Harley Quinn

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Real Identity: Harleen Quinzel
Affiliation(s): Metropolis High School and Legion of Doom
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 3, #Beeline, #BeastsInShow, #GothamCon, #Frenemies Part 1, #Frenemies Part 2, #SoulSisters Part 1, #SoulSisters Part 2, #ScrambledEggs, #EmperorPenguin, #CrashCourse, #TheWarriorAndTheJester, #NightmareInGotham Part 1, and #NightmareInGotham Part 2
Appearances (Comics): Teenage Crisis, Weird Science (Chapter 1), Giant #1 (Fall Festival), Giant #2 (A Sticky Zit-Uation), and Infinite Frenemies (Honey, I Shrunk My Friends)
Appearances (Super Shorts): #RemoteUncontrolled, #BigScreenBully, #LostAndFound, #PhotoOops, #Booked, #ComicGone, #SoulTaken, and #BoothBoot
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
Appearances (Graphic Novels): At Metropolis High, Powerless, and Midterms
Appearances (Games): Teen Power
Powers/Skills: Above Average Acrobatics
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Harleen Quinzel and Barbara Gordon are best friends but the latter moved from Gotham City to Metropolis. Quinzel affectionately refers to Gordon as "Babsy." One night, Barbara Gordon got an unexpected call from Harleen Quinzel. Quinzel asked for a status update and how her new house was. She revealed she missed her and Gordon felt the same way. Gordon thought Metropolis was lonely. Quinzel hated that they were apart then admitted she would try harder to keep her in Gotham if she got a second chance because best friends were worth fighting for. Sirens approached Quinzel. She had to hang up on account of "Gotham stuff." Gordon chuckled. Quinzel kissed at her screen and hung up. Gordon teared up but realized Quinzel was right. Best friends were worth fighting for. She set out to reunite the Super Hero Girls then rescue Wonder Woman from her scary looking mom.

Barbara Gordon took a bus to Gotham City and met Harleen Quinzel at the Gotham Bus Depot. They walked through the city to the Gotham City Convention Center, where the Annual Convention for Gotham City Enthusiasts was being held. They couldn't be happier with the prospect and joined hands as they skipped through the city. They took selfies at famous locations on the way like Arkham Asylum, Ace Chemicals, and Blackgate Penitentiary. They played hop scotch on a chalk grid left behind by children then continued by hopping over subdued criminals left behind by Batman and Robin. They breached the police line and danced by and on a police car outside a bank as officers walked out with two robbers. They came upon a S.W.A.T. stand off. An elderly woman saw them, too, then used the opening to hit the robber with her purse and knocked him out. They all danced in triumph. Gordon and Quinzel lay in the chalk outlines of two victims then happily rolled away. They arrived at the Gotham City Convention Center.

Quinzel saw the display for the actual steamroller used by the Joker in his infamous 'Crushing Christmas Caper,' the one thing she wanted to see more than anything else. They went to a panel where Batgirl thought the surprise special guest was Batman. She had a question prepared that asked him how he differentiates incidental clues from the most illuminating ones doubling in impressing him in hopes of him taking her on as a sidekick. To her disappointment, the special guest was Robin. After an anecdote, Robin opened the floor to questions. He saw through Gordon's question and teased her.

Quinzel was enraged. She lied to Gordon she had one more thing to go do and they agreed to meet at a coffee stand at 4 pm. Harley Quinn crashed the panel and lunged at Robin with her mallet. Batgirl swung in and kicked Harley away. Robin thought they were cosplayers and had security throw them out. Harley warned Batgirl to stay out of her way. Batgirl admitted she thought Harley's goal was awesome but vowed to stop her anyway. Harley went up to the scaffolding and severed a light fixture over Robin as he gave autographs. Batgirl fired a grapnel line and caught it. During the red carpet, Quinn posed as a reporter and handed him her microphone and ran. It was really a grenade. Batgirl chased her. She ran back and put the pin back in the grenade. Quinn fired a blow dart from a potted plant. Batgirl blocked it with a cut out of Robin. Robin ordered a hot dog but Quinn handed him a live dynamite in a bun. Batgirl put it out with ketchup and mustard. During a toy unveiling, Batgirl and Quinn were trampled. By 4 pm, both were beat. Quinzel concluded the convention was a stinker.

Gordon, unaware of what was going on, appealed to Quinzel to not let the convention be ruined for her, too, and do the thing she needed to do for her. Quinzel saw Robin and was inspired to try and kill him again. She changed back into Harley Quinn, stole the Joker's steam roller, and charged at Robin. Gordon was reduced to tears. Quinzel returned and was confused. Gordon admitted he was a jerk that always embarrassed her but she never wished him dead. They noticed Robin was still alive and what got run over was a cardboard cut out used for selfies. Robin started judging the cosplay contest. Quinzel realized she still had a live bomb strapped to the judge's chair. Harley Quinn forced her way onto the stage but Batgirl stood in her way. Robin found the bomb. They leaped over the desk at him. Harley emerged with the bomb. The people in the audience realized it was real and fled the room. Harley didn't know how to get rid of it and ran into a restroom. A boy tripped her up and she lost the bomb.

