Hammy the Hamster

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Real Identity: Hammy
Appearances (Super Shorts): #HamsterConQueso
Appearances (Episodes): #ScrambledEggs, #EmperorPenguin, and #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem
Voiced By:

Hammy the Hamster is the Metropolis High School mascot. Eventually, it was Barbara Gordon's turn to take care of Hammy. She took her to work at a Burrito Bucket and hid her in her locker. After Gordon's manager, Shane O'Shaughnessy, left the room, Gordon checked and Hammy was no longer in her cage. She somehow ended up under a bucket and ran along a counter towards O'Shaughnessy and the Health Inspector. Gordon ran over and awkwardly rested her arm on the bucket. After they left to check the soda machine, Gordon checked and Hammy was gone. She somehow climbed atop the soda machine and ate a straw then fell in. As she fell through the dispenser, Gordon caught her with a spatula and flipped it. Hammy bounced off a decoration, then a seat, then an order sign and landed in a burrito. Hammy started eating. O'Shaughnessy, unaware of Hammy, offered the burritos to the inspector. He ate the one with Hammy in it but Hammy fell out the other end onto Gordon's open hands. The inspector praised Burrito Bucket's secret ingredient. As Gordon took a teenager's order, Hammy peered out from her sombrero.

Hammy gave birth to nine babies near the start of summer. The Home Ec. teacher brought Hammy and her babies to close on Monday after being absent on Friday. She tossed out Mr. Chapin's egg assignment and decided a real test would be a living, breathing creature depending on students for its survival. She held five of the babies in her hands and decided to honor Mr. Chapin's assigned partners. Everyone seemed concerned with the new assignment. Hammy once went missing at school and was kept by a boy in his inner jacket pocket. Penguin discovered it and blackmailed him. Diana Prince sneaked her pet griffin Steve into Metropolis High. Steve entered the science lab and cornered Hammy the Hamster. Beecher implored Hammy to run for her life. Steve swallowed Hammy whole. Beecher sighed and fainted. Cruz was stern and ordered Steve to drop the hamster. Steve groaned and spit Hammy out. Cruz wanted Prince to admit Steve was no ordinary pet, but a wild beast. Prince wasn't hearing it and stated he was the perfect pet. She hugged him. Prince admitted he just needed a little discipline. Gordon took the lead and blew a whistle.