed making Hal Jordan ugly was the best idea. She tried ruffling his hair several times but he still looked rugged. They noticed Garth Bernstein carrying towels. Cruz demanded his clothes and made Jordan wear it then instructed him to slouch a little, shorten his neck, and stick out his gut then shoved him outside. Jordan imitated what he thought a nerd sounded like. Star Sapphire was apalled and powered down. She found him so sad, pathetic and gross that no one would ever love him, except her. She proclaimed she loved him forever and could see the beauty behind the geek then declared he would be hers once she got rid of Cruz. Cruz vehemently denied they were dating. She became too powerful and Cruz couldn't dissipate her constructs. Cruz tried to make a safe construct around her but she easily blasted through it then Cruz's barrier then fired a massive beam. Cruz raised a shield and was nearly overwhelmed. Cruz realized she had to break her vow. She shattered the beam with two giant hands then grabbed Sapphire.

Rather than squeeze her, Cruz pulled her down to the field and hugged her tight. She told her Jordan didn't love her but she could do much better. Cruz pointed out his face was way too small for his head, had terrible breath, his real name was Harold, and the only book he read was a playbook. Sapphire realized his breath smelled like dog food and when she tried to make him read "Pride and Prejudice," he asked where the pictures were. Cruz advised her that she would find the love she needed when she learned to love herself. Sapphire realized she was right and powered up differently. She learned her blind desire for Jordan prevented her from seeing how much love she had inside of her. She vowed that one day, she would make him good enough for her then he would be hers forever. She flew away laughing like a maniac. Jordan pointed out now she was totally unstoppable based on a million chicks he saw like that. Cruz slapped him again. Lane ran outside but Star Sapphire already left. She was deflated. Jessica Cruz greeted her and commented on the game. Hal Jordan didn't get her ploy and almost blew it but she elbowed him. Jordan understood and cheered on the Hamsters. Lane unenthusiastically cheered. A goal post fell onto the field.

After being bullied four times in the same month by Doris Zeul, Beecher took the extra, extra long way to chemistry class. Beecher still ran afoul of Zeul and also Leslie Willis on the field. She was hit by a football. Zeul elected to "escort" her to chemistry. They carried her into a locker room. Beecher pointed out it wasn't the Science building. Zeul revealed to Beecher she irritated and bugged her like a puny little insect. Zeul grabbed Beecher by the wrists and made her punch herself while mockingly telling her to stop hitting herself. Beecher admitted it was very funny. Willis believed she needed a little time to herself to think about how comedy works. Zeul opened a locker. Beecher elected to do it herself and backed into the locker. The next day, Beecher walked through the field texting again. Zuel threw her football again. Beecher held out her arm and was shocked to see she caught it. Zeul demanded it back. Without thinking, Beecher told her to come and get it and called her a meathead. Zeul chased her around the field.

Barbi Minerva performed her cleanest vault yet. One of the teammates was hopeful they could win the gold. Minerva pointed out she wasn't the one who fell off the uneven bar. Before she could be confirmed as team captain again, the coach called the last student-athlete, Diana Prince. Prince prayed to Boreas and asked that his wintery breath keep her aloft. The coach yelled her surname. Prince performed a perfect vault. The coach wanted to make Minerva and Prince co-captains but the former refused so the coach made Prince the captain. Minerva became angry and growled. In AP Calculus, Minerva got a 100 percent on a test. The teacher noted that didn't happen often but praised Prince for getting a 102 percent and setting a new school record. Minerva drove up in her convertible and invited her team to a pool party at her mansion but they were staying behind to help Prince decorate for the homecoming dance on Friday night. Prince invited Minerva to join them. She screamed and gunned the gas pedal, heading back home.

Diana Prince couldn't wait to show the other Super Hero Girls the dance decorations but they discovered someone vandalized all the posters. Danvers joked someone already tore it up. Cruz didn't find her funny at all. Prince went into the girls locker room to get ready for practice while the others cleaned up in the halls. Cheetah slashed her locker door than ambushed her. The girls heard Prince scream and checked on her. Prince didn't get a good look at her assailant. Gordon immediately deduced the perpetrator was someone suffering from having their status quo upended by Diana's arrival in Metropolis, and their crippling insecurity most likely caused by absentee parenting and a lack of proper modeling in childhood had unleashed a horrible ancient curse that manifested itself in the form of a weird cat beast now stalking its perceived enemy, Diana Prince. Cruz proposed they get her somewhere safe. Danvers disagreed and didn't think she was the one that needed protecting. Prince was worried about the other students.

While they pondered how to evacuate the students outside without causing them distress, Danvers hit the fire alarm. They suited up but Cheetah slashed up the electrical panel and caused a school-wide blackout during the storm. With a lot of territory to cover, they split up. Green Lantern took the library. She made a candle construct and looked down the aisles then made a flashlight construct. At the computer station, she heard a cat meow. She walked to the G aisle and made a lantern construct modeled on the Lantern power battery. Cheetah charged and attacked her. Batgirl donned her goggles and kept track of everyone's location with her tablet. As she walked the main hall, Batgirl watched as Green Lantern vanished from her grid then Cheetah moved towards her. Batgirl readied her Batarang but no one approached her. Cheetah dropped from the ceiling and attacked her. Zatanna searched the cafeteria. Cheetah peered out from a table. Zatanna freaked out and blasted blindly. She thought she saw it atop the vending machine.

Cheetah shoved tables aside and charged but Zatanna flew out of the cafeteria. Supergirl looked in the principal's office. She used her infrared vision but was unable to land a punch. She wasn't impressed with its super speed and tried chasing after it into the hall but Zatanna was spooked and blasted Supergirl. Supergirl was immobilized for about seven hours. Cheetah attacked Zatanna. Bumblebee looked around the corner and saw Cheetah. She shrank and hid in a drawer in the gym. She steeled herself then burst out and fired stingers. Cheetah stared her down, shook the stingers off, and chomped on Bumblebee. Wonder Woman arrived. Cheetah spit Bumblebee out then charged with slashes and kicks. Wonder Woman took a defensive stance and blocked her attacks with her bracelets. Cheetah kept up her assault. Wonder Woman eventually jumped up to the rings. Cheetah jumped off the bar but missed. Wonder Woman landed and they traded blows again. Wonder Woman grabbed Cheetah's tail but was dragged along then crashed into a bar.

They charged and jumped off spring boards at each other. Wonder Woman made a perfect landing while Cheetah landed on her back. Cheetah escaped into the locker room and changed back into Barbi Minerva. Wonder Woman changed back and ran in and thought she was another victim. Minerva admitted to being jealous of her and releasing the Cheetah. Prince told her she needn't be jealous because one person's success doesn't preclude another's and jealousy would consume her if she didn't let it go. Prince checked on a noise in the gym but it was the other Super Hero Girls. Minerva went to a sink and splashed her face with water. Her eyes turned green and she laughed at the notion of letting go. After a tirade of Superman coverage in the news and advertisements in the city, Kara Danvers was relieved to finally make it to Metropolis High. She thought it a refuge from Superman but the school paper, the Daily Planetoid, had Superman on the front page snatching a jewel thief. A copy landed on her face as a skateboarder passed by.

Danvers went to the confront the paper's Editor-in-Chief, Lois Lane. Lane, meanwhile, wanted layouts in five from Jimmy Olsen and wanted an ETA on the Enviro-Beat column from Jessica Cruz. She quickly snacked and typed up the next article, "Superman: What Will He Do Next?" Danvers closed her laptop and asked why she was printing stuff about Superman when there were more important stories out there. Cruz agreed and chimed in about a lead on chemical dumping. She was ignored. Lane was intrigued with Danvers' claim of another superhero with the same powers as Superman but more awesome. She asked what other hero would get her an internship with the Daily Planet. Danvers told her about Supergirl. Lane thought it sounded like a retread and couldn't find her pencils. Danvers removed three pencils from her hair and snapped them in half then left. During chemistry class, Danvers ranted to the other girls about Superman during a lab. Beecher cautioned just a few more grams of that potassium, but Danvers continued about how she was 12 years old when he was born on Krypton.

Beecher tried to hint at not adding so much lithium chloride. Danvers continued on about she would be the one loved if she made it to Earth first but she got stuck in space stasis. Danvers and Beecher's beaker exploded. Danvers wondered what happened. She thought Beecher measured everything. Beecher tried to tell her about adding heat to a highly volatile chemical but Danvers wondered why everyone loved Superman and not her. The other girls rose up from the ground. Gordon suggested she make the people notice her. Prince tried to caution her about seeking glory could blind one towards the greater good. Danvers vowed to knock Superman's face off the front page. Prince groaned. Leslie Willis let herself into the Journalism Club room and waited for Lois Lane to come. Willis claimed she had an idea that could save the Daily Planetoid and make it at least somewhat readable. Lane told her to make it fast because she had deadlines. Willis pitched a gossip column. Lane shot it down. Willis accused her of being worried it would upstage her puff pieces. She couldn't believe there was an article about Wonder Woman saving cats.

Lois Lane told her she had the spunk, gumption, and bravado needed for a great reporter, but gossip columns were too mean. She thought Willis was mean, too. Willis stormed out but stopped and took out her phone. She shot electricity at a socket on the sly. The current went up to Lane's laptop, startled her, and coffee spilled all over her. Willis took a photo and submitted it to Metropovids as #JavaJolt. She soon got followers into the thousands. Next, she turned on the lights and ruined a photo of Superman being developed in the photography lab. Olsen was crushed. Willis submitted it as #TrollinOlsen. Willis then closed the sliding doors on Barbara Minerva and she walked into it. She opened the doors then closed them on her again. Willis called it #Barbie@TheGates. She was up to five million followers. She then terrorized Barry Allen down the hallway. He was zapped and launched into a classroom doorway then called it #AllenWrenched. Garth Bernstein hesitated to dissect a starfish. Willis possessed it and jumped on Bernstein's face, calling it #RiseOfStarro.

Lane was laughed at in the halls. Willis mocked her about the gossip column. Lane reached for the door knob to Journalism Club but Willis zapped it. Lane was jolted and dropped her papers. Unaware of what really happened, everyone laughed at "Lois Lame" except Diana Prince. Steve Trevor's application to a military academy was rejected and he ended up attending Metropolis High on a week where Prince happened to have a big event each day. On Monday, she was crushing it at a volleyball game. With the score 15-0, Prince jumped for a spike and saw Trevor entering the gym. She went into a trance-like state and the ball hit her in the face. She fell and landed on her back. The crowd was shocked. Prince began screwing up from missing a dig, walking into a teammate, and serving the ball into her face. After the game was over, the girls went to check on her. Gordon doused her with water from an orange cooler. She awoke unaware of what happened. Prince admitted she hardly knew Trevor but he was the first boy she met when she arrived in Man's World.

