Matt's Vegan Cafe

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 4 and #AdventuresInBunnysitting
Appearances (Super Shorts): #GoFish, #LostAndFound, and #Vegecide
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Matt's Vegan Cafe is a cafe located near the Danvers house. Once a wave of baby magical rabbits spilled out of her bedroom, a waiter noticed one outside as he served a table. He found it cute. But the large wave passed through and he screamed.

After exiting a pet shop, Garth Bernstein tripped and Goldberg, the goldfish he bought, was launched in the air. It landed in a woman's salad at Matt's Vegan Cafe. The woman remarked she ordered the chicken. Bernstein ran past and grabbed Goldberg. Harley Quinn used Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth on a patron at Matt's Vegan Cafe who confessed he would give his left arm for a burger. The woman with him admitted she would, too. Jessica Cruz told Karen Beecher she was heading to the rally outside The Lumber Shop but she was stopping for a quick healthy lunch first. She hung up and went inside Matt's Vegan Cafe. Pamela Isley saw her and conversed with her plant, Phil. Phil convinced her to go to the rally with Cruz. She remarked he was such a social butterfly.

Isley observed Cruz make an order and shrieked at the murder of all the plants inside. She used her powers and grabbed the worker on duty with vines first, had a vine take away a fork and stab at a woman, chuck carrots at another woman, made Cruz' smoothie for a hand and grab at her head, a plant slammed a couple into their salads, and another vine dragged a man away who promised to never eat another salad. Isley was satisfied and decided to skip the rally and get some steaks. Cruz wrested the smoothie away but a vine pulled her behind the counter. She changed into Green Lantern and broke free. She battled the plants and threatened one with clippers but was slammed against a window. Lantern bound one and sealed a salad in a takeout carton construct. Lantern made a giant cartoon beet and it chomped the last plant. Cruz exited the cafe out of breath.