Blue Beetle

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Real Identity: Ted Kord
Affiliations: Kord Industries
Appearances (Episodes): #DoubleDanvers and #WhySoBlue
Powers/Skills: Genius, Business, and Engineering
Voiced By: Max Mittleman

Ted Kord is a billionaire whiz-kid scientist/investor and owner of Kord Enterprises. During his search for the next big teen trend, he agreed to listen to some pitches from Jeremiah Danvers at his home on a Friday night. Ted Kord arrived for the pitches and joked about having no relation to Kord Enterprises, the company that Business-Bro Magazine called an up and coming powerhouse. He quickly shook everyone's hands then gave Bizarro Supergirl, who was standing in for Kara Danvers who went to a concert, a copy of the issue. He assumed she was Danvers. She looked at her hand for her "notes" and replied, "Yeah." He joked she couldn't find anything better to do on a Friday night. She looked at her hand and replied, "No." Kord realized he didn't either. She looked at her hand and replied, "Cool." Jeremiah tried his opening speech but Kord cut him off and suggested they get down to business. Bizarro looked at her hand and said, "Yeah." Kord noted she didn't talk much. Bizarro looked at her hand and said, "No." He admired that. The pitches weren't going well.

Lastly, Jeremiah Danvers presented his Laundry Mist spray, put some dirt on Bizarro's arm and gave her the spray bottle. Bizarro smashed the bottle instead of spraying and got the solution all over, including the necklace Kara Danvers put on her. Kord and Jeremiah both realized the spray's ethanoic acid altered the tanzanite gem's plaocroistic structure on the molecular level and created a synthetic version of Periwinkle Krytonite. Kord ran a scan on the necklace and noticed low-level radiation. He realized it was now Kryptonite. The Periwinkle Kryptonite had the opposite effect and Bizarro and made her angry. She grabbed Kord, asked him if he was afraid of heights, and flew outside. Supergirl threw Jeremiah's Note-A-Rang at Bizarro. She dodged it easily but dropped Kord. Supergirl saved him and caught the Note-A-Rang. Bizarro chided her for missing but Supergirl revealed she used it to snatch the Periwinkle Kryptonite off her. Bizarro returned to normal, groaned, and flew away. Supergirl landed with Kord and told the Danvers that Kara was sorry. Kord interrupted and told Jeremiah his ideas were horrible but he had a head for science so they should keep talking.

Kord was inspired by Supergirl to become a superhero, too. He built himself a supersuit of what he called Beetle Tech and named himself Blue Beetle. On Kord Industries' "Bring Your Kid to Work" day, he tested the jet boosters in his office and ended up in a wall. Supergirl came in his office to investigate and instantly recognized him as Ted Kord. He was surprised she knew who he was. She pointed out his name was on the building, the door, and all his accolades on display. He couldn't deny that and admitted he was Blue Beetle. She was lost. He announced he was going to be a superhero like her but with his Beetle Tech. He demonstrated the jet boosters but he only flew into another wall. She pulled him out and addressed his as "Blue Beagle." He corrected her. She realized he meant the bug and thought that was kinda lame but emphasized he wasn't quite ready to be a superhero. Kord contended he didn't need to be ready and cited the title of his best-selling memoir, "Success is only one percent preparation and 2000 percent Activation."

Supergirl didn't think that made sense. He added she was responsible for the Blue Beetle in the first place when she saved his life, inspiring him to join the fight to eradicate evil. He revealed a shrine dedicated to that time she saved him from Bizarro Supergirl. The Beetle Tech mistook his words for a command to activate Eradication Mode and produced blasters from his gauntlets and back. He tried to order it to abort but the statue of children were obliterated as was a head of the dog held in his statue's arms. He declared whatever mark Blue Beetle made on the world, it would have Supergirl to thank for it. He activated his jet boosters and tried to leave but couldn't get past the glass skylight so he flew through the ceiling and left a big hole behind. Blue Beetle perched on a rooftop and wondered who he would face first. Giganta, the Royal Flush Gang, and Zod came to mind. Supergirl advised him to cool his jets because he wasn't ready for the big leagues just yet.