Prince didn't think it was a large deal. Danvers told her it was "big deal." Trevor walked over and greeted everyone. Prince started giggling like an idiot. Trevor explained his situation then left to check out the other extra-cirricular activities going on. He returned to say goodbye. Prince giggled, babbled, then backed up into the net. She bounced into a table, fell on her face, the table landed on her back, and the water cooler was launched in the air. The girls realized the Amazons trained Prince for everything except talking to boys. Gordon declared Trevor was Prince's Kryptonite. Danvers took offense to the analogy and was confident Prince could handle it. Prince gathered all the loose volleyballs except one and tripped on it. It then hit her face. On Tuesday, Prince had the debate in the bag with her inspired answer to the topic, hanging toilet paper in the over or under position. However, Trevor was on the other team and he admitted he didn't know much about the topic but thought both were equally valid. Prince digressed again and thought his answer was so eloquent she conceded to Cruz' horror.

On Wednesday, Prince and Beecher prepared their exhibit about alchemy. Prince talked about how the Philospher's Stone was given to the Amazons. Beecher was excited with the prospect of their victory but Prince's vial started to overflow. Beecher realized she saw Trevor in the doorway. The experiment went out of control, exploded, and caused an evacuation. On Thursday, the marching band performed at the football game. Prince was the lead and Gordon was on keyboard. Everything was going perfectly until Prince saw Trevor on his paper route in the nearby neighborhood. She led the band after him, leaving Gordon alone on the field. On Friday, Zee Zatara debuted as a director for the school's performance of "Romeo and Juliet." Prince, as Juliet, began. Beecher informed Zatara that their Romeo, Oliver Queen, refused to go on stage on account of the costume being inaccurate. He stormed off. Zatara was still confident the understudy would continue. Beecher informed her Garth Bernstein was out sick. Trevor, the under-understudy took to the stage. Trevor read his lines terribly from a sheet then puckered up to kiss as the play dictated. Prince blushed with intensity and the set collapsed on them along with the curtains, lighting, and scaffolding. In the audience, Cruz quipped at least the week was over.

Over the weekend, Batgirl hacked the military academy's computers and got Trevor accepted. on Monday, the volleyball team won 52-0. While waiting for Prince to change clothes, the girls were relieved Trevor wouldn't be a problem anymore. They had no idea Prince had a photograph of him on the inside of her locker door. Jessica Cruz finished her latest Enviro-beat column for the Daily Planetoid. She printed out a stack of it and posted them throughout school and handed them out. A girl found one in a book in the library. Cruz rained several downstairs on students. She told the other girls of her accomplishment at lunch but Gordon pointed her to the trash bin. It was stuffed with copies of the column. Zatara thought the column was a lost cause but she refused to admit anything was a lost cause. She shoved a copy in Zatara's face and pointed out the title of her latest article happened to be "There's No Such Thing as a Lost Cause." Cruz yelled out that everyone could have at least tossed the papers into the recycling bin right next to the trash bin.

A boy crumpled one into a ball and threw it. It harmlessly bounced off Pamela Isley's back and she didn't react at all. Cruz growled and the boy slinked away. Cruz felt sorry for Isley because she had no friends at all. Gordon clued her in and pointed out how Isley carefully placed her hair to cover her face, looked downward, and wore oversized baggy clothes to tuck her away from society -- she didn't want friends. Cruz thought that was nonsense and believed everyone wanted friends. She didn't think Isley met the right one yet. Zatara and even Danvers told Cruz to leave her alone. Cruz repeated there was no such thing as a lost cause. They all groaned. Cruz greeted Isley and startled her. She inquired about the plant in the pot. Isley said it's name was Phil and he complained if she left him home alone. Cruz talked about her peace lily that she forgot to water often. Isley told her she and Phil preferred to eat alone because photosynthesis was most optimal in silence. Cruz droned about how she liked silence, too. Isley took Phil and went to the quad to get more sunlight. Cruz thought that went well.

In science class, Cruz told Isley they were lab partners. Isley stated she had an agreement with the teacher that she didn't do lab partners. Cruz promised it would be a blast. Isley's chemicals exploded. Isley opened her locker and found a note left by Cruz that read, "Roses are red, violets are blue, I would really like to be best friends with you!" Isley was disgusted and closed her locker only to be spooked by Cruz. Isley stated violets were not blue, it was an unfounded stereotype. While Isley used the bathroom, Cruz tried talking to her from the stall over. She asked Isley if her shoes were made from sustainable rubber. Isley stormed off. During P.E. class, the students ran laps. Cruz caught up to Isley and invited her to the community garden this weekend. Isley told her to leave her alone and kept running faster but Cruz kept chasing after her. Cruz promised it would be fun. The girls watched from the stands. Danvers thought it had gone on long enough. They staged an intervention and lured Cruz to a classroom with a fake ad about orphaned puppies.

Diana Prince admitted it was a clever ruse then told her Isley was not exhibiting signs of receptive to her amicable advances. Cruz was oblivious and believed they were chatting all day and were becoming quite close actually. Zee Zatara shook Cruz and yelled at her to wake up and smell reality because she wasn't into her. Cruz calmly pushed Zatara off her and left the room. Gordon thought the intervention went well. Cruz set up a table at the school's front entrance and tried to drum up volunteers to help her save an ancient tree from being destroyed and prevent another Lexbucks Coffeehouse from being built. There were no takers. Cruz sat on the pavement and sighed. Isley noticed and asked Cruz if it was all true. Cruz confirmed. Isley asked to come along. Cruz' demeanor changed and she excitedly stood up. Isley asked what the plan was.

During lunch, Diana Prince observed how Selina Kyle had acquired several friends: Doris Zeul, Leslie Willis, Carol Ferris, and Pamela Isley. They shared conspiratorial looks with each other then Zeul tripped Garth Bernstein as he walked past their table. They all laughed. Harleen Quinzel presented herself to Gordon's table. Gordon got so excited she ran across the table on all fours, leaped off, and hugged Quinzel. She asked if she just showed up to school. Quinzel admitted she chose to be fashionably late on her first day. Prince tried to shake her hand but got electrocuted by a joy buzzer. Gordon was relieved she never changed. Quinzel presented her new flower and blew Jessica Cruz off her chair with a huge burst of water. Quinzel appeared between Karen Beecher and Kara Danvers and blew her whoopee cushion then dropped it on Danvers' head. Next, she produced a pen and claimed it was invisible ink. However, it was super permanent industrial ink and it spilled on Zee Zatara's vest.

Gordon laughed and asked Quinzel to save some jokes for after school. The others became concerned. Gordon presented her idea to give Quinzel a tour of Metropolis together. Prince gritted her teeth and agreed to do so. Gordon and Quinzel locked arms, kicked the doors open, and strutted out into the hallway. The others quickly objected. Prince pointed out it was their divine duty as hosts to offer hospitality to their new guest and she was important to Gordon for some reason. The whoopee cushion let out another fart to Danvers' embarrassment. At the end of a school day, the girls exited Metropolis High in agreement they would go see "Exploding Ninja Pirates From Outer Space IV" because it had a good story for Cruz, lots of special effects for Beecher, great costume design for Zatara, and a ton of action for Danvers. Gordon simply wanted to sneak in a bucket of burritos in her backpack. Cruz asked Prince if she was sure she couldn't come. Prince apologized and stated she had plans with her new friend Tatsu Yamashiro.

Danvers made light of her mysterious training partner and asked if they were ever going to meet her. Yamashiro suddenly appeared behind them. Cruz tried to make small talk and mentioned they heard so much about her. Yamashiro misinterpreted her, got defensive, and demanded to know who the rumor-mongers were then she would ensure they never speak again. Cruz clarified she meant from they heard good things from Prince. Zatara asked where she was from. She cryptically told them she came from a place she could never go again. A breeze blew her hair around and an eagle called. The girls looked around for it. Danvers asked her if it was true she liked training as much as Prince. Yamashiro stated the strong are driven by discipline, not desire. Prince asked them all if they thought she was great. Everyone smiled and chuckled nervously. On Adopt-a-Pet Day, Jessica Cruz tried to get the unadoptable cat Dexter adopted. Cruz believed Dexter needed an owner with a strong will and a leader to follow. She drove to Metropolis High and asked Diana Prince if she was interested. Prince accepted the call to help Dexter and boasted how she cared for others' animal companions on Themyscira and even became known as the "Minotaur Whisperer." She began to sneeze. Cruz realized she was allergic to cats. Dexter knew this, too, and brushed his tail on her nose. She collapsed. He perched atop her face. Prince clenched her fists and demanded his removal.

Kara Danvers was feeling good for once after Supergirl was finally the talk of the city. She shared her satisfaction with Gordon and a classmate congratulated her for killing it in Chemistry. Unbeknowst to her, Bizarro Supergirl tagged a building with "MR CHAPIN STINCKS," stole the roof off Mr. Chapin's convertible, threw the bell from the tower into the pool, tp'ed his house, and flipped the Lady Justice statue upside down. Danvers was blamed for it all and summoned to the principal's office by Mr. Chapin over the p.a. system. Chapin told her she went too far and didn't mean her spelling. He showed a photo of the graffiti. Danvers denied it and assured him she knew his name was spelled with two "p"s. He yelled it didn't have two "p"s then continued about the other incidents. Danvers thought the last one was funny was something she would do but she didn't in this case. She insisted she was one of the good guys. Chapin moved her files aside and picked up her redacted file from Smallville High School and read about her expulsion. Danvers claimed she was framed. Chapin suspended her for a week and advised her to get it together or she would be expelled a second time.

Mr. Chapin was satisfied with his lecture about shower safety and got ready. The student body of Metropolis High gathered for another morning assembly and chatted away while Mr. Chapin tried to get things in order. Barbara Gordon ate her six bean breakfast burrito while the other girls looked on. She noticed and offered them a bite. There were no takers. Chapin finally lost it and slammed a book down on his podium. Everyone sat down at the same time. Gordon farted and went into a fetal position. Leslie Willis stood up in the back of the auditorium and pinned the fart on her. Everyone laughed at her. The entire week, Gordon avoided sleep in order to solve time travel so she could go back into the past and undo the fart. She succeeded after 80 hours of intense calculations. One morning, she jumped out of the hedges and surprised Barry Allen. She shared the news and announced they could fix everything together.

