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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science Chapter 13 and Chapter 14
Powers/Skills: Electrical Generation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

At some point during an incident at a Burrito Bucket, Dr. Sieve stole Sparrow's microchip. She used it to make her knock off, Sieve-bot, and made some improvements like an extended arm that reaches out of its chest to grab things and applied an electrical force. Sieve had it take away Zee Zatara's phone, trap her under a nest construct, electrify it, and keep guard until she figured out what to do with her. Zatanna cast a spell to levitate the trap away, bind Sieve-bot's legs, and take her phone back. After the other Super Hero Girls arrived, Sieve-bot launched more nest traps. Zatanna warned Batgirl it wasn't Sparrow. Green Lantern made a giant sparrow construct that carried Sieve-bot up into the air. Batgirl removed her microchip and it powered down.

While setting up between Beecher and Gordon at the science fair, Zatara noticed another Sparrow. Gordon stated she didn't make another and realized Sieve built not just one but an army of Sieve-bots, and they all came online. The robots attacked everyone and ruined many displays. Zatara spotted the janitor's closet and changed inside with Gordon and Beecher. Batgirl was infuriated to be captured in a nest of her own design. Supergirl and Wonder Woman joined them. Zatanna cast a spell and Sparrow helped Batgirl out. Supergirl mistook it for a Sieve-bot but Green Lantern made a pillow construct just in time. Bumblebee shrank and fly into a Sieve-bot and took out the microchip. She believed that strategy would take forever. Batgirl got an idea and ordered Sparrow to sing. It worked and the Sieve-bots became confused and stopped. The girls removed each robot's microchip and saved the fair.