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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Super Shorts): #FaultyPowers, #PackBat, #SofaSoGood, and #TheCommute
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 4, #SheMightBeGiant, #CrushingIt, #Frenemies Part 1, #PowerSurge, #AllAboutZee, #BreakingNews, #LeagueOfShadows Part 1, #LeagueOfShadows Part 2, and #SchoolGhoul
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science Chapter 9 and Chapter 12
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Batcave is a secret base built under the Sweet Justice ice cream parlor. Barbara Gordon got an idea to use the location after Wonder Woman declared the team should celebrate every victory there. During the three months it took for Lexcorp Construction Services to rebuild Sweet Justice, Gordon made a few late night trips to the construction site to build the base. On the night of the grand opening, Gordon revealed the base to the team. Using switch hidden in a straw dispenser, the secret entrance under the booth was triggered. Wonder Woman declared it was a place of wonder. Jessica Cruz realized they could protect the whole city from there. Karen Beecher noticed the Daily Planet front page photo of the team up on a wall. The girls gathered at the base for the unveiling of the new Bumblebee suit. Bumblebee got annoyed that Gordon kept pointing out the new modifications made her look more like a bee. Lastly, Beecher tried the growth tech but it failed and she shrunk. Gordon reassured her they probably inverted the zeta component when they had to cross-wire the other thing because they were out of the other things then proposed a quick trip to the mall.

After Steve Trevor's first week at Metropolis High School, the girls settled at the cave on Saturday and watched one of the Just Before Dusk movies. However, they soon realized Diana Prince was love sick over Trevor when she walked in wearing a blanket and looked pale then described how she couldn't eat or sleep and her stomach was full of butterflies. Danvers had enough of her crush and declared they were taking her out to get her mind off Trevor. The girls night out failed and she slipped into a delirious state. Gordon tried dousing her in water from an orange cooler but it had no affect. Danvers stated that's how she was going to be from now on. Gordon tried to continue with her Trevor-is-her-Kryptonite analogy but Danvers shut her down. Danvers shook and slapped Prince and reminded her she was an Amazon warrior and the literal symbol of female empowerment. Cruz told her she was entitled to her feelings and she should deal with it her way. Prince started talking out loud to Trevor saying she loved vanilla, too. Gordon suggested they take out Trevor. They all quickly agreed to the new plan.

The girls recovered from a day with Harleen Quinzel in the secret headquarters. Danvers was happy she couldn't feel pain for once. Zatara believed Gordon had to know it was a disaster. Gordon arrived and declared it was the best day ever and thought they loved Quinzel as much as she did. She even wanted to book activities a year in advance then changed it to five years then 50 then suggested they should all plan to die on the same day and have one big besties gravestone. She wanted to invite Quinzel into the headquarters. Prince did not find that prudent. Zatara agreed. Gordon was confused. Danvers quickly made up the excuse that there wasn't enough chairs and vaporized them, the couch, and bean bags with her heat vision. Gordon started to realize they didn't want to hang out with Quinzel. They tried to deny it but Gordon used the Lasso of Truth on them. They all thought Quinzel was the worst. Gordon gasped. Danvers realized she missed her and awkwardly joined the others. Gordon felt betrayed and un-friended them. She tried to exit up the chute but kept sliding back down. Zatara quietly stopped Beecher from intervening.

The Super Hero Girls watched the Metropolis Power Plant battle live on TV and were horrified to learn Supergirl was dead. They failed to notice Supergirl walk behind them to the refridgerator. The reporter continued to get facts wrong about Supergirl like her being Superman's kid sister but noted her acts of heroism were overshadowed by her emotional nature and hot temper. Clark Kent texted Supergirl and asked if she was dead. Supergirl replied "no" and he sent a thumbs up emoji. Zee Zatara wondered how they would go on. Jessica Cruz felt her spirit was with them. They heard Supergirl open a can of soda on the couch next to them. They all hugged her at the same time. The reporter interviewed one of the workers. He complained she threw turbine blades around and crashed into stuff and begged the question if she knew how expensive a power plant was. Supergirl was annoyed she tried to save him. Diana Price answered she did because she was Supergirl and was eager to clear the misconception of her death.

