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Appearances (Comics): Teenage Crisis, Weird Science (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, and Chapter 12), Giant #1 (Panicked at the Disco and Fall Festival), Giant #2 (Gone to the Dogs), and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained and Honey, I Shrunk My Friends)
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Metropolis is a major American city. It is the headquarters of the international corporation Lexcorp and home to Superman. In recent months, it became clear that despite having the likes of Superman around to look out for the city's citizens, Metropolis still needed further super help. On the morning of the first day of school at Metropolis High School, a giant green monster attacked Midtown. A mysterious woman, later dubbed Wonder Woman, saved the day and defeated the monster. She was later picked up by a truant officer and assumed to be cutting classes. Barbara Gordon convinced Jessica Cruz, Zee Zatara, Karen Beecher, and Kara Danvers to form a super hero team with Wonder Woman. The girls took Wonder Woman to a department store to work on her alter ego's wardrobe. She asked by the white beard of Zeus what the place was. Gordon stated normal teenager lesson number one was to never say stuff like "By the white beard of Zeus" then moved to lesson two, look the part.

Gordon suggested bright colors and big logos, then stuffed a pink sweater over her. Danvers gave her a stack of leather. Gordon moved to lesson three, your phone is your life. Cruz disagreed with leather and gave her clothes all made with organic cotton from Turkey. Beecher suggested dressing to not draw attention to herself. Wonder Woman went to the dressing room and was in over her head. Gordon declared it was time to accessorize. Zee Zatara tripped Gordon and asked if they were finished tormenting Wonder Woman. Zatara cast a spell and dressed Wonder Woman in geek chic, then presented her as Diana Prince, foreign exchange student from Greece. Before Wonder Woman started training them, she took them to a roof and asked them to list their name, rank, and skills. She assessed their weaknesses, too. Lastly, she concluded Danvers lacked proper motivation. She threw Batgirl off the roof. As Wonder Woman surmised, Danvers quickly flew after Batgirl, caught her, and returned.

Wonder Woman took the team to a junkyard and set up mannequins as substitutes for citizens in peril. All they had to do was save them in time. Several were compacted into cubes, one was chewed on by a bulldog, and several were blown up by Bat Grenades. For normal teenager lesson number four "pop culture," Gordon took Diana Prince to a comic book store. Zee Zatara was skeptical. Gordon fawned over a super-rare Batman giant super-special with a limited edition pull-out Batman poster. She declared she would kill for it. Prince misunderstood and scolded her. Cruz tried to explain a figure of speech. Prince tried one with a burrito stand but told the owner she would kill him for a burrito. He ran away as she demanded he accept her payment or he would die. Star Nails was chosen by Zee Zatara for Wonder Woman's "normal teenager lesson number 26." Zatara claimed it was important for a normal teenage girl to pamper and take care of herself. Prince, however, didn't understand the concept of relaxing and resisted the efforts of the Star Nails staff.

Prince inquired if toe nails were the point of focus in the world of man. Zatara took a cucumber off her eye and confirmed. One of the workers noticed Wonder Woman had enormous calluses and readied a grinder. Wonder Woman mistook it as a weapon and chased the staff around with the Lasso of Truth. For lesson 86, they watched "Just Before Dusk" at a theater. She had no idea what was happening and found teenage boys confusing. The girls agreed. Gordon refused to give up and got an idea on how to loosen Prince up. They went to the Metropolis Pier's carnival. They played Skee-Ball, ate pizza, rode a merry-go-round, rode a roller coaster, danced to a live musician, and piled into a photo booth for many pictures. At Lexcorp headquarters, Lena Luthor hacked the city's Demo-Bots and set them to destroy everywhere popular with teenagers. To cap the night, they went to an ice cream parlor named Sweet Justice. Prince was enamoured with ice cream and ate everyone's orders. She declared they had to celebrate every future victory at Sweet Justice.

Demo-Bots entered Sweet Justice and announced it was categorized for immediate destruction and by the order of the city of Metropolis, anyone inside had 30 seconds to comply and vacate before structural removal started. Danvers and Zatara were unsure of what to do. Cruz didn't understand why the robots were intent on tearing the parlor down when the owners never gave the city permission to do so. A little boy wearing Lexcorp VR Glasses was unaware of what was happening and sat in a booth. Once a Demo-Bot charged towards the booth, Wonder Woman shoved it and declared their mission was to protect the innocent. Supergirl agreed and tossed another. Batgirl swung in and kicked one through a wall. Supergirl punched one into another. Zatanna zapped one with a magic blast. As a Demo-Bot endangered two teenagers, Supergirl went ahead of Wonder Woman's orders and attacked. The Demo-Bot was launched in the air towards the teens. Green Lantern made a trampoline construct but it bounced into a support beam and the roof started to collapse.

Bumblebee was too scared to try short circuiting the robots. Wonder Woman snapped two buzz saw arms of one and attacked the rest but she was accidentally hit by Zatanna's beam and crashed into Supergirl. Green Lantern shoveled the rest of the civilians outside. While the girls bickered, Batgirl dug a logo out of the rubble and realized the Demo-Bots were Lexcorp property. She immediately suspected Lex Luthor. The girls were skeptical then disbanded. To make matters worse, Hippolyta, Diana's mother, and the Amazons arrived to take Wonder Woman back to Themyscira because she left without permission. Completely crestfallen, Batgirl changed and called her dad for a ride back home. Later in the night, she got an unexpected call from her best friend Harleen Quinzel. Quinzel missed her and hated they were apart then admitted she would try harder to keep her in Gotham if she got a second chance because best friends were worth fighting for. Emboldened by the admission, Gordon suited up and drove around the city going door to door to try to convince everyone to get the team back together.

Batgirl got another idea. She triggered an alarm on everyone's phones to get them to listen to her or the alarm would keep ringing. She informed them of Wonder Woman's plight and pleaded with them to help save her because best friends were worth fighting for. Danvers asked her to report what she said because she cut out. The girls sneaked aboard the Amazonian ship but were quickly caught. They pleaded with Wonder Woman to be their leader again. Supergirl reminded her of the time she said she could be the greatest hero the world of man ever knew. Supergirl admitted that wasn't going to be herself, it was going to be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman smiled and stood up to her mother, declaring Amazon law confirmed she was a woman and free to chooose who she wanted to be. The team was reunited and flew back to Metropolis on a carpet construct. Batgirl declared to Wonder Woman that disobeying her mother was lesson 218 and she was officially a teenager (and they were a team again). As they made landfall, they sighted the Demo-Bots approaching the Metropolis Pier.

They met Lena Luthor, the true mastermind behind several businesses being destroyed. She told them her plan was to trap ever teenager in the VR world of Lexcorp's VR Glasses then children would rule the city. They found it rather dumb. They declared their friendship would never be destroyed. The robots were too large in number for the six heroes to stop. Wonder Woman suggested they take out the general to defeat the army and they came up with a plan to short out the mainframe of the warsuit used by Lena Luthor. Supergirl got an idea to use a guitar and amp to short out Luthor's warsuit. Bumblebee connected the motherboard and cable to the suit's CPU while Batgirl rigged the amp to go past its maximum of 10. Zatanna, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl distracted Luthor while Bumblebee flew into the suit and Green Lantern got Batgirl past the Demo-Bots. With the amp hooked up, Batgirl turned it to 11 and threw the guitar to Supergirl. As soon as the suit went offline, so did all the Demo-Bots.

The Lexcorp VR Glasses went offline, too, and teenagers all over Metropolis abandoned them and went to watch movies at home. Lena Luthor cried no fair. Lex Luthor arrived with their parents. She was tossed into the backseat of the family car where she threw a tantrum. Lex and Lena Luthor exchanged raspberries. Lex Luthor watched silently as the crowds cheered on the Super Hero Girls then walked away. Lexcorp Construction Services went to work rebuiling all the destroyed properties. Three months later, Sweet Justice held their grand re-opening. Cruz was relieved everything was back to normal. Gordon introduced the team to their underground headquarters under the parlor. Kara Danvers ignored Zee Zatara's rule about keeping her two magical rabbits apart. Just from making contact with each other, a multitude of babies appeared out of thin air exponentially. They soon flooded out of Danvers' bedroom into the city past Matt's Vegan Cafe, a pet shop that decided to cancel its $75 price for adopting a rabbit, and filled up a cinema screening of "The Revenge of the Carrots."

Supergirl blocked their access to a bridge and prevented their spread to Midtown but the wave of rabbits were diverted to Pelham Park where Zee Zatara happened to be performing her magic show. Under the guise of a planned magic act, Supergirl and Zatanna threw all the rabbits into the portal in the latter's hat. However, another wave flooded the park and carried Supergirl, Zatanna, Tommy, and his friends into the city. Zatanna was upset Supergirl broke the one rule that mattered and got even more annoyed when she learned Supergirl renamed them Merlin and Harry Houdini. She changed into her hero costume and cast a hate spell to drive her rabbits apart. She worded it incorrectly and the baby rabbits combined into a giant monster. Supergirl was unable to land a blow because the monster could recede its "skin" and Supergirl would fly right through the temporary hole then it reformed the hole. It grabbed Supergirl and threw her into its mouth. Supergirl found Zatanna's rabbits and flew out of the monster's chest. With reservations, she pulled them apart and the monster vanished. The citizens witnessing the incident cheered.

The city was rocked by a series of monster invasions. Shaggy Man, large hairy monster, ripped the transmission tower off a roof and started chomping on it. Before the Super Hero Girls could finish conferring on a strategy to flank it, Supergirl flew off on her own and punched the monster out of the city. A giant robot stomped the streets with its palms lit up. Wonder Woman anticipated it was capable of great surges of electrical attacks but Supergirl again flew off on her own and punched it out of the city. In another instance, the girls simply waited on the roof in boredom while Supergirl dealt with the monster.

Starro rampaged through the city. The Super Hero Girls responded and tried to restrain it by grabbing each appendage. Wonder Woman announced its days of terror were over and revealed Bumblebee went on a long and perilous quest to locate the Hatorei Crystals, objects capable of sending it back to its dimension of origin. She was interrupted by the ringing of Batgirl's cell phone. Batgirl saw it was Harleen Quinzel and casually hopped off the street light she was perched on and walked away. Starro chased after the other girls. Quinzel told Gordon to guess where she was. Gordon guessed the Gotham Zoo then Gotham Comics but settled on Gotham Zoo. Quinzel revealed she was moving to Metropolis. Supergirl attempted to crawl away but Starro pounded her into the street then dragged her back. Green Lantern tried to pull Zatanna free of Starro but all three were propelled backwards like a rubber band. The girls traded blasts with it and were barely able to send Starro to another dimension with the crystals. Their surroundings were in shambles.

Batgirl was relieved they won. The others disagreed and all wearily confirmed they got beaten over and over. Batgirl shared her "good news" with them. A building toppled over. The girls took Harleen Quinzel on a tour of the city, mostly out of respect for Gordon. They headed to the Metropolis Subway. Quinzel jumped the turnstile. Prince groaned and put in an extra coin for her. Cruz fed pigeons at a park but Quinzel ran through and scared them off. Danvers tried to win a chicken arcade game but Quinzel kept popping up and asking annoying questions which led to a game over. Danvers angrily ripped out the joystick. Zatara took Quinzel to Sweet Justice for cupcakes but lost her appetite. Beecher took Quinzel to a showing of Just Before Dusk but the latter blurted out a bunch of spoilers. Quinzel continued jumping the turnstile until Prince ran out of coins. Quinzel advised her to manage her finances better. Prince turned red-faced and grumbled. After Gordon realized the others didn't like hanging out with Quinzel, she stormed off.

Some time later, Gordon and Quinzel went to a comic book store. Quinzel found a Space Joker vs. Caveman Batman one shot variant cover but Gordon was overcome with sadness. She thought the comic wasn't mint and threw a fit then threw the comic. Gordon told her about the spat with the others then declared it would be them against the world like in Gotham. Quinzel was fine with that but also suggested going on a nice drive in the country with some nice girls she met. Selina Kyle drove while Doris Zeul knocked mail boxes off their stands with a baseball bat. The others laughed from the back seat. Gordon was very uneasy with what was going on and asked if the plan was to replace them with nicer, better mailboxes. Isley stated they were being destroyed because they were wooden stumps of death that people stuffed full of other dead trees. Kyle asserted it was fun. She swerved and drove through another mail box. Gordon abruptly yelled out to stop the car. She made up an excuse that she had to write a book for the library and crawled outside then pulled Quinzel out.

Gordon decided to call her father to take them to the movies but to her surprise, Quinzel opted to stay with the others and promised they would catch up the next day. The bat was given to Quinzel next but she had another idea. She blew up a post office. Kyle proposed something even more fun. They all revealed their criminal alter egos. Quinzel, in return, revealed she was Harley Quinn. They went on a crime spree. After they broke into a jewelry store, Livewire blasted a security camera and Poison Ivy wrapped up the two guards. Giganta opened the vault. Quinn destroyed several glass cases with her mallet. Star Sapphire made a purse construct for all the stolen loot. They stole a car from Metropolis Auto Town. Giganta removed the roof and Livewire jump started it with her own power. They plowed through everything from poles, mail bins, trash cans, and other cars. They broke into a museum and destroyed numerous items on display like smashing a bust of George Washington, slashing paintings, knocking vases off pedestals, and vandalizing. Star Sapphire signed off as "Mrs. Star Sapphire Jordan." To her shock, Quinn set off a giant bomb atop an Atlas statue.

