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Real Identity: Tatsu Yamashiro
Affiliations: Metropolis High School
Appearances (Episodes): #SoulSisters Part 1, #SoulSisters Part 2, #ScrambledEggs, and #SchoolGhoul
Appearances (Super Shorts): #SoulTaken
Powers/Skills: Swordsmanship
Voiced By: Rina Hoshino

Tatsu Yamashiro acquired the Soultaker sword and took the name Katana. She became judge, jury, and executioner, punishing criminals by using the sword's dark magic to take their souls. While not punishing, she often trained. Then for fun, trained some more. Katana encountered other heroes but felt their methods were weak in comparison and only allowed villains to return over and over. Yamashiro had a hard time fitting in anywhere and became a loner. Others found her too strange or intense to hang around with. She eventually moved from Japan and ended up in Metropolis. A criminal stole an old woman's purse one night. Katana appeared. The criminal thought she was one of the Super Hero Girls and surrendered, confident he would be out in a week. Katana brandished the Soultaker and took his soul. After the Metropolis Fencing Club left the Metropolis Rec Center, Diana Prince noticed another fencer who was really Yamashiro. They started a match. Prince noticed her footwork was impeccable and she was using the Danpei technique. Yamashiro admitted she thought it appropriate since she didn't know any of her weaknesses yet.

Yamashiro charged but to her surprise, Prince was happy. Prince revealed she fought left handed to give the club a chance then switched to her right. Yamashiro admitted she had something to reveal, too. Prince asked if it was she wasn't left-handed either. Yamashiro confirmed she was left handed but she wanted to say she was not distracted. Prince was tapped in the chest. Prince was thrilled to have finally lost and thought she was incredible. Prince introduced herself. Yamashiro introduced herself as Tatsu Yamashiro and explained she just moved from Japan. She found Prince to be the first worthy opponent she met so far. Prince asked her to teach her how to parry like she could one day. Yamashiro offered to do it immediately. They kept practicing into the night. Prince succeeded and defeated Yamashiro. She was impressed how quick a study Prince was. Prince countered she was an excellent teacher. Prince saw the time and realized she had to go but invited her to hang out.

Yamashiro admitted she trained more for fun after she was done training. Prince was amused and admitted she did so, too. Prince and Yamashiro trained together at several places in Metropolis, including Buff Gym. They started off easy with 25 pound weights, locked arms, drank, and did arm curls with way bigger weights. They raced up stairwells of a skyscraper, punched each other in their abs, did yoga on a girder being moved by a crane, and climbed a mountain. At the end of a school day, the girls exited Metropolis High in agreement they would go see "Exploding Ninja Pirates From Outer Space IV" except Prince. Prince apologized and stated she had plans with her new friend Tatsu Yamashiro. Danvers made light of her mysterious training partner and asked if they were ever going to meet her. Yamashiro suddenly appeared behind them. Cruz tried to make small talk and mentioned they heard so much about her. Yamashiro misinterpreted her, got defensive, and demanded to know who the rumor-mongers were then she would ensure they never speak again.

Cruz clarified she meant from they heard good things from Prince. Zatara asked where she was from. She cryptically told them she came from a place she could never go again. A breeze blew her hair around and an eagle called. The girls looked around for it. Danvers asked her if it was true she liked training as much as Prince. Yamashiro stated the strong are driven by discipline, not desire. Prince asked them all if they thought she was great. Everyone smiled and chuckled nervously. Prince and Yamashiro boxed but the latter was feeling bad about not making a good impression with Jessica Cruz, Karen Beecher, Kara Danvers, Zee Zatara, and Barbara Gordon. Prince realized something was wrong because she wasn't being punched in the face. Yamashiro came clean and explained she had trouble fitting in and people always thought she was strange or too intense so she was destined to be a loner. Prince confessed she, too, felt out of place and no one truly understood her but stated they now had each other. Yamashiro cheered up and admitted she was glad for her friendship. Prince felt the same way and felt it was time for them to try most vigorously to injure one another.

