Red Lantern Dex-Starr

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Real Identity: Dex-Starr
Affiliations: Red Lantern Corps
Appearances (Episodes): #RageCat and #ItsComplicated
Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring
Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore (Dexter) and Kevin Michael Richardson (Dex-Starr)

Dexter was deemed unadoptable by the Metropolis Animal Shelter for being the "worst cat in the world." Jessica Cruz, a volunteer at the shelter, believed there was a perfect owner for every pet and it was up to them to find them. Near the end of a successful Adopt-a-Pet Day, Cruz put a carrier away but some lights switched on. She noticed there was one animal left but there was caution tape all over his cage. It was Dexter. The other volunteers told her to back away if she knew what was good for her. One girl admitted she thought Dexter was sweet until the day she fed him dry cat food. She lowered a sleeve and revealed scratch marks all over her arm. The lead revealed he called him "Dexy" once and got his stomach all scratched up. Another girl brought up the time Monica touched his tail. Monica, an incoherent mess, repeated "Here kitty, kitty" and meowed. Cruz chuckled and pointed out he was just a cat. The lead clarified he was a bad cat and it was almost his "time" anyway.

Cruz refused to leave it alone and tried to get him adopted. A mother and son came by. The boy made the mistake of grabbing Dexter's tail. He went into a frenzy. They ran off. Dexter dragged Cruz as he ran around destroying carriers and signs. She finally lost her grip on his leash. He charged at her. The lead suddenly landed in front of her and wrapped Dexter in a blanket. He stated no one on Earth was going to adopt him. Cruz was still determined. Cruz believed Dexter needed an owner with a strong will and a leader to follow. She drove to Metropolis High and asked Diana Prince if she was interested. Prince accepted the call to help Dexter and boasted how she cared for others' animal companions on Themyscira and even became known as the "Minotaur Whisperer." She began to sneeze. Cruz realized she was allergic to cats. Dexter knew this, too, and brushed his tail on her nose. She collapsed. He perched atop her face. Prince clenched her fists and demanded his removal.

Cruz shifted gears to finding a traditional family environment. She drove to Barbara Gordon's house. Gordon always wanted a cat and renamed him "Batkitten." Cruz wondered why not "Batcat" but Gordon informed her that was just dumb. Dexter climbed up a bookcase filled with Gordon's Batman collectibles then pushed them off. Gordon barely caught each one. He then pushed one off that took her 32 hours to complete. She missed and it shattered. Cruz shifted gears to find a real animal lover. Garth Bernstein asked if Dexter was cool with fish. He ate the newly adopted fish. She took Dexter to Hal Jordan next. He agreed to take him. Thinking he was a dog, he vowed to teach him to catch a tennis ball and let him do his thing on a few hydrants. As soon as Jordan took him inside, Dexter went into a frenzy. Chairs, a HDTV, football, and laundry were tossed outside. Cruz decided to cast a wider net and took him to a pet store. Jimmy Olsen helped take photos. Dexter was dressed up like a newsboy. A crowd gathered and advanced upon him.

Dexter's anger reached a boiling point and attracted a power ring from the Red Lantern Corps. Dexter could now speak English and emerged a Red Lantern. He renamed himself "Dex-Starr" and revealed members of the Corps were chosen from the angriest beings in the universe and their rings were fueled by the red light of rage. Cruz thought the bowtie was too much. Cruz tried to come up with a strategy with Olsen but realized he already ran away. Dex-Starr declared he was not a nice kitty and vomited a lava-like substance that melted anything it touched. Cruz dove at the last second and told everyone to run out the back door. He listed off the things that angered him: wearing collars, eating kibble, and being forced into a forever home. He declared his forever home was suffering and pain. He vomited again. Cruz pulled down a display to shield herself then ran. They got into a cat-and-mouse situation. He eventually cut her path off. She leaped over him as he vomited and changed into Green Lantern.

Cruz demanded his ring. He refused and swore she would pay for her crimes against felinity. He vomited. She made a carrier construct to catch it all. She dangled a cat toy construct. He cooed and played with it but got frustrated. He slashed all the kitty litter bags then flew in a circle at high speed to spread it around the store. Cruz struggled to breath as he baited her with his ring. She found the exit and ran outside for air. Dex-Starr teased it was soon her "time" then the whole stinking planet would be his forever home. He powered up and charged. She made a blanket construct, wrapped him, and grabbed his tail. He went into a frenzy and sped about, melting the sign pole, Jessica's van, and light poles then blew up the store. Cruz managed to get his ring off and de-powered him. She still felt bad for him and decided to adopt him herself. Back at her home, she petted him and asked if she was the perfect owner. He slapped his food dish away. She found him funny.

Dexter bidded his time, knowing she would eventually make the mistake of leaving a chair too close to the counter where his power ring was. Dex-Starr flew to a mini golf course and melted an igloo with his lava vomit, exposing Hal Jordan and Jessica Cruz. He declared vengeance was his. She made a wheelbarrow construct and hid under it with Jordan. Sinestro and Sapphire also fired on them. Cruz told Jordan it was his fault. They lifted up the wheelbarrow and flew away. Jordan didn't understand how it was his fault. They dove behind a giant cheeseburger. She told him to apologize and hope they forgave him. Jordan understood he had to take responsibility. He added they had every right to be made at him because it was his fault for being so awesome. He couldn't quite remember what he ever did to Dex-Starr and said he was sorry he was such a terrible cat. To Cruz's surprise, all three villains were smitten with Jordan again and hugged him. Even Dex loved him and admitted he liked how he always tasted like steak sauce. They glided away on a rainbow of their color spectrums to go get ice cream.