Giganta, Livewire, Star Sapphire, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy ate at a high class restaurant and went over what was different in Gotham like soda, water fountains, and fireflies. Once they were done, Harley flipped the table and the girls attacked everyone inside. Clad in jewelry, the drove off laughing. They eventually caught the attention of the Super Hero Girls just as they planned. The two teams charged each other. Supergirl punched Giganta through a building. Zatanna and Livewire fired at each other. Bumblebee navigated Poison Ivy's vines. Star Sapphire blasted heart constructs at Green Lantern who swatted them away with a racket construct. Catwoman flicked her nails at Wonder Woman who used her bracelets to deflect them. She thought they were evenly matched. Wonder Woman disagreed but Harley whacked her from behind. Giganta was launched into a bus. Supergirl fired off her heat vision but Harley popped up in front of Giganta and deflected the heat vision with a mirror. She joked she gave her something to reflect on. Giganta didn't catch on.

Bumblebee got a lock on Ivy but Harley whacked her with a fly swatter. Zatanna and Green Lantern were back to back using shields to defend against Sapphire and Livewire. Harley planted a bomb near them. Supergirl and Giganta were locked in combat. Zatanna and Livewire were at a stalemate as well. Ivy and Bumblebee, too. Catwoman was thrown into a wall. Wonder Woman momentarily looked away, giving Catwoman an opening to steal the Lasso of Truth. She threw it to Harley Quinn. Harley lassoed the Super Hero Girls and was given the honor of finishing them off. Harley cocked and raised her mallet but her cell phone went off. It was Gordon. Harley took the call and walked away. Catwoman was flummoxed and dropped the rope. The Super Hero Girls rallied back. At 8:25 pm, the fight raged on. Livewire blasted at Wonder Woman. Harley tried to attack but Batgirl threw out a Batrope and scraped one of her wrists. Harley was annoyed to see Batgirl and fired an RPG from her mallet. The explosion launched Batgirl back and she suffered a scrape on her shoulder. They charged each other but all of a sudden, they were surrounded by police cars.

Catwoman ordered a retreat. Harley refused. Giganta grabbed her head and used a seat belt to tie her up then carried the others away in the stolen car. Harley vowed things would be worse than it was in Gotham. Batgirl apologized to everyone and wanted to prove it with the Lasso of Truth. Wonder Woman stopped her and apologized on everyone's behalf, too. Green Lantern wanted everyone to promise no more splitting up, especially with Catwoman and her crew on the loose. Supergirl agreed. Batgirl declared they were SBFFs again. Zatanna told Supergirl she meant "Super Best Friends Forever." The next day, Gordon and Quinzel hung out in the comic book store. Quinzel found Issue #6 of the Gotham Crow limited series. Gordon asked her about her bandaged wrist. Quinzel told her she burnt it on her hair dryer cord. Quinzel asked Gordon about the bandage on her shoulder. Gordon claimed it was a hair dryer, too. They pondered the excuses then Quinzel saw a new Joker vs. Batman imprint. They read it together. Quinzel complained about Batman being in the first panel and unshaven. She wondered why he wasn't presentable like the Joker. Gordon countered it was to show how committed he was to the city.

Karen Beecher got left behind after she couldn't make it on the S.S. Tardy ferry so she had to take the bridge into the city for her piano lessons. The villain girls did a coin toss to see who would take the lead on the night's big crime. Harley Quinn won. Beecher arrived on the bridge at the same time as the villains did. Harley Quinn wanted to blow the bridge up so Metropolis High's teachers would be stuck in traffic the next morning and she wouldn't have to take Mr. Johnson's math test. Beecher suited up and flew off in search of Wonder Woman. After Diana Prince failed to use her phone properly, Bumblebee went to the Lazarus Pit in search of Kara Danvers but a mosh pit carried her back outside. Gordon was working a shift at the Burrito Bucket. Cruz was too busy protesting Burrito Bucket outside. Bumblebee flew to Zee Zatara's penthouse and was able to blurt out the details. Zatara agreed to help but wanted to find her cape first. She rummaged through the clothes strewn around. Bumblebee screamed all the way back to the bridge.

Harley Quinn was ready to detonate the explosives and blow the bridge. Bumblebee decided she had to try. She flew right into Harley and broke the detonator. Bumblebee prematurely celebrated her victory. Luckily, Wonder Woman arrived and blocked Giganta's punch. The rest of the Super Hero Girls arrived. Wonder Woman lassoed Livewire, Supergirl tackled Giganta, Zatanna blasted Star Sapphire, Green Lantern imprisoned Poison Ivy and Catwoman, and Batgirl kicked Harley. Batgirl suggested calling the new move, the Beeline. Bumblebee warmed up to the name. The two teams charged each other. On the walk to school, Danvers heard a story about Superman saving orphans to her chagrin. Out to prove herself, Supergirl stopped a purse snatcher but Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and citizens were focused on watching Superman stop criminals from leaving the Bank of Moolah in a stolen armored truck. Supergirl tried to save a Metropolis Railways high speed train by using her body to bridge a gap in the tracks but the rest of the track was gone. Luckily, Superman carried the train to safety in the city.

Supergirl flew into a burning building and rescued a mother, her daughter, and her infant child but the attention went to Superman as he emptied a water tower over the building. Supergirl tried to stop a meteor from striking the city. She bounced off the globe of the Planet. It fell down towards many citizens but Superman caught it and tossed it over his shoulder back onto the roof. The crowd lauded him. Supergirl went unnoticed. She tossed the meteor aside in defeat. She rescued a couple drowning at the beach but everyone was watching Superman punch sharks back into the ocean. Even the couple clapped. Supergirl dropped them back into the water. She saved a school bus then jumped on dynamite planted outside the Bank of Moolah but everyone was watching Superman rescue a black cat out a tree at Pelham Park. He gently punched the tree and the cat dropped onto his other hand then he handed it back to the elderly woman who owned it. Supergirl had enough and flew after Superman. She told him to back off to his befuddlement.

Supergirl stressed she was working her butt off proving she was a hero. Superman advised her that being a real hero took time and experience that he had as an adult. Supergirl retorted he was "Superboy" just last summer. Superman insisted it was two summers ago. Supergirl had enough and charged at him. Superman dodged her and wasn't impressed. Supergirl came up behind him and bashed him into a roof. Superman told her she had a lot to learn. Supergirl teased that's what she told him when he was potty training on Krypton. Superman tackled her into a building and accused her of jealousy. Superman called him a pompous bonehead. They headbutted each other. Superman adjusted his hair only to be punched into a billboard about him. Superman punched her into a reactor. Supergirl started mocking him as "Clark" and used freeze breath then heat vision. She inadvertently sliced some pipes with her heat vision and the pieces hit a switch that released toxic waste into dumpster. Chemo, a chemical monster, manifested and went on a rampage.

Outside the Metropolis Library, Lois Lane saw Chemo as the opportunity at the Planet internship. She threw a rock at the monster. Its mass splashed and dissolved everything it touched. Chemo chased after Lane and Olsen. Karen Beecher happened to be at the library reading up on advanced chemistry. Lane called out to Superman for help. He tossed Supergirl across town and stood up to Chemo, easily dodging its punches. Bumblebee found Supergirl and wanred her she had to stop Superman from punching it or the splatter of its hydrogen fluoride and antimony pentafluoride would reduce the city to a smoking hole in the ground. Supergirl wasn't following. She translated her warning and told Supergirl to get it away from Superman then blow it up. Supergirl zipped it off to space and blew it up with heat vision. Superman got the credit though the other Super Hero Girls knew the truth. Prince was proud of her until Danvers stated the lesson she learned was to bring your own camera.

Supergirl and Livewire faced off in the city. Livewire drew electricity from a light pole but Supergirl shrugged off the blast. Livewire drew more electricity from a movie theater and blew Supergirl into the back of a garbage truck. Green Lantern formed a giant tire construct to defend against Livewire's attacks but she traveled from light to light into a man's cell phone. Livewire reappeared behind Lantern and drop kicked her. Livewire made a gif of it for the Metropovids website. Zatanna made a flashier entrance, coming out of a portal, than Livewire and drew more applause. Livewire fried her hair. One night, Livewire possessed Batgirl's moped and launched Batgirl into the street then chased after her. Bumblebee landed in the La France Boulevard intersection and her suit was possessed by Livewire. She was forced to do several corny dance moves. Willis hash tagged it #BeesDontDance and people thought it was the funniest video ever. Beecher cried in Prince's closet and refused to ever come out again.

After pranking all the girls but Wonder Woman individually, Livewire invited them to her most epic prank yet midnight at Glen Morgan Square. Prince was amused she dared to challenge them. The others sighed wearily. On prank night at Glen Morgan Square, Livewire projected her past memes of the Super Hero Girls. She called Supergirl's costume a recycled outfit, asserted Batgirl still needed her training wheels, joked Green Lantern was the cause of greenhouse gasses, asked the audience who wore it better: Zatanna or porcupines, and reminded everyone bees couldn't dance. Livewire called out Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was shocked the others wouldn't come out. She implored them to believe in people's humanity, they were good and would never laugh at true suffering. She walked to the stage alone then declared Livewire's reign of cruelty and humiliation had reached its end. Livewire countered it had just begun. Wonder Woman leaped at her. Livewire blew a kiss of electricity and knocked her sword away.

Wonder Woman still charged but was knocked off her feet. Everyone laughed. Livewire called her Blunder Woman and pointed out everyone loved mean then called her a joke. Livewire drew electricity from a light and blasted Wonder Woman. The people gasped. Wonder Woman was blown off the stage into the street. Livewire drew even more electricity and fired. Supergirl landed in front of Wonder Woman and took the hit. The other Super Hero Girls joined them and together, took on Livewire's attack together. Livewire unleashed a powerful attack that could be seen from the outskirts of the city. She was surprised everyone stopped laughing and prepared another attack but realized she ran out of power. The people laughed at her and snapped photos, giving her a taste of her own medicine. Livewire grabbed Lois Lane's phone, leaped inside, and left a parting message they haven't seen the last of her. Undaunted, Lane deleted it.

After Barbara Gordon learned a villain from Gotham City was heading to the Metropolis Pesticide Plant, she pretended to be tired and skipped out on daddy daughter date night to go to sleep early. She suited up and left on her moped. Commissioner Gordon got a call on the Batphone and headed out to the plant, too. Batgirl weaved in and out of traffic and found herself in traffic next to Gordon's car. She ducked down out of Gordon's view until he drove forward. She tried taking an alley but there was a fence blocking her. She fired a grapnel line and drove roof to roof until she ran out of roof. She activated a tool to inflate the tires and bounced back to the surface street right next to Gordon again. She fired a towline into a delivery truck and hid behind it but the truck turned and she went towards a rising bridge. Batgirl pulled the bars out on her moped and activated the moped's thruster to sail over the bridge then opened her parachute. She ended up behind Gordon. The exhaust from his car got all over her. Batgirl stopped at a Metro Mart to buy a roll of paper towels. She wiped her face and to her dismay, Gordon was there, too, looking for doughnuts. She ran off before he saw her. She drove off but backed up and flattened the tires on Gordon's car then headed to the pesticide plant and defeated Poison Ivy by detonating her Bat-Mite doll in a vat of pesticide.

Cruz set up a table at the school's front entrance and tried to drum up volunteers to help her save an ancient tree from being destroyed and prevent another Lexbucks Coffeehouse from being built. There were no takers. Cruz sat on the pavement and sighed. Isley noticed and asked Cruz if it was all true. Cruz confirmed. Isley asked to come along. Cruz' demeanor changed and she excitedly stood up. Isley asked what the plan was. They chained themselves to the tree. Isley noticed the removal notice stated the tree was going down the next day at 5 am. By night, Isley was angry. Isley screamed for Cruz to stop as she sang her version of the Star-Spangled Banner. Cruz admitted she got the date wrong but Isley shushed her and revealed she was waiting all night for the tree to speak. Cruz didn't understand. Isley stated he wanted to tell a story. Cruz played along. Isley relayed the tree's life story out loud. It lived for centuries and cared for others then became the king of the forest for 300 years until man drove off the animals, killed the other trees, and built a city that became Metropolis.

Isley asserted he now was the one that needed protection. Isley summoned vines to attack the demolition crew. A car was launched up in the air. Cruz made a trimmer construct and cut the chain. She discovered Isley was gone. Cruz switched to Green Lantern and made a shield. She was surprised to see Poison Ivy. Ivy launched three workers into the air. Lantern made a mattress construct to cushion their landing. Ivy told her to stay out of the conflict. As more vines appeared. Lantern sliced them down. The vines grabbed jack hammers but Lantern made a brick wall. She vowed she wouldn't let the workers get hurt. The vines were relentless and Lantern was started to stagger. Ivy had the bulldozer lifted up and she had the vine throw it at the crew. Lantern made a shovel construct and batted the bulldozer away. The bulldozer ended up in the center of the tree, to Ivy's horror. The tree split in half and both sides fell to the ground. Ivy was reduced to tears and blamed Green Lantern for killing the tree. She declared she was unworthy of the color of life and vowed to make her pay.

Ivy disappeared down a hole in the ground. The tree was chopped into logs and hauled away. Isley returned and declared people were a lost cause. Cruz stopped her and looked at an acorn. They planted it together. Cruz stated there was no such thing as a lost cause. Isley smiled. Cruz put her arm around Isley and believed it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Isley shoved her away and warned her not to push it. A sapling emerged from the acorn.

At end of another successful performance, Zatara magically appeared on stage and thanked the audience then asked for a round of applause for his daughter. Zee Zatara smiled and did a curtsy. Zatara performed his last trick, a disappearing act. After she stepped into a cabinet, Zatara cast a spell. The cabinet levitated off the stage. When it was opened, she was gone. The audience applauded. She exited a portal backstage. Later that night, Beecher hung out with her in her bedroom. She saw the whole show and thought they were amazing. Zee Zatara was oddly glum. When Beecher mentioned she was the biggest celebrity she knew, Zatara perked up and declared she was about to become bigger. She had been working on her on act on the side. Beecher became her unwitting assistant and they headed to the Metropolis Pier the next day. But Zatara's anger towards a street magician named Ace of Spades led her to accidentally transport Gremlins to the pier. She got rid of most of them by using her father's disappearing act.