Batgirl fired a grapnel line and captured it then tossed it back to Harley. Harley threw it in a vault but realized it was the actual vault used by the Joker in his infamous 'Breakin' the Bank' Caper. She ran off with the bomb and threw it. Robin happened to catch it. Harley snatched it. Batgirl grabbed a fire extinguisher and fired but it went all over her face instead of the bomb. Harley gave her the bomb, took the extinguisher, and took out the fuse. Batgirl and Harley bowed and shook hands. Batgirl stared her down. Harley sprayed her face and ran out of the convention center. Batgirl chased after her into the city. After the convention, Quinzel thought Gordon was a fan of Robin and as Harley Quinn tracked him down to an alley. Robin was reduced to tears and frantically signed a photo of himself under duress. While Gordon and Quinzel said their goodbyes at the Gotham Bus Depot, Quinzel gave her the signed autograph as a present since the convention didn't go like she wanted. She mused they might see each other sooner than later before the next convention in a year.

Quinzel called up and told Gordon to guess where she was. Gordon guessed the Gotham Zoo then Gotham Comics but settled on Gotham Zoo. Quinzel revealed she was moving to Metropolis. Harleen Quinzel presented herself to Gordon's cafeteria table at Metropolis High. Gordon got so excited she ran across the table on all fours, leaped off, and hugged Quinzel. She asked if she just showed up to school. Quinzel admitted she chose to be fashionably late on her first day. Prince tried to shake her hand but got electrocuted by a joy buzzer. Gordon was relieved she never changed. Quinzel presented her new flower and blew Jessica Cruz off her chair with a huge burst of water. Quinzel appeared between Karen Beecher and Kara Danvers and blew her whoopee cushion then dropped it on Danvers' head. Next, she produced a pen and claimed it was invisible ink. However, it was super permanent industrial ink and it spilled on Zee Zatara's vest. Gordon laughed and asked Quinzel to save some jokes for after school. The others became concerned.

Gordon presented her idea to give Quinzel a tour of Metropolis together. Prince gritted her teeth and agreed to do so. Gordon and Quinzel locked arms, kicked the doors open, and strutted out into the hallway. The others quickly objected. Prince pointed out it was their divine duty as hosts to offer hospitality to their new guest and she was important to Gordon for some reason. The whoopee cushion let out another fart to Danvers' embarrassment. The girls took Harleen Quinzel on a tour of the city, mostly out of respect for Gordon. They headed to the Metropolis Subway. Quinzel jumped the turnstile. Prince groaned and put in an extra coin for her. Cruz fed pigeons at a park but Quinzel ran through and scared them off. Danvers tried to win a chicken arcade game but Quinzel kept popping up and asking annoying questions which led to a game over. Danvers angrily ripped out the joystick. Zee Zatara tried to enjoy a cupcake with sprinkles but Harleen Quinzel gobbled hers down loudly and with her mouth open. Some sprinkles even fell on Zatara's cheek. She ran out of the booth. Quinzel ate her cupcake, too.

Beecher took Quinzel to a showing of Just Before Dusk but the latter blurted out a bunch of spoilers. Quinzel continued jumping the turnstile until Prince ran out of coins. Quinzel advised her to manage her finances better. Prince turned red-faced and grumbled. After Gordon realized the others didn't like hanging out with Quinzel, she stormed off. Some time later, Gordon and Quinzel went to a comic book store. Quinzel found a Space Joker vs. Caveman Batman one shot variant cover but Gordon was overcome with sadness. She thought the comic wasn't mint and threw a fit then threw the comic. Gordon told her about the spat with the others then declared it would be them against the world like in Gotham. Quinzel was fine with that but also suggested going on a nice drive in the country with some nice girls she met. Selina Kyle drove while Doris Zeul knocked mail boxes off their stands with a baseball bat. The others laughed from the back seat. Gordon was very uneasy but Kyle asserted it was fun. She swerved and drove through another mail box.

Gordon abruptly yelled out to stop the car. She made up an excuse that she had to write a book for the library and crawled outside then pulled Quinzel out. Gordon decided to call her father to take them to the movies but to her surprise, Quinzel opted to stay with the others and promised they would catch up the next day. The bat was given to Quinzel next but she had another idea. She blew up a post office. Kyle proposed something even more fun. They all revealed their criminal alter egos. Quinzel, in return, revealed she was Harley Quinn. They went on a crime spree. At a jewelry store, Quinn destroyed several glass cases with her mallet. At a museum, Quinn set off a giant bomb she planted atop an Atlas statue. Giganta, Livewire, Star Sapphire, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy ate at a high class restaurant and went over what was different in Gotham like soda, water fountains, and fireflies. Once they were done, Harley flipped the table and the girls attacked everyone inside. Clad in jewelry, the drove off laughing.

