Metropolis Animal Shelter

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #RageCat and #ItsComplicated
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jessica Cruz volunteered at the Metropolis Animal Shelter and helped out on Adopt-a-Pet Day. The lead volunteer gathered everyone and announced they should try to beat last year's goal of three adoptions. Cruz stood up and suggested they should get all the pets adopted. Everyone stared blankly at her. One month old Mittens the kitten was given to Granny. Cruz switched Flooferson and Fluffington around and got them adopted. She got Garth Bernstein to adopt a fish. A cockatoo was adopted by a young man with a similar mohawk. A boy got four turtles of varying sizes. A rabbit, a snake, and a ferret also got adopted. During clean up, the lead admitted he thought she had a real gift for pairing animals with families. Cruz believed there was a perfect owner for every pet and it was up to them to find them. Cruz put a carrier away but some lights switched on. She noticed there was one animal left but there was caution tape all over his cage and "No!" written on his file many times. The animal's name was Dexter.

The other volunteers told her to back away if she knew what was good for her. One girl admitted she thought Dexter was sweet until the day she fed him dry cat food. She lowered a sleeve and revealed scratch marks all over her arm. The lead revealed he called him "Dexy" once and got his stomach all scratched up. Another girl brought up the time Monica touched his tail. Monica, an incoherent mess, repeated "Here kitty, kitty" and meowed. Cruz chuckled and pointed out he was just a cat. The lead clarified he was a bad cat and it was almost his "time" anyway. Cruz refused to leave it alone and tried to get him adopted. A mother and son came by. The boy made the mistake of grabbing Dexter's tail. He went into a frenzy. They ran off. Dexter dragged Cruz as he ran around destroying carriers and signs. She finally lost her grip on his leash. He charged at her. The lead suddenly landed in front of her and wrapped Dexter in a blanket. He stated no one on Earth was going to adopt him. Cruz was still determined.

Hal Jordan went to the Metropolis Animal Shelter to vent his frustrations about Carol Ferris and her new boyfriend while Jessica Cruz did her volunteer work. Jordan considered Thaal Sinclair was possibly more romantic than him. Cruz paired a cute dog with a girl. Cruz stated she didn't want anything to do with him and Ferris and their stupid drama. Jordan pondered and agreed with her, he should change who he was to win her back. He thanked Cruz for being a real pal and ran off. Cruz groaned.