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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Super Shorts): #HamsterConQueso, #BatAndSwitch, #PrizeFighter, #Babsgirl, #VeggieBurritoBucket, and #FlashForwardFlashback
Appearances (Episodes): #BurritoBucket, #Beeline, and #LivingTheNightmare
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science Chapter 11 and Chapter 12
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Barbara Gordon has an after school job at a Burrito Bucket in Metropolis. Shane O'Shaughnessy, her manager, is a stern taskmaster towards her. One day, it was Gordon's turn to take care of Hammy the Hamster, the mascot from Metropolis High School, and hid it in her locker. O'Shaughnessy announced the health inspector was performing his inspection, handed her a mop, and told her not to mess it up, and left the room. Gordon checked and Hammy was no longer in its cage. It somehow ended up under a bucket and ran along a counter towards O'Shaughnessy and the Health Inspector by the wash station. Gordon ran over and awkwardly rested her arm on the bucket, announcing the floor was done and touted the soda machine's cleanliness. After they left to check the soda machine, Gordon checked and Hammy was gone. It somehow climbed atop the soda machine and ate a straw then fell in. As it fell through the dispenser, Gordon caught it with a spatula and flipped it.

Hammy bounced off a decoration, then a seat, then an order sign and landed in a burrito. Hammy started eating. O'Shaughnessy, unaware of Hammy, offered the burritos to the inspector. He ate the one with Hammy in it but Hammy fell out the other end onto Gordon's open hands. The inspector praised Burrito Bucket's secret ingredient and gave them a pass grade. As Gordon took a teenager's order, Hammy peered out from her sombrero. While a Burrito Bucket was being held up by three robbers wearing animal masks, Zee Zatara's spell swapped the essence of Barbara Gordon and one of the robbers into each other's bodies. Amid a standoff over a bucket, Gordon screamed. Burrito Bucket was held up again. As the robber wearing the horse mask demanded all the burritos from Jimmy, a basketball crashed through the roof, knocked out the robber, and bounced back up into the sky. At the end of a night shift, Gordon went out the back exit and told O'Shaughnessy good night and the stack of dishes was right behind him. It was too late, he tipped the stack over and they broke into pieces. He yelled for Gordon but she zipped away.

Jessica Cruz covered one of Barbara Gordon's shifts at the Burrito Bucket while she was out sick. Cruz was confident she could handle working behind the counter since she protested there enough times. She told Gordon over the phone to get better and not to worry about a thing. Shane O'Shaughnessy stated he normally wouldn't allow it and noted a mop could do a better job than Gordon. He reminded her to put on the uniform. Cruz looked in a locker and saw a dirty uniform. She declined and put on Gordon's name tag only. O'Shaughnessy advised her to familiarize herself with the menu before the lunch rush. Cruz thought it was going to be fun being Gordon for a day then she remembered meat was a big part of the menu. An order came in for a triple meat burrito. She made a veggie bowl instead. O'Shaughnessy took the bowl to customer but she pointed out it was wrong. O'Shaughnessy stormed into the back and yelled for Gordon. Cruz corrected him. He ordered her to give the customer what they order. She continued to substitute vegetables for meat in orders.

O'Shaughnessy had enough and dragged Cruz to the counter to take orders. A new customer came and asked what was the special. Cruz stalled, looked at the menu, and lied about being all out of the special. She suggested the secret special. He asked what was in it but Cruz kept it a secret. He opted for a five meat enchilada. He got a Veggie Burrito Bucket. She ordered a bucket of tomato and zucchini burritos for a woman. The customers started complaining about their orders. O'Shaughnessy yelled at her again and told her to give customers what they ordered or she and Gordon would be fired. Cruz watched customers eating meat and sank to the floor. She couldn't bring herself to serve meat. O'Shaughnessy was amused and asked her if she thought Burrito Bucket could afford real meat. She looked over to a barrel filled with substitute meat. Cruz was ecstatic it wasn't real meat and declared burritos for all. The customers cheered.

Flash raced to Burrito Bucket for a breakfast burrito but a woman was taking a long time to order. She finally asked Jimmy if there was a vegan option for the three beef taco. Flash suggested a salad. She decided to go with on. Jimmy asked if she wanted Caesar or Garden Fresh. She asked which one had gluten because her yoga teacher told her to avoid them but her family psychic told her she should eat more of it and her Pilates instructor told her it was okay to eat it in moderation.

Gordon was late to work six times and it was still only Monday. At 10:05 am, O'Shaughnessy lectured Gordon about the importance of a good work ethic. Gordon showed him her childhood photo and reiterated was a big fan of Burrito Bucket since she was five years old. He warned her she would be fired if she was late one more time. Gordon started chopping but noticed three masked robbers into the Bank of Moolah across the street. She used a two minute bathroom break to sneak off out the back door to the bank but she took too long introducing herself and ran back. She zipped behind the counter and tried to get her 15-minute break early but O'Shaughnessy was adamant she take it at noon. She asked for another bathroom break and took a drink from the soda fountain. She noticed the trash can was full and asked for a short break to take it out to the dumpster. He gave her a minute. She ran to the bank with the trash bag then ran back and helped a customer.