They were about to suit up when Supergirl stopped them. She felt Metropolis was better off without Supergirl and so was she. The others were shocked. Supergirl saw it as a fresh start and wanted to adopt a new superhero identity and costume. Zatara cast a makeover spell but Supergirl shot down every costume. After some time, the other girls lost interest and became listless. She finally settled on a blue, red, and white costume. Zatara wasn't impressed. Supergirl wanted to decide on a new attitude next and asked the girls what the one thing they would change about her. They lied and told her there was nothing they would. Supergirl asked Beecher. Beecher hesitantly told her she would change her "teeniest" anger problem. Supergirl thanked her for being honest. Gordon felt comfortable and got out her list. It rolled across the floor. She revealed she had a list like that for everyone then told Supergirl she was always late, cracked her knuckles, drooled when she slept, said things like "irregardless" and "supposedly," and mixed up her "theirs," "there's," and "they'res" but before she could continue, Supergirl grabbed her by the collar.

Supergirl paused and told Gordon the old her would have knocked her out but the new her wasn't going there but spelled out "their." The next task was a new name. But she rejected them all. Cruz made a recycle bin construct for all the rejected ideas. Zatara thought Likeable Lass had excellent superhero alliteration. Beecher again suggested Power Girl. Prince thought Good Girl was very clear in meaning. Beecher insisted Power Girl was pretty clear. Supergirl floated above her and wanted something with some oomph, some kick, and some girl power but not "Power Girl." Beecher was annoyed. Gordon what was wrong with Awesome Girl. Supergirl suddenly thought of her new name, "Powergirl." Beecher was livid and guessed she suggested "Power Girl" about ten times. Zatara hoped the new identity of Powergirl wouldn't go to Danvers' head. Powergirl's fame went to her head and she plastered the hideout with front pages and banners about her. The girls recuperated from a monster fight at the hideout. Powergirl threw self-branded water bottles to them with "Powergirl" replaced the "H" in water.

The other Super Hero Girls saw the episode of Helen where Powergirl declared teams overrated and were not pleased. Zee Zatara asked if anyone had Kryptonite. Beecher arrived in a panic and showed them a book written by Livewire, "How I Did It. Destroying Supergirl. A Memoir." Powergirl didn't care. But Beecher started reading and it quickly became apparent it was a biased and inaccurate account of events. Livewire even wrote Supergirl was a menace and needed to be taken down. Powergirl flinched but insisted she was better anyway. Prince shouted that was lie. Cruz told her Supergirl was a hero who did to help people, not become famous, and she didn't deserve to be treated like that. Cruz placed Supergirl's folded costume atop the book. Powergirl left to cut the ribbon at the grand reopening of the Metropolis Power Plant. Kara Danvers retired Powergirl and resigned herself to being hated by everyone again. Prince disagreed. The girls all hugged her at once. A power plant worker was interviewed. He sarcastically thanked Supergirl for leaving a giant mess and pleaded with Powergirl to come back. Danvers threw the table into the TV then yelled at Beecher she didn't have an anger problem.

The girls went to headquarters for hot sauce unaware that Casey Krinsky was posing as Zee Zatara. While Cruz used a hand construct to pour some hot sauce on Danvers' dish, Krinsky realized they were all of the Super Hero Girls. She gleefully activated her ability and stole everyone's. She took on aspects of everyone's costume into her form and stole all their powers then flew up through the street above and rampaged. After a battle on the pier with Moth-Monsters, the girls retreated to the headquarters. Gordon kicked herself for leaving the Burrito Bucket wrapper for Lois Lane to find. Beecher asked if anyone thought they should do something about the Moth-Monsters that kept showing up. Danvers told her to remember their priorities. She threw her bench press bar into the ceiling then switched to curls and asked what they should do about Lane. Gordon asked Zatara if there was a spell to erase her memory. Zatara realized there was but she didn't know it and it was super hard to cast.

Danvers got an idea. Cruz told her not every problem could be solved by punching it into space. Danvers rescinded. Diana popped up from behind the couch and was resolute about facing the problem directly. Danvers perked up. Diana told her the plan was more cunning than a space punch. At some point, others like Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Garth Bernstein were made privy of the hideout. A viewing of a Just Before Dusk movie by Gordon, Prince, Cruz, Zatara, Bernstein, Jordan, and Allen was interrupted by Danvers. She blocked the TV while she explained she was finally going to get to see the League of Shadows perform live and at a secret show at the Lazarus Pit. She shook Allen, broke the table in two, and totally hyped the League. Jordan had no clue who Ra's Al Ghul was. Danvers retorted he didn't have any real taste. Everyone noticed Beecher was listening to music on her phone. She paused and took out her headphones then asked them if they heard Up Past 8's latest hit.