They eventually caught the attention of the Super Hero Girls just as they planned. Catwoman thought they were evenly matched. Wonder Woman disagreed but Harley whacked her from behind then bounced around laughing hysterically. Supergirl fired off her heat vision at Giganta but Harley popped up in front of Giganta and deflected the heat vision with a mirror. She joked she gave her something to reflect on. Giganta didn't catch on. Bumblebee got a lock on Ivy but Harley whacked her with a fly swatter. Zatanna and Green Lantern were back to back using shields to defend against Sapphire and Livewire. Harley planted a bomb near them. Wonder Woman momentarily looked away, giving Catwoman an opening to steal the Lasso of Truth. She threw it to Harley Quinn. Harley lassoed the Super Hero Girls and was given the honor of finishing them off. Harley cocked and raised her mallet but her cell phone went off. It was Gordon. Harley took the call and walked away. Catwoman was flummoxed and dropped the rope.

The Super Hero Girls rallied back. At 8:25 pm, the fight raged on. Livewire blasted at Wonder Woman. Harley tried to attack but Batgirl threw out a Batrope and scraped one of her wrists. Harley was annoyed to see Batgirl and fired an RPG from her mallet. The explosion launched Batgirl back and she suffered a scrape on her shoulder. They charged each other but all of a sudden, they were surrounded by police cars. Catwoman ordered a retreat. Harley refused. Giganta grabbed her head and used a seat belt to tie her up then carried the others away in the stolen car. Harley vowed things would be worse than it was in Gotham. The next day, Gordon and Quinzel hung out in the comic book store. Quinzel found Issue #6 of the Gotham Crow limited series. Gordon asked her about her bandaged wrist. Quinzel told her she burnt it on her hair dryer cord. Quinzel asked Gordon about the bandage on her shoulder. Gordon claimed it was a hair dryer, too. They pondered the excuses then Quinzel saw a new Joker vs. Batman imprint. They read it together.

Quinzel complained about Batman being in the first panel and unshaven. She wondered why he wasn't presentable like the Joker. Gordon countered it was to show how committed he was to the city. Harley Quinn left the Metropolis Zoo with her pet hyenas Ethel and Lucy. People ran in terror. Ethel and Lucy saw a cat and chased after it. Some time later, Ethel and Lucy were thrown from the Shuster Arena to the Metropolis Zoo by Krypto. Harley saw they had bows on them and wondered what happened. They whimpered.

One night, Harley Quinn won the coin toss by picking heads and got to take the lead. She wanted to blow up the bridge and cause a traffic jam so she wouldn't have take Mr. Johnson's math test the next morning. After the other girls arrived, she cartwheeled around them in a circle laughing. Eventually, Catwoman asked her to stop with the laughing. Harley chided her then handed her rope then gave bombs to the others. Karen Beecher happened to be on the bridge at the same time and set off to find her friends. Once the set up was done, Catwoman let Harley know and was eager to get it over with so the real fun could begin. Harley promised it was going to be 100 different kinds of fun. Bumblebee narrowly prevented Harley from detonating them and flew right into her. The detonator was broken in the process. The other Super Hero Girls arrived. Batgirl swung around and kicked Harley just as she produced her mallet. Both teams regrouped then charged at each other.

One night, Harley was spray painting a wall. Before she could finish "Batman Drools," Katana took her soul with her Soultaker sword. Batgirl tripped on Harley Quinn's body after the girls found Catwoman first. She and the other villains were stored in Barbara Gordon's bedroom for safe keeping. It was made to look like they were doing make overs during a slumber party. Commissioner Gordon fell for it. Katana later saw the error of her ways and freed every soul. The other Super Hero Girls came to in Gordon's bedroom but were face to face with the six bewildered villains. Catwoman stated they would never speak of it again. Everyone agreed. Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Quinzel was stirred awake and learned she was paired with Kara Danvers.

Danvers and Quinzel asked Chapin if they could switch partners. Quinzel told Chapin Danvers had emotional problems and wanted to be with Ferris. Chapin denied them and stated Ferris was alone. Ferris shouted she wasn't. Chapin reminded them they were one F away from summer school and they could either spend the next two days or the next three months together. Danvers and Quinzel glared at each other, groaned, and shook hands. On Saturday, they went to the mall's Lexpress and bought "fragile" tape, cardboard boxes, and packing peanuts to protect their Home Ec egg project then rushed out with the cart. They left their egg on the counter. The worker didn't notice either and unknowingly bumped the egg into an open box he was working on. He sealed and set it up the conveyor belt. Danvers and Quinzel ran back into the Lexpress but the egg was gone. They ran out in a panic. Quinzel shoved her head into a trash can. Quinzel saw everyone else's eggs and got an idea. She asked Danvers how bad she wanted to stay out of summer school.

They waited outside Garth Bernstein's window to steal his egg. Danvers reached for the egg but she couldn't bring herself to steal it. She had Quinzel do it. They realized the egg was gone then noticed another open window. They sneaked around the casino. The plan was for Quinzel to make a distraction while Danvers stole Zatara's egg. They overheard Oliver Queen yelling about how she didn't know the first thing about raising an egg. Zatara was insulted. Something crashed. Queen took offense to her thinking she could walk all over him. Something shattered. Quinzel remembered there was another egg. Danvers quickly agreed to go after it. They sneaked away. Queen demanded to see his egg. Hal Jordan made his smoothie while Kara Danvers and Harleen Quinzel spied on him from outside. He poured milk then the eggs but he grabbed Ferris' egg by mistake and blended to their horror. At Sweet Justice, Zatara realized she hard boiled and cut her egg in half. Danvers and Quinzel screamed outside. The former fainted.

