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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): #IllusionsOfGrandeur
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By:

Zatara became enraged about the popularity of the street magician Ace of Spades and cast a spell at him. When he tried his card trick again, it failed because there was a monster's face on his chest instead of an ace. Zatara and Beecher went to get ice cream. Gremlins teleported out of Ace's chest because of the spell. They chased children from the bumper cars, a bouncy castle, and the carousel. Beecher and Zatara were unaware of the developing situation and the latter sulked. A Gremlin landed on their ice cream. One landed on Zatanna's head. She was grossed out and tossed it. Two gremlins chased after a mother and her child in bumper cars. Zatanna flew off on a horse from the carousel and blasted the cars. Bumblebee chaster after gremlins into the claw crane. They tried to grab her with the claw. Zatanna saved the mother and child at the end of the pier but was knocked off her horse into the arcade. It was chaos outside. The rollercoaster crashed. A Ferris Wheel rolled away. Zatanna didn't know what to do.

Bumblebee realized the gremlins weren't evil and were just trying to have fun. Zatanna got an idea to perform her show for them. Beecher read her script again and was finally able to say "prestidigitation." The gremlins were intrigued and gathered for the show. Zatanna conjured constructs of a deck of cards and turned the ace of hearts purple. Beecher's dress turned into the same color. Then turquoise and red. She levitated Beecher through a ring and she returned to normal. She conjured a basket and Beecher dropped in. Zatanna held out her hat and Beecher dropped out of it back onto the stage. She performed the disappearing act then asked if anyone in the audience wanted to try. The gremlins piled into the cabinet. Zatanna cast a spell the teleported them back to their home dimension. Two managed to avoid detection and hid in Zatanna's trunk.