Gotham City Convention Center

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Appearances (Episodes): #GothamCon
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Barbara Gordon took a bus from Metropolis to Gotham City so she could attend the Annual Convention of Gotham City Enthusiasts with Harleen Quinzel. They walked from the Gotham Bus Depot across town to the Gotham City Convention Center where the convention was being held. Quinzel saw the display for the actual steamroller used by the Joker in his infamous 'Crushing Christmas Caper,' the one thing she wanted to see more than anything else. They went to a panel where Batgirl thought the surprise special guest was Batman. She had a question prepared that asked him how he differentiates incidental clues from the most illuminating ones doubling in impressing him in hopes of him taking her on as a sidekick. To her disappointment, the special guest was Robin. After an anecdote, Robin opened the floor to questions. He saw through Gordon's question and teased her. Quinzel was enraged. She lied to Gordon she had one more thing to go do and they agreed to meet at a coffee stand at 4 pm. Harley Quinn crashed the panel and lunged at Robin with her mallet. Batgirl swung in and kicked Harley away.

Robin thought they were cosplayers and had security throw them out. Harley warned Batgirl to stay out of her way. Batgirl admitted she thought Harley's goal was awesome but vowed to stop her anyway. Harley went up to the scaffolding and severed a light fixture over Robin as he gave autographs. Batgirl fired a grapnel line and caught it. During the red carpet, Quinn posed as a reporter and handed him her microphone and ran. It was really a grenade. Batgirl chased her. She ran back and put the pin back in the grenade. Quinn fired a blow dart from a potted plant. Batgirl blocked it with a cut out of Robin. Robin ordered a hot dog but Quinn handed him a live dynamite in a bun. Batgirl put it out with ketchup and mustard. During a toy unveiling, Batgirl and Quinn were trampled. By 4 pm, both were beat. Quinzel concluded the convention was a stinker. Gordon, unaware of what was going on, appealed to Quinzel to not let the convention be ruined for her, too, and do the thing she needed to do for her.

Quinzel saw Robin and was inspired to try and kill him again. She changed back into Harley Quinn, stole the Joker's steam roller, and charged at Robin. Gordon was reduced to tears. Quinzel returned and was confused. Gordon admitted he was a jerk that always embarrassed her but she never wished him dead. They noticed Robin was still alive and what got run over was a cardboard cut out used for selfies. Robin started judging the cosplay contest. Quinzel realized she still had a live bomb strapped to the judge's chair. Harley Quinn forced her way onto the stage but Batgirl stood in her way. Robin found the bomb. They leaped over the desk at him. Harley emerged with the bomb. The people in the audience realized it was real and fled the room. Harley didn't know how to get rid of it and ran into a restroom. A boy tripped her up and she lost the bomb. Batgirl fired a grapnel line and captured it then tossed it back to Harley. Harley threw it in a vault but realized it was the actual vault used by the Joker in his infamous 'Breakin' the Bank' Caper.

Quinn ran off with the bomb and threw it. Robin happened to catch it. Harley snatched it. Batgirl grabbed a fire extinguisher and fired but it went all over her face instead of the bomb. Harley gave her the bomb, took the extinguisher, and took out the fuse. Batgirl and Harley bowed and shook hands. Batgirl stared her down. Harley sprayed her face and ran out of the convention center. Batgirl chased after her into the city.