Bank of Moolah

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #BurritoBucket, #SuperWho?, #PowerSurge, and #TheBirdAndTheBee
Appearances (Super Shorts): #LostAndFound, #VeggieBurritoBucket, and #FlashForwardFlashback
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

A trio of masked robbers held up the Bank of Moolah. Barbara Gordon noticed them pull up from across the street inside Burrito Bucket, where she was working her shift. She realized they weren't bank patrons at all. At 10:35 am, she asked her boss, Shane O'Shaughnessy for a bathroom break. He gave her two minutes or she was fired. She set a timer and fired a grapnel from the roof's big bucket display then swung across. She hung upside down and peered into the bank. She kicked the door open then when into a long introduction. The robber with the horse mask took offense to being called bafoonish. Batgirl's alarm beeped. She told nobody to move and ran back to Burrito Bucket. She got herself one minute to take out the trash. She dumped the trash bag on the floor of the bank. The robbers turned from the vault. She retorted it was time to take out the trash. The horse pointed out she just brought it in. She had to stop and run to the restroom. The horse shrugged. Batgirl burst out but the alarm beeped. Gordon ran back and emptied out the hot sauce bottle on an order so she could be sent out to buy more.

Batgirl jumped atop the getaway car and yanked the horse's keys away and blew it up with a Bat Grenade. She had to run back to work. She took a Metropoleats Delivery Service worker's car and drove into the bank. Batgirl was aghast the robbers took hostages. The horse pointed out she blew up his keys and asked what else were they supposed to do. He demanded she let them take the cash and nobody would get hurt. The alarm beeped. Gordon returned to work and called the Flash for help. He quickly arrived and ran into the bank. Gordon left a customer taking too long to order. Batgirl ran into the bank and noticed the Flash got tied up, too. He admitted he was just as surprised. She had to run back. Luckily, it was 12 and Gordon took her federally mandated 15 minute break. Batgirl threw her Batarang and knocked the duck's gun away, untied a hostage, uppercut the panda, cut more rope, whacked the horse with a bag of money, cut more rope, stood up Flash, and asked him to run her errands. He agreed and ran off. Batgirl ran and jump kicked then leg sweeped the horse, threw his bag of money back into the vault, clotheslined the panda, threw another bag in, and collared the duck but her alarm beeped.

Gordon tried to go back and worth while working on a 100 bucket order. She double punched the panda in the gut. Went back. Jump kicked the horse while still in her work uniform. Went back. She returned in both uniforms but everyone was gone. She dropped to her knees in realization she failed. The janitor waxed the floor and asked her who she was. Superman later foiled a robbery at the bank. He stopped the robbers from driving off in an armored car with his right hand. Supergirl later jumped atop dynamite planted outside the bank and took the blast but everyone was watching Superman rescue a black cat from a tree. Powergirl tied up three masked robbers mid-heist before they could leave. The Super Hero Girls and Invincibros teamed up to stop a stolen armored car after it departed the Bank of Moolah. Bumblebee attempted to hide behind Supergirl when Wonder Woman picked the pairs. She was still paired with Hawkman.

Harley Quinn used Wonder Woman's stolen Lasso of Truth as a bungee cord during her robbery of the Bank of Moolah but was unaware of its unlimited length. She crashed into a tree and was tied up in the lasso. Wonder Woman and Supergirl found her. Supergirl got an idea and decided to have a little conversation before turning her over to the police. Giganta robbed a bank on a Saturday morning but the Flash coincidentally ran into her outside. She dropped the stolen money and vowed to make him pay. Flash told her he had to run. She was confused. He ran at super speed, tied her up, and left her to the police on the scene.