Red Kryptonite

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #LeagueOfShadows Part 1 and #LeagueOfShadows Part 2
Powers/Skills: Mind Control, Hair Growth, Mood Manipulation, Mutation, and Acne Generation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Red Kryptonite is the most unpredictable of the variant colors of Kryptonite. As a result, a person can experience any number of conditions including excessive hair growth, moodiness, transformation into an ant-headed humanoid, susceptibility to mind control, and mild acne. Ra's Al Ghul acquired Red Kryptonite at some point and fashioned a piece into his signature guitar pick, the Demon's Fang. During a secret show at the Lazarus Pit with the League of Shadows, Ra's gifted Kara Danvers with a Demon's Fang then played his mind control song during the concert. Danvers was under his complete control. Her Demon's Fang was fashioned into a neck collar around her. Ra's plotted to use the Red Kryptonite to make Supergirl destroy the boy band known as Up Past 8 as part of his goal of purifying the planet of the infestation of humanity. Bumblebee overheard Ra's talking about controlling Supergirl with a stone from outer space. She ran an analysis on the Demon's Fang and her suit's computer identified it as Kryptonite.

The entire Super Hero Girls team were unable to neutralize her. Bumblebee realized the mind control song was stuck in Supergirl's head and they needed something to hit her right in the heart and feel something to break the trance. Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Garth Bernstein were posing as Up Past 8 and belted out a love ballad. The girls embraced Supergirl all at once. The Red Kryptonite around her neck and Ra's' pick shattered. Supergirl landed and reverted to normal.