Kara Danvers was walking past Pelham Park when a tennis ball popped out of a hedge. Curious, she picked it up and was tackled by Ace. Barbara Gordon emerged and hugged Ace, her pet dog. She explained he was Commissioner Gordon's retired police dog. Danvers picked Ace up and placed him on the sidewalk. He never moved and remained sitting the whole time. Gordon boasted he was the greatest dog in the entire history of the universe. Danvers disagreed and summoned Krypto from Smallville with a whistle. Krypto, also a Kryptonian refugee, arrived at super speed but charged through several buildings in the process. She rubbed his belly and his shaking leg caused an earthquake. Krypto then chased down a car, bit the bumper, lifted it up and flew off. A man called out for help with his pregnant wife giving birth in their car. He realized Ace already helped and the baby was born. Krypto dropped the car. Gordon commanded Ace to do parkour. Ace finished bandaging the driver's arm then flawlessly performed parkour.

Ace bounced off an awning, spins up a flag pole, sailed over them, bounced off a bus' roof, came off a sign, and leaped the side of buildings, a roof and leaped to the sidewalk. Krypto urinated on a hydrant but melted it due to the acidic properties of his urine. Water shot out of the hydrant and doused Ace. Danvers ordered Krypto to fix it. He sealed the hydrant off with his heat vision. Danvers and Gordon got into an argument about whose dog was better and took it to the 41st Annual Metropolis Kennel Dog Show but lost to a Pomeranian named Waffles. A Kryptonian symbol began appearing all across Metropolis. The Super Hero Girls performed a stake out on the roof of a building across from the Daily Planet. They confirmed the Planet was the sixth target of what they believed to be a gang of taggers. The Kryptonian symbol appeared on the front doors of the Planet. The Super Hero Girls were insulted a taggers were trying to creep in on their turf.

Batgirl recognized the tags were appearing at specific times in specific places. She took out her laptop and attempted to triangulate the coordinates of each location in order to accurately predict where the gang would strike next. Bumblebee beat her to the punch using her cell phone. They found themselves in one of the more seedier sections of the city, Sinister Slum, where they met a team of teenage super hero boys named Da Invincibros, comprised of Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Green Arrow. The teams raced through the city in and out of traffic. Jordan boasted they would win because of the Flash but Cruz countered they also had his metabolism. Jordan saw Flash stop at a hot dog stand to recharge. Batgirl had so many questions for him like how many calories he burned in kilojoules or if it was all carbohydrates or what his basal metabolic rate was. Jordan used a skateboard construct to ride hand rails. Cruz used a trampoline construct. Jordan called a double fault and made a tennis net.

Cruz hopped it and made a treadmill construct under Jordan. After she ran past, he realized he was running in place. He made a pole and vaulted to her. He suggested she use Green Lantern Girl, Green Lantern-ette, or Green Lantern Babe to clear up the confusion of their shared hero name. They hopped cars stuck in traffic then ran past an elderly woman feeding wild pigeons. Cruz was annoyed and told him he better hope she never caught up to him. Trevor hitched a ride on Hawkman's back as he flew above them all. Wonder Woman kept up pace then bounced between buildings and jumped roof to roof. Hawkman threw Trevor to her and she was effectively neutralized. Bumblebee zipped by Hawkman and made some bee puns to his annoyance. She quickly apologized after he growled. Green Arrow pinned Zatanna to wall by shooting an arrow into her cape. She conjured a portal and he ran right in. Supergirl arrived at the LexBucks. Aqualad stepped out an alley and used his powers against her. She immediately vaporized the water with heat vision and scoffed. Aqualad promised it would have been really awesome in the ocean or at a big community pool.

The others arrived and panted heavily. Trevor cheered everyone on for making it. Bumblebee traced the location to the very narrow alley next to LexBucks. They tried to jam in at the same time. They watched as the next Kryptonian symbol appeared on a dumpster. Jordan realized it wasn't graffiti. Beams of light shot up from all eight symbols into the sky above Centennial Park and opened a massive portal. General Zod, Ursa, and Non flew down through the portal. Zod ordered everyone to kneel before him. Supergirl remembered her mother, Alura Zor-El, ended their insurrection on Krypton and banished them to the Phantom Zone years ago. Ursa introduced Zod as the new emperor of Earth since he needed a new planet to rule. Supergirl told the others they had to return the trio through the portal before it closed. Zod demanded the heir to the House of El be brought to him or all of Earth would suffer. Supergirl misinterpreted him and surrendered to save the world. He had no idea who she was even after she identified herself as Supergirl, daughter of Alura Zor-El. She was speechless.

Zod clarified he wanted Superman. Supergirl couldn't believe it was happening to her again. She zipped over to him and told him in his face she was just as good. She demanded to be taken prisoner or the Super Hero Girls would kick their butts through the portal. Da Invincibros barged in on their moment and attacked. The Flash created a vortex by running in a circle and pelted Ursa and Non with rocks. They used heat vision and vaporized the rocks. Flash was buried in a pile of debris. Hal Jordan generated a crosse and flew at Ursa. Ursa easily stopped his swing then drop kicked him into the debris pile. Green Arrow fired multiple arrows but Ursa and Non caught all of them and snapped them. Ursa chased him down with heat vision. He dove into the debris pile. Aqualad made a dagger out of water and launched it. Non simply ate it. Aqualad ducked as Hawkman flew at Zod with his mace ready. There was a flash of white light but Hawkman was hurled into the debris pile. Ursa pointed out how embarrassing that was for them. Zod cracked his neck in amusement.

The Super Hero Girls, sans Wonder Woman, took up positions but Ursa and Non used their super breath to blow them into a building. Zod opted to draw Superman out instead. Ursa and Non picked up a bus full of people and flew up. Zod started a 10 count. As each second passed, Ursa and Non crunched the bus a little further towards the center. Lantern urged Supergirl to just call Superman. Supergirl caved and dialed. Superman answered for once but he didn't believe her since she recently crank called him about Zod. He hung up. She sheepishly claimed it was a bad connection. Batgirl pointed out the portal was also slowly closing. Bumblebee tried to snap Wonder Woman out her lovestruck trance to no avail. Hal Jordan noticed. He asked Steve Trevor if he could get them donuts. Trevor happily complied and marched away. Wonder Woman returned to normal and blurted out they had to work together. Jordan implored her to call the play and they would follow. Wonder Woman instructed everyone to pair up then they were going to send the villains back to the Phantom Zone.

Green Arrow called out to Non. Zatanna appeared with a big neon sign advertising her magic act. She conjured a radio that started playing rock music. Arrow tossed his quiver to Zatanna then a cabinet appeared and he was crammed inside it. Zatanna readied an arrow then stabbed it through the cabinet. Arrow groaned in pain. Non's curiosity was piqued and his grip on the bus began to loosen. Batgirl called Ursa "Ursula" and taunted her garbage fashion sense and dated hairdo. Ursa used heat vision. Flash grabbed Batgirl and carried her piggyback style. Batgirl called her aim as on point as her boots. Ursa got angry and repeatedly shot at them. Non was pleased with the tons of arrows jammed through the cabinet. He gleefully clapped. Ursa and Non both let go of the bus. The Green Lanterns created giant hands and cradled the underside of the bus as it fell to the street. Zod knocked Wonder Woman into a truck. She leaped and threw her shield at him but he effortlessly deflected it, dodged her, and kicked Supergirl into a building. Zod dodged her heat vision and threw her across the city.

Zod was snagged with the Lasso of Truth but he pulled and threw Wonder Woman. Aqualad wanted to help but no one gave him orders. Supergirl attacked with a flying elbow but was chopped to the street. She cracked her back and told Aqualad to stay put. Hawkman and Bumblebee broke into the Science Lexplorium and headed to the Treasures From Space exhibit in search of Kryptonite. Flash joined in on teasing Ursa and called her "Wursa," asked if the relationship was moving too fast for her, then blew a raspberry at her. Ursa used her freeze breath and froze them in place. She found the pace glacial. Zatanna readied the grand finale and pierced the cabinet with a giant arrow. There was a loud groan and Arrow proclaimed he was dead. Non clapped. Arrow popped out unharmed. Non became very upset. Zatanna told Arrow to get back into the cabinet and readied another arrow. He refused. Non fired his heat vision. Zatanna incanted and teleported herself and Arrow away.

Wonder Woman yelled, leaped, and threw another punch. Zod effortlessly caught her punch then counter punched her into the pavement. She groaned in pain as Supergirl watched in shock. Zod claimed victory and declared all of Earth would kneel before him. She flew up to him. After a stare down, she abruptly flew away at super speed. Zod was surprised then scoffed. Zod, Ursa, and Non laughed then began to cough. He turned and saw Hawkman above them with Kryptonite. Bumblebee excitedly gave the play by play of how they got it but Hawkman growled. She stopped. Hawkman tossed the Kryptonite into the air and shattered it into three pieces with his mace. Wonder Woman stood up and gave the signal. Flash vibrated the ice off himself and Batgirl. Batgirl grabbed a piece. Zatanna and Green Arrow appeared. Arrow grabbed another piece but Zatanna swiped it to his dismay. The Green Lanterns created grappling hook constructs and threw them onto the portal to hold it open.

Batgirl tied her piece up to a bola then wrangled Ursa with it. She was powerless. Flash created a vortex. Ursa gasped and whimpered. The vortex sent her through the portal. Zatanna tapped Non's shoulder. She told him to wait and asked what was behind his ear. He checked and it was her piece of Kryptonite. He was powerless. Green Arrow fired a boxing glove arrow at his chest and he was knocked through the portal. Wonder Woman threw a dagger. Zod caught it by reflex. It was the third piece. To everyone's shock, he resisted it and crushed it to dust. Zod proclaimed he was a force of nature and only another could stand a chance against him. Supergirl gave Aqualad a head's up. She shot a hydrant with heat vision and told him to go for it. He crafted all the water into a giant sea dragon construct. Zod was stunned. It charged and tackled him through the portal. The Lanterns released their hold and the portal closed. Jordan and Flash hoisted Aqualad up and cheered. They marched off with the others. Supergirl paused and thought of her mother, Alura Zor-El, telling her they got Zod.

The teams retired to a girder above the city and enjoyed the donuts Trevor brought. Trevor told them about how it looked like he was going to let them down and return without sprinkles but the lady found more in the back. Wonder Woman giggled and fell off. Supergirl anticipated that and carried her back to the girder. Flash realized if Trevor hadn't left to get the donuts, Wonder Woman would never have had the idea to get the Kryptonite, and Zod would have taken over the planet. Green Arrow cheered Trevor on. The other boys yelled their "Yo, Bros!" catchphrase. The girls groaned. A criminal stole an old woman's purse one night. Katana appeared. The criminal thought she was one of the Super Hero Girls and surrendered, confident he would be out in a week. Katana brandished the Soultaker and took his soul. Diana Prince and Tatsu Yamashiro trained together at several places in Metropolis, including Buff Gym. They started off easy with 25 pound weights, locked arms, drank, and did arm curls with way bigger weights. They raced up stairwells of a skyscraper, punched each other in their abs, did yoga on a girder being moved by a crane, and climbed a mountain.

Cruz, Beecher, Danvers, Zatara, and Gordon left a showing of "Exploding Ninja Pirates From Outer Space IV." Gordon felt it was a set up for a fifth movie. Danvers suddenly asked for silence. Her super-ears picked up an alarm at a jewelry store. She felt there was no time to alert Prince. They changed and took off. They found Catwoman sleeping on the floor. Upon further inspection, she was lifeless. Supergirl poked her face with a stick. Green Lantern slapped the stick away then checked her pulse. Zatanna cast a spell and realized dark magic was used to steal her soul. Lantern decided they had to take Catwoman with them since the police wouldn't know what to do. Supergirl relented but pointed out how similar the situation was to "Exploding Ninja Pirates From Outer Space II." Katana observed them in secret from a roof. Batgirl boasted hiding bodies was a common occurrence growing up in Gotham City. She tripped on Harley Quinn's body. Green Lantern returned with her mother's van but was hesitant to break the no friends rule. She stopped and scolded Supergirl for painting Catwoman's face with Zatanna's red lipstick.

Batgirl told everyone to relax because all they had to do was hide two bodies at her house. Giganta's body fell on top of the van. Lantern glumly made a van construct and drove. Batgirl claimed she hid three bodies before breakfast. They came upon Livewire, Poison Ivy, and Star Sapphire's bodies. Commissioner Gordon fell asleep watching "Make It Wayne." The girls dragged and carried the villains up to Batgirl's bedroom. Lantern scolded Supergirl for spraying Sapphire's hair into a super spiky do. Bumblebee realized Ivy was missing. Lantern panicked about leaving Ivy on the van roof rack, ran out to get her, and came back. Prince was called. She inquired about the make up and wires. Gordon explained she was making it look like a slumber party to trick her father. He knocked to check up on things. Gordon put on the show and he fell for it to the others' dismay. They headed out into the city. Wonder Woman believed they had to find the next target. Katana called out to them and claimed their tainted souls were hers.

Supergirl levitated and charged. Katana slashed the air, unleashing a dark magic wave. It struck Supergirl and her soul was taken. Zatanna and Green Lantern attacked in tandem. Katana dodged the magic spell but was trapped in a net construct. She easily hacked it with the Soultaker and escaped then took their souls. Wonder Woman called for a retreat. She watched as Batgirl and Bumblebee behind her were struck with a wave and lost their souls. She hid in a tight crevice until Katana left. She dropped to her knees and blamed herself. She gathered up everyone with the Lasso of Truth and dragged them to Gordon's bedroom. Wonder Woman sacrificed her soul to protect a young man who turned out to be locked out his car and not a thief. Katana took Wonder Woman's body back to her home. She lit candles and prepared for the ritual. She recited the incantation, "Gi. Yu. Jin. Rei. Makoto. Meiyo. Chugi. Jisei." All souls in the Soultaker were released back to their bodies. Wonder Woman came to and asked her why.

