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Real Identity: Clark Kent
Appearances (Super Shorts): #PrizeFighter and #EqualTights
Appearances (Episodes): #SuperWho?, #TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre, #PowerSurge, #AllyCat Part 2, and #CrashCourse
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Enhanced Vision, Flight, Invulnerability, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Max Mittelman

Superman is a famous superhero based in Metropolis. He was born to Jor-El and Lara on planet Krypton and was often babysat by his 12 year old cousin Kara. He was sent to Earth and raised in Smallville by Jonathan and Martha Kent and took the name Clark Kent. He later reunited his cousin Kara, who was also sent to Earth but was stuck in space stasis for several years. After two summers, he confidently transitioned from Superboy to Superman. Metropolis embraced him and gave him several monikers like "Metropolis's Big Blue Boy Scout" and "Metropolis' Favorite Son." In recent months, it became clear that despite having the likes of Superman around to look out for the city's citizens, Metropolis still needed further super help.

Out to prove herself as a hero, Supergirl stopped a purse snatcher but Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and citizens were focused on watching Superman stop criminals from leaving the Bank of Moolah in a stolen armored truck. He waited in the street and held out his right hand to stop the truck dead in its tracks. Supergirl tried to save a Metropolis Railways high speed train by using her body to bridge a gap in the tracks but the rest of the track was gone. Luckily, Superman carried the train to safety in the city. He placed it down a street, posed, and blinked at Lane. Supergirl flew into a burning building and rescued a mother, her daughter, and her infant child but the attention went to Superman as he emptied a water tower over the building. Supergirl tried to stop a meteor from striking the city. She bounced off the globe of the Planet. It fell down towards many citizens but Superman caught it and tossed it over his shoulder back onto the roof. The crowd lauded him. Supergirl went unnoticed. She tossed the meteor aside in defeat.

Supergirl rescued a couple drowning at the beach but everyone was watching Superman punch sharks back into the ocean. Even the couple clapped. Supergirl dropped them back into the water. She saved a school bus then jumped on dynamite planted outside the Bank of Moolah but everyone was watching Superman rescue a black cat out a tree at Pelham Park. He gently punched the tree and the cat dropped onto his other hand then he handed it back to the elderly woman who owned it. Supergirl had enough and flew after Superman. She told him to back off to his befuddlement. Supergirl stressed she was working her butt off proving she was a hero. Superman advised her that being a real hero took time and experience that he had as an adult. Supergirl retorted he was "Superboy" just last summer. Superman insisted it was two summers ago. Supergirl had enough and charged at him. Superman dodged her and wasn't impressed. Supergirl came up behind him and bashed him into a roof.

Superman told her she had a lot to learn. Supergirl teased that's what she told him when he was potty training on Krypton. Superman tackled her into a building and accused her of jealousy. Superman called him a pompous bonehead. They headbutted each other. Superman adjusted his hair only to be punched into a billboard about him. Superman punched her into a reactor. Supergirl started mocking him as "Clark" and used freeze breath then heat vision. She inadvertently sliced some pipes with her heat vision and the pieces hit a switch that released toxic waste into dumpster. Chemo, a chemical monster, manifested and went on a rampage. Outside the Metropolis Library, Lois Lane saw Chemo as the opportunity at the Planet internship. She threw a rock at Chemo. Its mass splashed and dissolved everything it touched. Chemo chased after Lane and Olsen. Karen Beecher happened to be at the library reading up on advanced chemistry. Lane called out to Superman for help. He tossed Supergirl across town and stood up to Chemo, easily dodging its punches while playing up the crowd.

Bumblebee found Supergirl and warned her she had to stop Superman from punching it or the splatter of its hydrogen fluoride and antimony pentafluoride would reduce the city to a smoking hole in the ground. Supergirl wasn't following. She translated her warning and told Supergirl to get it away from Superman then blow it up. Supergirl zipped it off to space just in time before Superman's uppercut connected and blew it up with heat vision. Superman got the credit though the other Super Hero Girls knew the truth and congratulated her on saving the city. While Superman was away, General Zod, Ursa, and Non escaped the Phantom Zone again. Zod demanded the heir to the House of El be brought to him or all of Earth would suffer. Supergirl misinterpreted him and surrendered to save the world. He had no idea who she was even after she identified herself as Supergirl, daughter of Alura Zor-El. She was speechless. Zod clarified he wanted Superman. Supergirl couldn't believe it was happening to her again. She zipped over to him and told him in his face she was just as good and demanded to be taken prisoner.

