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Real Identity: Starro
Appearances (Super Shorts): #PhotoOops
Appearances (Episodes): #Frenemies Part 1, #BackInAFlash, and #AllyCat Part 1
Powers/Skills: Flight, Enhanced Strength, and Laser Emission
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Super Hero Girls battled Starro, a giant alien starfish conqueror. It managed to grab Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Bumblebee blasted it with her stingers, Zatanna blasted its eye, and Green Lantern lassoed an appendage with a rope construct. Wonder Woman managed to lasso another. Batgirl tried a green spray. Supergirl used her heat vision. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but the camera stopped working. He tapped and shook it but nothing happened. He faced it at himself and it flashed. By the time he turned around, everyone was gone. Olsen was devastated. He later learned he accidentally took a selfie with the Super Hero Girls as they fought Starro. Lois Lane approved the photo for the front page of the Daily Planetoid. On September 19, Starro went on a rampage. Bumblebee, Supergirl, Green Lantern, and Batgirl confronted it.

Starro rampaged through the city. The Super Hero Girls responded and tried to restrain it by grabbing each appendage. Wonder Woman announced its days of terror were over and revealed Bumblebee went on a long and perilous quest to locate the Hatorei Crystals, objects capable of sending it back to its dimension of origin. She was interrupted by the ringing of Batgirl's cell phone. Batgirl saw it was Harleen Quinzel and casually hopped off the street light she was perched on and walked away. Starro chased after the other girls. Supergirl attempted to crawl away but Starro pounded her into the street then dragged her back. Green Lantern tried to pull Zatanna free of Starro but all three were propelled backwards like a rubber band. The girls traded blasts with it and were barely able to send Starro to another dimension with the crystals. Their surroundings were in shambles. Batgirl was relieved they won. The others disagreed and all wearily confirmed they got beaten over and over.

After fixing their biggest regrets in the past by using Flash's super speed powers to time travel, Barbara Gordon and Barry Allen returned to the present to find Metropolis in ruins. Gordon tried to pin it on Allen's extra exclamation point in his nana's birthday card. He sobbed and apologized. They went back in time and he cried as he erased the second exclamation point. They went back to the present but they found out General Zod took over the planet. They jumped into the past and undid every change they made like tearing up their movie tickets to Exploding Ninjas, emptying their Fizz Kapow and cola into a trash can, and Gordon letting herself get hit by mud. They jumped back to the present but discovered Starro destroyed the city. Allen didn't understand what went wrong. Gordon admitted the only thing they didn't undo was the burrito switch. She felt like she was in an impossible situation, her dignity or the lives of six billion. Allen was fairly sure it was seven plus all the plants and animals. Gordon made the hard choice and had her past self eat a bean burrito, undoing all of the changes to the timeline.

At some point, Lex Luthor acquired a part of Starro and kept it in a tank in his private suit's secret lair at Lexcorp Tower. When the Super Hero Girls discoverd the lair, Starro was in an advanced larval state.