One night, Katana confronted Catwoman during a jewelry store heist and took her soul. From a roof, she observed the Super Hero Girls taking Catwoman's body with them. Katana then took Harley Quinn's soul while she spray painted a wall, then Giganta, Livewire, Poison Ivy, and Star Sapphire. Wonder Woman believed they had to find the next target. Katana called out to them and claimed their tainted souls were hers. Supergirl levitated and charged. Katana slashed the air, unleashing a dark magic wave. It struck Supergirl and her soul was taken. Zatanna and Green Lantern attacked in tandem. Katana dodged the magic spell but was trapped in a net construct. She easily hacked it with the Soultaker and escaped then took their souls. Wonder Woman called for a retreat. She watched as Batgirl and Bumblebee behind her were struck with a wave and lost their souls. She hid in a tight crevice until Katana left.

Diana Prince went to the Metropolis Library to learn about Katana's Soultaker sword. She found a copy of "Ancient Weaponry Myth & Magic" and found an entry on the Soultaker and its origins in 14th century Japan. She discovered an incantation that could free souls from the sword but it was written in eight kanji characters. Prince tried to call Yamashiro but she dialed the Metropolis Department of Water and Power instead. The very loud automated message played. The librarian at the information desk pointed at the no cellphone sign. She apologized. Yamashiro happened to be in the library enriching her mind and sneaked over. She tapped Prince's shoulder to get her attention then hung up her phone for her. Prince was again happy to find another reason they were so alike then asked for her help to translate the passage. Yamashiro saw the pages and realized Prince was Wonder Woman. Prince realized she was Katana. Yamashiro attacked with a jump kick. Prince threw a lamp. Yamashiro pounced. Prince leaned back in her chair and used her legs to propel Yamashiro into the information desk.

The librarian pointed to the no loud fighting sign. Yamashiro apologized. Prince asked about the sign but got shushed. She spoke quietly. The librarian explained since it was Metropolis, that was the best they could hope for. They laughed and retreated to the bookshelves where fought quietly. Yamashiro claimed she and the others were interfering with her mission. She tossed books off a cart and kicked them. Prince caught them and opened "The Art of Distraction" to block Yamashiro's punch then shut it. The dust went on Yamashiro. Prince pressed her hands on Yamashiro's mouth and nose just in time to muffle her sneeze. Yamashiro swiped repeatedly at Prince, causing her to lean on a shelf. A bust on top rocked. They gasped and climbed to it. They stabilized it in time and sighed but the shelf fell over and hit another shelf then another and so on. The librarian growled as she stamped something. She kicked them out. They apologized profusely. Yamashiro changed into Katana and claimed a hero's mission was to punish villains.

Prince turned into Wonder Woman and claimed heroes protected the innocent then demanded the Soultaker. They fought sword to sword. Katana jumped atop one of the library's lion statues then kicked Wonder Woman down a level. She knocked the Soultaker away and jumped for it. Katana grabbed her legs and slammed her into the ground. Katana revealed she would spare her soul because she had a good heart and suggested she give up since she couldn't win. Wonder Woman still stood up and declared she would not allow her friends to remain trapped inside the sword. Katana leap at her. Wonder Woman blocked with her sword. They continued fighting down the stairs. Katana revealed freeing her friends' souls would mean she would have to free every soul in the sword then knocked Wonder Woman's sword away. She then called Wonder Woman's methods weak and allowed villains to return again and again. Katana noticed a man trying to break into a parked car nearby. Katana used him as an example of why her method worked. One strike from Soultaker and he would never steal another again.