Gordon took the opportunity to empty the hot sauce bottle onto the customer's taco order then went off to buy more hot sauce. She returned without any but a Metropoleats Delivery Service worker walked in. She zipped out and took the order instead. She drove his car into the bank. She had to run back and dived behind the corner. O'Shaughnessy glared at her from a booth. Gordon called the Flash for help. A customer came in and took forever trying to figure out what to order. Gordon propped up a bucket on a broom and left. She returned and the customer decided to get sushi instead. O'Shaughnessy informed her there was an order of 100 buckets to fulfill. Luckily, she noticed it was noon and took her break. Unable to take out the robbers in 15 minutes, she went back and forth while making buckets -- and became so unfocused she punched Jimmy, a co-worker, while in her Batgirl suit. O'Shaughnessy did a count and fired Gordon for only making 99 buckets. A trio walked in and ordered two taco buckets, four buckets of quesadillas, three buckets of guacamole then put on their masks and held up O'Shaughnessy and Jimmy.

Gordon hid by the restroom. She put on her bucket and a pancho then jumped atop the counter as the Burrito Bucketeer. She knocked their guns away with burritos, squirted guacamole on the floor, they slipped, then she garnished them and rolled them up in a rug like a burrito. After a police officer took them into custody, O'Shaughnessy admitted she saved the restaurant. She asked for her job back. He grumbled and agreed to. She asked for hour-long breaks. He said no. She knocked it down to half-hour. He said no. She asked for Employee of the Month. He compromised and gave her Employee of the Night. She accepted. Karen Beecher entered Burrito Bucket and tried to tell Gordon about Harley Quinn's plot to blow up the bridge but she only recited company rhetoric. Beecher turned around and realized she cut in front of a long line. She went to the back and apologized to everyone as she went. After some time, she finally made it to the register but Gordon was on break. Jimmy informed her Gordon left something. Beecher left with four burrito buckets and found Jessica Cruz protesting Burrito Bucket outside.

After Fuseli was brought to the physical realm, he was left powerless and ended up working the counter at the same Burrito Bucket where Gordon worked at. He charged a man $800 for a 49 cent burrito. She reminded him to give the customers fair prices and quality product they expect from Burrito Bucket and that if he made it through his six month quality control edit without an errors, he would be eligible for a bonus, or middle management if he made it a year. Fuseli remarked it was a nightmare.

Zatanna and Sparrow flew off for Burrito Bucket once Batgirl realized she was five minutes late to her shift. Gordon demonstrated how to get the soda fountain working by kicking it. Zatara found it excessive and admitted if she said that, she would want to rethink her strategy. Gordon countered getting the order to the customer as quickly as possible was the correct strategy. O'Shaughnessy came out into the front and warned Gordon she better not be fraternizing on company time. Gordon denied it and asked Zatara and her "cousin," whom she never saw before, if her order was two burritos. Zatara confirmed and asked her not to skimp on guacamole. She told O'Shaughnessy her quality of service merited a raise. He suspected something was fishy. Gordon reminded him the daily special was Mahi-Mahi tacos. He went back to his office to do paperwork but told Gordon he was watching her. A customer ordered a burrito but on corn tortillas instead of flour, extra guacamole, but no avocado, no cheese, extra beans, and salsa but with just the tomatoes. Gordon suggested a quesadilla.

Gordon put a Burrito Bucket shirt on Sparrow and proceeded with testing its balance, agility, and stamina through taking tacos to customers in their booth and preparing tacos. Dr. Sieve happened to be on lunch break and was impressed with Sparrow. Gordon introduced herself and offered fish tacos on the house. Without knowing it, Zatara said one of Sparrow's command words, "overdrive," and it made tons of tacos. Zatara cast a spell to stop the tacos and froze them in mid-air. She told Sparrow to get Zatara a large lemon lime soda. Sparrow couldn't get the fountain to work and attacked it. Zatara called in the other girls to help get Sparrow away. Gordon wrapped herself around Sparrow and tried to calm it down. O'Shaughnessy thought she was attacking a customer. Zatara interrupted him and asked for guacamole. She mentioned the customer was always right and would hate to have to leave a bad Welp review and Gordon saved her cousin with the Heimlich Maneuver. She again mentioned Gordon should get a raise. The girls took Sparrow outside.

Out to prove her innocence, Zatara cast a tracking spell and confirmed whoever followed her was present at Burrito Bucket and likely was the culprit who stole Sparrow's microchip. The map heavily pointed her back to Metropolis High School.