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Real Identity: Bruce Wayne
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science Chapter 10
Appearances (Episodes): #FromBatToWorse, #SoulSisters Part 1 (Bruce), and #TweenTitans (Bruce)
Powers/Skills: Genius, Technological Aptitude, Advanced Deduction, and Knowledge of Martial Arts
Voiced By: Keith Ferguson

Batman and his sidekick Robin protect Gotham City from crime. Ironically, Barbara Gordon idolizes Batman but thinks Bruce Wayne is the worst. On a summer day, Barbara Gordon put on her makeshift costume and pedaled on her bicycle to the scene of the crime using a walkie set on the police band. Commissioner Gordon informed Batman he may have to stop the robbery himself. After struggling uphill, she made it to where the robbery was reported but saw the robber was already tied up and left to hang from a street light. She glimpsed Batman on top of a roof. As he fired a grapnel and swung away. Batgirl observed a fight between Batman and Professor Pyg on the roof of a building. She planned to show up and impress him with her Bat grappling hook but Robin showed up and Batman had to save him. She missed her chance to meet Batman before she moved to Metropolis with her father. Batman and Robin learned Poison Ivy was heading to the Metropolis Pesticide Plant and called Commissioner Gordon's Batphone to request back-up from him. Gordon's daughter, Barbara, answered instead and pretended to be him.

However, she couldn't understand a thing he said so Robin repeated. After she suited up as Batgirl and left, the Batphone rang again. Gordon was confused when Batman told him he was running late. He departed for the plant, too. He arrived and saw Batgirl dragging Poison Ivy outside. Batman happened to call Gordon's phone and he apprised him of the situation. He never mentioned Batgirl and told him he didn't need to come anymore. Batgirl almost called him dad again but she improvised and deduced he was dad of a lucky kid if he had any. He wondered she wasn't Batman's sidekick and admitted he always thought she was more capable than Robin, whom he thought was a twerp. He noted he wasn't even on theme. Batgirl smiled. Ivy managed to escape while they were distracted. Gordon asked her to do him a favor and not tell Batman what happened. On an episode of the reality show "Make It Wayne," Alfred asked Wayne if he bought another boat. Wayne asked him what else he would use in his new lake.

On an episode of "Make It Wayne," Bruce Wayne suddenly burst into the study with a conga line of friends including a 24/7 Live anchor and the actor who portrays Aiden in the "Just Before Dusk" movies. Wayne asked Pennyworth to bring the elephant around back. Dick Grayson, his ward and secretly Robin, asked him if he was still going to still help him with his report. Wayne remembered his promise and told him maybe later because he only had the band for three more hours. Wayne later asked Pennyworth to refill the caviar fountain. On Dick Grayson's birthday, Wayne was upstairs being recorded for another episode and talked about putting the pool next to the other pool but then had to move the lake. The production crew followed him along. Pennyworth announced the birthday chaperons, Jessica Cruz and Karen Beecher, arrived. Wayne was pleased but asked who's birthday it was. Pennyworth informed him it was Master Dick's. Wayne played it cool and assumed he got him something nice. Pennyworth confirmed he did as always.

After Pennyworth introduced Cruz and Beecher to Grayson and his friends, Wayne called out to him to ready the "Bruce-mobile" and they left the manor. Raven restored the wrecked manor to pristine condition just in time. Wayne tossed a huge stack of money to Beecher and continued on with the production crew not far behind.

While testing out her Sparrow robot, Batgirl day dreamed about Batman being so impressed after he read a Daily Planet article, that he recruited Batgirl to his team. He then tossed Robin his keys and told him to wash the Batmobile.