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Real Identity: Goldberg
Appearances (Super Shorts): #GoFish
Powers/Skills: Survival Underwater
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Goldberg is a goldfish bought from a local pet shop by Garth Bernstein. He planned it to give it to Karen Beecher as a gift for her birthday. He tripped after exiting and Goldberg was launched in the air. He tried using hydrokinesis to turn the bowl water into a hand but Goldberg slipped out and bouncing along an awning. He landed in a salad at Matt's Vegan Cafe. The woman told the server she ordered chicken. Bernstein ran past and grabbed him. He tried to find a new container, grabbing a snow cone off a person but it was too cold then a coffee cup but it was too hot. Goldberg hopped down through a grate into the sewers. Bernstein raised the water up through manholes. After he saw Goldberg, he hopped on one of the columns of water then caught Goldberg in the emptied coffee cup. A big rig truck drove through the water and they went flying. He landed on the Metropolis High hamster mascot while Goldberg landed in the water cooler.

Celebrating early, two Gotham players carried the cooler off and drenched their coach. Bernstein chased after Goldberg into the field, got handed the ball, dodged the other team, and scored a touchdown for Metropolis High. The announcer declared it was a miracle. Goldberg gasped for water. With no other choice, he stored Goldberg in his mouth. As he waiting for the light to cross, he was annoyed to see a truck delivering drinks, a Metropolis Fire Department truck, a flatbed with a jacuzzi, a big aquarium tank, and a big water jug. He made it to the cafeteria and spotted Beecher eating and reading. He spit Goldberg into her glass of water. She was happy he remembered her birthday and hugged him. The worker took her tray away with Goldberg still in the cup. Bernstein ran after him and caused a big crash.