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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 2, #TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre, #BackInAFlash, #PowerSurge, #AllyCat Part 1, #AllyCat Part 2, #DinnerForFive, #AllAboutZee, #EmperorPenguin, #BreakingNews, #CrashCourse, #ItsComplicated, #TheBirdAndTheBee, and #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem
Appearances (Super Shorts): #StarStruck, #FlashForwardFlashback, #ShellShock, and #TheCommute
Appearances (Comics): Giant #2 (Gone to the Dogs) and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Lexcorp is an international corporation led by the youngest mega-billionaire in the world, Lex Luthor. It is essentially the most powerful corporation in the world but it tries to maintain a public image as a family company. The company's researchers continue to make breakthroughs in every field from virtual reality to genetically-enhanced turkey dinners. The Lexcorp Tower in Metropolis is considered the most heavily fortified, technologically advanced building in the world. From a Lexcorp terminal at company headquarters, Lena Luthor secretly reprogrammed the Lexcorp VR Glasses and hacked the city's Demo-Bots, also built by Lexcorp, as part of her plan to take over Metropolis for all children. Lex Luthor assigned Lexcorp Construction Services to rebuild the places destroyed by his sister, including the ice cream parlor Sweet Justice.

The Book of Eternity, an ancient tome capable of giving its owner knowledge of the future, was kept in Luthor's private suite on the 38th floor of Lexcorp Tower. As The Book predicted, the girls blackmailed Catwoman into helping them since Batgirl was otherwise preoccupied. She was the only other person capable of getting into the Lexcorp Tower. Catwoman went over the plan and explained the Book was likely kept in Luthor's private suite on Floor 38 which required them to use his personal elevator which then required his keycard, fingerprint, and a voice recording of "Lex rules." She told them about a charity gala scheduled for the next night and went over everyone's roles. Superman and Da Invicibros were all neutralized and captured by Luthor then imprisoned in a secret lair hidden in his suite. The Book guided Luthor how to defeat each hero. The Super Hero Girls and Catwoman executed their heist on the night of charity gala at the tower. The girls arrived at the gala incognito. They in part chose different colors to protect their secret identities from Catwoman.

Wonder Woman pretended to bump into Luthor in order to steal his keycard but kept stealing the wrong thing like his library card and platinum credit card. Zatanna was supposed to make small talk with Luthor and get him to say "Lex Rules" but he ignored her and talked to two other women. She eventually teleported the women away then told Luthor off and eventually got him to say the words with a guessing game. Green Lantern was supposed to pose as a waitress and scan a fingerprint off his drink. She kept dropping or losing his drinks until she lost patience and snatched it with a hand construct. In reality, Luthor already knew what was happening and played along. He pretended to get suspicious about who invited them to the party. Catwoman was irritated and back kicked the elevator guard. She yelled at them in the elevator but Bumblebee pointed out the camera inside wasn't disabled. Zatanna opened a portal and Supergirl neutralized the guard watching the camera feeds. While the girls and Catwoman used Luthor's personal elevator to get to the suite, Luthor somehow made it to his lair first.

Catwoman went to a painting, revealed a safe behind it, and used her ears to unlock it. The wall rose up and revealed a passage to a secret lair. By the time they arrived, he was already waiting and did an evil chair spin. They were shocked to learn he was evil but Luthor preferred the term "visionary." Wonder Woman demanded the Book but he refused. Before they could launch an attack, Catwoman revealed her duplicity. Luthor then admitted he it was actually convenient and needed to bring them all to his lair anyway for his plan to work: all the super heroes in Metropolis had to be absent. Supergirl was skeptical he could make that happen. Luthor pressed a red button on his desk and unveiled some shutters. Hawkman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, and Superman were already captured. Luthor recommended them to get in their cages. They still tried to stop him. Like with the other heroes, Luthor used a dance routine to dodge all of their attacks then he captured them all. When Luthor wasn't looking, Catwoman read the Book and didn't like what she saw. She ripped out a page that revealed she got on Luthor's helicopter and left the Tower after the girls were captured.

Fireworks went off after the girls were imprisoned then Luthor informed Catwoman the agreed upon payment was already transferred to her account. He walked her to the helipad and advised her to leave the city. She inquired why. Full of himself, Luthor revealed his plan to let the meteor strike the planet and then use his resources to rebuild it in his image. He already knew she would call him insane and she did. She asked him if he was really going to let all those people die. He didn't expect her to understand and reminded her he was a ninth level intellect and she was a common thief. He grimly walked up to her face and told her to get in the helicopter. Luthor, having already memorized events, wouldn't check again and see that Catwoman would betray him and release the girls to save the world. He went back inside the Tower. Catwoman peeked from the edge of the pad, jumped back to the helipad and infiltrated the tower. She declared there was nothing "common" about her. She couldn't believe she what she was doing.

Catwoman lowered herself upside down, cut a perfect circle into the glass, and entered the Tower. She followed a soldier into an elevator then exited through the ceiling hatch and jumped atop the roof of Luthor's personal elevator then hopped down a vent hole. After waiting for a soldier to pass, she continued through the floor and disabled six ceiling cameras then tricked a soldier to chase after a shadow puppet. She mistakenly entered a break room and was chased. Surrounded on three sides by a lot of soldiers, Catwoman feigned surrender. After a soldier put one cuff on her arm, Catwoman threw him over her shoulder, kicked several, shoved one into another and cuffed the leg of a soldier and used him like a bat. Once all the soldiers were defeated, Catwoman picked the cuff off then proceeded to the secret lair. She freed the Super Hero Girls. Wonder Woman knew there was good in her heart. Catwoman told the girls about Luthor's plan and insisted only helped because she liked the world because it was where she stole stuff. The next night, Luthor retired to his lair but discovered it had been stripped clean by Catwoman. He found a taunting note in his refrigerator and screamed at the top of his lungs. Superman and Da Invincibros were still imprisoned. Flash asked whatever happened with the meteor. Luthor groaned in defeat.

Luthor was sitting in his office when dog poop in a bio degradable bag appeared on his desk. He immediately suspected it was Lena Luthor and yelled her name. On a Saturday morning, Lexcorp released a new app game called Pigeon Party with a simple premise: feed pigeons then find them things to poop on. 15 minutes later, a Lexcorp sewage pipe was activated and waste was illegally dumped near a ferry station. The app enthralled all of the city and almost everyone played it without pause. Jessica Cruz Cruz tried to get petitions to stop it and was given two weeks by the Mayor's Office. Supergirl later realized the waste was creating giant animal monsters. Wonder Woman pushed the front doors of Lexcorp open and addressed the employees inside about the illegal dumping but even they were all obsessed with the app. Batgirl spun Lex Luthor's assistant away on his chair then hacked into the Lexcorp server to shut down the app. Luthor heard them and stepped outside his office.

Luthor was surprised they came because he figured they were gamers, too. They admitted as much. Batgirl boasted she got to level 65. Luthor presented his back up plan and turned a hamster into a giant with an eyedropper's worth of toxic waste. Luthor retreated to his helipad and fled the building while the girls evacuated the building. Wonder Woman lassoed a woman while Green Lantern made an grabber claw construct. Batgirl finished shutting down the app and the employees noticed the hamster. Lantern got an idea and made a giant hamster ball construct. The hamster happily jumped in.