Everyone stared. Jordan teased her for listening to the boy band despite the fact she was their target age of 14. Beecher explained why she liked them and revealed he had two tickets to their concert the next night. She asked who wanted to go with her. They all turned back to the TV and Zatara turned it back on with a finger snap. Danvers admired her interest in music. Beecher thought she was saying she would go to the concert with her. Danvers presented her tickets and declared she was going to see the League with her, after a make over. The next day, Jordan and Bernstein played the Just Before Dusk video game. Jordan wanted to skip the cut scene but Berstein insisted they were essential to advancing the story. Jordan used Kaitlyn to easily drain Alexandra's health meter. Cruz worked on protest posters. Zatara played cards. Gordon monitored Kite Man. Prince studied. Bernstein protested Jordan's strategy was counter to the character. Beecher returned to the hideout. Jordan was amused by her new look and called her "Karen Danvers." Cruz mused she had fun.

Beecher was sullen and went to listen to music on her phone. It was set on a League song. She tossed her rock garb and switched to an Up Past 8 song. Danvers, now under Ra's Al Ghul's mind control, slid in so hard she destroyed the bed at the base. She yelled the concert was the bomb into Gordon's microphone so loud that Kite Man and his buyer noticed and disabled a camera. Then she kicked green paint all over Cruz's posters, slapped Zatara's cards into Up Past 8 posters, used super breath on Prince and swatter her book to the ground, stole Allen's chips, and stepped on the video game console. They all stared at her. Danvers was upset with their lack of a sense of humor and flew up through the ceiling. Beecher asked if Danvers was acting a little different than usual. Nobody else saw it. Beecher realized her tickets were gone. Jordan teased they probably spontaneously combusted from sheer lameness. Cruz slapped the back of his head. Beecher gasped and wondered if Danvers stole them. Everyone laughed at her theory. She left and followed Danvers to the Up Past 8 concert.

Tatsu Yamashiro reached out to Diana Prince for help with a haunting but she wasn't around to answer it. Yamashiro sent a text saying she needed her help. Barbara Gordon paused from welding a gadget and yelled out a phone was buzzing. Kara Danvers identified it as Prince's phone but she wasn't present. Gordon groaned and checked it. She was intrigued by the text and asked Danvers if she wanted to do something "fun." Floating up above while riffing on her guitar, Danvers' interest was piqued.

Barbara Gordon spent the night tinkering with new gadgets. She tried making a goo gun but it expelled gunk all over the cave. She thought of an improved Bat Grenade and tried it out on the fight dummy but she didn't like the foam. She tried a spray rocket but flew around out of control. Discouraged, Gordon left to dump the prototypes. Jessica Cruz and Diana Prince staged an intervention when Barbara Gordon's hoarding began cluttering the base up. Cruz told her it would be hard but she had a disease, hoarding. Gordon was concerned. Prince informed her they looked it up on the Internet. Gordon assumed it was true. They started going through the clutter for what to throw away. Gordon refused to throw away her night vision goggles, jet powered skates, Bat Shark Repellent, and cat brush. Cruz and Prince sighed then pointed to a pile of old food. Gordon determined it was fresh meat loaf but couldn't bring herself to taking a bite. She promised to clean up. Cruz and Prince were sucked up into a tube. Gordon felt better then sat down and watched TV.

Barbara Gordon and Karen Beecher moved a new couch found on a sidewalk into the hideout. They sat on the couch and Beecher turned on the TV to a news report. They realized they accidentally stole the couch. The owner, a woman, was upset and started wailing on one of the movers. Gordon wondered how they were going to get the couch up the slide. Barbara Gordon watched television in the headquarters. She switched from a "Just Before Dusk" to a 24/7 Live bulletin. The anchor reported a fire broke out at the Metropolis Pier. Gordon suited up.

Unable to stop a cloud eclipsing the sun over the city, Zatanna got an idea and took Bumblebee with her to the headquarters underneath Sweet Justice. She asked Bumblebee to make silica gel beads to suck out moisture with. She made several and enhanced them to suck moisture even faster. Prince called for a meeting at headquarters on Saturday. Zatara arrived last, ordered a mint chocolate chip cone and got it from Allen before she finished her sentence, then took the passage down. Zatara announced she figured out what her science project was going to be but was still available to help out. Prince revealed that was the subject of the meeting. Gordon revealed Sparrow's microchip was stolen after she left Burrito Bucket. Zatara was aghast she implied she stole it. Cruz pointed out nobody thought she did anything on purpose. Danvers interjected that things went wrong when she was around. Zatara claimed she wouldn't try to ruin anyone's project. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Beecher chimed in that she decided to go big and better and made a giant honeycomb display with real honey. Zatara was relieved. Prince stated her helping had to stop then flubbed one about the straw that broke the camel's back. Zatara was saddened to hear wasn't wanted and assured them she would never sabotage them then posited a set up. She looked to Beecher. Beecher told her it would just be until after the fair. Zatara heard enough and teleported out of the base. Danvers feigned relief it wasn't awkward.