As they entered the school, she explained they had to go back in time and make sure she never ate the breakfast bean burrito, thus altering the very fabric of space-time wrapping them into a parallel timeline where on that morning in front of the whole school she did not fart. Allen found it cool she could make impossible things sound super easy. Gordon revealed he had the power to travel back in time all along and never knew it. He just had to synchronize non-fermionic cork spin with a semi-hyperbolic region of n-dimensional space. He blinked. She translated the plan to running around in a circle really fast. Allen got it. They changed into their suits. Flash took his runner's position then Batgirl hopped on his back. They went back in time to before the student assembly started. They confirmed it by observing Chapin still setting up then went to Gordon's locker. Batgirl swapped in a burrito with no beans. Flash stared at her. She admitted she always carried a variety of burritos with her.

After realizing every change led to the Earth's demise, they jumped one year into the past to Metropolis High School. Gordon saw her future self switch the burrito then leave with Flash. She proceeded to put back a bean burrito but a future Barbara Gordon from an apocalyptic future tackled her. Gordon realized she was from a timeline where she didn't go back in time to re-switch the burritos with the one with beans so she could re-humiliate herself. Future Gordon confirmed that was true and she was going to stop her then attacked with a saw blade from her robot arm. Gordon dodged but Future Gordon kicked the burrito towards the ceiling and caught it. A third Batgirl in a white suit stole the burrito with a grapnel line. She represented a large group of Batgirls who hated their futures and refused to let Future Gordon let them have them. A Gordon in a marching band suit stole the burrito with her grapnel line and declared their Batgirls were okay with their horrific futures and wouldn't let the re-humiliation happen again.

The two factions battled each other. All the Barry Allens seemed to get along and couldn't believe they all had the same name. The burrito eventually landed on the floor. Gordon reached for it but Future Gordon attacked with a drill hand. She insisted a humanity reduced to living in post-apocalyptic asteroid caves was for the best. Gordon countered if it meant saving the world, she would cut a thousand farts. The Barbara Gordon of that timeline arrived and wondered what was going on. Gordon threw her the burrito and she took a bite. All the Gordons vanished into energy and unleashed a pulse. They merged with that timeline's Gordon. She declared she knew everything then continued eating. At the morning assembly, Gordon farted. Before Leslie Willis could out her, Gordon stood and declared it was her and they were welcome. A girl thought it was gross.

Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs: Diana Prince and Karen Beecher, Hal Jordan and Selina Kyle, Barbara Gordon and Garth Bernstein, Zee Zatara and Oliver Queen, Tatsu Yamashiro and Leslie Willis, Jessica Cruz and Pam Isley, Carter Hall and Barry Allen, and Harleen Quinzel and Kara Danvers. Carol Ferris was on her own because Doris Zeul ditched class as usual. Chapin rubbed it in and mused Ferris was destined to be alone. Ferris glared at Kyle after Jordan said "hey" to her. Cruz hugged Isley very hard. Yamashiro got defensive around Willis. Allen wanted to high five but Hall left him hanging. As a precaution, Chapin stamped his eggs with his likeness so no one could buy a replacement egg if the first one was broken.

Beecher was excited because she happened to be experimenting with 3D printing packing peanuts that were 250 percent shock absorbent. Prince told her she raised griffons from eggs since she was 170 years old. Prince and Beecher failed to notice their egg roll away after the latter moved her desk close to the former's. It hit the floor and broke open. Yamashiro reveled in the chance to finally surpass Prince as valedictorian. Willis put her hand out to shake. Yamashiro shook her hand but realized the egg was in Willis' palm and it broke. Willis was amused. Cruz couldn't wait to spend the whole weekend hanging out with Isley and protecting the egg. Isley quickly ate the egg. Allen was confident about getting an eye because Hall was Hawkman so he knew about birds and eggs and therefore could sit on the egg until Monday. Hall broke the egg and it went all over the back of his pants. Danvers and Quinzel asked Chapin if they could switch partners. Quinzel told Chapin Danvers had emotional problems and wanted to be with Ferris.

Chapin denied them and stated Ferris was alone. Ferris shouted she wasn't. Chapin reminded them they were one F away from summer school and they could either spend the next two days or the next three months together. Danvers and Quinzel glared at each other, groaned, and shook hands. On Monday, Isley ate the last egg left in a sandwich. Everyone else stared at her. The Home Ec teacher stepped into the classroom and greeted them. She hoped they had a good weekend. She checked a clipboard to see what Chapin did in her absence. She found the egg challenge outdated and too easy so she decided to rescind the assignment. Danvers and Quinzel were stoked and happily nodded to each other. The teacher revealed the school mascot Hammy the Hamster had babies and revealed them in their cage. She believed a real test would be caring for a living, breathing creature and assigned the pairs one of Hammy's babies each. They were all concerned. Isley broke the tension and burped.

Zee Zatara and Karen Beecher held tryouts for the former's latest play "Swash Buckler on the Seven Seas." Garth Bernstein, a preppy boy, Barry Allen, and Hal Jordan tried out for the lead role but they were all terrible. Zatara declared it a disaster even though it stood to be the best play she ever did. She pointed out the hand-sewn costumes soaked in seawater for authenticity and the most ambitious set in Metropolis High history, an accurate ship named the Impolite Minnow. She also implied she, the finest and most gifted actor to grace the stage, would portray Lady Catharine. Karen Beecher didn't catch on she was talking about herself. She showed Beecher a sketch of Swash Buckler and sighed in exasperation. Oliver Queen arrived, to her dismay. Queen touted his past portrayals as the Phantom and the Streetcar and reviews from Lois Lane who wrote his performances were "bold," "brash," and "bang on the beam." Queen was ready for dress rehearsal. Beecher thought he seemed pretty perfect.

Zatara hesitated to agree then another try out appeared, Mortimer Drake. Drake aced it and even got Bernstein, Allen, and Jordan to carry Queen away. Queen protested and had them put him down then sped back to the stage. He was shocked they were considering Drake. Beecher and Zatara huddled. Zatara wasn't sure who to pick. Beecher suggested a callback. Zatara realized Queen would hate that and issued a callback. As she predicted, Queen hated it and felt the greatest insult in his life. Beecher told him not to be hard on Zatara because she was just making sure the right person got the role. Queen agreed with the decision, as long as it was him. Mortimer Drake was clearly favored by Zatara and Beecher during the callback. Queen noticed a print out of Up Past 8's "Out 2 Late" lyrics in Beecher's backpack. He snatched it and ran to backstage. He waited for the right moment and fired it with an arrow onto Drake's script right when he turned away. Drake read the lyrics aloud and upset Zatara. Beecher sang along. Zatara decided to make Drake an understudy of Queen. He respected her wishes.

During dress rehearsal, Drake attempted to take Queen out. First by dropping a sandbag from rigging but it narrowly missed him. Second, he fell through a trap door. Third, he ducked a cannon ball. At every turn, Drake was nearby with doughnuts or reading the script but Queen was still suspicious. On the night of the play, Queen warned Drake. Drake naturally was coy. Queen slipped that he sabotaged Drake during callback. Zatara heard and gave the role to Drake. Beecher tried to console Queen and offer it as a chance to redeem himself and be the bigger man. Queen remarked that wasn't him and he left to trash Drake's dressing room. Queen discovered a review of a fifth grade production of The Three Musketeers and read it. He discovered Drake was lambasted for his performance as D'Artagnan while Zatara was praised for her Milady de Winter. Queen then saw numerous photos of Zatara crossed out. He realized Drake was out for revenge and suited up as Green Arrow.

Meanwhile, as the play went on, Drake deviated from script and declared he knew the exquisite sting of public humiliation, repeating that awful experience in his head over and over, being stuck in the worst day imaginable then announced it was the day his life was ruined by Zee Zatara. The crowd gasped. Zatara didn't understand what was happening. Drake ripped off the costume, revealing another costume under it, and proclaimed he was the Cavalier. Garth Bernstein manned a fan near him so his cape would flow dramatically. He asked her if "Mortimer Drake" rang any bells. Zatara didn't remember him at all. He even mentioned Central City Elementary. She noted she met so many people in her lifetime. Drake was annoyed and pressed on with getting his revenge then threw his sword. Green Arrow swung by and grabbed Zatara just in time. She was disgusted and ordered him to get off her. Arrow asked for a sword. Jordan, from a trapdoor, remarked how it was the weirdest play ever then tossed out a sword. Cavalier told Arrow to stay out of his way. Arrow countered he would always protect his friends, even the ones he hated like Zee Zatara. They dueled.

Arrow cut a rope and rode it up to the look out post where he fired his arrows. Cavalier dodged the bola trick arrow and then insulted his elocution and fired a cannon. Arrow was insulted and fired his cannon ball trick arrows at him. Zatara ordered Beecher to lower the curtain because her play was ruined. However, the crowd loved what was going on. Zatara shook Beecher and told her to raise the curtain because it was a triumph. Arrow teased he deserved the bad reviews. Cavalier countered he had as much stage presence as Zatara. She took offense. Arrow and Cavalier traversed the Minnow but Arrow lost his sword and was pinned. Arrow growled, kicked the sword away, rolled, and fired a magnet arrow. Cavalier's sword and him, by extension, were pulled to the magnet. Arrow then fired his Heckler Arrows. They floated down by Cavalier and played pre-recorded boos. Cavalier couldn't handle it and closed his ears. He dropped and fell on a ship prop. He put on a remarkable death scene asking to be remembered as an actor. It even impressed Arrow. Cavalier thanked him and admitted he lied about his delivery and found it exquisite, musing he could even make the terrible play sound good. Queen thought he was too kind and thought his immense talent shows right through Zatara's unimaginative direction. Cavalier thought her acting was as dynamic as a wet cloth draped over a radiator. They laughed. Zatara pointed out she was standing right by them. They bowed in unison to the audience applause.

The day after Batgirl encountered Deathstroke, she was late to band. The teacher and band stopped and stared at her. Gordon met Rose Wilson, who was starting her first day at Metropolis High School. Despite Wilson being a total stranger, Gordon confided the story of the break-in to her. Wilson invited her to her house of dinner on the weekend to get her mind off the break-in. Zee Zatara pursued Fuseli to a part of the dream realm that resembled Metropolis High. She called out asking who he was. Fuseli introduced himself as the bump in the night, the monster under the bed, Lord of Night Terrors. She wasn't impressed and asked why he was in her friends' dreams. He corrected her. He was in their nightmares. While he filed his claws, he remarked nightmares were where the fun was and were he could feed off fear and insecurity. Fuseli darted around in a game of cat and mouse with Zatara. She eventually found Cruz in the library Fuseli pointed out types like her had a gold mine of fears and insecurities if you dug deep enough. A female voice told Cruz she wasn't good enough. Books with teeth starting flying around telling Cruz she was weak and useless. Fuseli joked they sounded like his ex. The bookshelves closed in around Cruz. Zatara tried to cast but could not. Fuseli teleported around and revealed her she had no power in nightmares. The bookshelves started to close in around Zatara but she got an idea and opened a portal to her dream.