Wonder Woman told her to stop. Katana asked if she was begging for a criminal's soul. Wonder Woman claimed she was begging for Katana's because she would become no better than the villains she punished if she continued on as judge, jury, and executioner. Katana looked at Soultaker then unleashed a strike. Wonder Woman ran in front of the man and took the attack instead. Katana watched in horror as Wonder Woman's soul was taken. The man apologized and explained he locked his keys in his car. Katana realized the grave mistake she made. Katana took Wonder Woman's body back to her home. She lit candles and prepared for the ritual. She recited the incantation, "Gi. Yu. Jin. Rei. Makoto. Meiyo. Chugi. Jisei." All souls in the Soultaker were released back to their bodies. Wonder Woman came to and asked her why. Katana explained what she did to protect the young man inspired her and she was right about what true heroism was, protecting. Wonder Woman what she would do next.

Katana pointed out someone had to recapture all the criminals but she would do it the right way. She wondered how she could shoulder the responsibility without Soultaker's power. Wonder Woman told her it could be a force for good. Katana asked how. Wonder Woman stated they would train. Katana understood and smiled. Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Willis was paired with Tatsu Yamashiro. Yamashiro got defensive around Willis. Yamashiro reveled in the chance to finally surpass Prince as valedictorian. Willis put her hand out to shake. Yamashiro shook her hand but realized the egg was in Willis' palm and it broke. Willis was amused with her prank. On Sunday, the last egg from Home Ec rolled into Metropolis Pier. It just so happened to stop in front of Tatsu Yamashiro. She declared victory. Carol Ferris jumped from an sign overhead and landed on top of her then pulled her left leg back. The egg was gone and ended up with Pam Isley.

Tatsu Yamashiro infiltrated the McDougal Academy as a student after reports of a recurring haunting. Shortly after midnight, she returned to her dorm room and found her room mate sitting on the floor whimpering with her hair blown back. She pointed. Yamashiro saw the jewelry box on the floor broken. Barbara Gordon and Kara Danvers infiltrated McDougal Academy as new students rather than inform who Yamashiro was trying to reach, Diana Prince. Yamashiro saw them and pushed them aside, annoyed they would blow her cover. She believed Headmaster McDougal would suspect her immediately if he saw unauthorized visitors. McDougal stopped them and asked what was going on. Gordon insisted they were just three happy McDougal students being totally ordinary and normal. Headmaster added "ordinary and normal" at his school were authorized uniforms only. He noted Gordon's purple Batman shoelaces were a dress code violation and therefore, contraband. Gordon explained they were hand-made, hand-stitched, one a kinds. Yamashiro elbowed her. Headmaster held out his hand. Gordon turned the shoelaces over and whimpered.

Yamashiro briefed Gordon and Danvers about McDougal Academy's history. She noted cruelty apparently ran in the family. Danvers asked if the Headmaster needed to get roughed up. Yamashiro explained she needed Prince's help because girls at the academy were losing some meaningful item to them and she suspect a haunting. She apprised them of the Banshee's M.O. and revealed she hoped to trap Banshee in her Soultaker Sword but had no luck. Danvers dug her ear and smelled her finger. Gordon told Yamashiro to forget Prince and showed off her gear: a Bat Thermal Scanner, Bat EMF Detector, and Bat White Sheet Grabber. Yamashiro's left eyebrow raised. Gordon agreed and was eager to go ghost hunting. Danvers was amused they believed in ghosts. Yamashiro pointed out she literally turned her into one once. Danvers countered that was hardly proof. Yamashiro exclaimed it was. Danvers brushed her off and agreed to come along because it would be hilarious to watch them be dummies.

Gordon and Yamashiro paused at the sound of crunching but it was just Danvers eating chips. Gordon picked up a lot of activity on her EMF Detector. Yamashiro took Danvers' bag away and told her to be serious. Danvers stated she was going to document all the ghost activity with her phone. She was unaware a bagpipe was levitating on its own behind her. The others pointed but by the time Danvers turned around, it was back on the mantle. She shrugged. Flying books followed Danvers but when she looked, they were back in the book case. While Danvers looked in a closet, Gordon and Yamashiro were chased around by levitating chairs, a piano, lamp, and billiard balls. Yamashiro hopped into Gordon's arms and they screamed. Danvers was bored and went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Gordon asked Yamashiro if she saw all that. Yamashiro nodded. A window shattered and Banshee flew in. They chased after it and bounced off Danvers, who didn't see Banshee. They came upon three paths and split up. Gordon gave everyone comms and instructions to hail everyone whoever encountered the ghost first.