Danvers and Quinzel held each other and cried at the prospect of having to take summer school. A Lexpress delivery van passed by and hit a bump. A box tumbled out onto the road. It happened to be the one that contained Danvers and Quinzel's misplaced egg. It ended up on top of the strength tester at the Metropolis Pier. Selina Kyle bounced off Kara Danvers' head and made her way to the egg. Danvers grabbed the mallet and smashed the bell, stunning Kyle and launching the egg. It landed in the bumper car manned by Jimmy Olsen. The pairs chased after Olsen until Danvers and Quinzel rear ended him. Olsen landed in a pool of stuffed animals. They chased the egg around the pier but Isley ultimately ate it. On Monday, the Home Ec teacher decided to rescind the assignment. Danvers and Quinzel were stoked and happily nodded to each other. During lunch, Barbara Gordon threw down the latest Daily Planetoid and asked Harleen Quinzel if she could believe that in their first year at Metropolis High, the Hamsters had a shot at the football state title. She noticed Hal Jordan looked terrible and stressed out despite his playoff beard and lucky socks giving him the winning edge. Gordon revealed she planned to buy him a pair of Lombard XLXs as a gift for winning the title but they were limited editions and sold out. Quinzel revealed she knew a guy who could get anything. Jordan became nauseous and ran off. Gordon went to see Oswald Cobblepot about getting the XLXs in size 12.

Harley Quinn stole a red sports car, Livewire hotwired it, and Catwoman took them on a joyride. Two minutes later, they zoomed past the DMV. Prince couldn't ignore it and sped after them. Harley recognized Prince from school and wondered when she got cool. Catwoman indulged and raced her. As Catwoman drove through the Metropolis Pier, Harley snatched a cotton candy out of a man's hands. Prince passed and Beecher handed him some money and apologized. He was naturally shocked. Catwoman thought she lost Prince at the pier but that wasn't the case. Catwoman was astonished and thought that was impossible. Livewire chimed she should have said "Im-paws-ible." Harley warned her but it was too late. They drove up a ramp and landed in a dumpster.

Harley Quinn acquired an ear sliced off Batman's cowl by the Joker through the black market. Quinzel then presented it as a gift to Gordon and lied she got it from a connection. Gordon arrived at Sweet Justice and declared it was the greatest day of her life. She hopped into the booth. Prince nearly lost her three ice cream scoops. Gordon kept repeating "she is the best." Prince implored her to slow down and tell them who the best was. Harleen Quinzel popped up on Prince's left and she again almost lost her scoops but she noogied Prince and put her arm around her. The scoops splattered all over Prince. Quinzel joked she missed her mouth a little. Prince laughed and played along then stared. Quinzel asked her if she could take a joke. Prince looked at Gordon, still giddy, and stated of course she could but had less hilarious places to be and left. After Prince accidentally used the Bat-ear as a whetstone to sharpen her sword, she was forced to go to Quinzel for help in getting a replacement.

Prince and Quinzel took a bus to Gotham City. Quinzel was excited about the road trip. Prince emphasized they should stay focused. Quinzel nodded. Prince calculated they would have just enough time to get a Bat-ear and return to Sweet Justice but noticed Quinzel was busy drawing on her breath on the glass. She pointed out Prince would owe her big time for her help. Prince promised she would fully repay her debt. Quinzel pounded on the doors and repeatedly exclaimed, "Open up!" until they finally opened. She promised Prince she was going to love Gotham but warned her it would seem "a little prickly" to the uninitiated. Quinzel greeted the man in the trench coat as Jeremy. Jeremy recognized her cheerily greeted her back. Prince got mugged but she declared there was no time and they needed to get the new Bat-ear. Quinzel laid out they had to meet her connection across town at Sprang Station. She promised to get them there in no time then walked off. She doubled back and went in the opposite direction.

Prince soon realized they were not at Sprang Station. Quinzel told her they were in an Ace Chemical plant and pointed to the vat where the legendary Joker was born. Prince inquired what it had to do with the new Bat-ear. Quinzel just wanted to share some of Gotham's rich culture with her. Prince pointed to her wristwatch. Quinzel remembered they were in a time crunch and promised to stay laser focused. She was distracted by a butterfly and went after it. Prince sighed. Prince was glum as Quinzel happily skipped. Her demeanor changed when she saw Crime Alley. Prince asked what was wrong. Diana Prince asked her what was wrong. Quinzel told her she was a child when two of Gotham's greatest treasures were lost forever. She recounted she was in the alley chewing two Jack Smackers when they fell out of her mouth and onto the ground. She laid on the ground and continued talking about how she spent hours looking for the candy balls but they were gone. Prince walked into a spider web while asking if they could just go. Quinzel noticed two Jack Smackers but popped them in her mouth after wiping them but verified those weren't hers. A vein started pulsing on Prince's forehead.