One day at Metropolis High School, Casey Krinsky bumped into Zee Zatara. She apologized for being such a klutz and realized who she bumped into. To her surprise, Zatara helped her up and gave her her bag since her backpack got torn up. Krinsky declared she was the most popular and most nicest girl in school. Zatara chuckled and asked what her name was then told her it was nice to meet her. Zatara told her she would see her around then left. Krinsky was enamored. The cafeteria was serving tots for Tot Day so Krinsky secured six bowls for the girls before it ran out. By the time the girls rushed inside, it was all gone. Krinsky called out to Zatara and presented the tots. She was an instant hit with the girls. Krinsky commented it was her pleasure then ominously stated she would do anything for Zee Zatara. The next day, Zatara stepped out of her limousine and Krinsky was already waiting. She presented her itinerary for the whole day and picked up her favorite, a half-caf vanilla latte. Zatara chuckled nervously and thanked her.

Zatara became paranoid. While in the girls locker room, she looked around for Krinsky then opened her locker. Krinsky's reflection was in her mirror. Sure enough, Krinsky was behind her. She revealed she noticed a conflict on Zatara's calendar so she had Roxanne move her dance recital to next week so Zatara could attend Sandra's quinceanera. Zatara wondered how she got her calendar. Krinsky replied it was on her cell phone. Zatara asked how she got her phone. Krinsky replied it was in her purse, suggested putting a lock on it, presented said lock, and told her the combination was her great-grandmother's birthday backwards then bid her goodbye until that night. Zatara was confused. Krinsky told her to check her calendar. Zatara looked and there was an item for bonding time at Zee's place at 5 pm with Krinsky. Zatara was horrified. The next day, Zatara sent Krinsky across town to get her Stella-Gabrielles re-heeled so she would have enough time to tell the other Super Hero Girls about her plight. They didn't think Krinsky was obsessed with her.

Zatara listed off that she got her lattes, helped with her math homework, and rearranged her social calendar so she could attend every event she wanted to. They were not swayed. Krinsky had returned with the heels and a tray of tots she arranged for secretly with the lunch lady. She also presented a gift for everyone, kittens. Zatara was stunned speechless. Krinsky named hers Zee and creepily petted it. Zatara ran to the rest room and splashed water on her face. Krinsky followed her. Zatara had enough and yelled at her to stop following her around like a little lost kitten and that they weren't BFFs. Krinsky apologized and mused she wouldn't want to be friends with her either. Zatara sighed and apologized for misunderstanding her kindness. Krinsky hugged Zatara but wouldn't budge. Zatara became nervous and told her it was time to let go. Krinsky didn't take kindly to her words and proclaimed she wouldn't let go until she had Zatara's beauty, popularity, and friends. Krinsky's skin crystallized then in a flash, she looked exactly like Zee Zatara.

Zatara tried to cast but her magic was gone. Krinsky was confused then realized she stole Zatara's magical powers, too. She cast and hit Zatara with a blast that made her look like Krinsky. Krinsky walked outside to the girls and they were unaware of what happened. Zatara tried to warn them but the girls only saw Krinsky and realized Zatara was right about her weird obsession. The next day, Krinsky tried telling everyone at school who the girls were but she was met with skepticism and sarcasm. One girl recalled she was running around the previous day claiming she was Zee Zatara. Krinsky told her she was Zatara but now she wasn't and was back to herself again. Everyone walked away unconvinced. During lunch, Barbara Gordon threw down the latest Daily Planetoid and asked Harleen Quinzel if she could believe that in their first year at Metropolis High, the Hamsters had a shot at the football state title. She noticed Hal Jordan looked terrible and stressed out despite his playoff beard and lucky socks giving him the winning edge.

Gordon revealed she planned to buy him a pair of Lombard XLXs as a gift for winning the title but they were limited editions and sold out. Quinzel revealed she knew a guy who could get anything. Jordan became nauseous and ran off. Gordon went to see Oswald Cobblepot about getting the XLXs in size 12. Cobblepot noted they were difficult to come by then produced a pair in the box. Gordon was thrilled and offered her money. Cobblepot wrote down his price but it was too high so she offered to do something else. Cobblepot told her to be at a specific location at 3:55 pm that day and he would give her the shoes. Gordon waited at the spot and swapped texts with Cobblepot to confirm she was there. A boy ran out of class and shoved a piece of paper into her hands then tried to run off but Mr. Chapin confronted him. He claimed to be ignorant of having any paper on him. Chapin warned him he had his eyes on him then returned to the classroom. A boy in a beanie took a photo of Gordon holding the paper then took it and gave her the XLXs. She realized she was used to steal test answers.

Gordon tried to return the shoes but Cobblepot had the incriminating photo of her holding the stolen test answers then stated he ran the school, from test answers to vending machines to elections. He planned to install his goon as the next class president and boasted his phone was always recording and had dirt on everyone. He led her outside, put the shoes back in her hands, and told her he would be in touch. In Algebra class, Gordon got a text telling her to make a distraction during a lecture on experimental decay. Gordon pretended to choke and fell out of her seat. While everyone gathered around her, a girl stole a hall pass out of the teacher's desk then gave it to Cobblepot later on. Gordon was then told to put an out of order sign on the vending machine. Students would be then forced to buy snacks from Cobblepot at a premium. That night, Batgirl infiltrated the school and hotwired the vending machine. The next day, Gordon tapped her wrist band and the vending machine started shooting out free snacks.

On the day of school elections, Gordon swapped the ballot box with an alternate box provided by Cobblepot. None the wiser, Chapin took it to his office and kept it there overnight. Batgirl sneaked in and stuffed the box with votes for Jimmy Olsen. The next day, Chapin declared Olsen the new class president. In the audience, Cobblepot glared at Gordon but she feigned innocence. He was getting irritated with Batgirl's interference but pressed on and gave Gordon her last task: steal Hal Jordan's lucky socks and she would be free of him. Gordon was at a loss. Cobblepot revealed he bought up Garfield High merchandise and planned to sell it at marked up prices in anticipation of Jordan blowing the game without his socks. Gordon asked him what to do about Batgirl. He told her to figure it out on her own or he would expose her to the school. On the day of the game, Gordon handed over a sack containing the lucky socks to Cobblepot. He was pleased but she felt terrible. Jordan was sacked left and right. The score was 28-3 then another touch down put Garfield well ahead.

Coach tried to talk to Jordan on the sideline. Gordon had enough. She slipped away from the band, changed into Batgirl, and stole the socks back then threw them like a football to Jordan. He put them on then called out the Zap-39 right Gallagher watermelon on three. The tide turned and Jordan made completion after completion. It was 35-31 in the final seconds of the game. Cobblepot became nervous. Jordan ran the ball into the endzone himself and scored, winning the game for Metropolis High. Cobblepot was furious and kicked his cooler and threw his folding chair. Gordon admitted Batgirl was too good. He prepared to reveal she stole test answers but his phone was missing. Gordon held it out. As he tried to jump and grab it, he blurted out he couldn't blackmail anyone without it. He was projected on the school's big board. Gordon then deleted everything on the phone to everyone's relief. She, too, was tossed up in the air like Jordan. They high fived then Gordon presented her surprise. Jordan was stunned to see Steve Lombard and his own pair of Lombard XLXs. A heavenly glow enveloped the shoes. He tossed his lucky socks off and they landed on Gordon's face. She peeled them off her inflamed eyes. Jordan hugged her in gratitude and asked her how she got them. Gordon joked she knew a guy. Cobblepot sulked in his room, stuck with all the Garfield High merchandise.

Olsen presented the photos from a Moth-Monster battle to Lois Lane. She called them vanilla and as stale as the half-eaten doughnut under her desk. She threw them into the trash then reminded him she was angling for an internship at the Daily Planet. Lane held out a Daily Planet and emphasized she needed a story to wow them. Olsen blinked. Lane interpreted that as a new idea, to uncover the secret identities of the Super Hero Girls. Jessica Cruz happened to be in the office and freaked out. During lunch, Cruz told the other girls about Lois Lane's new story idea to find out the Super Hero Girls' secret identities. Danvers wasn't concerned. Cruz pointed out how tenacious Lane could be until she got her story then told them they would no longer have any privacy, news and villains would hound them, and their parents would blow up. Beecher began to panic and hyperventilated into her paper sack. Danvers was confident Lane wouldn't figure out who they were. Lane quickly figured out who the Super Hero Girls really were but she still needed proof.

Lane found Zee Zatara at her locker. Zatara tried to back away but couldn't resist an interview about her amazing magic show. Zatara explained it was a performance that artfully blended divination, transfiguration, and conjuration with a dash of incantation to create a unique and surreal experience. Lane then asked her where she was on the night Sweet Justice got destroyed. She answered she was there with her friends and almost slipped. She shrieked and ran off. Lane jotted down notes. Zatara told Cruz she was right about Lane and called her a word wizard whose unassuming charms matched her own. Beecher jumped into a recycle bin and hyperventilated into her sack. Cruz realized they couldn't let Lane talk to anyone else. Zatara agreed but saw her talking to Hal Jordan. Jordan spelled out his name to her but she was pretty sure his last name ended in A-N. He was surprised. The girls zipped over to them and took Jordan away to talk about some "school stuff." Cruz collared Jordan by the stairs. Zatara grilled him. Cruz pointed out she was against violence but was willing to make an exception.

Jordan assured them Lane asked some very pointed questions then slowly slid Cruz away from him and revealed the questions were about the Zod incident. He emphasized that he recommended her to Barry Allen. They found Allen. He said Lane asked him about his job at Sweet Justice and if he was there when it got destroyed. He noted it was the same day he met them and the Super Hero Girls. Cruz asked him if he specifically said they were there right before the Super Hero Girls showed up. Allen couldn't remember but remembered Lane wrote it all down real fast. Beecher continued to hyperventilate. At lunch, Zatara freaked about Lane. Danvers still wasn't convinced. They noticed Lane was at a table across the cafeteria, staring at them. Barbara Gordon recognized the stare as the classic, "I'm trying to put the pieces together" detective stare. She instructed everyone to freeze. Lane jotted down notes. Gordon realized it didn't work and told everyone to move. They made awkward gyrations. Lane jotted down more notes. Gordon freaked and told everyone to run for it.