Zod opted to draw Superman out instead. Ursa and Non picked up a bus full of people and flew up. Zod started a 10 count. As each second passed, Ursa and Non crunched the bus a little further towards the center. Lantern urged Supergirl to just call Superman. Supergirl caved and dialed. Superman answered for once but he didn't believe her since she recently crank called him about Zod. He hung up. She sheepishly claimed it was a bad connection. Supergirl managed to get Clark Kent to answer his phone while he waited for his coffee at a stand and asked him about "Bizarro." He was dismayed she had one, too. She was confused. Kent explained Bizarro was a nemesis he faced pretty often, was basically a weird-looking version of him that destroyed things for no reason but unlike her he defeated his. He clarified if his Bizarro was like hers, she should be the opposite of her, smart and pretty. Supergirl laughed sarcastically and asked if that was all he had on them.

Kent assured her there was not much to Bizarros. They were big, weird monsters who destroyed things for no reason. Supergirl realized her Bizarro demolished the Smallville High School gym and got her expelled. Kent waited then pointed out she was burning through his minutes. She hung up, huffed, and sped back to Metropolis. After it was reported Supergirl was killed by Livewire at the Metropolis Power Plant, Clark Kent texted Supergirl and asked if she was dead. Supergirl replied "no" and he sent a thumbs up emoji. She used it to pose as a new hero and have a fresh start. Powergirl was a hit. Powergirl thanked the crowd but Superman descended behind her and outed her as Supergirl in disguise. Powergirl lied that she was an from an alternate universe called Earth-2. Superman fell for it and exclaimed he loved Earth-2 which was nothing like Earth-5, a total dump. Powergirl played along and agreed.

Superman and Da Invicibros were all neutralized and captured by Luthor then imprisoned in a secret lair hidden in his suite as part of his plan to let Metropolis get hit by a meteor so he could rebuild the world. Superman was defeated and kept neutralized with a Kryptonite ray. Supergirl could not hide her amusement at his predicament. He weakly told her to shut up and called her a doofus. After Supergirl suffered the same fate, Superman weakly laughed at her. Both Catwoman and the Super Hero Girls neglected to free them. After deciding not to share her story about the secret identities of the Super Hero Girls, Lane set her eyes on the scoop of scoops, Superman then noticed the article "Superman – Great or Greatest" was by the Planet's newest intern Clark Kent. Lane decided she was coming for him next. Superman took a selfie with teenagers near a wrecked Metropolis Train Association station.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan texted Superman for help but he replied back with a "Who Dis?" to Jordan's astonishment. For a school project, Kara Danvers tried to make the farm more efficient with Zee Zatara's help. However, the farm vehicles went on the fritz. Martha Kent agreed to give Danvers a day before she called up Clark Kent to help her. He got called. While flying over Metropolis, a basketball thrown by Danvers in an arcade on the Metropolis Pier randomly bounced off his chest. After turning a criminal over to the police, Superman was surrounded by reporters and fans like usual. Lois Lane asked Superman what made him different from other heroes in the city. Before Superman could answer, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) wormed his way to the front and claimed it was because he and Superman were partners. Lantern posed for the cameras but Superman abruptly flew away. Lantern caught up to him and sang their theme song. Superman asked him who he was.

Before Lantern could finish, he flew right into a utility pole and fell flat on his back. Superman told him he wasn't in his league nor the Justice League's then flew away. Two girls giggled, prompting Lantern to yell out he would text him. Superman was about to eat a sandwich on a girder at a construction site but he was hit by a barrage of texts by Lantern inviting him to hang at a hot dog stand in Midtown, team up to fight crime, and a Lantern party on the weekend. Lantern popped up behind him, causing him to drop his phone and sandwich. Superman sighed. Superman confronted Poison Ivy and ordered her to release a scientist. Lantern burst through a wall in a tank construct and ran over Superman by mistake. Superman prepared to punch an incoming meteor but Lantern swatted it with a racket construct and it dinged an airplane. Superman sighed and flew after the plane. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) visited Lois Lane at the Daily Planetoid and gave her a "scoop" on Superman. Lane ate it up and implored to tell her more.

Lantern informed her he was the senior partner in the duo, "Man of Steel" was originally his nickname but let Superman have it, and Superman wanted a green and white suit but he told him to step out his shadow and develop his own identity. Superman was outside the building and heard all his lies. Superman had enough. He sent a text to Jordan pleading for his help. As Green Lantern, he found Superman on a rocking chair by a house outside the city. Superman pretended to be dying due to taking a ray blast. Lantern thought only Kryptonite could kill him. Superman got annoyed and confirmed it was a Kryptonite ray then asked him for one last request: flying around the world to reverse time and save his life. Lantern wasn't so sure. Superman assured him he did it all the time. Lantern fell for it. Superman put on shades and read the newspaper. He told Lantern he was doing great and would let him know when it was working.