Quinzel took Prince to the Ace Chemical on 27th where Victor Fries became Mr. Freeze. Prince stated she didn't care about chemical vats. Quinzel asked her if she was sure because she wanted to take her to the plant on 43rd where some actor got turned into Clayface. Prince demanded to be taken to Sprang Station. Quinzel was put off by her crankiness. They finally arrived at Sprang Station. Prince asked what they were going to do and limited the reply to 20 words or less. Quinzel revealed her plan was to cut an ear off Batman himself. She realized she answered with only 15 words. Prince asked if she was serious. Quinzel was sure Batman was just one word but wasn't sure if he hyphenated. Prince clarified she was talking about her plan. Quinzel confirmed she was because the station was on Batman's night patrol. She produced a spray can and elaborated she was going to tag a wall and when Batman came to scold them, her connection would sneak up behind him and snip the ear off. Prince thought it was a terrible idea and told herself she should have known better and should have been upfront with Gordon from the start.

Quinzel teased her about coming down with a case of the "should'ves." Prince told her she was the single most irritating person she ever encountered. Prince wanted to return to Metropolis and fess up but Quinzel tagged a wall with "Batman Stinks!" Prince was horrified and tried to wipe it off. Batman arrived. Prince told him it was an honor to meet him and it wasn't what it looked like. Harley Quinn suddenly sliced a fence in half with a giant pair of scissors and rushed Batman. Batman threw two Batarangs. Quinn used her scissors like a pogo stick and dodged them then counter attacked. Batman dodged her twice so she charged but one of the Batarangs returned and pinned her to a stucco wall. She couldn't believe of all the walls, it had to be stucco and got itchy. Prince told Batman she had much higher hopes for the first time their paths crossed. He put a hand on her shoulder and consoled her. She perked up. However, Quinn was gone. Batman departed. By nightfall, Prince returned to Sweet Justice empty-handed. Gordon was hysterical and crying.

Prince decided it was time to come clean. Gordon was hoping Prince wanted to tell her she found the ear. Before Prince could make her confession, Quinzel arrived and lied she took the ear and traded it with her connection for something even better, a genuine used-in-combat Batarang. Gordon lit up and happily showed it off to the patrons. Prince apologized to Quinzel and offered her gratitude. Quinzel pointed out she did it for Gordon because she would not let her become heartbroken. Prince admitted she was beginning to see what Gordon saw in her then reminded her she was in her debt. Quinzel pointed out Batarangs weren't easy to come by. Prince realized that was true and inquired how her connection got it. She realized Harleen Quinzel and Harley Quinn were one in the same. Quinn called in her favor and asked Prince to keep her secret then she blinked. Prince gasped in shock.

On Halloween, Harleen Quinzel went to Sweet Justice in a Wonder Woman costume. She exclaimed, "Great Hera!" She and Gordon saw they both were Wonder Woman, exclaimed happily and hugged. Gordon explained that ever since they were little, she and Quinzel always went trick-or-treating together in Gotham City then watched the Big Pumpkin Drop at the Wayne Tower at midnight. Prince became concerned and covered herself by stating Gordon forgot to invite them all to the festivities. The other girls were alarmed but played along. Gordon was elated at the thought of all her best friends together in Gotham for Halloween and asked someone to pinch her. Danvers offered. Gordon declined because she didn't want to wake up. Quinzel and Prince glared at each other. Cruz picked candy out of a cauldron set up outside of a house but she was scared off when a generic white ghost dropped down. Gordon and Quinzel laughed at her expense. Beecher approached a house but she ran away as a small dog dressed as a bee charged her. Gordon and Quinzel petted the dog.

During a break in the trick-or-treating, Quinzel talked to Joker on her phone and agreed to take part in his scheme. Gordon lied to Quinzel about something coming up and they would have to break the tradition. To her surprise, Quinzel had no problem with it and left. The Joker and Harley Quinn broke into S.T.A.R. Labs and stole the Fractal Obliterator. Just as Wonder Woman was about to tell Batgirl that Quinzel was Harley, Harley Quinn walked to the upper exit and noticed them. She wished them a happy Halloween then plopped down on the rail and remarked they missed them. Batgirl questioned why she spoke in a plural sense. The Joker stepped out and remarked they were the "playmates" Harley told him all about. Batgirl was excited at first then channeled Batman. Joker admitted he didn't speak "Bat" even after all this time then presented a bound Dr. Francine Langstrom. Joker mused goodbyes were hard and imitated Batman. Batgirl realized Joker was the one who called her emergency line. He quipped he could speak "Bat" after all. Harley marveled at his talent and they left in his blimp.

Wonder Woman told her Quinzel was Harley Quinn. Batgirl teared up and refused to believe it at first. She fired her grapnel gun and left the lab. Mayor Borg was about to set off the Big Pumpkin Drop but he was interrupted by Joker and Harley and tied up. She manned the camera while Joker spoke to Gotham. Joker proclaimed he delivered the scariest Halloween of all time just like he promised. Harley congratulated him. He told her it was nothing and he would do anything for his number one gal. She was elated. The Super Hero Girls landed on the roof. Wonder Woman and Batgirl took the clowns while the others went after the other villains. Batgirl revealed to Harley she knew she was Harleen Quinzel. Harley denied it and told her she had the wrong number. Harley swung her mallet but missed. A black punching glove shot out of the mallet hid and decked Batgirl. She was tied up to a pipe. After Joker paralyzed Wonder Woman in place, Harley joined him at the end of the roof.