In class, they saw three Moth-Monsters knock down a powerline outside. All six asked the Algebra teacher if they could go to the bathroom. Lane noted they needed a pass. They put their arms down. A monster flew away with a car. Diana Prince had a plan to throw Lane off their trail. She greeted Lois Lane outside the front entrance to Metropolis High and sighted Wonder Woman across the street. It was clearly Karen Beecher atop Jessica Cruz badly dressed as Wonder Woman. Lane was speechless at first then jotted notes. Prince got nervous. Bumblebee hid in Lois Lane's locker and waited for her then stole her notepad. She flew to the other girls. Gordon realized it was a fake notepad that Lane made in anticipation of their scheme. Beecher fainted. After the Super Hero Girls defeated Killer Moth and her progeny, Lois Lane finished typing up her email to the Daily Planet. She looked up at all the articles about the Super Hero Girls up on the Daily Planetoid's wall. She trashed her email and work, exhaled and closed her laptop. She passed the girls in the hall without acknowledging them. They were elated they finally got her off their trail. Lane thought they were such dummies. She set her eyes on the scoop of scoops, Superman then noticed the article "Superman – Great or Greatest" was by the Planet's newest intern Clark Kent. Lane decided she was coming for him next.

Valentine's Day at Metropolis High was going well for many couples but for Hal Jordan it was the most stressful day ever. Carol Ferris was at her most "bonkers" and he knew she was out there, bidding her time, toying wit him for her own sick amusement. He almost made it through the day without seeing her. While traversing the halls inside a rolling trash bin, he was startled by Jessica Cruz. She quickly caught on that he was scared of Ferris. He warned her not to say Ferris' name out loud. She was upset to learn it was also the day he broke up with her by text. He didn't see what the big deal was. He shrieked at the sight of Ferris down the hall. He grabbed the head off the mascot and tried to hide. In a surprising turn, she calmly walked past him and greeted him Happy Valentine's Day in a normal, sane tone. Jordan was confused. Ferris walked over to her new boyfriend, Thaal Sinclair. He handed her a bouquet of flowers. They snuggled. Jordan demanded to know what was going on.

Ferris introduced Sinclair but Jordan wasn't having it. He swatted his handshake away and told Ferris he decided to take her back. Everyone in the hall gasped. Cruz face palmed. Ferris laughed loudly and stated Sinclair was the perfect boyfriend: he read books, he brushed his teeth, washed his socks, and was romantic. Jordan claimed he did that stuff, too, sometimes. Sinclair dipped Ferris and noticed the delicate amethyst ribbons in her eyes. She twirled to Jordan slapped his face as she twirled and told him she was spoken for. Karen Beecher was late to art class. The assignment was drawing a bowl of fruit. She went to the open seat, saw Carter Hall next to her, and bumped everyone's work down like dominoes by accident. As Hall picked his up, she was surprised to see the drawing of a girl. He was adamant it was a bowl of fruit. Beecher recalled a scene from "Just Before Dusk" when Aiden sketched Caitlyn because emojis weren't capturing how he felt. Hall still stated it was a bowl of fruit.

Beecher took a closer look and asked him if he was in love. She got excited and kept asking over and over. Hall sighed and admitted the truth. She wanted details. Hall explained she was Princess Chay-Ara and he was her true love, Prince Khufu. She was shocked he was a prince. Hall continued that in one life he was a knight. In another, he was a knight. In another, a gunslinger. A spell was placed them and it became their destiny to be reincarnated over and over, always finding each other, and falling into a love that surpasses death. Diana Prince smuggled Steve the Griffin into Metropolis High School in her back pack. She tried to act normal but the girls saw right through her awkward facade. Cruz realized she brought Steve. Gordon rushed in between them and wanted to see him. They thought he was goofier and cuter. Cruz thought Prince lost her mind and pointed out the trouble she would get if Mr. Chapin found out. Mr. Chapin asked them what he was going to find out. They quickly grouped around Prince to hid Steve.

Danvers improvised and revealed he wouldn't believe how much they admired him. Chapin wasn't buying it. More so after they smiled. He gestured he was watching them and walked away. Prince assured Cruz that Steve was well-behaved. She discovered her back pack was empty and there was a big hole in it. Steve ran past Chapin undetected as he took a drink from a water fountain. Steve entered the science lab and cornered Hammy the Hamster. Beecher implored Hammy to run for her life. Steve swallowed Hammy whole. Beecher sighed and fainted. Cruz was stern and ordered Steve to drop the hamster. Steve groaned and spit Hammy out. Cruz wanted Prince to admit Steve was no ordinary pet and a wild beast. Prince wasn't hearing it and stated he was the perfect pet. She hugged him. Prince admitted he just needed a little discipline. Gordon took the lead and blew a whistle.

One day, after finishing gym class, Diana Prince texted Kara Danvers from the girls' locker room. Prince became confused by Danvers' use of emojis instead of words. Barbara Gordon happened to be passing by and schooled Prince on the use of emojis to form an idea like a secret code. Jessica Cruz and Karen Beecher found Prince in the cafeteria texting Gordon. They misinterpreted Gordon's texts and thought she became a vegan when in reality Batgirl was battling Poison Ivy and her giant vines outside. Prince eventually realized she meant Ivy. Ivy, meanwhile, gloated atop Metropolis High's tower but was interrupted by a text from Harley Quinn.

After Kara Danvers arrived for picture day, the photographer happened to call her name. She was a wreck from all the incidents she broke up on the way to school. Her sleeves and skirt were torn, she lost her necklace and had a studded dog collar, lost her flower headpiece, and was covered in dye from a foiled bank robbery. The photographer asked her if she wanted to clean up. Danvers declined and looked in the mirror. He suggested at least brushing her hair. She was surprisingly happy with what she saw then quickly took a photograph for the yearbook. Cruz rolled in face in a trash bin trying to grab a plastic water bottle. Garth Bernstein was bumped out of the stool as he posed for another attempt. Cruz stood up just in time holding the bottle and took the photograph instead. Hal Jordan was overwhelmed by Carol Ferris' non-stop texts on picture day. He hid behind a trash can but she predicted it. He hid behind the bleachers but she predicted it. Jordan ran for it. He was on edge while he waited to take his photo.

Jessica Cruz sneaked up on him and spooked him. She gladly showed him how to block someone from his phone. There was a sudden rumble. Carol Ferris burst through the doors. She saw Cruz and thought she was trying to "steal" Jordan again. Cruz was not pleased and ducked. Jordan was accidentally decked by Ferris across the room. He somehow landed on the stool. Cruz and Ferris' fight erupted towards Jordan. He was punched again. The photographer, unfazed, took a photo of Jordan with his face messed up. Zee Zatara made sure she was perfect and used her locker mirror. Picture Day was the most important day for her rather than beating Sargon the Sorcerer the other day. Jessica Cruz complimented her but Zatara didn't take to "good" and declared she had to look mesmerizing because it could make or break her when she became a star and the best magician in the world and someone did an Internet search on her. Oliver Queen passed by and mentioned the unslightly curl coming from her head.

Zatara panicked about it for the rest of the day. During science lab, she checked her compact mirror and asked her partner, Karen Beecher. Beecher assured her Queen was just messing with her but noticed her hair was too close to the boiling vial and it started smoking. Zatara ran around in a panic. Queen threw a bucket of water on her. She ran off to the men's locker room. Garth Bernstein flushed and walked out a stall in a white towel. He gasped at the sight of Zatara. Zatara sternly requested the room. Bernstein scurried outside. Zatara went to a sink and conjured her purse. After rifling out one of her rabbits and several props, Zatara found her wand and started to incant. A dolphin popped out of the drain hole and she dropped the wand down the sink. A green slime grew exponentially and carried her out into the cafeteria. Zatara tried to shake it off but it got on other students like Doris Zeul, Diana Prince, and Kara Danvers. A food fight broke out by accident. Zatara fled the cafeteria a mess.

Mr. Chapin came on the loudspeaker and announced Picture Day was starting up in the gymnasium. Zatara was depressed and found herself behind Queen. Queen mocked her that she looked her best and promised to post a photo online over and over again. An overhead pipe groaned and the slime poured out on all the students in line except Zatara. Her wand popped out into her hand. She finished her incantation and cleaned herself up to perfection. She told Queen he looked good in green and sat on the stool to take her photo. Just as the photographer took the picture, Zatara's curl popped out. After sleeping in, Karen Beecher raced to school in her suit in an effort to preserve her perfect attendance record. She landed on the track field but discovered her suit's upgrade was malfunctioning and she was stuck in the suit. She hailed Gordon for help then tried to sneak into the school but her suit shifted between normal and tiny size modes. She hid by a bus then in a tree then behind a light pole and somehow none of the students noticed her.

Beecher narrowly slipped inside as the doors closed. Beecher waited for Gordon at the lockers but she was late. She noticed Kara Danvers at her locker and tried to get her attention. Danvers was listening to her rock music and mistook Beecher for a fly. Just as Gordon arrived, Danvers threw a punch at Beecher. Luckily, Beecher wound up inside Danvers' locker. Gordon flipped out and told Danvers what transpired. The locker door fell off then the Bumblebee costume. Beecher asked if the bell rang yet then slid out. Beecher volunteered as the hall monitor. One day, Hal Jordan ignored protocol and walked the halls without a hall pass. Beecher asked him about it but he joked he had a "Hal pass" instead. Beecher described the yellow card. Jordan frowned, told her he wasn't a fan of yellow, patted her on the head, and told her "good effort." Beecher let him off with a warning. Beecher later found him at his locker. Jordan pretended his pass fell inside. As Beecher looked for it, he ran off.

Beecher found him trying to take a selfie with a girl. He accused her of photobombing and asked for space. Beecher waited by a water fountain but triggered it and got splashed. Beecher had enough and changed into her Bumblebee suit via her locket. She shrunk and threw a wad a litter he left behind. Bumblebeee hid in a bin and demanded a hall pass. Jordan freaked out and thought it was a hall ghost. He turned and walked into the bin, now in front of him. The bin expelled trash at him and chased him. Jordan ran outside to the bleachers. A girl from P.E. class tossed a ball to Jordan. He tried to take a selfie but Bumblebee hid behind it and bopped him in the head as he took photos. Jordan hid in a rest room stall as Bumblebee played with the lights. She hid in the automated dryer and messed with him. Jordan dropped his phone in the toilet then ran back to class. On Beecher's birthday, Garth Bernstein bought her a goldfish but keep losing it and frantically chased it around the city until he landed atop the Metropolis High hamster mascot and Goldberg landed in the Gotham High's water cooler.