Yamashiro went right but reported she didn't find anything either then asked Danvers to report. Danvers pretended to be under attack by paranormal forces. Gordon and Yamashiro fell for it and made their way to the kitchen. Danvers didn't question the prepared sandwich and ate. She chuckled and prepared to get a shot of Yamashiro and Gordon for Metropovids. Danvers saw Banshee on her screen reflection and screamed. Banshee screeched and it knocked Danvers into the others. They quickly suited up. Katana unleashed a slash from her Soultaker but Banshee's scream neutralized the attack. While Banshee was distracted by Batgirl and her malfunctioning gear, Katana got behind her and slashed. Banshee was successfully trapped in the Soultaker. She cried out it was not justice. She took hold of Katana and revealed her true origins. Katana realized she made a grave mistake and knew where to find what Banshee was looking for.

The girls went to Headmaster McDougal's office and burst in. He yelped and asked what was the meaning of their intrusion. Supergirl asked if this was the right move. Katana was sure what they did was not justice and released Banshee. Naturally, Headmaster McDougal freaked out and ran away. He ran up to the bell tower. Katana pleaded with Banshee that killing him was not justice. She looked at his crest badge, the one Bevin McDougal stole from her and she got angry. Banshee charged and possessed Headmaster. He experienced all of her memories and learned the truth. He apologized and gave her the badge, then acknowledged her as the rightful leader of the McDougal clan, Siobhan McDougal. Banshee accepted the badge, put it on, and peacefully dispersed. Tatsu Yamashiro was pleased Siobhan McDougal found the justice she deserved and could finally rest. Danvers noticed every student got their stuff back and the overall tone on campus was more lively. She noted Headmaster seemed to have changed his ways. Yamashiro added she did too and asked if she now believed in ghosts. Danvers dismissed it and called it smoke and mirrors. Gordon spooked her and Danvers jumped into Yamashiro's arms. They laughed at her expense. Silver Banshee's wisp passed by the academy's front gate.

Katana patrolled the city one night and witnessed a purse snatching. She followed the criminal along the various roof tops, eventually got ahead of him and landed in an alley, blocking his path. The criminal took a few steps back and looked at the purse. Suddenly, Harley Quinn came up behind Katana and stole Soultaker because it looked like "fun." Katana chased after her. The criminal chuckled. Katana ran back, flipped the criminal to the ground, returned to purse, and continued after Harley. Harley ran past a car, it honked at her, and Katana leaped onto the car's roof. She followed her to the Metropolis Pier. Harley leaped over a hot dog cart and stabbed a dog for herself. Katana slid under the cart. The vendor was distracted by them and squirted ketchup on his young client's head. Katana took a squeaky doll and threw it at Harley's head followed by more. Katana warned her she didn't understand what she held and demanded it back. Harley implored her to come and get it.

Katana picked out a balloon sword and attacked. Harley dodged her thrusts then realized she had the real one and poked the balloon then ran off. Katana navigated through a crowd of civilians while Harley tried the whack-a-mole arcade. She eventually hacked all the heads off. Katana pursued her on the merry-go-round and cup rides. Katana noticed a photo booth in use and saw Harley had put a hat, glasses, and fake mustache on her sword first, then wore them herself. She crumpled the photos in anger. Katana caught up to her again but Harley attacked with the sword. They found themselves on the roller coaster tracks trying to outrun the ride. They got on and resumed fighting. Katana swiped the mallet from a teenager trying to win the strength test as they turned a curve. Harley admired the mallet and snatched it. The ride ended soon after. She liked the balance, grip, and lack of having to worrying about cutting herself. She tossed the Soultaker back to Katana and casually walked away. Katana was dumbfounded.