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Real Identity: Krypto
Appearances (Episodes): #BeastsInShow
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes and Flight
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Krypto is from the planet Krypton but ended up on Earth, too, and lives in Smallville with the Kents. Kara Danvers bonded with him when she lived there. He possesses the same superpowers as Superman and Supergirl. Gordon boasted he was the greatest dog in the entire history of the universe. Danvers disagreed and summoned Krypto from Smallville with a whistle. Krypto, also a Kryptonian refugee, arrived at super speed but charged through several buildings in the process. She rubbed his belly and his shaking leg caused an earthquake. Krypto then chased down a car, bit the bumper, lifted it up and flew off. Krypto urinated on a hydrant but melted it due to the acidic properties of his urine. Water shot out of the hydrant and doused Ace. Danvers ordered Krypto to fix it. He sealed the hydrant off with his heat vision. Danvers and Gordon got into an argument about whose dog was better and took it to the 41st Annual Metropolis Kennel Dog Show. It began with a difficult obedience trial.

Food, toys, and other objects were lined against a path and the dogs had to make it to their human on the other side without touching anything. Ace did not but Krypto almost immediately began eating and failed. Ace leaped over hurdles, tapped the touchpad for a tennis ball, and started a pile by Gordon. The commentator found Ace remarkable but was stunned to see Krypto fly over the hurdles and amass an even taller pile of balls. Ace completed an obstacle course. Krypto smashed through it. Ace caught the frisbee thrown by Gordon. Krypto caught his up near the score board at the ceiling. Ace jumped through a ring lit on fire. Krypto blew it out. Ace performed a series of complex mathematical equations. Krypto's tail wiped it off the chalkboard. Ace balanced a stack of dog treats on his snout. Krypto shoved him away and the treats landed in his open mouth. Ace performed Shakespeare. Krypto stole the skull used. Gordon strutted around with Ace. Krypto dragged Danvers around.

The deciding event, the freestyle event, loomed. The dogs were dressed in elaborate costumes. Waffles performed to the Sugar Plum Fairy. Gordon and Danvers argued over a brush. Harley Quinn's hyenas, Ethel and Lucy, ran out to the main arena and threatened Waffles. Gordon and Danvers were still busy arguing with each other. Ace and Krypto understood what had to be done. The commentator thought it was all part of the routine. Krypto dug at the tennis ball pile and hit Ethel and Lucy in the face with the balls. He howled and the piercing sound waves stunned them. Ace threw out exploding gas balls. One hyena charged Krypto. He backed up onto a see saw. Ace jumped down onto the other side of the see saw and launched Krypto. Krypto unleashed his freeze breath and froze part of the arena. The hyena slipped and tackled the other by mistake. Ace pushed Krypto onto his back and rubbed his belly. His beating leg caused an earthquake. Krypto then ran around Ethel and Lucy and created a vortex.

Bows worn by other dogs was sucked in. Ace threw a batarang and cut down the event banner. The hyenas were wrapped up like a present. Krypto picked them up, spun around, and threw them through the arena roof. The commentator admitted he never felt more alive and Waffles was declared Best in Show. They had a play date at Pelham Park and finally admitted they both had great dogs. Ace and Krypto took off after a cat. Danvers and Gordon chased after them.