Celebrating early, two Gotham players carried the cooler off and drenched their coach. Bernstein chased after Goldberg into the field, got handed the ball, dodged the other team, and scored a touchdown for Metropolis High. The announcer declared it was a miracle. With no other choice, he stored Goldberg in his mouth. As he waiting for the light to cross, he was annoyed to see a truck delivering drinks, a Metropolis Fire Department truck, a flatbed with a jacuzzi, a big aquarium tank, and a big water jug. He made it to the cafeteria and spotted Beecher eating and reading. He spit Goldberg into her glass of water. She was happy he remembered her birthday and hugged him. The worker took her tray away with Goldberg still in the cup. Bernstein ran after him and caused a big crash. On a Tuesday, Beecher's stomach growled while she read in the school library. The librarian warned her to be quiet. Beecher left and noticed a Taco Tuesday poster. She rushed to the cafeteria but the line for tacos was very long. By the time it was her turn, she got the last beef taco.

Beecher bumped into a bully named Giganta. Giganta wanted the taco and chased after her. Beecher hid in a locker. Giganta ripped the door off one and a bowling ball fell on her head. She checked another and discovered Garth Bernstein was stuffed inside. She paused then closed the door. Beecher ran out into the restroom and stood above a stall. Giganta checked the stalls. Some of the beef fell out of the taco. Giganta looked up. Beecher fell on top of her then ran for the library. Once the coast seemed clear, Beecher sat in an aisle and was about to eat. Giganta pulled her through a shelf to the other side. She took the taco but the librarian took it away and pointed to the no food sign. She pulled Giganta along by the ear. Beecher found herself back where she started still with an empty stomach. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) visited Lois Lane at the Daily Planetoid and gave her a "scoop" on Superman. He informed her he was the senior partner in the duo, "Man of Steel" was originally his nickname but let Superman have it, and Superman wanted a green and white suit but he told him to step out his shadow and develop his own identity. Superman was outside the building and heard all his lies. Superman had enough.

Harley Quinn once stole the the Lasso of Truth. Diana Prince was unaware and frantically searched her locker to no avail. Harley used it on Barbara Ann Minverva during her gymnastics practice. Minverva admitted she was not a natural blonde, had extensions, and her contacts were color ones. She used it on Hal Jordan in the boys locker room. He admitted to himself he was the best looking guy in Metropolis and probably the tri-state area. She used it on Garth Bernstein in the Metropolis High lunch room. He admitted he was Aqualad. The boy he admitted it to didn't react and left the table. Zee Zatara was excited to have her first solo show. It was set for a Friday starting at 7:30 pm in Theatre A at Metropolis High School. Oliver Queen was set for a solo theater performance on the same day and time in Theatre B. They put up posters in the halls. Zatara came upon Kara Danvers and told her about the show but failed to notice she was listening to her headphones (and didn't care).

Queen told Karen Beecher and Barbara Gordon about his show but Zatara interrupted and teased his parents would love it then put up on his posters. Queen gasped and noted the city's three year olds must be ecstatic. He noted the time. Zatara teased, hoping the line to her show didn't block his theatre much. Queen retorted he hoped those who failed to get tickets to his sold out show could hear all her spells over the applause at his show. She wished him the best of luck. He gasped and reminded her wishing a thespian bad luck was the worst thing someone would do. Zatara corrected herself and wished him heaps of bad luck. Queen started vandalizing her posters and advertising for his show. He later noticed his posters were vandalized, saying his show was canceled because of bad acne. Queen readied his bow and fired arrows, armed with his show posters, at Zatara's. She responded with casting spells to change his posters to his. They chased each other around the halls trading shots. They didn't even notice it was 8:30 and they missed both of their own shows. Danvers was content with watching the "free show" and ate popcorn with Beecher and Gordon.

Students in the hail ran for it as Doris Zeul's stomach growls grew closer and closer. Garth Bernstein didn't heed the other students and was grabbed by Zeul. She held him upside down and shook his spare change out then stuffed him in his locker. She kicked the doors open to the cafeteria. The students inside bolted. Zeul eyed the Snack Shack vending machine and the last item in it was a Fudge Monster Caramel Crunch bar. She put in Bernstein's change but the bar kept getting stuck. She tried shaking the machine. Leslie Willis appeared behind Zeul and greeted her then teleported to the side of the machine. She zapped the machine and the bar finally dropped down. They both reached for it and staked their claim on it. Both of their stomachs growled. Willis laughed then zapped Zeul. Zeul shoved her into a table. She zapped Zeul again while she reached in then reappeared atop the machine. Zeul challenged her to come down and fight. Willis blasted her then came down.

Zeul had enough and transformed into Giganta, grabbed Willis, and threw her into a wall before she could make fun of her hair. Willis teleported to turn herself around and transformed into Livewire. They charged and leaped at each other. While the two fought, Selina Kyle walked past then doubled back and peeked inside. She went to the vending machine, saw the bar, ate it, and left without being noticed. Giganta and Livewire soon got tired and agreed to split the bar. They saw an empty wrapper on the ground. Both of their stomachs growled again. Livewire accused her of eating it and playing a joke by asking them to split it. Giganta denied it. They got angry and fought each other some more. Kyle walked past the cafeteria outside, licking her fingers. Jimmy Olsen walked to the Daily Planetoid office and overheard Lois Lane telling herself she needed a big scoop. He tried to silently back out and close the door but it creaked. Lane ordered him inside and assigned him to get her photographs of superheroes.

Lane looked over past editions like the lunch lady resigning because she said something unsavory, Jessica Cruz protesting frog dissection in a Biology class, and Karen Beecher winning the state robotics meet. Lane tossed him the camera. He juggled it around but finally caught it and saluted her. Olsen took a picture of a flyer's silhouette barely in focus. Lois Lane told him it wasn't news and sent him back outside. She crumpled the photo into a wad and threw it over her shoulder, hitting Olsen's head. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo of a battle of Zatanna but he was teleported back to the photo lab. Olsen handed Lois Lane a photo of Aqualad riding two dolphins like skis. She told him she wanted superheroes, not cosplay. Olsen was devastated with his lack of success. He returned to Lois Lane with all the photos he took. She rejected all except one to his surprise as he made his way to the exit. She told him it was a gem and ordered him to go down to the presses and tell them they had a new front page. She assured him they were gonna be something real special and people would remember their names. In the hall, he looked at the photo and realized he accidentally took a selfie with the Super Hero Girls posing for him as they fought Starro.

Barbara Gordon had a hard time getting through her History test on September 19. Mr. Chapin frequently looked up from his desk at her as she talked to herself. Gordon couldn't figure out if the answer was E or A or B or D. She scribbled drawings all over her test. She got a group text from Beecher about Starro on the rampage. Mr. Chapin took her phone away and put it in his desk drawer. An explosion was set off elsewhere in the city. Gordon frantically called on Chapin and asked to go to the bathroom. Chapin pointed to the notice to be quiet on the chalkboard. She starting coughing, pretending the Black Plague returned, and asked to see the nurse. He ignored her. She noticed Beecher standing near the doorway mouthing and gesturing to her. She changed into Bumblebee, shrank, and flew to the battle. Gordon slyly put on her backpack and crawled to the front. She accidentally knocked over Chapin's waste bin. She continued to the door but walked right into Chapin's legs.

Gordon tried to play it cool like she was sharpening her pencil. Instead, she sharpened her pen and it splattered all over Chapin's shirt. He gave her a pen and ordered her back to her desk. There was another explosion. Supergirl and Green Lantern flew towards it. Gordon wheezed then noticed the window was slightly open. She tried to push it up but struggled. She propped it up with a Batarang but it failed and the window fell and crushed her hands. Chapin looked up but Gordon was already seated but with a weird grin. She then saw a hole in the ceiling and fired a grapnel. Her activity caused dust to drop down. Chapin brushed it off his desk but looked up the second time. Gordon and the ceiling fell on him. She ran back to her desk before he stood up and realized it was her doing. He pulled the tile over his head and threw it aside. A red headed girl turned her test in and was elated she got a B plus which prompted Gordon to choose the simple solution. She randomly chose answers to finish her test and ran to the front. Chapin congratulated her on outdoing herself. She got a F minus. To his bewilderment, she was happy. She ran off, changed into Batgirl, and joined the battle. There was another explosion and she was launched into the window of the history room then she slid down.

Kara Danvers served detention in the school library. She feel asleep as the librarian explained she was going to help sort out books. She yelled at Danvers to wake her then emphasized being methodical and precise. She directed Danvers to piles of books nearby then stated she would be back to check on her. Danvers saw books going to the ceiling. Danvers tried to use her super powers but the librarian was always nearby. To Danvers' dismay, she got a text from Carter Hall about a surprise concert at the Lazarus Pit featuring Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows. She texted him back she was in detention but would try to get there as soon as possible. The librarian pointed to a sign about keeping cell phones on silent. She tried to use super speed but stopped once she spotted the librarian. As she put them on shelves, Danvers noticed books dropping to the floor. She used x-ray vision and saw Harleen Quinzel carelessly tossing books around. She observed through a gap in a shelf. Quinzel finally found a book with pictures.

Danvers used super breath and buried Quinzel under a pile of books. The librarian saw the pile and ordered Danvers to sort it. Hall sent another text and stated the concert was awesome. Danvers had no idea where all the returned books were coming from. She braced herself and started shelving them like a normal person. For the last book, she levitated to put it back but she saw piles of returned books. Barry Allen was using his super speed to borrow and return tons of books. The piles became bigger and bigger. Hall sent her a text saying she missed the best concert. Danvers dropped to her knees in anguish. Barbara Gordon was hit during a game of dodge ball and dramatically fell to the floor. Karen Beecher cradled her. She apologized to Diana Prince. Prince told her she fought well like a brave warrior and told her to rest. Gordon thanked her. Prince addressed her opponents Doris Zeul, Leslie Willis, Selina Kyle, and Barbi Minerva with a passionate speech about spirit, sacrifice, and determination. However, she dropped her ball on her side of the court.

Prince was bewildered by the strange rules of dodge ball and walked off the court. The P.E. teacher yelled at Gordon to get off the floor. Beecher's other two teammates were hit as soon as they said words of encouragement to Beecher. Now alone, Beecher began to lose any remaining confidence. Prince tried to cheer her on. Willis went first. Prince yelled at Beecher to duck. She did and avoided getting hit. Kyle went next since she had better things to do. Beecher lunged away from the ball. Barbi Minverva went next with an elaborate throw but it failed to hit Beecher. She called it her "dub dodge." Beecher dodged the rest of their throws. Doris Zeul was ready to step up and end the game. Prince advised Beecher to face her fear head on. Beecher stood her ground and somehow, Zeul's ball launched off Beecher's face and took down all four of them like a pinball game. The teacher guessed Beecher won. Prince rushed over and hugged Beecher. Beecher was proud she "faced" it. Prince stated that was not what she meant but congratulated her anyway.

