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Real Identity: Soultaker
Appearances (Episodes): #SoulSisters Part 1, #SoulSisters Part 2, and #SchoolGhoul
Appearances (Super Shorts): #SoulTaken
Powers/Skills: Soul Theft
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Soultaker is a samurai blade forged in the 14th century in Japan during a time of war, by the legendary swordsmith, Murasama Sengo. It was cursed with dark magic and had the power to steal the souls of its enemies. The souls could only be freed if the wielder spoke the incantation, "Gi. Yu. Jin. Rei. Makoto. Meiyo. Chugi. Jisei." In the present, the Soultaker is in the possession of Katana. A criminal stole an old woman's purse one night. Katana appeared. The criminal thought she was one of the Super Hero Girls and surrendered, confident he would be out in a week. Katana brandished the Soultaker and took his soul. Some nights later, she took the souls of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Giganta, Livewire, Poison Ivy, and Star Sapphire. Katana called out the Super Hero Girls and claimed their tainted souls were hers. Supergirl levitated and charged. Katana slashed the air, unleashing a dark magic wave. It struck Supergirl and her soul was taken.

Zatanna and Green Lantern attacked in tandem. Katana dodged the magic spell but was trapped in a net construct. She easily hacked it with the Soultaker and escaped then took their souls. Wonder Woman called for a retreat. She watched as Batgirl and Bumblebee behind her were struck with a wave and lost their souls. Diana Prince went to the Metropolis Library to learn about Katana's Soultaker sword. She found a copy of "Ancient Weaponry Myth & Magic" and found an entry on the Soultaker and its origins in 14th century Japan. She discovered an incantation that could free souls from the sword but it was written in eight kanji characters. Prince asked Tatsu Yamashiro help to translate the passage. Yamashiro saw the pages and realized Prince was Wonder Woman. Prince realized she was Katana. Yamashiro changed into Katana and claimed a hero's mission was to punish villains. Prince turned into Wonder Woman and claimed heroes protected the innocent then demanded the Soultaker. They fought sword to sword but Wonder Woman was unable to take the Soultaker.

Wonder Woman still stood up and declared she would not allow her friends to remain trapped inside the sword. Katana revealed freeing her friends' souls would mean she would have to free every soul in the sword then knocked Wonder Woman's sword away. She then called Wonder Woman's methods weak and allowed villains to return again and again. Katana noticed a man trying to break into a parked car nearby. Katana used him as an example of why her method worked. One strike from Soultaker and he would never steal another again. Wonder Woman told her to stop. Katana asked if she was begging for a criminal's soul. Wonder Woman claimed she was begging for Katana's because she would become no better than the villains she punished if she continued on as judge, jury, and executioner. Katana looked at Soultaker then unleashed a strike. Wonder Woman ran in front of the man and took the attack instead. Katana watched in horror as Wonder Woman's soul was taken. The man apologized and explained he locked his keys in his car. Katana realized the grave mistake she made.

Katana took her home and recited the incantation, "Gi. Yu. Jin. Rei. Makoto. Meiyo. Chugi. Jisei." All souls in the Soultaker were released back to their bodies. Wonder Woman came to and asked her why. Katana explained what she did to protect the young man inspired her and she was right about what true heroism was, protecting. Wonder Woman what she would do next. Katana pointed out someone had to recapture all the criminals but she would do it the right way. She wondered how she could shoulder the responsibility without Soultaker's power. Wonder Woman told her it could be a force for good. Katana asked how. Wonder Woman stated they would train. Katana understood and smiled. During a case at McDougal Academy, Yamashiro hoped to capture the Silver Banshee, a spirit haunting the school, with the Soultaker. However, during a confrontation in the kitchen, the Banshee neutralized her sword slash with a sonic scream. While Banshee was distracted by Batgirl, Katana got behind her and slashed. Banshee was successfully trapped in the Soultaker. She cried out it was not justice. She took hold of Katana and revealed her true origins. In Headmaster McDougal's office, Katana released Banshee.

Harley Quinn interrupted a criminal pursuit and came up behind Katana then stole Soultaker because it looked like "fun." Katana chased after her. She followed her to the Metropolis Pier. Harley leaped over a hot dog cart and stabbed a dog for herself. Katana warned her she didn't understand what she held and demanded it back. Harley implored her to come and get it. Katana picked out a balloon sword and attacked. Harley dodged her thrusts then realized she had the real one and poked the balloon then ran off. Harley tried the whack-a-mole arcade. She eventually hacked all the heads off. Katana noticed a photo booth in use and saw Harley had put a hat, glasses, and fake mustache on her sword first, then wore them herself. She crumpled the photos in anger. Katana caught up to her again but Harley attacked with the sword. They found themselves on the roller coaster tracks trying to outrun the ride. They got on and resumed fighting.

Katana swiped the mallet from a teenager trying to win the strength test as they turned a curve. Harley admired the mallet and snatched it. The ride ended soon after. She liked the balance, grip, and lack of having to worrying about cutting herself. She tossed the Soultaker back to Katana and casually walked away. Katana was dumbfounded.