Katana explained what she did to protect the young man inspired her and she was right about what true heroism was, protecting. Wonder Woman what she would do next. Katana pointed out someone had to recapture all the criminals but she would do it the right way. She wondered how she could shoulder the responsibility without Soultaker's power. Wonder Woman told her it could be a force for good. Katana asked how. Wonder Woman stated they would train. Katana understood and smiled. The other Super Hero Girls came to in Gordon's bedroom but were face to face with the six bewildered villains. Catwoman stated they would never speak of it again. Everyone agreed. Star Sapphire admitted she didn't hate her new hair style. Catwoman face palmed. On the night of another magic show at the casino, Zee Zatara had Karen Beecher assist her in getting ready. In order, she used foundation, shade and highlight, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Beecher became concerned. Zatara assured her the secret to looking good was to look exaggerated up close, so you look fabulous from afar.

Beecher saw her reflection and shoved Zatara aside. She realized she had a zit between her eyebrows. She asked Zatara for help. She was reminded of when her magical powers first manifested and told Beecher the very long story since it showcased the lesson of going through confusing changes at a certain point in life. She ended by emphasizing the secret is to embrace the changes when they came even if they seemed strange at first. Beecher pondered her words then asked if she could borrow her makeup or not. Zatara frowned and groaned. Jessica Cruz was determined to get the unadoptable cat Dexter adopted from the Metropolis Animal Shelter. She believed Dexter needed an owner with a strong will and a leader to follow. She drove to Metropolis High and asked Diana Prince if she was interested. Prince accepted the call to help Dexter and boasted how she cared for others' animal companions on Themyscira and even became known as the "Minotaur Whisperer." She began to sneeze. Cruz realized she was allergic to cats.

Dexter knew this, too, and brushed his tail on her nose. She collapsed. He perched atop her face. Prince clenched her fists and demanded his removal. Cruz shifted gears to finding a traditional family environment. She drove to Barbara Gordon's house. Gordon always wanted a cat and renamed him "Batkitten." Cruz wondered why not "Batcat" but Gordon informed her that was just dumb. Dexter climbed up a bookcase filled with Gordon's Batman collectibles then pushed them off. Gordon barely caught each one. He then pushed one off that took her 32 hours to complete. She missed and it shattered. Cruz shifted gears to find a real animal lover. Garth Bernstein asked if Dexter was cool with fish. He ate the newly adopted fish. She took Dexter to Hal Jordan next. He agreed to take him. Thinking he was a dog, he vowed to teach him to catch a tennis ball and let him do his thing on a few hydrants. As soon as Jordan took him inside, Dexter went into a frenzy. Chairs, a HDTV, football, and laundry were tossed outside. Cruz decided to cast a wider net and took him to a pet store.

Jimmy Olsen helped take photos. Dexter was dressed up like a newsboy. A crowd gathered and advanced upon him. Dexter's anger reached a boiling point and attracted a power ring from the Red Lantern Corps. Dexter could now speak English and emerged a Red Lantern. He renamed himself "Dex-Starr" and revealed members of the Corps were chosen from the angriest beings in the universe and their rings were fueled by the red light of rage. Cruz thought the bowtie was too much. Cruz tried to come up with a strategy with Olsen but realized he already ran away. Dex-Starr declared he was not a nice kitty and vomited a lava-like substance that melted anything it touched. Cruz dove at the last second and told everyone to run out the back door. He listed off the things that angered him: wearing collars, eating kibble, and being forced into a forever home. He declared his forever home was suffering and pain. He vomited again. Cruz pulled down a display to shield herself then ran. They got into a cat-and-mouse situation.

Dex-Starr eventually cut her path off. She leaped over him as he vomited and changed into Green Lantern. She demanded his ring. He refused and swore she would pay for her crimes against felinity. He vomited. She made a carrier construct to catch it all. She dangled a cat toy construct. He cooed and played with it but got frustrated. He slashed all the kitty litter bags then flew in a circle at high speed to spread it around the store. Cruz struggled to breath as he baited her with his ring. She found the exit and ran outside for air. Dex-Starr teased it was soon her "time" then the whole stinking planet would be his forever home. He powered up and charged. She made a blanket construct, wrapped him, and grabbed his tail. He went into a frenzy and sped about, melting the sign pole, Jessica's van, and light poles then blew up the store. Cruz managed to get his ring off and de-powered him. She still felt bad for him and decided to adopt him herself. Back at her home, she petted him and asked if she was the perfect owner. He slapped his food dish away. She found him funny.

After months of effort, Supergirl was finally given the respect she deserved and was the talk of the city. She saved Metropolis from a squadron of deep space invaders as they attempted to enslave everyone in the city and also saved some orphans. The next day, Danvers walked to school on cloud nine. She saw posters of Supergirl plastered all over, Supergirl on the Daily Planet front page, and people chanting "Supergirl." Things took a turn when Danvers was suspended for a week for a series of crimes she didn't do. As she walked home with Gordon, Danvers told her about how she was blamed for the demolished gym at Smallville High School but she didn't try to fight the accusation. Gordon assured her she believed her. Danvers took solace that Supergirl's reputation was still okay. Gordon ran over to a crowd watching breaking news about Supergirl leaving graffiti on the Great Wall of China. Everyone believed it, even Gordon. Another report came up about Supergirl ripping the roof off the Taj Mahal. Danvers vowed she wouldn't let herself get framed again.

Clark Kent answered a call from Supergirl while he waited for his coffee at a stand and asked him about "Bizarro." He was dismayed she had one, too. She was confused. Kent explained Bizarro was a nemesis he faced pretty often, was basically a weird-looking version of him that destroyed things for no reason but unlike her he defeated his. He clarified if his Bizarro was like hers, she should be the opposite of her, smart and pretty. Supergirl laughed sarcastically and asked if that was all he had on them. Kent assured her there was not much to Bizarros. They were big, weird monsters who destroyed things for no reason. Supergirl realized her Bizarro demolished the Smallville High School gym and got her expelled. Kent waited then pointed out she was burning through his minutes. She hung up, huffed, and sped back to Metropolis, the next target. Batgirl was bugged about the claim the Bizarros were the opposite of their counterpart and wondered why Supergirl's was still strong or could fly.

Just as Supergirl and Batgirl landed in Metropolis, the former was hit by Bizarro Supergirl's fire breath. Batgirl pointed out they were both angry and violent. Bizarro Supergirl yelled at her to say out of the way and exhaled fire breath again. Supergirl countered with her freeze breath. It was a draw. Batgirl pointed out that was opposite. Bizarro Supergirl fired ice vision and Supergirl countered with heat vision. Batgirl pointed out the difference again. Bizarro Supergirl inhaled and started pulling everything nearby to her but Supergirl countered with her super breath and knocked her into a building. She grabbed Bizarro and decked her to space. Bizarro stomped her into the street then started throwing cars at her. Batgirl kept score of differences on a white board. Supergirl refused to let her destroy her city. She noticed a Superman statue and used heat vision to destroy the head. Bizarro threw a tour bus and destroyed the rest of the statue but it hit a building then the building fell on Supergirl. Citizens blamed Supergirl.

Supergirl dropped to her knees and gave up, no matter what she did she was blamed for things. Batgirl tried to rally her with using one last super power. Supergirl recalled Superman told her about a Super Flare, using all the solar energy in her cells and concentrating all her Kryptonian strength into one powerful blast but she would be left powerless for a time. Bizarro fired ice vision at the citizens and they ran away. Supergirl decided to stick up for herself and lay it all on the line. She posed, embraced Batgirl, then flew away. Batgirl's resolve broke and she cried in pain over her broken hand. She donned gloves, a welder's mask, and shield as Supergirl and Bizarro used a Super Flare on each other. A giant crater was left in their wake. Bizarro sat up but Batgirl tied her up with rope. To her surprise, Bizarro started crying at the thought of Bizarro Superman getting all the glory instead of her. Supergirl empathized and hugged her. Batgirl pointed out that was not opposite. The confusion was cleared up. Supergirl got her reputation back and Bizarro Supergirl was declared a terrifying new villain on the front page of the Daily Planet.

Gordon and Allen went back three years into the past. She planned to buy a Batman v Pizza Rat #77 limited edition foil cover variant at the local comic book store. Allen realized she was talking about the one that sold out everywhere in three hours. Gordon flashed her credit card but Comic Book Johnny stated they only took cash. Gordon turned to Allen but he only had five cents. They went and stole the piggy bank from Gordon's infant self then returned to that point in time. Gordon smashed her piggy bank and paid the $3.50. Gordon got another idea. They went 33 years into the past to watch the first Exploding Ninja Pirates From Outer Space when it premiered in theaters. Gordon was amazed and finally understood all the memes. They went 10 years into the past and tried Fizz Kapow candy before it was banned for blowing kids up. They poured packet each into their mouths then drank cola. The candy reacted, changed into crystals and erupted out of their mouths. They went one week into the past when Gordon left a clothing store and was hit by mud thanks to a passing car. She instead produced an umbrella to protect herself. She invited Allen to start changing his regrets. He stood next to her covered in mud but admitted his life was pretty great the way it was. She pried and pointed out there had to be something he regretted. Allen pondered then remembered something.

Gordon and Allen went four years into the past to the 70th birthday party of his nana. They hid under the gift table. Allen reached for his card and added one more exclamation point to "Happy Birthday, Nana!" so she wouldn't think he was a monster. Allen felt relieved. Gordon remained silent then suggested they return to the present to see how awesome it now was. Gordon and Allen returned to the present to find Metropolis in ruins. Gordon tried to pin it on Allen's exclamation point. He sobbed and apologized. They went back in time and he cried as he erased the second exclamation point. They went back to the present but they found out General Zod took over the planet. A foot soldier forced a family to kneel before Zod as a blimp projecting his image flew by. Allen thought it was classic prank from Neil who he hated. A soldier found Allen and tasered him in the back. He changed his mind and announced he loved that guy. They jumped into the past and undid every change they made like tearing up their movie tickets to Exploding Ninjas, emptying their Fizz Kapow and cola into a trash can, and Gordon letting herself get hit by mud.

They jumped back to the present but discovered Starro destroyed the city. Allen didn't understand what went wrong. Gordon admitted the only thing they didn't undo was the burrito switch. She felt like she was in an impossible situation, her dignity or the lives of six billion. Allen was fairly sure it was seven plus all the plants and animals. Gordon reminded her about Queen's tale of stinkiness song. Allen acquiesced and found it to be a tough call. She asked him what he would do. Allen figured the ground disintegrating beneath their feet made him lean towards saving the world but told her she was his best friend and he would support her whatever she decided to do. He put his arm around her shoulder. Gordon shuddered at the thought of the fart but made her choice. They jumped one year into the past to Metropolis High School where Gordon battled dozens of alternate versions of herself to rectify the timeline.

Powergirl swiftly put out an apartment fire, tied up three masked robbers mid-heist, and saved a cat stuck up in a tree. A 24/7 reporter asked her who she was. She replied she was "Powergirl." Powergirl thanked the crowd but Superman descended behind her and outed her as Supergirl in disguise. Powergirl lied that she was an from an alternate universe called Earth-2. Superman fell for it and exclaimed he loved Earth-2 which was nothing like Earth-5, a total dump. Powergirl played along and agreed. She became a hit and was invited to lot's of ribbon cutting ceremonies. In one instance, Powergirl cut a ribbon at a park opening while the other Super Hero Girls were overwhelmed by a giant green monster with tentacles. It grabbed them and left them slimed, defeated, and tired.

Garth Bernstein tucked his Home Ec project egg into a bed while singing to it. He kissed it goodnight, turned off the light, and closed the bedroom door. Kara Danvers and Harleen Quinzel waited outside the window to steal it to replace theirs. Danvers reached for the egg but she couldn't bring herself to steal it. She had Quinzel do it. They realized the egg was gone. They noticed another open window. Batgirl drove the egg around on her moped. She told it to live life. She ran over a pothole and the egg was launched into the air. It sailed over a barb wire fence and somehow landed without any damage. She was relieved. It rolled down into a shredding machine in a construction site. It was shot out undamaged. She was relieved. It landed outside the fence but was run over by a Lexpress delivery van. She was devastated. Carol Ferris knocked on the front door of the Jordan home. Hal Jordan, still groggy, answered. She told him to watch her egg because she picked up a shift in the morning. He slammed the door.

Kara Danvers and Harleen Quinzel sneaked around the casino. The plan was for Quinzel to make a distraction while Danvers stole Zatara's egg. They overheard Oliver Queen yelling about how she didn't know the first thing about raising an egg. Zatara was insulted. Something crashed. Queen took offense to her thinking she could walk all over him. Something shattered. Quinzel remembered there was another egg. Danvers quickly agreed to go after it. They sneaked away. Queen demanded to see his egg. Hal Jordan made his smoothie while Kara Danvers and Harleen Quinzel spied on him from outside. He poured milk then the eggs but he grabbed Ferris' egg by mistake and blended to their horror. Lex Luthor began reading The Book of Eternity to glean the future. He learned on the night of his latest charity gala, minutes before midnight, a meteor would hit Metropolis and cause an extinction-level event. Luthor realized he could provide food, shelter, resources, and leadership in the aftermath then rebuild the world in his image, a LuthEarth. Thanks to Catwoman's betraying Luthor, the Super Hero Girls were able to destroy the meteor before it struck the city.