Barry Allen thought he was going to go to school early for once but he kept remembering things he forgot to do. He raced back and forth over and over. He finally made it to class and apologized to Mr. Lambert for being late. He realized he was alone with a janitor. The janitor asked him why he came to school on a Saturday. In science class, Beecher and Danvers were assigned an egg to teach them responsibility and attentiveness. All they had to do was bring the egg back the next day uncracked and they would get an A. If it was broken, they failed. Beecher named it "Karen Jr." and drew eyes and a smile on it. Danvers returned to Metropolis High a wreck. Her hair was ruined and there were feathers all over her. Beecher stated she was texting her for hours and asked if Karen Jr. was okay. Danvers put the egg down. It had no damage. Beecher was relieved and asked how it was. Danvers remarked she could really go for an omelet.

Zee Zatara found Karen Beecher in the gym watching a basketball game. Beecher noticed Zatara looked sick but she denied it. She sneezed and the top of a hoop turned into a portal. Beecher asked her if she was sure about that. Zatara claimed she totally was. She sneezed again. The student in the Hamster mascot was turned into a monster. He chased after a girl. Zatara brushed it off as weird then sneezed again. Two girls were turned into chickens. Beecher was about to say something but Zatara still denied she was sick. Some time later, Zatara checked her face on her locker mirror. She saw several dots on her tongue. She closed her locker. Danvers passed by and realized she was sick and joked she thought she saw a ghost. Zatara was not amused and denied it but sneezed. Danvers was suddenly gone. Zatara found that rude. The Hamster mascot continued chasing the girl through the halls. At the end of science class, Mr. Chapin concluded his Biology 101 lecture by asking the students what a virus was. No one raised their hand.

Chapin called on Zatara, who was sleeping on her desk. She sat up and blew her nose on her handkerchief first before answering. Chapin's pants disappeared and the whole class saw his Batman boxers. Chapin dismissed the class. Zatara walked out in disbelief everyone thought she was sick. Outside science class, Butch was bullying a boy for his money as usual. The boy pleaded to be spared. Zatara sneezed and Butch found himself holding a raw steak and a large bulldog. Zatara went to the library and continued sneezing. A book bit a girl. During lunch, she sneezed and tentacles erupted out of a pot and grabbed a boy. It slammed him around then pulled him into the pot. In another class, Zatara sneezed amid Garth Bernstein's show and tell of his goldfish. Bernstein was jammed into the fish bowl. She sneezed again. A boy chomped on a shoe instead of his sandwich. Bats, explosions and a giant lizard littered the halls. Zee Zatara finally admitted she was a little under the weather. She turned into Zatanna and cast a spell to turn things back to normal. Danvers, stuck as a chicken, asked her to take some cough medicine and stay at home the next time she got sick.

The girls ate lunch until Gordon picked up a museum heist on her police scanner app. Cruz advised them to hurry since there wasn't much time left in their lunch period. After recovering the diamond stolen by Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman, Green Lantern attached wings to it and sent it back to the museum while they rushed back to school. They bumped into Selina Kyle, Pamela Isley, and Harleen Quinzel as they headed inside. Beecher realized were were just in time and they were going to make it to Algebra class. Quinzel wasn't as relieved. Gordon didn't understand since she loved Algebra. Quinzel retorted she would. On a Monday, the Super Hero Girls rushed back to school after a fight with Giganta. Zee Zatara stopped them and fixed them up, refusing to let them look like hot messes. Mr. Chapin came on the loudspeaker and told everyone to report to the auditorium for a special announcement. He revealed the annual science fair was going to have a guest judge from Project Cadmus, Dr. Penelope Sieve.

Dr. Sieve revealed the winner would receive a summer internship with Cadmus and a year of unlimited goodies from Sweet Justice. Karen Beecher inquired what the parameters were. Dr. Sieve revealed the one rule they had at Cadmus was to take risks or it wasn't worth doing. Beecher and Barbara Gordon agreed. Zatara asked if participating in the science fair was required. Chapin revealed all the teachers in the science department agreed to make the fair worth 80 percent of each student's final grade, no matter which science class they were enrolled in. The next day, Zee Zatara met up with Cruz on the school's roof. Cruz unveiled solar panels infused with some Oan energy. They got to work installing them with magic and a wrench construct. Just as Cruz talked about finding the right spot to get plenty of sunlight throughout the day, dark clouds eclipsed the Sun even though the forecast didn't predict it. Zatara refused to give up. She cast a spell to shine to but the clouds only sparkled. Cruz turned into Green Lantern and made a giant Asian-styled fan to blow the clouds away but it didn't work either.

The Super Hero Girls regrouped on the roof of Super Hero High. Wonder Woman tried using her Lasso to generate centrifugal force and disperse the cloud but she only created a small opening after being carried away. Supergirl tried to use her super breath, Batgirl tried to use her modified hair dryer invention, and Green Lantern tried a fan construct but they all failed. Zatanna wasn't ready to give up and asked Bumblebee to tell her about clouds. Bumblebee recalled clouds could be dissipated with an increase of temperature, air sinking within the cloud, and mixing the clouds with drier air. Zatanna got an idea to combine science and magic to get rid of the cloud. She left with Bumblebee and returned later with modified silica gel. Zatanna cast a spell to lift the gel balls into the cloud then got it to disappear once and for all. Out to prove she was innocent, Zatanna cast a spell to track the trail of the person who followed her. Back at Metropolis High, she didn't notice anything at first but realized one of Cruz' solar panels was missing.

Zatanna returned after all the arrows on her map pointed back to the school. It led her to the storage room which happened to be the temporary office of Dr. Sieve. The door was locked so she cast the spell to "unlock the truth." She found all the stolen projects inside and took photos. Even Beecher's new model was present. Sieve entered and told her how she was a great help in leading her to students with the most advanced projects but she wouldn't be around long enough to find out what was going on. Zatara realized she stole everything. Sieve already had her cover story and told her she was making a few improvements to some interesting projects she was working on for months and thought it was sweet her work inspired the students at Metropolis High. She pointed out it was her word, that of a world-renowned scientist, versus high school students if she let her go. Sieve's version of Sparrow, Sieve-bot, entered the room and an arm extended out of its chest and took Zatara's phone away. It pinned her with a nest trap then electrified it.

Zatara vowed she wouldn't get away with it. Sieve remarked she got away with "it" for her entire career and didn't intend to ever stop. Zatara remembered her story. Sieve explained she learned the easiest way to get ahead was to let others do the dangerous work then take the credit for it. Zatara couldn't believe she trusted her. Sieve told her the lesson was to never trust anyone. Sieve had her Sieve-bot take away Zee Zatara's phone, trap her under a nest construct, electrify it, and keep guard until she figured out what to do with her. Zatanna cast a spell to levitate the trap away, bind Sieve-bot's legs, and take her phone back. After the other Super Hero Girls arrived, Sieve-bot launched more nest traps. Zatanna warned Batgirl it wasn't Sparrow. Green Lantern made a giant sparrow construct that carried Sieve-bot up into the air. Batgirl removed her microchip and it powered down. Sieve returned in an armored super suit and found the six Super Hero Girls in her lab.

As Wonder Woman apologized to Zatanna, Sieve retorted she was going to be more than sorry. Green Lantern advised her to return the experiments to their rightful owners and no one had to get hurt. Supergirl knew someone was getting hurt. Sieve took out a beaker and threw it at the girls. It exploded. Supergirl blew out the fire while Wonder Woman deflected another beaker. Bumblebee fired her stingers at Sieve. Sieve dodged them and chased after her. Zatanna grabbed her arm and applied centrifugal force. Sieve was tossed onto the honeycomb model. Zatanna had Supergirl apply some wind power to make the honey even stickier. Batgirl informed everyone the police were coming. Zatanna mused they better take the projects back to their rightful owners before the science fair started. Green Lantern wondered who the new judge would be. Bumblebee wondered if the Cadmus internship was still going to be offered. Zatanna pointed out the real prize was all the science they learned along the way. Supergirl joked and asked who she was.

Zee Zatara arrived at the science fair with her project about cloud evaporation. Karen Beecher and Barbara Gordon greeted her. Zatara noticed Barry Allen's project "The Effects of Slow Cooking on Nutritional Content" and admitted she had no idea he was into cooking. Allen, in turn, revealed he thought the slow part would be the challenge. She greeted Cruz but she was too busy reading Hal Jordan the riot act for making a presentation about his sports trophies. She looked at the Previous Winners Gallery. There was one about wildfires, there was one about "The Preservation of Ancient Artifacts in Controlled Temperator Environments" by Barbara Ann Minerva, "Instant Concrete Repair Adhesive for After Super Battle," and a Rube Goldberg Machine updated by Lex Luthor. Zatara and Luthor traded insults. Zatara was about to cast a spell to make him bite his tongue but Beecher interrupted and offered to help her set up. Gordon was excited about Sparrow winning based on Dr. Sieve copying her work. While setting up between Beecher and Gordon, Zatara noticed another Sparrow.

Gordon stated she didn't make another and realized Sieve built not just one but an army of Sieve-bots, and they all came online. The robots attacked everyone and ruined many displays. Zatara spotted the janitor's closet and changed inside with Gordon and Beecher. Batgirl was infuriated to be captured in a nest of her own design. Supergirl and Wonder Woman joined them. Zatanna cast a spell and Sparrow helped Batgirl out. Supergirl mistook it for a Sieve-bot but Green Lantern made a pillow construct just in time. Batgirl got an idea and ordered Sparrow to sing. It worked and the Sieve-bots became confused and stopped. The girls removed each robot's microchip and saved the fair. Compelled to avoid a breach of science funding, Mr. Chapin continued with the fair and awarded Zee Zatara with first prize and the internship then mentioned Project Cadmus was very interested in purchasing her patent. Zatara deferred the prize to Beecher. Chapin didn't care as long as the funding remained with the school and he could pay a janitor to clean the gym up. Zatara told Beecher she built the project and she would enjoy the internship more than she would. She concluded science was like being part of a super hero team, when you combine the right elements, it's magic. Giganta suddenly slammed the doors open and screamed Zatanna's name. Zatara quipped magic wasn't always an exact science.

