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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science (Chapter 1, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, and Chapter 14)
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, and Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Sparrow is an egg-shaped robot sidekick thought up by Barbara Gordon for the Metropolis High School science fair. It was inspired by the partnership between Batman and Robin. Zee Zatara liked how flashy it sounded. In her bedroom, Gordon demonstrated Sparrow's distraction technique, singing, and a defensive skill, the "Bird Nest." The "Bird Nest" completely wrapped around her. Zatara was impressed but thought it could use some style. She cast a spell that made it look more humanoid with arms, legs, and red hair. Gordon got an idea and wanted to request a color change. Zatara understood and gave it Robin's colors. They took it out for a test spin. Batgirl ordered it to help an old woman cross the street, save a kitten stuck up in a tree, and help charge a phone. Zatanna decided to market Sparrow and held a little rally. The citizens were dazzled. Zatanna and Sparrow flew off for Burrito Bucket once Batgirl realized she was five minutes late to her shift.

Gordon put a Burrito Bucket shirt on Sparrow and proceeded with testing its balance, agility, and stamina through taking tacos to customers in their booth and preparing tacos. Dr. Sieve happened to be on lunch break and was impressed with Sparrow. Gordon introduced herself and offered fish tacos on the house. Without knowing it, Zatara said one of Sparrow's command words, "overdrive," and it made tons of tacos. Zatara cast a spell to stop the tacos and froze them in mid-air. She told Sparrow to get Zatara a large lemon lime soda. Sparrow couldn't get the fountain to work and attacked it. Zatara called in the other girls to help get Sparrow away. Gordon wrapped herself around Sparrow and tried to calm it down. O'Shaughnessy thought she was attacking a customer. Zatara interrupted him and asked for guacamole. She mentioned the customer was always right and would hate to have to leave a bad Welp review and Gordon saved her cousin with the Heimlich Maneuver. She again mentioned Gordon should get a raise. The girls took Sparrow outside. Its microchip was stolen by Dr. Sieve and used for her knock off, Sieve-bot.

The Super Hero Girls recovered the microchip and Sparrow was back to normal. Gordon was excited about Sparrow winning based the fact that Dr. Sieve copied her work. While setting up between Beecher and Gordon, Zatara noticed another Sparrow. Gordon stated she didn't make another and realized Sieve built not just one but an army of Sieve-bots, and they all came online. The robots attacked everyone and ruined many displays. Zatanna cast a spell and Sparrow helped Batgirl out. Supergirl mistook it for a Sieve-bot but Green Lantern made a pillow construct just in time. Batgirl got an idea and ordered Sparrow to sing. It worked and the Sieve-bots became confused and stopped. The girls removed each robot's microchip and saved the fair.