The girls had a slumber party at Zee Zatara's hotel room. Danvers dozed off and had a nightmare about cockroaches in her bedroom. Each stomp only created more of them. She ended up destroying her bedroom but one crawled down the middle of her face. She screamed and woke up on the couch with the others staring at her. She brushed it off as a little nightmare. Gordon pulled out her copy of the 12th edition of "Batman's Guide to Criminal Psychoanalysis" and recited a passage about nightmares and how our subconsciousness uses them to force us to look at our deepest insecurities and fears are what need to be examined in the real world. They all admitted they hated nightmares, to Zatara's surprise. She admitted she had no fears or insecurities, hidden or otherwise, then stated she didn't get why they all did because they were all too fabulous for that sort of thing. Beecher wanted to stop talking about nightmares. Gordon put her arm around her tightly and promised they weren't going to be an bad dreams because they were going to party hard all night long. Soon enough, they were all asleep.

Danvers' foot dropped down and woke Zatara up. She pushed it away then turned over. Danvers' kicked in her sleep and launched Zatara into the TV. She stood up from the floor annoyed but noticed everyone was whimpering in their sleep. She opened one of Beecher's eyelids and realized magic was at play. Zatara went to her bed and took her spell book out. She recited a new spell and learned it then she lied back down, crossed her arms, and cast the spell. She astral projected herself then went into Beecher first. Zatara pursued a being into Diana's nightmare then into Gordon's. The dream realm represented Metropolis. Suddenly, Batgirl dropped out of the sky into her arms. Batgirl was noticeably scared and urged her to run away. Zatara scoffed and figured it was Easter bunnies. Flying sharks rained down on them. Batgirl outran Zatara and yelled for the shark-repellent Bat-Spray. Zatara had no idea what she was talking about then realized she was holding a tray of Bat-Sprays. One for whales, one for manta rays, and one for sharks.

The evil teddy bear from Wonder Woman's nightmare rode one of the sharks. Batgirl sprayed the shark and it skidded across the street. The bear revealed its impish form and left the nightmare in a portal. Zatara eventually diverted the pursuit to her own dream where she would have her magic powers because she lacked fear or insecurity. Fuseli was not impressed. She changed into Zatanna and blasted at him. He hid under her bed and found a chest. He realized she didn't know what it was and someone else magically locked her fears away for her. He unlocked it and Nega-Zatanna manifested, the culmination of the fear she had of herself and what her magic might do. Zatanna strained to repel Nega-Zatanna's magic. She realized it was still her magic and despite what she knew, what she had yet to discover, good or bad, light or dark, it was her magic to do with as she chose. She absorbed all of the magic and Nega-Zatanna then pulled Fuseli to her. She woke up with Fuseli. The other girls soon woke up, too. Zatara explained Fuseli was the source of their nightmares and he was now completely, totally, and utterly powerless in their realm. Danvers asked what they should do with him. Zatara mused it should have to do with fears and insecurities. Fuseli gulped at her implication. He was put to work at Burrito Bucket.

Barbara Gordon and Karen Beecher watched "Make It Wayne" at the former's place. Gordon proclaimed Bruce Wayne was the worst. Beecher recalled she always said that and wondered why she even watched the show. Gordon deflected and claimed she only watched it because she did then admitted she only watched it because of the "poor little orphan" Dick Grayson and found him super sweet. Beecher hoped Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale got together this season. Jessica Cruz arrived and honked her horn. Beecher again asked Gordon if she wanted to come along and babysit with them, emphasizing Cruz was a pro at it. Gordon turned her down and told her she was busy. Beecher told her goodbye and left. Once the coast was clear, Gordon turned the TV back on and continued watching "Make It Wayne." The episode continued with Wayne asking Pennyworth to refill the caviar fountain. In the ride over, Beecher looked at Dick Grayson's birthday party invite and told Cruz she never babysat any children before. Cruz admitted it could be tough to keep things under control but advised her that kids crave guidance. She drove over a little bridge to the client's property. Cruz claimed as long as they acted like the adult and proudly stated she had a rare and coveted five-star review on MetropoSits.com. The gates opened. Beecher realized they were at Wayne Manor East.

A Moth-Monster terrorized the city. As citizens ran for cover, the monster landed near a boy holding a teddy bear. It screeched at him. Three Batarangs flew past it. It saw Batgirl and charged only to be jump kicked by Wonder Woman into a green car. It swiped in vain at Bumblebee and became disoriented. Zatanna blasted it into the sky. Green Lantern caught it with a net construct then heaved it further up into the sky. Supergirl nailed it with an uppercut towards the Sun. The Super Hero Girls posed for cameras. Jimmy Olsen took several. Over time, more and more Moth-Monsters attacked the city. Many Moth-Monsters flew over the Metropolis Pier. The girls sat at a table on the pier. They stood up. Lois Lane was at another table. They tried to look innocent. A monster flew into them. In the chaos, they changed into their alter-egos and defeated the monsters. Batgirl ate a burrito and threw the wrapper away. Lane grabbed it and noted it was from Burrito Bucket.

Supergirl left off some steam about Lois Lane's investigation into the Super Hero Girls by punching a Moth-Monster into space. Batgirl noted a good reporter like Lois Lane was going to investigate the scene so they should plant false evidence to throw her off their trail. She dumped a bunch of things then hid behind a dumpster with Supergirl. Lane arrived and deduced it was the work of Barbara Gordon. Supergirl was stunned. Batgirl concluded they needed to steal her notepad. Eventually, the alpha monster, Killer Moth appeared. Wonder Woman wrangled several monsters with her Lasso of Truth. Batgirl kicked two. Bumblebee tricked three into flying into each other. Supergirl knocked many away. Zatanna zapped several. Green Lantern trapped many in a potted plant construct. Killer Moth roared. The girls and monsters charged each other. In the end, the girls stood triumphant atop Killer Moth's back.

Karen Beecher woke up extra early at 2:30 am for a group hike with the others. She quickly got ready and ran for the Metropolis Train Association (MTA) station but it was out of service and taped off. She checked her watch and went for the raised rail but missed her stop. She took the bus and sat in the back but missed the ferry. Superman took a selfie with teenagers near a wrecked Metropolis Train Association station. Beecher made it to the express subway but she feel asleep and woke up at the last stop. She ran for it. The other girls arrived at the hiking trail parking lot at 8:00 am. Jessica Cruz called up Beecher and discovered she was a bus stop. Cruz felt bad for Beecher because she got up so early and still couldn't make it to the hike. Danvers wasn't as sympathetic about her being 14 and too young to drive. The importance of driving was lost on Diana Prince as she pointed out people have feet to carry them. Barbara Gordon insisted driving was all about freedom and a little about how the mass transit system was messed up.

Prince realized if she got a driver's license, she could transport Beecher around to the "cool stuff" they did together. Prince studied non-stop for her driver's license for two weeks then went to the Metropolis DMV with Beecher. Harley Quinn stole a red sports car, Livewire hotwired it, and Catwoman took them on a joyride. Two minutes later, they zoomed past the DMV. Prince couldn't ignore it and sped after them. Harley recognized Prince from school and wondered when she got cool. Catwoman indulged and raced her. A Daily Planet newspaper flew into Romero's face. He ordered Prince to pull over. Prince stated she was fine with being failed and she swore a solemn duty to bring the lawbreakers to justice. She turned on the radio and bluegrass started playing. Bernstein thought it was the weirdest car-chase music ever. They zig-zagged in and out of lanes then hopped over the bridge as it split. They went through a Farmers Market. Romero had no idea how Prince was shifting and started hyperventilating into a bag. Catwoman and Prince were face-to-face.

Romero shouted this wasn't on the test. Bernstein and Beecher held each other. The emergency brake was pulled and Prince's car flipped. She reversed after them. Bernstein became ill. Catwoman couldn't believe they were still being chased. Livewire chimed in she should have said, "Are you kitten me?" Catwoman admitted she was right. After failing to catch the villains at the pier, Bernstein generated a water hand and deposited them onto dry land. Romero stepped out and gasped. Prince was saddened for failing her test and failing to catch the supervillains. Romero confirmed she definitely failed. Prince went on her hands and knees and begged for forgiveness for disrespecting his laws then asked for one more chance. Romero conceded but noted that was really weird. He clarified if she went as much as one mile per hour too fast, she would never get a license. She nodded. Prince drove past the ferry station. Catwoman zoomed past. Romero warned not to even think about it. Prince promised all laws would be obeyed.

Beecher told her they were headed north on Second so she should take Fourth to Allenford and they would pass all the bus traffic on 23rd. She then chose Up Past 8 for the chase music. Prince stopped at a stop light and put on her blinker. Catwoman couldn't believe they caught up. Prince stopped and let a senior citizen use the cross walk. He waved at her. Catwoman drove down a flight of stairs. To her shock, Prince was waiting at the bottom. Catwoman zoomed off near Seymore Street. Prince was already waiting out in front. Harley declared it wasn't fun anymore and implored Catwoman to lose them. Catwoman made a left on DeVries. Beecher told Prince to hurry and take a right on 17th since there was a new LexBucks being built on 23rd and causing traffic on Ninth. As Beecher predicted, the villains were stuck in traffic. Prince waited and waved at them. Catwoman was astonished and thought that was impossible. Livewire chimed she should have said "Im-paws-ible." Harley warned her but it was too late.

They drove up a ramp and landed in a dumpster. Romero warned Prince about ducks crossing. Prince pulled the emergency brake and they flipped over the ducks safely, spun, and parallel parked in one move. Romero was impressed and declared that was the best parallel park he ever saw. Danvers presented her concert tickets and declared Beecher was going to see the League of Shadows with her, after a make over. She took Beecher to a clothing store and dressed her like a punk rocker. Beecher gravitated towards an Up Past 8 section but Danvers persisted. They went to a tattoo parlor next but Beecher ran out before anything happened. Danvers sighed and left, too. Beecher was taken to a hair salon for new hair do. Lastly, they went back to Danvers' bedroom for the finishing touches. Beecher was shocked by her new look. Danvers still wanted to add a nose ring and sick neck tattoo to pull the look together. She revealed her super skin prevented her from getting tattoos and her hair was resistant to dye jobs. They left for the League of Shadows concert despite Beecher's apprehension.

The girls eventually learned Diana Prince was living in a tree in Centennial Park. Jessica Cruz took Prince to her home. Prince was surprised by the multitude of pets inside. Cruz explained she and her family adopted all kinds of animals in need, even a stray friend this time. She showed her to the living room. Prince asked where the dying room was. Cruz showed her the bathroom. Prince noticed there was only one toilet whereas school had many. Cruz explained houses had just one usually. Prince stated she would not fight her for the porcelain throne and submitted. Cruz suggested an alternative that Prince use this one and she would use the downstairs one. She left Prince alone to go pick up her parents at the airport and suggested she tun a bath, make a snack, and relax. Cruz and her moms came home to a catastrophe. The refrigerator was wide open and stuff was melted, her sack was on top of a potted plant leaning over, and the dishwasher was stuffed with Prince's weapons and burst open.

In the meantime, Prince hand turned a huge ham over the over stove top. Specks started falling down. They looked up. The bath tub and tons of water dropped down through the ceiling. Prince added she ran a bath like Cruz suggested. The Cruzes were dumbfounded. Jessica Cruz laughed nervously. After the incident at the Cruzes, Diana Prince went to live with Zee Zatara. She went over her patented bedtime ritual, which included two dabs of overnight, rejuvenating sunflower extract and rice serum. Prince was fascinated. Zatara explained the most part and secret ingredient was beauty sleep. Prince thanked her for her kindness and wished Posidia to guide her on her dream journey. Zatara clapped and the lights turned off. She was stirred awake to the sound of Prince chanting to Posidia. Prince had a fire going and wished to share her bedtime ritual. She did a handstand walk, vocalized, and breathed heavily. Zatara slunk under her blanket then clapped the lights off again. Prince crept to the edge of Zatara's bed and woke her up for some water. Zatara called room service and paid the $20 for bottled water.

Some time later, Zatara awoke to Prince slicing a piece of carpet off the floor with her sword because it was much too comfortable. Later in the night, she crept face to face with Zatara and asked her what a concierge was. She later lifted up the blanket and thought she heard a Chimera. Zatara told her she was incredibly tolerant of her bedtime rituals, vandalizing her bedroom, and multiple requests for room service and yelled it was time for her to go to sleep. Prince complied. Zatara sighed and closed her eyes. The alarm clock rang and the Sun had risen. Zatara's hair was all frazzled and her eyes were red. She hissed as the sunlight burned her rejuvenating mask. Prince stretched and looked fabulous. A blue bird inexplicably landed on the palm of her hand and chirped. Zatara growled and her mask shattered. After trying out living with Jessica Cruz and Zee Zatara, Diana Prince went to the Beecher's. Karen Beecher assured Prince that everybody loves staying at her house because it had every modern convenience.

Prince balled up on the couch to avoid contact with the Roomba. Two drones dusted the house as well. Beecher demonstrated her Athena and asked for the television to be turned on. Athena initiated entertainment protocol. The TV turned on to whales singing. Beecher then asked Athena to close the blinds. Athena initiated light control protocol. Beecher implored Prince to try. Prince referred to Athena as the goddess of wisdom and asked it to rain courage down on her soul so she may withstand Beecher's modern conveniences. Athena mistakenly activated the lawn irrigation protocol and the sprinklers turned on. Beecher handed her several remotes so she could find something to watch while she dealt with the sprinklers. Prince was unsure of what to do but switched it to a Just Before Dusk movie but it was super loud. She dropped the remotes and frantically mashed buttons. The ceiling fans turned out. Neon lights activated. Up Past 8 played. The drones chased Prince around. She asked Athena to help because she was under attack.

