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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #FightAtTheMuseum, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, and #AllyCat Part 2
Appearances (Super Shorts): #EqualTights
Powers/Skills: Radiation Emission
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Kryptonite are remnants of the planet Krypton, where Superman and Supergirl were originally from. Pieces were recovered on Earth and in many different colors. It was later discovered green could strip Kryptonians powers away and leave them in highly weakened and vulnerable state. One such piece was stored in a lead-lined safe inside the Science Lexplorium. While planning for a heist, Catwoman composed a trap to neutralize Supergirl should she investigate the break-in. It went according to plan and she led Supergirl into the Treasures of Space exhibit who then smashed the safe. Catwoman caught the Kryptonite chunk in mid-air and used it against Supergirl, who was unaware of its existence. She lost her powers and fell to the floor. Catwoman took her cell phone away then placed the Kryptonite atop her head and left the Lexplorium with her target, a collection of jewelry. Using a pearl left behind by Catwoman, Supergirl was able to trigger a chain reaction of the various displays in the lobby in order to free her phone. The other Super Hero Girls arrived, separated her from the Kryptonite, then they confronted Catwoman.

Hawkman and Bumblebee broke into the Science Lexplorium and headed to the Treasures From Space exhibit in search of Kryptonite to use against General Zod, Ursa, and Non. Hawkman accidentally tripped the laser security system and the lockdown procedure was initiated. Lasers appeared in a pattern around the Kryptonite display and doors started dropping around it. Hawkman lunged and used his strength to hold up a door. Bumblebee realized he wanted her to fly under. He yelled at her to hurry. She shrank and flew to the display but struggled to lift the Kryptonite. Zod, Ursa, and Non prematurely gloated then began to cough. Zod turned and saw Hawkman above them with Kryptonite. Bumblebee excitedly gave the play by play of how they got it but Hawkman growled. She stopped. Hawkman tossed the Kryptonite into the air and shattered it into three pieces with his mace. Wonder Woman stood up and gave the signal. Flash vibrated the ice off himself and Batgirl. Batgirl grabbed a piece.

Zatanna and Green Arrow appeared. Arrow grabbed another piece but Zatanna swiped it to his dismay. The Green Lanterns created grappling hook constructs and threw them onto the portal to hold it open. Batgirl tied her piece up to a bola then wrangled Ursa with it. She was powerless. Flash created a vortex. Ursa gasped and whimpered. The vortex sent her through the portal. Zatanna tapped Non's shoulder. She told him to wait and asked what was behind his ear. He checked and it was her piece of Kryptonite. He was powerless. Green Arrow fired a boxing glove arrow at his chest and he was knocked through the portal. Wonder Woman threw a dagger. Zod caught it by reflex. It was the third piece. To everyone's shock, he resisted it and crushed it to dust. On the night of a meteor strike, Lex Luthor employed Kryptonite rays to weaken Superman and Supergirl then kept them neutralized in their cages perpetually with exposure to the ray.

The Super Hero Girls got into an epic battle with Metallo. Wonder Woman came up with a plan and ordered Supergirl to fly into the villain's Kryptonite chest. Metallo exploded but Supergirl absorbed a dangerous amount of Kryptonite. Wonder Woman declared victory but saw Supergirl motionless in a crater. After the girls gathered, Supergirl coughed. Wonder Woman vowed to nurse her back to health herself. Green Lantern Hal Jordan found a piece of Kryptonite. Unaware of what it was, he showed it to Superman, who was busy flying torpedo into space. He plummeted to the surface of the Moon where the weapon detonated.