Gotham City

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 3, #FromBatToWorse, #GothamCon, and #BackInAFlash
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science Chapter 10
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Gotham City is an American city. On a "beautiful" summer day, Barbara Gordon saw the Batsignal in the sky. She was excited and told her Bat-Mite doll it was the night they joined Batman's team. She put on her makeshift costume and pedaled on her bicycle to the scene of the crime using a walkie set on the police band. After struggling uphill, she made it to where the robbery was reported but saw the robber was already tied up and left to hang from a street light. She glimpsed Batman on top of a roof. As he fired a grapnel and swung away, Gordon yelled out in vain for to stop so he could meet his new teammate. Robin heard everything and mocked her mercilessly even though she was taller than him. After he left, the police arrived. Commissioner Gordon had no idea why her daughter was there but she was in tears. They hugged. Gordon regretted taking a job in Gotham and promised to get her out of the city someday.

Commissioner Gordon moved from Gotham to Metropolis with his family when Barbara when she was in the middle of high school. One night, Barbara Gordon got an unexpected call from her best friend Harleen Quinzel who was still living in Gotham. Quinzel missed her and hated they were apart then admitted she would try harder to keep her in Gotham if she got a second chance because best friends were worth fighting for. Sirens approached Quinzel. She had to hang up on account of "Gotham stuff." Gordon chuckled. Quinzel kissed at her screen and hung up.

Barbara Gordon took a bus to Gotham City and met Harleen Quinzel at the Gotham Bus Depot. They walked through the city to the Gotham City Convention Center, where the Annual Convention for Gotham City Enthusiasts was being held. They couldn't be happier with the prospect and joined hands as they skipped through the city. They took selfies at famous locations on the way like Arkham Asylum, Ace Chemicals, and Blackgate Penitentiary. They played hop scotch on a chalk grid left behind by children then continued by hopping over subdued criminals left behind by Batman and Robin. They breached the police line and danced by and on a police car outside a bank as officers walked out with two robbers. They came upon a S.W.A.T. stand off. An elderly woman saw them, too, then used the opening to hit the robber with her purse and knocked him out. They all danced in triumph. Gordon and Quinzel lay in the chalk outlines of two victims then happily rolled away. They arrived at the Gotham City Convention Center.

After the convention, Quinzel thought Gordon was a fan of Robin and as Harley Quinn tracked him down to an alley. Robin was reduced to tears and frantically signed a photo of himself under duress. While Gordon and Quinzel said their goodbyes at the Gotham Bus Depot, Quinzel gave her the signed autograph as a present since the convention didn't go like she wanted. On the weekend the Super Hero Girls planned to stage a heist at Lexcorp Tower, save the world from an extinction-level meteor, and finding out Lex Luthor was a super villain, Barbara Gordon had to return to Gotham to visit her grandma.

To pay for a rare comic book before it sold out, Barbara Gordon and Barry Allen used the latter's super powers to travel 12 years into the past to Gotham City. Gordon stole the piggy bank from her young infant self. Gordon called it investing in her future. Infant Gordon cried hysterically.