Athena mistakenly activated the security protocol and the house underwent lockdown. Beecher got worried. The drones pulled at Prince's hair. Beecher tried to instruct her to go to the console on the wall but she opted to suit up as Bumblebee, shrink, and enter the house through vents. She entered the 2-8-5 password and deactivated the security protocol. Beecher gasped at the sight of the wrecked house. The Roomba repeatedly drove into Prince's face. After Cruz, Zatara, and Beecher, Diana Prince went to the Danvers's. She was weary of Danvers' parents not liking her either. They sat down for dinner. Eliza told Prince it was a treat to have someone from another culture over for dinner. Prince was humbled by her kindness. She grabbed mashed potatoes with her hands and chomped away. Jeremiah and Eliza was speechless then tried using their hands, too. Jeremiah loved it and found it so freeing then asked Prince what other rituals she practiced back home. Prince recalled the strongest warrior opened the feast by taking the first bite. Danvers fake sneezed, adding "second strongest."

Prince announced it was time for the nightly proclamation of deficiencies. Eliza was fascinated. Prince explained her mother Hippolyta pronounced her failings and shortcomings for all to hear so she may improve. She demonstrated and told Eliza her decorative cat plate collection was worthy of severe ridicule and was a hobby for children, not grown women. Danvers did a spit take. Prince told Jeremiah he had the reflexes of an ancient crone. She threw a pepper shaker and it sailed right past him. She stated he would never be able to defend a tribe. She ate more mashed potatoes as Jeremiah and Eliza were in shock. They looked at each other then laughed to Danvers' surprise. Jeremiah tried and told Danvers she wasn't very good at remembering her pleases and thank yous. Eliza told her her bedroom smelled like rodents. She was speechless. Prince munched on asparagus. Jeremiah added her hostile attitude was a front to mask her deep insecurity. Eliza added her rebellious nature was a sad desperate cry for attention. They both laughed. Danvers got angry.

Lastly, Diana Prince tried living with Barbara Gordon. Gordon admitted she always wanted a sister and hugged Prince. Prince happily accepted her welcome and admitted since she was sculpted from clay by her mother's hand, she always wanted a father. Gordon declared she had the best dad ever and climbed up to the top bunk. She declared everything was perfect. Commissioner Gordon peeked in and bid the girls good night. Some time later, Gordon was stirred awake by the sound of Prince sleep fighting with a spear. In the kitchen, Commissioner Gordon made a sandwich while he played EZ Listening with his phone and wireless headphones. He inadvertently dodged Prince's attacks. Gordon freaked out and jumped in front of her father. Prince gathered her belongings. Gordon apologized about it not working out. Prince apologized for trying to vanquish her dad. Commissioner Gordon wrapped his left wrist. Prince whimpered after the front door closed. Prince returned to Centennial Park and sighed at a bridge.

Prince admitted to herself a tree was no proper home even for an Amazon and she longed for the love and warmth of a real home. She lamented she was unable to return home to Themyscira until she completed her mission to save the world of man. She resolved to cease being Diana of Themyscira and to be Diana of Metropolis. She closed her eyes and heaved her belongings over the bridge. It knocked Julia Kapatelis off her feet. Kapatelis recognized a Hestian Xiphos and a dory engraved with the symbols of Artemis. Prince hurried down to her and apologized. Kapatelis realized she was an Amazon and invited her to her apartment. Prince accepted and learned she was a professor of archaeology. Kapatelis explained her specialty was ancient Greece but her first love was Themyscira. Prince gasped at the sight of her collection. She recognized a bracelet once owned by her aunt, Antiope, her Jumpa stuffed animal that she had when she was 72 years old, and a bust of Hippolyta. Prince stopped herself and resolved to put her past aside.

Kapatelis recalled an Amazon proverb, "A warrior's home is where she needs no armor." Prince gasped in surprise. Kapatelis reckoned in the world of man it was "home is where the heart is." She showed Prince her daughter's room next and explained she was away at college. Kapatelis empathized with Prince's loneliness and if she cared to stay, she could always be Diana of Themyscira. She accepted and they hugged. Later in the night, Kapatelis checked in and saw the room was already adorned with her belongings but Prince was already asleep with her Jumpa. She smiled and turned the light off. Prince sighed happily in her sleep. While playing mini-golf with Hal Jordan, Jessica Cruz attempted to talk to him about Carol Ferris. Jordan cut her off and agreed with her, he should lay it all on the line and be a man if her were to get her back. He clung to Ferris' leg sobbing and begging her to take him back. He admitted she was the best thing that ever happened to him. She was like the burger part of his hamburger. Cruz apologized but Ferris interrupted and stated she had just about enough. She took him back, stood him up, and hugged him.

Even Jordan was confused. Ferris admitted she could never stay away from him and now they could be together like they were always meant to be. Ferris revealed dating Thaal Sinclair was all just part of her trap of love to make him mad with jealousy and trick him into finally transforming himself into the romantic reasonably-hygienic man she always knew he could be and crawling back to her. She declared he was hers forever and hopped into his arms. Ferris apologized to Sinclair and told him she never loved him. Sinclair was crushed then he dropped his act and revealed he never loved her either, to her surprise. It was always about him and Jordan. He rubbed his arm across his face and revealed pink skin. Jordan realized he was in fact Thaal Sinestro, an old friend from the Green Lantern Corps that he ghosted. Sinestro revealed his true form and bore a yellow power ring of fear. He declared he would have revenge for the breakup of the most beautiful bromance the universe had ever seen.

Sinestro created a rocket launcher construct and blew up of course. He found Jordan hiding behind a monument but Star Sapphire protected him with a big heart construct then fired arrow constructs at Sinestro. Sinestro made a staff construct to defend himself but he got hit by a green football construct thrown by Jordan. Sapphire got an idea to do hockey. Jordan made a hockey stick construct and she fired her hearts to act as pucks. Sinestro blocked two but was hit by the third. Sapphire interpreted their teamwork as another sign they were meant to be together. However, Jordan broke up with her again. She was infuriated and attacked him. He made arm shields but they were whittled away by Sapphire and Sinestro's combined onslaught. Sinestro readied the final blow and declared he would hit him where it hurt him the most, stealing his real girlfriend Jessica Cruz. Cruz shouted back that she wasn't. Sinestro fired rose constructs at her. She ran behind a pirate ship, changed into Green Lantern, and made giant shear constructs to clip the roses.

Sinestro was shocked she rejected his flowers and made a giant box of chocolates construct. She made a trash can construct to catch the chocolates. Sapphire felt validated at Sinestro's statement and was infuriated she stole her real and fake boyfriends. Cruz made a shield to block her arrows then hid an igloo with Jordan. She declared it was the dumbest thing he dragged her into. Suddenly Dex-Starr arrived and melted the igloo with his lava. He reveled in her mistake of leaving that chair too close to the counter where he recovered his power ring. She made a wheelbarrow construct and hid under it with Jordan. Sinestro and Sapphire also fired on them. Cruz told Jordan it was his fault. They lifted up the wheelbarrow and flew away. Jordan didn't understand how it was his fault. They dove behind a giant cheeseburger. She told him to apologize and hope they forgave him. Jordan understood he had to take responsibility. He made a flag construct and waved it then apologized. They all gasped. Jordan added they had every right to be made at him because it was his fault for being so awesome. Cruz couldn't believe it.

Jordan explained to Sapphire that if he wasn't such a cool guy, she would never have fallen for him. He didn't mean to be so charming and irresistible. He explained to Sinestro that if he wasn't so super cool and fun to hang out with, he wouldn't have taken it so hard when he ditched him. Jordan told Dex he was sorry he was such a terrible cat. Cruz was impressed at how badly he missed her point. Jordan chuckled at his brilliance. Sinestro, Sapphire, and Dex fired three arm constructs at once at Jordan and pulled him to them for a big group hug. Cruz was disgusted. Sapphire was impressed Jordan showed a new vulnerable and sensitive side. Sinestro declared only a true bro would humble himself so much. Dex liked how he always tasted like steak sauce. Sinestro offered to buy him an ice cream. They glided away on a rainbow of their spectrums. Cruz stopped them with hand construct and asked Jordan if he seriously didn't learn anything. Jordan contended he learned the greatest lesson of all, he didn't need to change himself to make people love him, being himself was enough. Cruz admitted that was a really good lesson but he was still such a jerk. Sinestro took offense to that and Sapphire declared only she could call him that. Jordan calmed them down and figured she would get there someday. They continued on. Cruz groaned and facepalmed.

A humanoid monster terrorized Metropolis, stepping on vehicles and crushing them into pancakes. The Super Hero Girls teamed up with Da Invincibros. They had Batgirl get its attention with a Batarang to the side of its head. It turned and roared right in front of Wonder Woman but she didn't flinch. She paired everyone up for the offensive. Batgirl and Flash, Green Lantern and Green Lantern, Supergirl and Aqualad, Zatanna and Green Arrow, and Bumblebee and Hawkman. Bumblebee was nervous about the pairing. The two teams later teamed up to stop a stolen armored car after it departed the Bank of Moolah. Bumblebee attempted to hide behind Supergirl when Wonder Woman picked the pairs. The two teams responding to a building fire. Bumblebee poked Wonder Woman and suggested mixing up the teams. Wonder Woman found that to be an excellent suggestion. Batgirl was with Green Arrow, Zatanna with Aqualad, Green Lantern with Flash, and Supergirl with Green Lantern. Bumblebee was placed with Hawkman again. She tried to make a battle cry but Hawkman simply flew off. She groaned and shrank.

During a field trip to a museum, Carter Hall and Karen Beecher stopped at an Egyptian exhibit that had art of Princess Chay-Ara. Beecher thought their story was the most romantic thing she ever heard. Hall couldn't help but point out this creepy feeling he had that it always ended badly. Beecher was excited and asked a flurry of questions: did he find her yet, what the wedding theme would be, and if she could be a bridesmaid. Hall pointed out it could take a lifetime to find her but vowed he would search the world to its end until he found her. In a stroke of luck, she happened to be in the same hall as them. He blushed and waved but she walked right past him. Hall informed Beecher that sometimes when they were reincarnated, they didn't remember their past lives. He recalled he once forgot the past 4 lives and Chay-Ara was really mad with him. He was ready to call it quits but Beecher had other plans. She got out her cell phone and did a search.

Beecher ran to Hall and informed him her name in this lifetime was Shiera Sanders, leaped on his chest, and showed him 17 of her social media accounts. Hall thought Beecher was being pretty creepy. In the zone, Beecher told him Sanders was in a band, worked at a Big Borger, was off on Wednesdays, and loved the Metropolis Generals professional basketball team. Hall groaned and realized Beecher was going to make him do things he didn't want to do. After a failure at a Big Borger, Karen Beecher got another idea to get Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders to fall in love. Later that day, in the evening, she led Hall to the property line of Sanders' house. Hall pointed out they would go to jail for trespassing. She gave him a rock and shrank, confident that wooing a girl under her bedroom window never failed since it was in every good fan-fiction ever. Hall groaned, inhaled, and threw the rock. It shattered a window. Sanders called out and vowed whoever the creep was who did that would pay for the replacement. Hall ran for it. Beecher was annoyed.

Karen Beecher found Shiera Sanders at a Metropolis Generals basketball game and came up with her next scheme to get her and Carter Hall to fall in love. She swapped Carter Hall's hat for a Generals hat and pushed him to the open seat next to her. Before he could get her attention, they appeared on the Kiss Cam. He bolted before she saw him. The Kiss Cam declared it was a fail. She looked up in confusion. Karen Beecher had Hall stand on Sanders' porch with cards that made a sentence, "Will You Be Mine?" Beecher waited by the mailbox. He exhaled and rang the doorbell. He watched as the doorknob turned. He panicked and ran away. Sanders saw the cards on the ground along with feathers. She nervously closed her door. Around the same time Shiera Sanders and Carter Hall made a date, Hath-Set broke into the museum and stole his Nth Metal scimitar. Carter Hall parked across the street from Bessolo Bistro. Beecher handed him the flowers. Hall was a little nervous. Beecher assured him he would do great because he was one of the best conversationalists she knew. He wasn't relieved.

Hall stepped out and before he could cross the street, Hath-Set tackled him into a car. Hath-Set stepped on the flowers then dashed. Bumblebee intervened and fired her stingers at him. Hall's wings sprouted out from shirt and he flew off then circled back as Hawkman and attacked. Hath-Set dodged and levitated. He gestured him to follow. Hawkman was positive the scimitar was Nth Metal like his mace. He believed they had to take him in the sky. Bumblebee had his back. They did a fist bump then chased after Hath-Set. Hawkman managed to deck him with his mace but Hath-Set released a pulse of magic. It shot Hawkman into a building. Hath-Set revealed his face and Hawkman realized who he was, an evil sorcerer and leader of the rebellion who overthrew their kingdom and cursed him and Chay-Ara to an endless cycle of reincarnation. After they found each other in a new life, Hath-Set would appear and destroy them again. Bumblebee thought it was the best plot twist ever. The chase continued to the bridge. Hawkman got in a sneak attack on Hath-Set but he regained his composure, ran across water, flew back up and resumed the fight.

Hath-Set teleported above Hawkman and blasted him. Hawkman crashed into the pier. Hath-Set stated he would fulfill the curse once again and keep the magic of the gods. He admitted he craved the rush of pure power that came from destroying true love. Bumblebee fired on him in vain and got swatted away. Hath-Set demanded to know where Chay-Ara was so he could destroy her, too. Hawkman stated they didn't even go on their first date yet. Hath-Set was stunned and realized he was early and the pair had not yet fallen into a love that surpassed death. Hawkman confirmed. Hath-Set couldn't believe it and had no choice but to leave. He sarcastically implored Hawkman to take his time then vowed their doomed destiny would be fulfilled. He teleported away. Beecher and Hall returned to the Bistro. Beecher was relieved that Sanders was still at their table and gave him the flowers. Hall smiled, dropped the flowers, and walked away. Beecher promised him the Super Hero Girls would deal with Hath-Set for them.