Joker revealed his concern about an upstart outdoing his stunt in 100 years so he was going to prevent that from happening by destroying Gotham. He revealed he affixed the Fractal Obliterator they stole from S.T.A.R. Labs onto the Big Pumpkin and when it dropped, the Obliterator would be triggered. Harley was surprised he was going to destroy the city. He revealed she was and presented the plunger. She gave him an awkward thumbs up. Joker went back up into his blimp and warned Harley she would have ten seconds once the Pumpkin touched its base. Batgirl, tied up to a pipe, implored her not to do it and the Joker was just using her. Harley asked her what she knew about it. Batgirl revealed her secret identity to the shocked Harley and told her that even after everything she still loved her. Harley told her she loved her, too, then she secretly turned on the disarm switch, pushed the plunger down, and returned to the blimp. Batgirl later realized she saved the city and her hope in Harley was renewed. The Joker and Harley laughed in the blimp. Harley paused and frowned then smiled.

During a battle against Batgirl, Ivy gloated atop Metropolis High's tower but was interrupted by a text from Harley Quinn. The text had emojis for bank, gun, bag of money, hour glass, and an evil happy face. Ivy was irritated and wished she wrote like a normal person. Pam Isley settled down on her couch to watch her favorite show, a nature series. Just after she ate one pork rind, she heard Harleen Quinzel's laughter and groaned. Quinzel raced in hyper as ever and asked Ivy what she was doing and eating. She snatched one from mid-air to Ivy's annoyance. She was bored by the show, snatched the remote, and changed it to wrestling. Ivy sent a vine to tap Quinzel's right shoulder. When she looked, the vine took the remote and gave it to Ivy. She turned it back to the nature show. Quinzel stretched out on the couch right up to Ivy then chewed her gum repeatedly. She took the remote and snack and changed the channel again. Ivy became angry and tossed Quinzel and changed the channel. Quinzel tackled Ivy and changed it. Ivy leg flipped her over the couch and changed it. Quinzel pulled Ivy by the hair. They fought behind the couch. She pulled Quinzel's left leg and changed the channel then launched a flying elbow. Quinzel used her mallet. Ivy pulled Quinzel down. The channel changed back and forth.

On her back, Ivy used her legs and feet to propel Quinzel away and changed the channel. Quinzel sneaked behind her and bonked her with the mallet. She changed the channel. A vine grabbed Quinzel and rose to the ceiling. Ivy changed the channel again. Quinzel got out a pair of scissors and cut her way free. She drifted downward with her mallet ready. Ivy had the vine take her upward. They collided and wrecked the room. They pulled at the remote at the same time and broke it in half. The next show on was "Make It Wayne." They threw the TV out the window. Quinzel went to a 10:30 screening of "Just Before Dusk: Final Light". Just after Karen Beecher successfully chased Doris Zeul out of the near empy theater, she noticed Quinzel laughing obnoxiously and changed into Bumblebee to force her out, too.

Harley Quinn somehow stole the Lasso of Truth without Wonder Woman knowing it. She used it on a patron at Matt's Vegan Cafe who confessed he would give his left arm for a burger, on Barbara Ann Minverva during her gymnastics practice who admitted she was not a natural blonde, had extensions, and her contacts were color ones, then on Hal Jordan in the boys locker room who told himself he was the best looking guy in Metropolis and probably the tri-state area, on Karen Beecher who critiqued Just Before Dusk to her horror, on Garth Bernstein in the Metropolis High lunch room who admitted he was Aqualad, and on Giganta who admitted she smashes things because she was overcompensating for deep insecurity rooted in a quest for perfection and an overpowering fear in not being good enough. Harley lastly thought to use it as a bungee cord during her robbery of the Bank of Moolah but was unaware of its unlimited length. She crashed into a tree and was tied up in the lasso. Wonder Woman and Supergirl found her. Supergirl got an idea and decided to have a little conversation before turning her over to the police.

Zatanna battled Giganta, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn all at once one night. She cast a spell and pulled one of her rabbits from out of her hat. It fired magic lasers from its eyes. Giganta shielded herself with a piece of pavement but it vanished. Catwoman and Harley dodged. The blast meant for Harley hit Jimmy Olsen before he could take a photograph and he was teleported back to the school's photo lab. While Kara Danvers served her detention at the Metropolis High library, Harleen Quinzel carelessly tossed books from shelves in search of one with a picture. Danvers used her x-ray vision from the aisle over to spot Quinzel then used super breath to bury her under a pile of books.

