Metropolis Gardens

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #LeagueOfShadows Part 2
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Metropolis Gardens is an arena and entertainment venue in Metropolis. It was the site of an Up Past 8 concert during their Breakin' Curfew tour. Karen Beechers suspected Kara Danvers stole her two tickets and followed her to the Gardens. Danvers shoved her way up the line to the box office and presented Beecher's tickets. In her shrunken state, Beecher observed as Danvers pushed more people aside and swatted drinks away. She then spooked a boy out of his seat in the front row and waited. Bumblebee thought Danvers saw her and hid but realized she was looking up at the sky box. Bumblebee checked and spotted Ra's Al Ghul, front man of the rock band League of Shadows. Ubu asked what the League was doing at an Up Past 8 concert. The League cheered as Ra's outlined his master plan to purify the planet of humanity and its many evils, including bad music. Bumblebee sneaked into their room and overheard Ra's discussing his plans and controlling Supergirl with a stone from outer space.

Bumblebee ran an analysis on the Demon's Fang around Danvers' neck and her suit's computer identified it as Red Kryptonite. One such thing it could do was make a person open to mind control. She called in everyone for help. Up Past 8 was tied up back stage by Bumblebee while Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Garth Bernstein took their place on the stage. Ra's used his pick to manipulate Supergirl but she was uppercut with a punch construct made by Jordan. She was met with resistance from the other Super Hero Girls as the performance went on. Wonder Woman nailed her with a jump kick. Green Lantern created a giant trampoline construct in front of the boys to dampen her aerial charge. She broke through and zoomed right past them. Zatanna fired energy discs at Supergirl before she could punch Wonder Woman. She used heat vision to destroy several but bright overhead lights were shone on her. Wonder Woman leaped down and drop kicked her. Supergirl dodged her punches, blocked a knee, and threw her into guitar cases.

A giant fan rose up behind the boys and was turned on by Batgirl while Green Lantern formed a parachute construct around Supergirl. She tried to fly back but Zatanna formed a portal to pull her in but Supergirl resisted so hard, the girls were pulled in instead and shot into the stage. As the fight went in Ra's' favor, Bumblebee realized the mind control song was stuck in Supergirl's head and they needed something to hit her right in the heart and feel something to break the trance. Jordan, Allen, and Bernstein belted out a love ballad. The girls embraced Supergirl all at once. The Red Kryptonite around her neck and Ra's' pick shattered. He was angered and stormed off in defeat while the League grooved to the song. The girls danced on stage as fireworks were set off into the sky.