Hall thanked Beecher for all her help. Beecher implored him to go inside or he would never get the chance to love her. Hall pointed out leaving was the only way he could. She realized that staying away from Sanders was his way of defeating the curse but she was reduced to tears nonetheless. Diana Prince returned home after another day of high school ended. Julia Kapatelis informed her dinner was in the oven, kissed her on the cheek, and revealed she was able to get those dents out of her armor. Kapatelis came back into the condo and remembered something came for her, too, and she left it in her bedroom. It was a scroll from Hippolyta. Several items rolled out after Prince grabbed it: Themysciran nectar, her summer toga, socks made from wild boar intestines, and an egg. Prince mistook the egg as dinner. At some point after she went to sleep, the egg hatched and a baby griffin wandered into the kitchen and made a ruckus. Prince thought it was an intruder and grabbed her spear after she noticed her egg was in pieces.

Prince entered the kitchen saw a pot moving and lifted it up with her spear. She fell instantly in love with the griffin and declared he would be her pet. His stomach rumbled and she grabbed a bunch of food but he refused a carrot. She offered him a spoonful of mint chocolate chip ice cream. His mind was blown and he dived in. He zipped out of the kitchen into the study and knocked some vases off the chimney, ran through a harp, and broke a pot. Prince caught the vases just in time. Kapatelis called out to Prince to see if everything was all right. Prince grabbed the griffin and reassembled the pot by hand very quickly. She neglected to put back the last piece and left. The Hydra seeped out of the pot in a non-corporeal state then out the apartment through a crack in the wall. The next night, Prince told Steve he shouldn't blame himself because she too succumbed to the siren song of ice cream when she first arrived in Metropolis. Steve laid on his back in a shoe box, very full. He burped and purred. She assured he would learn self-control like she did. They went to sleep.

The next morning, Prince woke up to see the shoe box flattened and Steve was way bigger. The night after failed obedience lessons, Prince tucked Steve into her bed and assured him they would try again the next day and adjust to the world of man. The next morning, Steve was adult sized and pushed Prince out of the bed by mistake. Prince chuckled at the sight of him and considered limiting his ice cream consumption. She noticed he now had wings and wondered if he could fly. He charged through her wall and flew away. She exited the apartment as Wonder Woman and ran towards Steve, commanding him in vain to stop. Steve devoured a Frozen Pops stand and a girl's popsicle. Wonder Woman nervously told them he was a playful scamp. She yelled at him to heel. The three headed Hydra was fully grown and wreaking havoc. Wonder Woman dragged Steve along. The heads tugged at a bus until the middle head chomped it. Steve realized what was happening and his demeanor changed. She got on his back and drew her sword. He took off and dodged the Hydra then Wonder Woman sliced their heads off.

Wonder Woman congratulated Steve but the Hydra reformed with six heads total. Steve grabbed her and flew off. He dodged their strikes but dropped her. He recovered her just in time. They noticed two heads getting tied up in a knot and got an idea. They flew around and tricked the Hydra into twisted its necks around until it fell on its back. Wonder Woman declared it was time to send the Hydra back to where it came but she realized she had no idea where it was from. She thought and took out the piece of the broken pot. It bore artwork of the Hydra. She returned home and put the last piece back. The pot magically assembled like it was never broken. The Hydra was sucked back into the pot and Wonder Woman put the cover back on. She noted the curse was contained and balance was restored. However, she noticed Steve was sadly pawing at the window. She knew what she had to do and took him back to Themyscira.

One night at around 11 pm, Mr. Freeze struck. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Zatanna, Bumblebee, and Green Lantern gathered on a roof top. Wonder Woman called up Batgirl but she was unable to join them right away because her father, Commissioner Gordon, was still awake. They departed for Freeze without her. Once Gordon went to sleep, Barbara Gordon changed into Batgirl and took off on her scooter into the city. She weaved in and out of traffic, causing at least one crash, then turned into an alley only to frighten a black cat. Startled she drove into a dumpster then fired her grapnel. She scoped out the others with her binoculars. She vowed to step up her game. She activated her spring loaded boots but one got stuck and she fell off the roof. She activated a grenade that released a bouncing pad. She hurried through an apartment complex, hopped through a crowd, had Ace the Bathound tow her, navigated the sewers, and took a zipline. She came face to face with Mr. Freeze alone but the others arrived and they charged in unison.

Kara Danvers slept over at the Gordon residence on a school night. However, she sleep flew outside. Batgirl chased after her roof to roof but couldn't reach her so she fired a grapnel line and snagged a leg but was dragged into a parked car. She tried tying the grapnel to the bumper of a school bus but it was lifted up into the air. Batgirl leaped onto the underside of the bus as Danvers drifted towards Metropolis proper. She severed the grapnel line with a Batarang without thinking and the bus went plummeting down into the city. Danvers sleep flew through a Loans Inc. company building with Batgirl then she dropped down into an apartment's roof top pool. Things took a turn for the worst as Danvers approached a group of wind turbines. At the last second, Danvers obeyed Batgirl's words and went back to bed. Batgirl stayed up and kept an eye on her. Danvers woke up in the morning feeling great unaware of what happened.

Kara Danvers woke up at 8 am and found a note from her adoptive parents, the Danvers, about school picture day. With all her clothes in the laundry, she was forced to wear a dress they left for her. As she walked to school, Danvers got wrapped up in several incidents throughout the city. She sped after an out of control baby carriage and ripped her sleeves off only to find a creepy doll inside. She stopped a car from ramming them then punched it back into working shape. Her skirt got caught on the license plate holder and was torn off. An out of control dog charged Danvers but she quickly taught it how to be a good dog. During the tussle, its studded dog collar got on her neck and her peace sign necklace got around its neck. A bank robber ran out of a bank right into her. She tied him up with her flower head piece and locked his bag. The dye pack exploded all over her. Jessica Cruz was in a rush to get to school for picture day but she couldn't ignore her environmental responsibility.

Cruz found a piece of trash on the sidewalk outside a cafe and saw a trail of trash on the street left by a trio of children. She made garbage bag constructs and filled ten total then threw them into a dumpster. She caught Tommy throwing a plastic water bottle away and tried to lecture him but he left without her noticing. She leaned into the trash bin to get the bottle but it rolled away with her face in. It rolled downhill into traffic. People tossed their trash in as she passed by. A glass bottle from a driver and a banana peel from a bicyclist. She even inadvertently kicked a backpack into the face of a bully on a school bus. The bin somehow brought her right to school. A discouraged Barbara Gordon dumped her spray rocket, Bat Grenade, and goo gun into a dumpster. Up above, a careless guy taking selfies in front of a full Moon fell off the side of the roof. Gordon suited up and used her three inventions to save his life.

Garth Bernstein bought a goldfish from a local pet shop with a plan to give it to Karen Beecher as a gift for her birthday. He tripped after exiting and Goldberg was launched in the air. He tried using hydrokinesis to turn the bowl water into a hand but Goldberg slipped out and bouncing along an awning. He landed in a salad at Matt's Vegan Cafe. The woman told the server she ordered chicken. Bernstein ran past and grabbed him. He tried to find a new container, grabbing a snow cone off a person but it was too cold then a coffee cup but it was too hot. Goldberg hopped down through a grate into the sewers. Bernstein raised the water up through manholes. After he saw Goldberg, he hopped on one of the columns of water then caught Goldberg in the emptied coffee cup. A big rig truck drove through the water and they went flying. He landed on the Metropolis High hamster mascot while Goldberg landed in the water cooler.

Barry Allen had to deliver a cake across town in 10 minutes. He changed into the Flash and sped off. He stopped to take a selfie with two girls, help a senior citizen win a game of chess, eat 1000 burritos from a street vendor, play on the swings at Pelham Park, run up the side of a building to save a girl's blue balloon, and help an elderly woman across the street who just wanted to know what time it was. Flash changed back to Allen and made it to the house with 2 seconds left. However, the cake was smushed.

The Super Hero Girls got into an epic battle with Metallo. Wonder Woman came up with a plan and ordered Supergirl to fly into the villain's Kryptonite chest. Metallo exploded but Supergirl absorbed a dangerous amount of Kryptonite. Wonder Woman declared victory but saw Supergirl motionless in a crater. After the girls gathered, Supergirl coughed. Wonder Woman vowed to nurse her back to health herself. Cruz lost her driving privileges after her mom's van was damaged in an incident involving Giganta. Cruz used her life savings to get the van fixed up and promised her mother she would not let it get scratched ever again. She got permission to drive it for a week. On Monday, Cruz picked up Gordon at a bus stop. Gordon starting pressing and pulling everything, thinking their were secret gadgets installed. Cruz informed her it was just a van. Gordon was shocked she didn't at least install grappling hooks. She tried the door handle but it broke off. On Tuesday, Beecher freaked out about speed limits, bicyclists, blind spots, and a squirrel as they sat in traffic.

On Wednesday, Diana Prince used a map and gave her faulty directions. Cruz drove through Pelham Park, narrowly avoiding Tommy and his friend and a woman and her dog. Prince instructed her to go 15 paces south. Somehow, she sped past a busy intersection without getting hit. They emerged from an alley and she braked in front of Metropolis High. She slammed her head on the wheel. On Thursday, Zatara, Danvers, and Prince got into it about what music to play on the radio. As they quibbled about jazz, metal, or classical, the radio knob came off. Cruz turned to them and warned them to settle down or she was going to turn the van around. Zatara alerted her. She braked just in time and avoided a fender bender. However, the van fell apart. The exhaust went, the bumper fell off, and the tires lost air. She had it and yelled at everyone to leave. On Friday, Cruz exited Metropolis High only to be surprised. The girls restored her mother's van back to normal. She hugged them all at the same time then offered a ride. The van wouldn't start. They chattered about checking the transmission, if there was any gas in the tank, and what gear the van was in. Danvers asked if they were there yet. Cruz groaned.

After Superman turned over another criminal to the police, he was surrounded by reporters and fans as usual. Lois Lane asked him what made him different from other heroes in the city. Before Superman could answer, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) wormed his way to the front and claimed it was because he and Superman were partners. Lantern posed for the cameras but Superman abruptly flew away. Lantern caught up to him and sang their theme song. Superman asked him who he was. Before Lantern could finish, he flew right into a utility pole and fell flat on his back. Superman told him he wasn't in his league nor the Justice League's then flew away. Two girls giggled, prompting Lantern to yell out he would text him. Superman was about to eat a sandwich on a girder at a construction site but he was hit by a barrage of texts by Lantern inviting him to hang at a hot dog stand in Midtown, team up to fight crime, and a Lantern party on the weekend. Lantern popped up behind him, causing him to drop his phone and sandwich.

Superman confronted Poison Ivy and ordered her to release a scientist. Lantern burst through a wall in a tank construct and ran over Superman by mistake. Superman prepared to punch an incoming meteor but Lantern swatted it with a racket construct and it dinged an airplane. Superman sighed and flew after the plane. After hearing Lantern make up stories and tell them to Lane, Superman had enough and tricked him into flying around the world to reverse time and save his life. Harley Quinn stole the Lasso of Truth and used it throughout the city. She used it on a patron at Matt's Vegan Cafe who confessed he would give his left arm for a burger. Harley used it on Karen Beecher in a park. She critiqued Just Before Dusk to her horror. She used it on Giganta. Giganta admitted she smashes things because she was overcompensating for deep insecurity rooted in a quest for perfection and overpowering fear in not being good enough. Harley lastly thought to use it as a bungee cord during her robbery of the Bank of Moolah but was unaware of its unlimited length. She crashed into a tree and was tied up in the lasso. Wonder Woman and Supergirl found her. Supergirl got an idea and decided to have a little conversation before turning her over to the police.

Danvers hung out with Prince as she frantically looked for the missing Lasso of Truth in her locker. Danvers asked her if she was sure she didn't leave it home or misplaced it. Prince insisted a true Amazon would never lose sight of their weapons. Danvers looked at her Happy 317th Birthday card. Eventually, Wonder Woman and Supergirl found the culprit, Harley Quinn. She was entangled in the lasso in a tree after a failed robbery of the Bank of Moolah because she tried using the lasso as a bungee cord, unaware of its unlimited length. Supergirl got an idea and decided to have a little conversation before turning her over to the police. Shaggyman returned and marched through Metropolis with police following by squad cars and helicopters. Kara Danvers was doing some laundry at a laundromat when Shaggyman happened to walk past. However, her Supergirl suit was still in the wash and soaked. She improvised and borrowed some clothes from a dryer for a makeshift costume.

Shaggyman roared then threw a car into a milk truck. He beat his chest. Before Shaggyman could eat a truck, Danvers snatched it away at super speed then pelted him with punches to the chest, head, and back. She finished him off with an uppercut. Shaggyman landed on its back and skidded backwards into a building. Police surrounded it. Danvers was branded "Hot Mess Girl" by the Daily Planet for her terrible choice in wearing a mix of things like a sombrero, scuba mask, T-shirt, and tube socks. After her evening shift ended, Gordon self-narrated about how the night brought out criminal filth and how she was the city's antiseptic. She heard a crash and began speculating which super villain it was but it was just a pair of taggers. Worse yet, she forgot to pack her costume. She improvised and used what she found in a dumpster for a costume and weapons. She threw an open can into one tagger's spray can and it exploded. She jumped off the roof, bounced off a clothesline, and landed. The taggers realized something stunk.

Gordon threw week old meat loaf into their faces to their disgust. She jumped and jammed trash cans over them then threw out banana peels. They slipped, crashed into each other, and rolled away. One tagger yelled out her puns were lame. Gordon looked at their art and realized it was a shout out to Batman. Police arrived. She realized she would be implicated and ran off. Doris Zeul returned home on the afternoon of October 12 with a F+ on her seventh history test of the semester. She worked out but felt her strength weakening. She went into the lab to inject herself with Serum 24 again but she mistakenly used Serum 44 and gained enhanced intelligence. Zeul devised a plan to destroy the Super Hero Girls once and for all. She built a robot and fashioned it as a woman in distress then ran it through a street. Wonder Woman sighted it from a roof and fell for the sham. Wonder Woman attempted to grab her with her Lasso of Truth but as Zeul timed it, the 1:00 ray of sunshine bounced off the Daily Planet globe and blinded Wonder Woman. She instead snagged a pipe on the roof of a bus and was dragged through the city.

