Lazarus Pit

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Super Shorts): #HardRock
Appearances (Episodes): #Beeline, #FightAtTheMuseum, #LeagueOfShadows Part 1, and #TheBirdAndTheBee
Appearances (Comics): Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

One night, Diana Prince accompanied Kara Danvers to a rock concert at the Lazarus Pit night club. Danvers asked her if she was ready to have her face melted off. A boy was carried off by a mosh pit. Prince thought they found a demon pit and everyone was possessed by Hades. She mistook Danvers' head banging as her agreeing. Prince suggested they masquerade as demons. She tried to blend in but mistook the mosh pit for a battle. She grabbed a girl by the leg, swung her around, and tossed her then tossed others in the pit. Prince demanded Hades to release them. Danvers eventually noticed and confronted Prince. She realized she misunderstood. To her surprise, Danvers thought it was awesome. The mosh pit carried them away. Prince declared she was very much enjoying her face melting.

One night, upon exiting the Lazarus Pit, Danvers overheard Catwoman breaking into the Science Lexplorium through the roof and investigated. Bumblebee flew to the Lazarus Pit to tell Kara Danvers about Harley Quinn's plot to blow up the bridge. She turned back to her civies and blended with the concert crowd but couldn't get Danvers' attention. Danvers was carried off by a mosh pit but still didn't hear Beecher. Beecher was then carried away but she ended up getting tossed outside onto the sidewalk. Kara Danvers took Karen Beecher with her to a secret show at the Lazarus Pit, after a make over, to see the League of Shadows perform live. Beecher felt weird about everything. Danvers told her it only mattered that she looked cool and asked her to show her dance move. Danvers showed her how to get her freak on properly. Beecher copied her but got dizzy and accidentally bumped into a man. She was carried off by a mosh pit. Danvers jumped in.

Ra's Al Ghul observed her with the club's security camera system. He sent Ubu to the floor to summon Kara Danvers backstage to meet him and the League. Beecher momentarily lost Danvers and was freaked out by everyone's appearances. Danvers pulled her out of the crowd. Beecher was relieved and hugged her. Danvers awkwardly pushed her off in front of Ubu. Ubu then took them to the elevator and they descended to the Lower Lower Basement. Danvers only nodded to the band. Ubu then gestured her to a room. Ra's introduced himself but Danvers and Beecher were surprised he knew the former's full name. Ra's insisted he was aware she was superfan of the band and one of his most faithful shadow puppets, a term given to the band's fandom. He admitted he toured the world many times and amassed many true believers of his rock and roll but believed Danvers could be his ultimate shadow puppet because he rarely met someone so cool. Danvers was enamored. For her dedication, Ra's gifted Kara Danvers with a Demon's Fang.

During the concert, Beecher became suspicious of the band's lyrics. Danvers told her all the suggestive phrases like the League being a cure for the world and his atrocities or the survivors being ruled by Ra's were just a metaphor. Beecher frowned when the next lyrics stated the song wasn't a metaphor and they were being literal. Beecher wanted to leave but Danvers was having too much fun. Ra's played his mind control song next and dedicated it to Danvers. The room shifted from its usual green ambiance to a sinister red and Danvers drifted into a hypnotic state. She was under Ra's' complete control. Karen Beecher took Carter Hall backstage at the Lazarus Pit to fall in love with Shiera Sanders. Alluding to all the past failures, Hall thought it was a bridge too far. Beecher assured him her next idea was straight out of "Just Before Dusk 4" and shoved him into Sanders' dressing room. To his horror, Beecher had added romantic decorations, photos of him, and a wedding photo with Hall and Sanders' faces taped on.

Hall quickly gathered it all up and ran outside right into Sanders. She angrily told him to watch it. He ran off. Beecher asked when the wedding was. Hall grunted in defeat and was sure she hated him forever. Beecher was adamant there had to be another way and got an idea to push Sanders in front of a bus so Hall could save her. Hall agreed. She was about to check the bus schedule when Hall clarified she was right about the part where there had to be another way. He hoped he could at least be her friend. He knocked on her door and after she answered, he apologized and promised he didn't mean to scare her or make her feel uncomfortable. He admitted she reminded him of someone he used to know and wanted to talk to her but he promised to leave her alone. As he walked away, she stopped him and suggested they talk the next day at Bessolo Bistro at 8 pm. Hall agreed to it and was elated he got a date. He declared everything was perfect. Beecher echoed him. They were both gleeful.

Carter Hall texted Kara Danvers about Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows performing a secret concert at the Lazarus Pit but she was stuck serving detention in the library of Metropolis High School.

The Lazarus Pit held a weekend long event Mosh-A-Thon featuring The Metropolis Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Kittie Riot, Bathing Suit Murder, Le Panther, The Stay-Stays, Blundie, and more. Danvers turned her phone off and went to The Lazarus Pit. Some time after Blundie, Bathing Suit Murder, and Kitty Riot performed, all the bands and patrons became enamored with Lexcorp's Pigeon Party app. Danvers was bummed the marathon ended early and checked her phone.