Zee Zatara revealed the theme of Metropolis High's latest school dance was "Enchanted Evening." She announced to the girls inside the entrance with a large book display. Danvers was horrified, Beecher was scared but Cruz promised they would get through it together, Gordon was excited, and Prince had no idea what was going on. Zatara explained it was the beginning of her masterpiece, the best school dance theme ever created, as head of the decorating committee. Prince congratulated her despite not getting it. She speculated it was a traditional dance in preparation for a great battle. Danvers told her it was much worse that a battle. Prince thought she was alluding to a sacrifice. Cruz specified there would be no battle or sacrifice. Gordon chimed in that the point of a school dance was fun. Prince realized it was another typical teen custom. Gordon added it was the most teen custom of all customs. Prince was eager to learn all about it. Zatara believed the most important part was dressing up.

Danvers refused to wear a dress. Zatara refused to let her get out of the dance and promised to loan her a tuxedo. Danvers caved in but refused to wear any flowers. Beecher tried to explain the act of being asked to dance to Prince but she was roused and stated the honor should be bestowed upon them. She took Beecher outside and ordered Garth Bernstein to take her to the dance. Bernstein dropped his stack of water bottles in confusion. Prince was pleased then saw Steve Trevor outside campus. She told him he was escorting her to the dance. Trevor tried to tell her he didn't attend Metropolis High but she told him to procure transportation and she would be wearing blue. He didn't know what just happened. Beecher advised him to just go with it. Gordon convinced Zatara to make her the D.J. instead of Leslie Willis in part because she was working on a new gadget that was a combination music player, laser light machine, and popcorn maker. Zatara cautiously agreed but warned her everything had to be perfect.

On the night of the dance, Beecher and Bernstein were wallflowers, Zatara was putting her touch on every detail, Danvers scarfed down the meatballs, Cruz protested the presence of meatballs, Prince dipped Trevor on the dance floor, and Gordon proclaimed it was perfect. Zatara dressed Doris Zeul and her date with a top hat and boa, respectively, before they took their photo. Zatara promised they would thank her later. She made the meatballs and Cruz's sign vanish. She told them it was dance so they should be dancing. Danvers realized it was fun but started bumping classmates around. Prince reminded Zatara they all promised to abstain from using their powers at the dance. Zatara insisted it was to make sure it was the best dance and asked them if they were having fun. Trevor admitted he was. Prince fell into another one of her love trances. Zatara cast another spell and forced Beecher and Bernstein to stand and dance. They thought it was kinda nice. Gordon was about to start the slow dance but her gadget went on the fritz and zapped her away.

Livewire appeared and took over D.J. duties. Gordon protested but a bunch of popcorn was shot in her mouth. Livewire used a special frequency to force everyone to keep dancing non-stop. Bernstein tried to dance his way to the exit but Livewire warned she had enough electricity flowing through the windows and doors to knock out the entire football team. Bernstein was bummed. Beecher told him it was a good instinct then revealed she was going to dance over and see her friends. Prince asked Trevor to save the last dance and twirled him away. The girls danced to each other. Zatara pointed to the portrait for photo taking. They made their way behind it and changed into their alter egos. Batgirl was very excited to be in a dance battle. Supergirl bumped Livewire off the stage. Teens danced out of her way. She stood up and stated her preference for the electric slide then zapped Supergirl. Bumblebee was unable to stop dancing long enough to aim and shot her stingers all over. Green Lantern placed Bumblebee in a music box construct for her own protection.

Batgirl asked Zatanna to create a distraction. Zatanna reveled at stealing the spotlight. She danced over to Livewire and hit her with a drop kick. Batgirl searched for some plugs. Wonder Woman grabbed Livewire's wrists and fired all over the gym. Supergirl flew teenagers out of the way. Wonder Woman twirled Livewire away. Green Lantern formed a tire construct around Livewire's waist. Batgirl pulled the plug on her gadget, ending the dance. Wonder Woman was disappointed it wasn't a typical teen dance experience. Batgirl assured her it was. Supergirl proposed they get ice cream after they rolled Livewire to the precinct. Zatanna wondered how they would top it for prom.

The Fall Festival was in full swing on the football field of Metropolis High. Diana Prince and Doris Zeul competed in a pumpkin pie-eating contest sponsored by Sweet Justice. Barry Allen started the competition then realized he should have brought more pies. At the recipe contest, Barbara Gordon presented a pumpkin in a burrito. Karen Beecher told her she had the contest wrapped up. Jessica Cruz protested the artificial formation of corn into rows. Zee Zatara, Barbi Minerva, and Carol Ferris vied for Harvest Queen. Beecher cheered on Zatara. At the pumpkin weigh-off, Martha got a 40 pound pumpkin. Pamela Isley made her pumpkin grow bigger but Kara Danvers arrived on a tractor with a giant pumpkin she spent a year growing. Harley Quinn situated herself atop the bleachers and fired pumpkins with her bazooka. One hit Danvers' and blew it apart. She was disqualified then Isley. Beecher calculated the trajectory of the pumpkins and determined they were coming from left field. Danvers ran into a portable bathroom to change into Supergirl then vowed she would never do that again.

Beecher lost her necklace in a bale of hay. She made her way to the top of a stack of hay bales near an end zone and improvised a giant slingshot with the goal posts. Zatanna cast a spell and sabotaged Harley's bazooka. Harley sprayed pumpkin seeds at Wonder Woman and bounced away on spring loaded heels. Batgirl emerged from the corn field on her moped. Garth Bernstein was relieved to be free of the maze after he was lost in there for a few hours. Harley launched whipped cream on Batgirl and Bernstein. Harley hijacked the tractor and proclaimed she was the Harvest Queen. Beecher used her sling shot and fired a pumpkin. It nailed Harley in the gut and knocked her off. Supergirl hauled her away. Harley vowed to be back next year. A little later, the coach announced Zee Zatara was the Harvest Queen. Ferris demanded a recount. Zatara started her speech about how Harvest Queen represented the best of Metropolis High, was loyal, supportive, cared about her fellow students, and resourceful enough to use goal posts and science to defeat a villain. Zatara gave the honor to Beecher.

Jessica Cruz held a dog adoption fair on the track field at Metropolis High. Donations collected from the fair would go towards keeping the local animal shelter open. The other girls took time out to help out. Peanut, one of the dogs, went to the bathroom. Kara Danvers got a bio degradable bag. Zee Zatara cast a spell to teleport it away. Barry Allen stopped by and asked if there was a dog who could keep him company on his morning runs. Barbara Gordon had an idea and brought him Bolt, a dog who was retired after Cruz's protest shut down a racetrack. Doris Zeul chose a Chihuahua. Karen Beecher was surprised. Zeul clarified she loved small dogs but didn't like small people. After she left, Gordon joked she seemed fine with small brains. Hal Jordan asked if there was a dog around who was extremely good-looking and charismatic like him. Cruz believed there were some total dogs for a total dog. Jordan became scared and hid behind a dog after Carol Ferris arrived.

Ferris was too smitten with Princess Stella to be angry with Jordan and Cruz as she usually was. She claimed he was lucky she found something more adorable than him and asked for the adoption papers. Beecher asked Cruz what do with all the cats. Cruz was confused. There were suddenly cats everywhere annoying the dogs. Catwoman made her presence known. The girls went behind the bleachers to change into their super hero outfits. Green Lantern made a giant bone construct to lead dogs back into their pens. Bumblebee found a laser pointer, taped it to her body, and used it on the cats. Batgirl loved snuggling all the puppies. Lantern wasn't as enthused. All the cats ruined her hair. Wonder Woman used her Lasso of Truth to leash several dogs at once. Catwoman made her move for the donation jar and dashed across the bleachers. Zatanna cast a spell and the donation jar appeared to them. Princess Stella took a liking to Lantern, which only enraged Ferris. She changed into Star Sapphire then accused Lantern of stealing her puppy.

Lantern denied it and made a trampoline construct to block her attack. She tried to hand off Stella but she kept leaping back into Lantern's arms. Sapphire shouted no one could love her puppy like she did and no one would. Catwoman returned and stole the donation jar again then released the cats and dogs. Zatanna had enough and cast a spell to blast Sapphire's constructs. Wonder Woman tackled Catwoman. Bumblebee flew into the jar and flew away with it. Zatanna conjured a giant purse. Catwoman was trapped in it. Star Sapphire fired but Green Lantern created a giant tennis racket construct. They repelled the second wave of heart constructs back at Sapphire. Zatara cast a spell, Wonder Woman used her bracelets, Bumblebee used a mirror, and Supergirl used her super breath. Sapphire fell to the ground and cried out in pain. Princess Stella ran to her and licked her. Sapphire was elated that Stella really did love her. Green Lantern pointed out she was telling the truth and didn't want her puppy. Sapphire interpreted her saying she wasn't good enough but stood down, claiming it was time to take Princess Stella on a walk. She flew away with her. Green Lantern called the fair a success since at least one dog found a forever home. She even called Sapphire a hero for adopting but Supergirl told her not to get too carried away.

Zee Zatara woke up with a zit on her forehead. Rather than use magic to fix it, she dressed up in her magician costume and wore her top hat. At school, the other girls were curious why she wasn't in her school attire. Gordon wondered if there was a magic show that day. Danvers ran past Zatara in fear of being late again. Zatara's hat fell off and revealed the zit. Danvers was horrified. Cruz admonished her and told her to something nice to make her feel better. Danvers told her it was not that noticeable but she couldn't resist and made a pun with "insist" and "cyst." Everyone laughed. Zatara ran into the bathroom. Harleen Quinzel joked she was "Zit-tanna." Zatara resorted to magic and cast a spell to get rid of the zit. It worked but once she stepped outside, she realized everyone else got zits as a result. Zatara apologized but the zits started popping. She searched for somewhere quiet to cast a reversal spell. The school library was chosen. She sat in an aisle and started to cast but a librarian shushed her. She cast quietly and the spell sort of worked. Everyone's zits were gone but all their clothes bore a polka dot design and her zit was back. She claimed dots were the season's biggest trend.

Beecher was so fed up about being small and insignificant, she sequestered herself in the Metropolis High library and read up on physics. She got an idea to make one small adjustment to her tech so she could make herself grow larger in size. Diana Prince tried to convince her it was the size of her courage that mattered more. Kara Danvers wasn't convinced and pointed out Prince was a tall Amazon girl. Beecher finished her modification and tapped her wrist watch. Her books got knocked off her desk. After she got shushed by the librarian, Beecher realized she did not become large and made Prince, Danvers, Gordon, Zatara, and Cruz tiny. Beecher suited and up and flew back to her lab and ran diagnostic tests so she could reverse the process. The flapping of her suit's wings was powerful enough to knock the girls out the window into the football field. They encountered a ladybug, water sprinkler, and the football team. Prince got an idea and instructed everyone to climb onto the football. On her cue, they pulled up after it was thrown. They narrowly returned in time and Bumblebee was none the wiser. She successfully returned the girls back to their normal size but also turned herself so large he was as tall as the high school building.