Book of Eternity

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #AllyCat Part 1 and #AllyCat Part 2
Powers/Skills: Precognition
Voiced By: Not Applicable

According to legend, the great wizard Merlin wrote the Book of Eternity over 1,500 years ago. It gives whoever holds it the power to know and there by control, the future. The Ancients buried it under Stonehenge to keep it out of the hands of mortals because it was deemed too dangerous. In present day, Lex Luthor spent years and a fortune to find it and excavate it. The Lexcavator machine was utilized to temporarily and safely remove Stonehenge and the land it occupied so that Luthor and his men could search the underground ruins. The coffin of Merlin was pried open and Luthor took the Book of Eternity. He blew the dust off the front cover and it activated. Zee Zatara recognized the Book on 24/7 Live's TV report and freaked out. She convinced the other girls that nobody should have it. The Book was kept in Luthor's private suite on the 38th floor of Lexcorp Tower. Luthor began reading The Book to glean the future. He learned on the night of his latest charity gala, minutes before midnight, a meteor would hit Metropolis and cause an extinction-level event.

Luthor realized he could provide food, shelter, resources, and leadership in the aftermath then rebuild the world in his image, a LuthEarth. He saw the Super Hero Girls using Catwoman to stage a heist to steal The Book. He sought out Catwoman first and offered her a lucrative deal to ally with him instead. As The Book predicted, the girls blackmailed Catwoman into helping them after Barbara Gordon was taken to Gotham City for a weekend visit to her grandmother. Superman and Da Invicibros were all neutralized and captured by Luthor then imprisoned in his suite. The Super Hero Girls and Catwoman executed their heist on the night of charity gala at the tower. Luthor was waiting and recommended them to get in their cages. They still tried to stop him. Like with the other heroes, Luthor used a dance routine to dodge all of their attacks then he captured them all. When Luthor wasn't looking, Catwoman read the Book and didn't like what she saw. She ripped out a page that revealed she got on Luthor's helicopter and left the Tower after the girls were captured.

Luthor, having already memorized events, wouldn't check again and see that Catwoman would betray him and release the girls to save the world. It wasn't until the girls destroyed the meteor did Luthor notice the future was altered and pages had changed. Catwoman found Luthor's yacht off shore and stole the Book. However, the girls arrived. With no other choice, Catwoman handed the Book over to Wonder Woman.