Plant Zombies

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #Retreat
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Limited Regeneration, and Infection
Voiced By:

Pamela Isley was horrified and angered by the murder of plant life by Barbara Gordon, Jessica Cruz, Garth Bernstein, Hal Jordan, and Karen Beecher during a weekend retreat to Mr. and Mrs. Cruz's cabin. Isley ran off into the forest and summoned Plant Zombies from the ground of various sizes and shapes. The first zombie appeared behind Gordon after she finished telling her spooky campfire story about the Witch of the Wood. They ran for it but a zombie pulled Bernstein into the lake. He emerged atop a water spout but a giant plant ate him whole. They ran for the cabin. One grabbed Jordan's right leg and he tripped. Gordon jump kicked and rapidly stomped the zombie then Beecher pulled Jordan away. The hand was torn off in the process. They made it into the cabin and closed the windows and locked the door. Cruz didn't believe their story and opened the door partially. A zombie reached its hand in. Cruz closed the door and relocked it. They began barricading the door but the hand on Jordan's leg mutated him into a plant zombie, too.

Zombie Hal Jordan kept asking for a sandwich. Gordon believed he was completely brain dead in his new form. Cruz asked how the could tell. Jordan's arms extended and grabbed them but Beecher jammed a bucket over his head. He stuttered around blind and walked into a closet. They shut the door and Cruz put a push broom to lock up. The zombies' vines began to creep into the cabin. To make matters worse, everyone's equipment and weapons were in a sack hanging from a tree outside Cruz' mom's minivan very far away and between it and the cabin were all the hordes of Plant Zombies. Cruz implored Beecher and Gordon to improvise. They made makeshift armor and weapons using what they could find in the kitchen. They burst through the front door and smashed one zombie then charged the horde. Gordon sliced several apart with two spatulas, Cruz used a frying pan, and Beecher used a hand crank whisker. Cruz witnessed one regrow its arm then used more force to knock it out. Beecher jumped atop one of the huge zombies and used a whisker to take it out.

Gordon started throwing the spatulas like boomerangs at the more towering zombies but she was dragged into the horde. Beecher screamed she always hated vegetables as she was dragged off. Cruz made a run for the sack and jumped off the minivan roof. She reached the sack but was pulled down into the horde. Poison Ivy was satisfied, declared it was the glory of nature, and began walking home. Cruz managed to find her power ring and turned into Green Lantern then completely decimated the horde of Plant Zombies with a large chainsaw construct. Gordon and Beecher climbed out out of the remains. Bernstein climbed out the the Plant Zombie's mouth then fainted. A deer emerged from the forest and started eating. They left the cabin in the minivan and found Isley. Some time later, Cruz braked all of a sudden because she remembered they forgot about Hal Jordan. Jordan was still locked in the closet and hungry for a sandwich but back to normal.