Ethel & Lucy

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Real Identity: Ethel & Lucy
Appearances (Episodes): #BeastsInShow
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore

Harley Quinn left the Metropolis Zoo with her pet hyenas Ethel and Lucy. People ran in terror. Ethel and Lucy saw a cat and chased after it. Ethel and Lucy walked the halls of the arena and attacked a hot dog stand. They ran out to the main arena and threatened Waffles. Gordon and Danvers were still busy arguing with each other. Ace and Krypto understood what had to be done. The commentator thought it was all part of the routine. Krypto dug at the tennis ball pile and hit Ethel and Lucy in the face with the balls. He howled and the piercing sound waves stunned them. Ace threw out exploding gas balls. One hyena charged Krypto. He backed up onto a see saw. Ace jumped down onto the other side of the see saw and launched Krypto. Krypto unleashed his freeze breath and froze part of the arena. The hyena slipped and tackled the other by mistake. Ace pushed Krypto onto his back and rubbed his belly. His beating leg caused an earthquake.

Krypto then ran around Ethel and Lucy and created a vortex. Bows worn by other dogs was sucked in. Ace threw a batarang and cut down the event banner. The hyenas were wrapped up like a present. Krypto picked them up, spun around, and threw them through the arena roof. They landed back outside the Metropolis Zoo. Harley saw they had bows on them and wondered what happened. They whimpered.