Big Borger

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #Abracadabrapalooza and #TheBirdAndTheBee
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Big Borger is a fast food hamburger franchise. The menu includes a two borgers for $1, cherry pie, onion rings, cheeseborgers for $2, a hot dog for $1, a kraut dog for $1.20, a chili dog for $1.30. Around the time her magical powers manifested, Zee Zatara went inside a Big Borger while she was on the road performing with her father. The employee at the register greeted her with the company pun, "How mayo I help you." She tried to order a Number One combo, one cherry pie, and one order of onion rings. She suddenly spoke backwards each time she spoke. The food on the shelves behind the employee levitated and circled above her. He ducked down in fear. She panicked and ran away. The food followed after her. Karen Beecher tried to play matchmaker with Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders to rekindle the love from their past lives. She had him go to the Big Borger drive through when she was on the clock. Sanders greeted them with the standard phrase, "Welcome to Big Borger, how mayo I help you?" Hall got too nervous and sped off without ordering.