Barbara Gordon and Harleen Quinzel both saw the last copy of the limited edition of "Clowns vs. Bats" #187 in the comic book store and reached for it at the same time. They were both surprised the other collected the title. It happened to be the last copy in the city. They both told the other to take it because they wouldn't enjoy it knowing the other wanted it. It went back and forth. The employee asked them if they were done not buying anything because he had to close up. They agreed to leave it on the stand and left the store. That night, Harley Quinn kicked the door in and was shocked to see Batgirl with a head lamp on reading "Clowns vs. Bats" #187. Harley leaped at her with her mallet ready. Batgirl stopped her and carefully bagged the comic. Harley chased her row to row then got into a slap fight. Batgirl hid in a row but Harley was behind her. Harley swung her mallet but froze after Batgirl held out the comic like a shield. She stole the mallet and whacked Harley. She chased her around again then threw things at each other.

Batgirl accidentally threw the comic. They leaped for it at the same time and knocked heads. The comic was on the floor by Harley. Before she could grab it, Batgirl threw her Batarangs. She rolled off with the comic then walked along the ceiling upside down. Harley pounded the ground to get her to fall down then threw out a bomb. It landed right on top of the comic. The store blew up. Batgirl stood out from the debris with the comic but it disintegrated into ash. Harley laughed and was punched. One night, Harley interrupted a criminal pursuit and came up behind Katana then stole Soultaker because it looked like "fun." Katana chased after her. The criminal chuckled. Katana ran back, flipped the criminal to the ground, returned to purse, and continued after Harley. Harley ran past a car, it honked at her, and Katana leaped onto the car's roof. She followed her to the Metropolis Pier. Harley leaped over a hot dog cart and stabbed a dog for herself. Katana slid under the cart.

The vendor was distracted by them and squirted ketchup on his young client's head. Katana took a squeaky doll and threw it at Harley's head followed by more. Katana warned her she didn't understand what she held and demanded it back. Harley implored her to come and get it. Katana picked out a balloon sword and attacked. Harley dodged her thrusts then realized she had the real one and poked the balloon then ran off. Katana navigated through a crowd of civilians while Harley tried the whack-a-mole arcade. She eventually hacked all the heads off. Katana pursued her on the merry-go-round and cup rides. Katana noticed a photo booth in use and saw Harley had put a hat, glasses, and fake mustache on her sword first, then wore them herself. She crumpled the photos in anger. Katana caught up to her again but Harley attacked with the sword. They found themselves on the roller coaster tracks trying to outrun the ride. They got on and resumed fighting. Katana swiped the mallet from a teenager trying to win the strength test as they turned a curve.

Harley admired the mallet and snatched it. The ride ended soon after. She liked the balance, grip, and lack of having to worrying about cutting herself. She tossed the Soultaker back to Katana and casually walked away. Katana was dumbfounded. Harley Quinn was reported to be on a rampage in midtown Metropolis and blowing up everything in sight. Gordon saw it as a chance to try out her new invention, a harpoon gun, but three elderly women sat at the booth the girls used to access the hideout. By the time she was ready, Harley Quinn just so happened to trip on one of the woman's canes and was arrested by police.

During lunch period, Catwoman robbed a museum with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn and got away with the world's largest diamond. They made their escape on Ivy's giant vine to Harley's delight. Harley was hungry and wondered if they had time to steal a pizza on the way back to Metropolis High. They landed on a roof across from Metropolis High but the Super Hero Girls cut them off. Ivy took advantage of Supergirl's super-breath to spread her pollen and distract the girls. Harley couldn't resist a good pun and called it "pollen" a fast one. Bumblebee was small enough to navigate the pollen particles and snatched the diamond away. Harley called finders keepers and chased Bumblebee around. With time running out, Catwoman and Ivy carried Harley away and jumped off the roof. Selina Kyle, Pamela Isley, and Harleen Quinzel ran into Diana Prince, Jessica Cruz, Karen Beecher, Barbara Gordon, Kara Danvers, and Zee Zatara outside Metropolis High. Beecher realized were were just in time and they were going to make it to Algebra class. Quinzel wasn't as relieved. Gordon didn't understand since she loved Algebra. Quinzel retorted she would.

Harley Quinn situated herself atop the bleachers and fired pumpkins with her bazooka. One hit Danvers' and blew it apart. She was disqualified then Isley. Beecher calculated the trajectory of the pumpkins and determined they were coming from left field. Beecher lost her necklace in a bale of hay. She made her way to the top of a stack of hay bales near an end zone and improvised a giant slingshot with the goal posts. Zatanna cast a spell and sabotaged Harley's bazooka. Harley sprayed pumpkin seeds at Wonder Woman and bounced away on spring loaded heels. Batgirl emerged from the corn field on her moped. Garth Bernstein was relieved to be free of the maze after he was lost in there for a few hours. Harley launched whipped cream on Batgirl and Bernstein. Harley hijacked the tractor and proclaimed she was the Harvest Queen. Beecher used her sling shot and fired a pumpkin. It nailed Harley in the gut and knocked her off. Supergirl hauled her away. Harley vowed to be back next year. Harley bopped herself in the head with her mallet to squash Bumblebee.

