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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #BreakingNews
Powers/Skills: Flight and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

An alpha monster aptly dubbed Killer Moth multiplied asexually and birthed a seemingly endless army of Moth-Monster progeny to invade Metropolis for unknown reasons. One such monster terrorized the city. As citizens ran for cover, the monster landed near a boy holding a teddy bear. It screeched at him. Three Batarangs flew past it. It saw Batgirl and charged only to be jump kicked by Wonder Woman into a green car. It swiped in vain at Bumblebee and became disoriented. Zatanna blasted it into the sky. Green Lantern caught it with a net construct then heaved it further up into the sky. Supergirl nailed it with an uppercut towards the Sun. Three Moth-Monsters knocked down a powerline outside Metropolis High School. All six asked the Algebra teacher if they could go to the bathroom. Lane noted they needed a pass. They put their arms down. A monster flew away with a car. Many Moth-Monsters flew over the Metropolis Pier. The girls sat at a table on the pier. They stood up. Lois Lane was at another table. They tried to look innocent.

A monster flew into them. In the chaos, they changed into their alter-egos and defeated the monsters. Supergirl left off some steam by punching a Moth-Monster into space. Batgirl tried to take advantage of the fight and plant false evidence to throw Lois Lane off their trail but she immediately saw through it. Killer Moth appeared in public and led the monsters on a city-wide invasion. The Moth-Monsters starting eating everything in sight from buildings to tires to poles to taxi cab roof signs. A monster hit the Sweet Justice storefront and startled Lane off her chair. She got up and saw the girls were gone. Wonder Woman wrangled several monsters with her Lasso of Truth. Batgirl kicked two. Bumblebee tricked three into flying into each other. Supergirl knocked many away. Zatanna zapped several. Green Lantern trapped many in a potted plant construct. Killer Moth roared. The girls and monsters charged each other. In the end, the girls stood triumphant atop Killer Moth's back.