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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Atlantis
Appearances (Episodes): #TheAquamanCometh
Powers/Skills: Survival Underwater, Marine Telepathy, Enhanced Strength, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Will Friedle

Aquaman is king of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis and a superhero. He is rather laidback and easy going. After meeting a young Garth Bernstein, he was convinced the boy would someday become his sidekick. Over the years, they exchanged letters. Bernstein got caught up in telling lies about his accomplishments to look cool so Aquaman would make him his sidekick. Among the things he lied about was that he was the school newspaper editor, the student council president, show choir director, homecoming king, varsity letterman, honor roll champion, the city's number one superhero, and invented his own crime-detection technology, the TroubAlert. The lies caught up to him after he turned 15 years old. Aquaman was set to visit Metropolis for a meeting with the United Council of Nations but wanted to visit Bernstein first. Kara Danvers had no qualms with helping him cover up a web of intricate and insanely wild lies. Aquaman pulled up in a jeep covered in seaweed. He stepped out. Zee Zatara was instantly enamored with him. Danvers shooed them away and commenced Operation Pufferfish.

Bernstein introduced Aquaman to Danvers. Aquaman asked if they should teach her the secret Atlantean handshake. It was just a regular handshake. She played along. Diana Prince pretended to be the homecoming queen and informed Bernstein a photographer wanted to take their photos. Zatara stepped out of the closet as the photographer and pretended to talk like Lois Lane. She took several photos but became enamored with Aquaman again and froze. Zatara floated along behind Aquaman until Queen tossed her aside. He declared he was Principal Chapin and dramatically announced there never has been a finer scholar to walk the walls of his school than Bernstein. He couldn't resist and asked Aquaman if he believed the moment just now. Danvers pushed Queen away. Bernstein reminded Aquaman about his UCN meeting and hoped the brief tour proved everything he said was totally 100 percent true. Aquaman believed it but revealed he was bailing on the meeting. He admitted he thought the letters were lies at first but he could now see how much of Bernstein's life he was missing out on and wanted to see everything.

In the auditorium, Bernstein directed the girls for a rousing performance of their fake play and sang the "Coral Reef" song while dressed as coral or fish. Aquaman was moved to tears. As the star quarterback, Bernstein demonstrated his athleticism by throwing a pass to Hal Jordan. Bumblebee, in her shrunken form, made up for the gap and carried the ball to Jordan in the endzone. Zatara continued to lovingly stare at Aquaman in the bleachers. Aquaman carried Bernstein on his shoulders in triumph. To prove he was a science fair wiz, Bernstein poured a solution into a miniature volcano set up. Danvers used her heat vision on the sly. A big eruption took place. Gordon and Allen pretended to be scientists and awarded Bernstein with the top prize. Bernstein proved he was a pole vault champion. Zatara cast a spell to spin him but she again got distracted by Aquaman and Bernstein went spinning in the opposite direction. Aquaman was still impressed. Bernstein and Danvers walked Aquaman to his jeep. Aquaman stated he was proud but remembered Bernstein forgot to show him his famous TroubAlert in action.

Aqualad took Aquaman to the Metropolis Pier and used his fake crime alert detection system, the TroubAlert, then Kara Danvers, dressed as his made up arch nemesis Dr. MephiSocrates, made her presence known with an evil laugh. She dashed down from the top of a tent and pretended to fight with Aqualad while Aquaman took it all in. Aqualad pretended to take a fall on his last legs and before MephiSocrates could deliver the finishing blow with her trident, Aqualad proclaimed he knew her one weakness. She was confused and didn't know what he was talking about. He tossed a bucket full of mop water on her. She groaned and pretended to faint. Aquaman congratulated Aqualad on doing Atlantis proud and making him proud. He grabbed MephiSocrates and bid him goodbye. Aqualad inquired what was going on. Aquaman pointed out she assaulted an Atlantean and thanks to Aqualad's heroics, she was going to face an Atlantean tribunal for a dose of rash, harsh deeply-biased Atlantean justice. Danvers became concerned and asked Aqualad if there was anything he wanted to tell Aquaman. He didn't Aquaman blinked and gave Aqualad a thumb's up. Danvers coldly started at Aqualad.

Aquaman declared she would spend the next century in an Atlantean jail. Danvers heard enough and tossed Aquaman into the bay. Aqualad became concerned and told her she shouldn't have done that. She quipped he should have told the truth about the lies he spun in his letters about his supposed accomplishments as a student and a hero. Aqualad clarified throwing him into water makes him strong. Aquaman dashed back onto the pier at super speed and knocked Danvers into a pile of stuffed animals. He was now in his supersuit. She charged at him in her Supergirl suit and decked him with an uppercut, stating getting ticked off made her strong. Aquaman laughed and got her with a left hook. She countered with a flying kick. He countered with a gut punch. Aqualad couldn't take it anymore and yelled at them to stop. They froze mid-punch. He confessed he lied to Aquaman about everything because he wanted to be his sidekick so bad. Supergirl patted his head and floated away. Aquaman sighed and realized they needed to have a heart-to-heart.

Supergirl knew that was her cue to leave but complimented Aquaman on his left hook. He commended her chops as well. After she left, Aquaman revealed he knew Aqualad would be his sidekick one day ever since they first met. Aqualad was surprised. Aquaman clarified at least the Garth he met that day, the real one, and poked his chest. Aqualad confessed he didn't even know whole the real Garth was yet. Aquaman pointed out his friends did since they went to so far to help him out with the ruse and that spoke more volumes to him that being a homecoming king. He believed the rest of who he was would come out eventually and revealed he didn't have his pecs until he turned 10 and asked how old he was. Aqualad replied he was 15. Aquaman was taken aback and summarized his point was everyone reaches their potential at any age. He revealed he just became a Level 6 Realm King in the online game "Pilgrimage of Elves" until some genius player named MAMX-Hunk knocked him down to Court Jester.

Aqualad realized he was SharkGut41. Aquaman chuckled upon realizing Aqualad was MAMX-Hunk and bowed to him. He offered to buy him dinner and he would tell him how to defeat the Ice Ogre. Aqualad assured him it was easy, it was all about the heat. Aquaman chuckled and sang the coral reef song the girls made up for Aqualad. He joined in and they sang it together.