Metropolis DMV

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #CrashCourse
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Diana Prince studied non-stop for her driver's license for two weeks then went to the Metropolis DMV with Karen Beecher. Prince told an employee she was "Diana, Princess of Themyscira" but Beecher covered her mouth and stated her name was "Diana Prince" and she was an exchange student from Greece. Prince started to go into an elaborate speech that her getting a license would be like a Creten Ibex summiting the Samarian Gorge. She was quickly handed a written test. Prince completed it then the eye exam. The employee passed her and instructed her to wait outside for the road test instructor. Prince and Beecher high fived. Beecher was confident she would pass the road test. They overheard Garth Bernstein's boating license application being rejected. Bernstein went into a tirade about being the heir to an underwater kingdom. Beecher asked him what he was doing then pulled him aside to accompany her on Prince's road test. Mr. Romero, the instructor, got in the front passenger seat.

Prince prayed to Helios for guidance then put the key in the ignition and somehow stalled the car, even though it was an automatic transmission. She started sweating a lot and recalled she had to allow the proper number of car lengths for braking distance. She braked way ahead of a family of ducks to cross. Romero advised her to practice normal traffic speeds. Beecher cheered her on. Harley Quinn, Livewire, and Catwoman zoomed past the DMV in a stolen red sports car. Prince couldn't ignore it and sped after them. Prince managed to pass and got her Class C Driver's License, #FK00135AZE. She asked Beecher where she would like to go. Beecher elected to catch the bus.