As Zeul anticipated, Wonder Woman's plight drew in the other five heroes. She landed on a giant red "x" painted at an intersection in the Central Business District where the other girls caught up to her. Then from atop a building, Zeul's newly constructed Fusion Powered Destructo Beam 24,000 would fire on them. Zeul prepared to enter the code to fire the Destructo Beam but Serum 44 wore off and Zeul could no longer operate the machine. She pressed every button and smashed a screen. The cannon aimed at her and blasted her across the city. Hal Jordan took Jessica Cruz to the best hot dog stand in the city. He told her it was all about the toppings. He informed her the perfect hot dog had ketchup, pickles, sauerkraut, and mustard. To his dismay, she ordered a not dog. A news bulletin came up on the vendor's radio warning the city of an incoming asteroid. People ran off in a panic. Jordan and Cruz flew off the stop it. One piece of it slipped past them and crashed right into the hot dog cart they were at, destroying it and Jordan's hot dog. He fell to his knees in remorse. He became more depressed after Cruz suggested a salad bar.

Wonder Woman cut off a duo of bank robbers at a street corner and punched the hood of their getaway car. Jimmy Olsen was in the crowd and pushed forward to take a photo. The robbers were launched from their car right into Olsen. The photo he took was of the robber's faces right before impact. Jimmy Olsen walked around the city and heard some garbage cans being stirred. He thought he saw Batgirl's shadow and rushed in for a photo. He discovered it was just a stray cat. Some civilians saw someone flying above them. Jimmy Olsen tried taking a photo but all he got was a silhouette barely in focus. Zatanna battled Giganta, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn all at once one night. She cast a spell and pulled one of her rabbits from out of her hat. It fired magic lasers from its eyes. Giganta shielded herself with a piece of pavement but it vanished. Catwoman and Harley dodged. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but he was teleported back to the photo lab.

Jimmy Olsen found Hawkman in Pelham Park feeding some wild pigeons. He sneaked out of the bushes to get a photo but he stepped on a branch. Hawkman and the pigeons were startled and flew away. Supergirl battled Livewire outside a theater. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but Livewire blasted Supergirl then triggered a blackout. Jimmy Olsen found Flash in a laundromat waiting for his load to finish. Flash realized he wanted a photo and tried different poses. Olsen later discovered all the photos he took of Flash were blurred. The Super Hero Girls battled Starro, a giant alien starfish conqueror. It managed to grab Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Bumblebee blasted it with her stingers, Zatanna blasted its eye, and Green Lantern lassoed an appendage with a rope construct. Wonder Woman managed to lasso another. Batgirl tried a green spray. Supergirl used her heat vision. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but the camera stopped working. He tapped and shook it but nothing happened. He faced it at himself and it flashed. By the time he turned around, everyone was gone. He had no idea he took a selfie with them until Lane approved it. Jessica Cruz made it to the rally outside The Lumber Shop and told Beecher her lunch wasn't as healthy as she thought it would be.

At least Bumblebee, Supergirl, Green Lantern, and eventually Batgirl fought Starro in the city on September 19. Barbara Gordon and Harleen Quinzel both saw the last copy of the limited edition of "Clowns vs. Bats" #187 in the comic book store and reached for it at the same time. They were both surprised the other collected the title. It happened to be the last copy in the city. They both told the other to take it because they wouldn't enjoy it knowing the other wanted it. It went back and forth. The employee asked them if they were done not buying anything because he had to close up. They agreed to leave it on the stand and left the store. That night, Harley Quinn kicked the door in and was shocked to see Batgirl with a head lamp on reading "Clowns vs. Bats" #187. Harley leaped at her with her mallet ready. Batgirl stopped her and carefully bagged the comic. Harley chased her row to row then got into a slap fight. Batgirl hid in a row but Harley was behind her.

Harley swung her mallet but froze after Batgirl held out the comic like a shield. She stole the mallet and whacked Harley. She chased her around again then threw things at each other. Batgirl accidentally threw the comic. They leaped for it at the same time and knocked heads. The comic was on the floor by Harley. Before she could grab it, Batgirl threw her Batarangs. She rolled off with the comic then walked along the ceiling upside down. Harley pounded the ground to get her to fall down then threw out a bomb. It landed right on top of the comic. The store blew up. Batgirl stood out from the debris with the comic but it disintegrated into ash. Harley laughed and was punched. Katana patrolled the city one night and witnessed a purse snatching. She followed the criminal along the various roof tops, eventually got ahead of him and landed in an alley, blocking his path. The criminal took a few steps back and looked at the purse. Suddenly, Harley Quinn came up behind Katana and stole Soultaker because it looked like "fun."

Katana chased after her. The criminal chuckled. Katana ran back, flipped the criminal to the ground, returned to purse, and continued after Harley. Harley ran past a car, it honked at her, and Katana leaped onto the car's roof. She followed her to the Metropolis Pier. Harley went on another rampage, this time in midtown Metropolis. People were forced to evacuate as Harley blew up buildings and cars. Her reign of terror came to an end outside Sweet Justice after she tripped on a senior citizen's cane. Barbara Gordon was texting and walking when she noticed a couch in mint condition left out on the sidewalk. She took a photo and texted Karen Beecher. Beecher agreed it would look good in the hideout. They carried it back to Sweet Justice. It was partly ripped by a newspaper bin. Beecher suggested it added character. A pizza delivery boy exited Pac Pizza with a tall stack of pizza boxes and walked right into the couch. Several pineapple pizzas landed on the couch. Gordon apologized but insisted they were doing him a favor since it was pineapple.

A car drove by and splashed the couch with dirty water. Gordon mused it wash the pizza off. A disgruntled woman threw her beverage over her shoulder because it wasn't a Triple Non-Fat Latte. It landed on the couch. Gordon was sure some club soda would get the stain out. They passed a construction worker using a jackhammer and some dust got on the couch. Beecher started to lose her grip so Gordon revealed a shortcut through an alley. The couch was tagged with graffiti and they started stray cats and big rats. One of the rats took a pizza but tossed it back after Gordon said it was pineapple on it. They made it to Sweet Justice. Barry Allen raced to school but kept remembering things he forgot to do and ran back and forth. He also ran into trouble over and over. There was a two car crash. The two men yelled at each other to move their cars. Flash moved the cars so they were pointing in the same direction. It once again got tense when each man insisted the other go first.

Flash ran right into Giganta's leg outside the Bank of Moolah. She dropped all the money she stole and promised he would pay. Flash told her he had to run. He quickly tied her up and left her for the police nearby. He tried to help an officer pull a cat down from a branch. He was unable to and fell off. A police officer wrote him a ticket for speeding, running at 530 miles per hour. He had to hold up traffic for three turtles to cross the street. He kept having to run back and forth over and over. He stopped in the middle of a four way intersection and realized the cat was Cheetah. After they got an egg assignment, Beecher told Danvers her parents were having work done at home and asked her to take it but be extra careful. Danvers insisted she was crazy nurturing but didn't notice she knocked Karen Jr. out of Beecher's hands and she caught it after bobbling it. Danvers went in the 139 bus and gently put Karen Jr. on the seat next to her. Beecher started sending overbearing text after text to Danvers.

Danvers texted her back she didn't want to fail either and walked off the bus without Karen Jr. then realized it after the bus left. She ran after the bus, pried the doors open, and saw a boy about to sit on the egg. She yelled "Stop!" but the driver hit the brakes. The egg was launched into a crying baby's mouth, it was spit into an old man's Daily Planet newspaper then bounced to a woman's curly hair then out an open window into a bicyclist's tray. Danvers screamed then ran after him. The horse masked robber stepped out of a bank and proclaimed he was rich. Danvers bowled right through him after the bicyclist. The rope tied around a piano being lifted up snapped and almost fell on a mom and baby carriage passing under. Danvers leaped over her and caught the piano. The mother did not notice. Danvers saw a building on fire. She changed into Supergirl and froze the fire with her super breath. She followed the bicyclist to Pelham Park and found the egg.

Gordon suited up to stop a fire at Metropolis Pier but her Bat-Scooter suffered a flat tire. She ran after the 139 bus to the pier but she had no money. The driver rejected her and continued on his route. She noticed a girl playing her guitar for tips and got an idea. Batgirl played a ukulele, harmonica, and drum at once, tried juggling Bat-Grenades, and offering a picture. The lead actor from "Just Before Dusk" happened to be passing by and drew all the attention and people. He thanked everyone. Batgirl tried jumping around on her spring loaded heels but fell on her back. A civilian passed by and dropped change into her can. She got on the bus but it was crowded, had a crying baby, and a teenager playing loud music. She eventually got a seat but a man feel asleep on her shoulder and snored. She sat in the back alone then began to fall asleep. The driver tapped her shoulder to wake her up. She ran outside to the Metropolis Pier but Supergirl already saved the day. An explosion was set off in the distance but Batgirl had no money again. She saw a boy washing a windshield for change. She prepared to do the same.

On a Monday morning, the Super Hero Girls fought Giganta who sat on a highway. Green Lantern offered to share a vegan cone with her if she just walked away. Wonder Woman declared they would not be intimidated and noted she fought gods much larger than her. Supergirl punched her face but was counter punched her into the side of a building. Bumblebee apologized as she blasted Giganta in the neck. Green Lantern created a slide to evacuate citizens to safety while Wonder Woman restrained Giganta's hands with the Lasso of Truth. Zatanna cast a spell intended to teleport her across town to chill out. In reality, she teleported Giganta to the Arctic. Kara Danvers woke up on a Saturday excited for Mosh-A-Thon at The Lazarus Pit. As soon as she stepped outside, she bumped into Jessica Cruz, who was on her way to protest and petition toxic chemicals being dumped into the water by Lexcorp. Cruz guilt tripped Danvers into helping her protest at the ferry station near a Lexcorp sewage pipe.

Cruz tried to get petitions from a boy and a girl but they were completely enthralled with a new Lexcorp app game called Pigeon Party. Cruz thought it was cute and decided to play a round. She soon became obsessed with it and stopped protesting. Danvers was able to slip away but Wonder Woman called down to her from a roof. Wonder Woman explained she needed a partner of unmatchable strength for rooftop sparring. Danvers was flattered and obliged her. Supergirl stood in place and took multiple punches to the chest from Wonder Woman then she braced herself with her shield while Supergirl used her super breath on her. Cruz sent the Pigeon Party game to Wonder Woman's phone and she became obsessed with it, too. Danvers continued on but Barbara Gordon fired a net onto her to test her new gadget. She admitted it needed more revisions. Danvers tried to tell her she was busy but Gordon interrupted and asked if Zee Zatara got a hold of her about being her magic show assistant, mainly for a water tank trick that required holding her breath.

Danvers stated she wasn't helping anyone else and just wanted space and alone time. Danvers got a text from Karen Beecher about working on their science project. Danvers turned her phone off and went to The Lazarus Pit. She later saw Diana Prince in an alley and Gordon on a sidewalk also obsessively playing the app. Danvers was smitten. She went to Sweet Justice and told Barry Allen to make her everyone's favorite dish but with just one spoon. Danvers later helped a choking man by performing the Heimlich maneuver. She decided to suit up and patrol. A young woman called out for help because Catwoman stole her phone while she was in the middle of playing Pigeon Party. Supergirl threw Catwoman over her shoulder and tossed the phone back to the woman while Zee Zatara sat around and played the app. Catwoman promised to be good if she let her go. Supergirl dropped her off at the Metropolis Police Headquarters. Supergirl came to the aid of a vessel sinking after it was attacked by giant fish monsters. She lifted them to safety then saved four people from drowning.

Supergirl sighted the three monsters and wished there was someone with water powers to help her. Coincidentally, Garth Bernstein was on the pier playing the app. Supergirl decked on with an uppercut when got swallowed whole by another. She flew through its mouth and shattered its teeth then threw it into the other two. Supergirl quipped something fishy was going on but realized no one was around to appreciate the pun. Supergirl pondered where the monsters came from and flew to the Lexcorp sewage pipe Jessica Cruz was protesting. Cruz was too busy playing the app to care. Supergirl protested and chained Cruz to her to jolt her back to normal. She changed into Green Lantern then they found Gordon. Lantern netted her to make Gordon snap out of it. Lantern made clapping hand constructs to snap Zee Zatara to her senses. Supergirl plucked Bumblebee from her phone right when she was going to beat her high score. Wonder Woman was tied up with the Lasso of Truth and was asked if the team or app mattered more to her. She declared it was an honor to be their leader.

Lantern plugged up the sewage pipe with a cork construct but she didn't understand who authorized the dumping because she requested time from the Mayor's Office to gather petitions and got two weeks. The city worker was too distracted by the app to answer Lantern. Batgirl did some digging on the app and discovered from stats that the app was released by Lexcorp at 9:45 am then cross referenced with the city database to clean that was 15 minutes before the sewage pipe was activated. Before they could confront Lex Luthor, they encountered a giant pigeon. Zatanna and Bumblebee elected to stay behind and take care of the pigeon. Zatanna jumped on it while Bumblebee got a piece of bread. The others were left to deal with a giant hamster while Luthor ran away in his helicopter. Lantern got an idea and made a giant hamster ball construct. The hamster happily jumped in. They returned to the pier and found Zatanna and Bumblebee tamed the pigeon. Batgirl thanked Supergirl for saving them from the app and Supergirl admitted the city was super boring without them. Lantern took solace that the waste was not so super toxic after all. Bumblebee wondered that they were going to do about the giant hamster and pigeon. Wonder Woman got an idea to send them to Themyscira.