Magical Rabbits

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Real Identity: Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo III and Dandelion Pipkin Da Heisenplay
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 3, #AdventuresInBunnysitting, #Abracadabrapalooza, and #PowerSurge
Appearances (Super Shorts): #VanityInsanity, #PhotoOops, and #ToughCrowd
Powers/Skills: Instant Duplication and Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

When Zee Zatara's powers first manifested, she unknowingly summoned a multitude of rabbits from the hats she tried on as she settled on her look for the day. Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo III and Dandelion Pipkin Da Heisenplay are purebred magical creatures with carefully selected names and pets of Zee Zatara. Just from making contact with each other, a multitude of babies appear out of thin air exponentially. The only way to make them vanish is to pull Blackberry and Dandelion apart. Zee Zatara had her first paid performance as a solo magician coming up and needed someone to bunnysit Blackberry and Dandelion. She texted Kara Danvers and got her to "agree" to bunnysit the next day. Danvers was woken up from her sleep early the next morning. Zatara presented Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo III and Dandelion Pipkin Da Heisenplay, in seperate cages, to Danvers. Danvers had little recollection of her promise and asked why she didn't include them in her act. Zatara scoffed at the suggestion and found that a bit much for a children's birthday party.

Zatara cast a spell to clean up the bedroom then gave Danvers instructions. First, they were to be given only organic vegetables, cut into segments of no larger than one inch cubed. Second, their intake of cruciferous vegetables had to be limited. Blackberry, in particular, had some issues with stomach discomfort recently. Third, they needed access to freshwater at all times that had to be no cooler than 57 degrees Fahrenheit or 13.5 degrees Celsius. Fourth, for brushing, it was three gentle strokes to the left and five to the right. Lastly, the most important rule was to never put them together. She told the rabbits goodbye and they waved back. After Zatara left, Danvers couldn't resist their cuteness. She renamed Blackberry "Merlin" and Dandelion "Harry Houdini." She took out Blackberry first and hugged him, put him back, then took a selfie with Dandelion. They tried to reach out to each other and whined. Danvers decided to forego the rules and let them out of their cages. She went to look for carrots and quickly returned then noticed three baby rabbits.

Without questioning it, she was excited and took a selfie then more appeared. Jeremiah Danvers called out that he was heading to the farmer's market and asked her if she needed anything. She replied carrots. More babies appeared. She stuffed them into a cage but another pile of babies was waiting for her. She grabbed her guitar and scooped them into her laundry basket but there was suddenly a pile to the ceiling. She grabbed her blanket and wrapped them up but they continued appearing and burst through, flooding the room. They soon flooded out of Danvers' bedroom into the city past Matt's Vegan Cafe, a pet shop that decided to cancel its $75 price for adopting a rabbit, and filled up a cinema screening of "The Revenge of the Carrots." Supergirl blocked their access to a bridge and prevented their spread to Midtown but the wave of rabbits were diverted to Pelham Park where Zee Zatara happened to be performing her magic show. Under the guise of a planned magic act, Supergirl and Zatanna threw all the rabbits into the portal in the latter's hat.

However, another wave flooded the park and carried Supergirl, Zatanna, Tommy, and his friends into the city. Zatanna was upset Supergirl broke the one rule that mattered and got even more annoyed when she learned Supergirl renamed them Merlin and Harry Houdini. She changed into her hero costume and cast a hate spell to drive her rabbits apart. She worded it incorrectly and the baby rabbits combined into a giant monster. Supergirl was unable to land a blow because the monster could recede its "skin" and Supergirl would fly right through the temporary hole then it reformed the hole. It grabbed Supergirl and threw her into its mouth. Supergirl found Zatanna's rabbits and flew out of the monster's chest. With reservations, she pulled them apart and the monster vanished. The citizens witnessing the incident cheered. Back at Danvers' bedroom, Zee Zatara cast another spell to clean things up and repeated her rules to Danvers. Danvers ignored her and told Blackberry and Dandelion that rules couldn't stop love.

Zatanna's rabbits observed Supergirl's makeover into Powergirl in the hideout but as time went on, they became listless like the girls until she finally settled on a new costume and codename.

While searching for her wand at Metropolis High School, Zee Zatara pulled one of her rabbits from her purse. During a battle against Giganta, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn all at once one night, Zatanna cast a spell and pulled one of her rabbits from out of her hat. It fired magic lasers from its eyes. Giganta shielded herself with a piece of pavement but it vanished. Catwoman and Harley dodged. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but he was teleported back to the photo lab. Zee Zatara performed at another birthday party in Pelham Park. However, it was to an older crowd of boys who were more interested in the birthday boy's gaming skills. She managed to get their attention and started her first trick, pulling one of her magical rabbits from her hat. The rabbit waved at the boys. She pulled more to reveal a multitude of rabbits standing on each other's heads. The boys continued watching the video game being played.