Sensing she wouldn't talk him out of being a superhero, she offered to take him on patrol and show him the ropes. He liked the idea of his first team-up and agreed. She likened it more to "Super Hero 101." He pointed out he earned three advanced degrees by age 12 so he was confident he would ace it. He leaped off the roof and plummeted. He rose back up with his jet boosters activated and chuckled in embarrassment. They came upon a robbery in progress at a Bank of Moolah. Beetle almost blasted them but Supergirl stopped him and took the lead. He activated spectator mode and sat on a lawn chair and was given a drink. He watched with binoculars. Supergirl grabbed the two robbers by the pants and gave them a two-for-one super-wedgie special. Beetle saw a third robber trying to flee the scene but Supergirl didn't hear him. He prepared his freeze missile and threw it. Supergirl overreacted and punched it. However, it bounced around a construction site and was launched back at her. She was frozen in a slab of ice. Beetle explained the missile was loaded with his non-lethal freezing coolant and pointed to his belt. She burst out and suggested they just move on.

They responded to an out of control train. Beetle placed himself on the nose of the train and tried firing his thrusters to slow it down then resorted to firing tethered anchors. To his chagrin, Supergirl stopped the train with one finger. They found a building on fire. Beetle used his turbines but only helped expand the fire. Supergirl checked her watch then intervened with her freeze breath. They found a kitten stuck up in a tree. Stilts propelled him up to the kitten but it was gone. He watched as Supergirl delivered it back to the girl who owned it. He took off. Supergirl caught up and asked what was up. He stated he didn't become the Beetle to watch other people save the day. She inquired what that meant. He pointed out she wasn't letting him do anything. She countered he wasn't ready. He reiterated he doesn't get ready, he gets it done. She reminded him she already told him to cool his jets and be patient. He found that amusing and advised her the next time she offered to "teach" someone, she made sure she had the patience for them to learn first. He flew away.

Supergirl shouted she could think of a million things she'd rather be doing anyway like watching paint dry. Beetle landed on a roof and vented but the Beetle Tech picked up on a crime in progress, Livewire in midtown. Blue Beetle addressed her while using a garbage can to pose. He slipped a little. She asked him who he was and thought he said "Blue Beagle." He clarified it was "Beetle," which she found kinda lame. She invited him to do his worst. He went into eradication mode and fired all lasers. She easily shielded herself and electrocuted him on live television. Even the reporter wondered who taught him to be a hero. She bashed him into a phone booth repeatedly. Livewire used her electricity to throw Beetle around like a yo-yo until Supergirl arrived and ordered her to put him down. Beetle was relieved at first and claimed he had the situation under control. Livewire made him dance. Beetle assured Supergirl he was a much better dancer. Livewire had him hit himself over and over. Supergirl chuckled but stopped herself and charged.

Livewire kept moving Beetle in her way then started using his tech on her like a rocket thrust powered boxing glove, drill gun, and blasters. She asked Beetle if he still thought he was ready. He implored her to rub it in his face. She promised she totally planned to but admitted he was right about her needing to have more patience with him. He was moved and accepted her apology. She claimed she did no such thing and repeated he needed to cool his jets. Beetle got a brainstorm and came with a plan to defeat Livewire. Out of habit, she said no but then agreed to hear him out. He instructed her to punch him. She quickly complied. Livewire was amused. Beetle revealed he wanted her to throw him at Livewire once his coolant tank cracked. She loved the plan. Once the Beetle Tech confirmed the coolant tank was compromised, Supergirl spun around at super speed and threw him into Livewire. She was frozen upon impact. Beetle was content. A police officer forced the frozen Livewire into the backseat of his squad car then departed with his partner.

Beetle presumed he owed Supergirl one for saving him but figures she owed him for saving her from him when Livewire had control of his armor so it was even. She stared. He admitted he maybe still owed her one. She only asked he indulge in no more super heroics until he received proper training. He realized she was going to give him another shot. She told him he once gave someone important to her a second chance so she wanted to return the favor and keep training him. Beetle declared he was looking forward to their next team up. He couldn't get past a glass window so he flew through a building. He shouted to her not to worry because he happened to own that building.