The Super Villains raided the Metropolis Mega-Mart of TV sets but they were stopped by Supergirl. While the others scolded Supergirl for grandstanding, the villains escaped in Star Sapphire's car construct. They were unaware Lena Luthor wanted to join them. The Super Villains cased out the Metropolis Museum but Harley Quinn wanted to just rob it. Catwoman insisted the prize would arrive the next day. Lena Luthor approached them in her new warsuit and wanted to be their associate. They weren't interested. She promised she could help them and demonstrated her rocket arms. The rocket ricocheted off the sign and hit her. Harleen Quinzel informed Prince the first rule of Clown Club was there were no rules and squirted her with a trick flower then told her no hard feelings but got her with a joy buzzer when they shook hands. The next night, the Super Villains broke into the museum and made their way to the Grand Hall. Catwoman directed everyone to the new Egyptian Artifacts exhibit. Harley sprayed whipped cream on a pharaoh statute.

Catwoman was ready to head out but Luthor found them. She took offense to being called a "little girl" and trapped them in a laser prison. After Zatanna turned Luthor's rubber ducks on her, the Super Villains tried to sneak out but the Super Hero Girls confronted them. On a Tuesday morning, Commissioner Gordon made Barbara her favorite breakfast scrambled eggs but it barely registered to her. She grabbed an apple and left with Harleen Quinzel, who was already at the front door. Bumblebee was stuck powerless in her shrunken form due to a power outage the night before. She freaked out about getting to school and rode a squirrel to the sidewalk. She spotted Harleen Quinzel and Barbara Gordon. Quinzel shooed the squirrel away but Bumblebee managed to leap into Gordon's basket then hid in her backpack. The girls checked out the Metropolis Water and Power Department first. Bumblebee instructed Wonder Woman to take her to the restricted zone. Zatanna found the place creepy with no power. They found Harley Quinn springing around on a pogo stick defacing the place. Harley stated she wasn't behind the power outage and was using the building as target practice.

During midterms, Quinzel had the third best G.P.A. overall. After everyone left the posted leader board, Quinzel knocked the board down. At some point, she slipped a glitter bomb in Lois Lane's backpack and a stink bomb in Karen Beecher's locker. They were the other two students with a higher G.P.A. but they kept studying undaunted. After the library closed on the fourth day of midterms, Harley Quinn sealed herself in it with Lane and Beecher, who stayed until closing to study for the science midterm. She subjected them to "The Harley Games," her own set of tests. Beecher and Lane kept up pace with Harley in water balloon target practice and a whack-a-mole game. Lane mused she was going to win an award for her first-person "My Evening With a Villain" story. She excitedly asked Harley if this was how she trained and if she was going to practice her evil laugh. Beecher went last and got the highest score. Harley was not having it and went to the next test, and grabbed a pie. The girls beat her to it and both nailed her.

For the final, they had to navigate the room filled with obstacles and glitter bombs while hopping on a pogo stick. Lane asked Harley how it felt to be bested by a super reporter. Harley landed on a glitter bomb. They hopped through a smoke screen. Harley set off TNT but was buried in books. Beecher and Lane thought that was fun. Annoyed, Harley tied them up back to back on a chair. In search of Beecher, Wonder Woman went to Gordon's house and woke her up. Gordon confirmed Beecher's last text was sent from Metropolis High's library at 6:35 pm. Gordon searched the library camera feed and they spotted a silhouette of Harley Quinn. Eventually, Lane fell asleep. When the coast was clear, Beecher changed into Bumblebee and rigged up some cushions to take her place. She disabled the booby trap and drove Harley out the window with a flurry of stingers. Harley spent the day removing stingers from her butt and missed the last midterm.

After Giganta rampaged in Hob's Bay's Port Area, Quinzel remembered she forgot to reserve a copy of a limited edition comic book called "Batman vs Joker: Ultra-Limited-Edition." As Harley Quinn, she vowed to destroy the local comic book store after they refused to just give her one. Luckily, Batgirl was in in the area. Harley tried to take her copy but it was tossed up and went down an open manhole. The other Super Hero Girls arrived and Harley fled with her boot springs. She tried searching underground but ran into Toyman's toy army then Batgirl. She fled to the surface and left Batgirl to fight them all. Gordon tried to cheer up Quinzel by taking her to the next Hob's Bay restoration project fundraising campaign and they each selected a new building to be rebuilt. Harley Quinn patrolled Hob's Bay that night and protected the building Gordon chose. The Super Hero Girls later arrived to fight the toy army and surprised to see Harley doing something good.

After the opening ceremony, both Batgirl and Harley tried searching underground for the comic again. It was stolen by a Caesar toy robot. They chased it but Harley got ahead of herself and activated several time bombs. Batgirl managed to defuse them all in time. Eventually, they followed the Caesar up to the surface but it dropped the comic into the bay. Harley temporarily allied with the Super Hero Girls to fight off more of the toy army and a gigantic purple teddy bear named Abraham. After overpowering it, Harley knocked Abraham into the bay with her mallet. The next day, Quinzel proposed the Super Villains should team up with the Super Hero Girls to deal with the toy army. Kyle agreed out of interest in the spoils. Catwoman and Harley Quinn tagged along with the Super Hero Girls to go underground again to see why the toys were going berserk again. Lex Luthor was annoyed to see them all and reminded them they were trespassing on private property and threatened to have them arrested. The two teams fought Lena Luthor and Toyman's completed Toyman Robot in the Lexcorp tower and won.