August 25, 2015
Launches on CW Seed

New Reichsmen

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 4, Episode 6, Episode 10, Episode 11, and Episode 12
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The New Reichsmen is a paramilitary team within the New Reich composed of its top generals and leaders Overgirl, Black Arrow, and Blitzkrieg. They battled Freedom Fighters in Tulsa. Blitzkrieg overwhelmed Ray with his super speed while Black Arrow took aim at Black Condor. Red Tornado blew Arrow away but he was no match for Overgirl. Condor and Doll Man battled Arrow in tandem. Doll Man shrank and jumped onto Arrow's shoulder then threw up a net arrow. Condor used an ability to fire the arrow at its owner. Ray managed to get in a shot and blasted Blitzkrieg. Red Tornado was saved by Phantom Lady, Ray, and Black Condor after he was pinned in a river. He suffered a system failure. The Ray took custody of his Neuro-Cortex. Tornado asked him to destroy the Cortex in order to prevent the Reichsmen from accessing it and gaining information from his memories. Ray dodged Arrow's fire while Condor fell for Overgirl's attack. He cleaved the thrown vehicle in two but Blitzkrieg emerged from behind and decked Condor.

Vibe emerged from a breach but Doll Man was fatally hit by a heat vision blast. Condor impulsively flew off to give the others time to escape. Phantom Lady joined him. Blitzkrieg ran forward and stabbed Ray in the abdomen but was blasted again. Fatally wounded, Vibe sent him through a breach with Tornado's Neuro-Cortex. Ray arrived on Earth-1 and gave his powers and the Cortex to his counterpart. Overgirl wanted their forces prepared for a final strike on the Freedom Fighter's remaining forces while they hunted down Phantom Lady, Black Condor, Vibe, and the Ray. The New Reichsmen found Vibe but he rolled down a trap door and tried to escape down a corridor. Blitzkrieg gave chase and eventually took him out. They discovered he was running a multiversal trace to track Ray's trajectory. Blitzkrieg located him on Earth-1. Vibe was forced to open a breach to it. Overgirl went through and returned with the Neuro-Cortex. The New Reich wanted to wipe out the Resistance at their headquarters in New York City then use Vibe's ability to conquer all of the alternate Earths.

The New Reichsmen went ahead of Reich forces and faced off against the Freedom Fighters on the terminal's roof. Overgirl stated Ray didn't belong. Ray begged to differ and charged her. Black Arrow targeted Condor and fired several arrows at him. Phantom Lady fired shadow spheres at Blitzkrieg but he dodged them, grabbed her cape, spun her around, and threw her. Condor tried to help Ray against Overgirl with aerokinetic blasts made with his wings. Arrow fired another arrow. Condor destroyed it with eye lasers but it detonated too close and dropped him to the roof. The Reichsmen took the first round but Ray vowed they wouldn't stop. Overgirl had an officer bring them the captive Vibe. She revealed the Reich's plan to exploit his powers to invade and conquer infinite Earths of the Multiverse. Ray refused to comply. Overgirl ordered all of the Resistance to be killed. Vibe tossed the officer over the edge of the roof and jumped to the Freedom Fighters. The Reich began to parachute over the city.

Phantom Lady expanded a shadow sphere around herself and engaged Blitzkrieg. She took a punch then kicked him. Condor flew right to Arrow and tackled him. Overgirl and Ray contined exchanging blows in the sky. Overgirl wondered why Ray was fighting for a world that wasn't his. Ray reformed behind her and blasted her into the pavement then unleashed a salvo but she nailed him in the chest with heat vision then decked him into a building. She grabbed him and stated he was only prolonging the suffering of the Resistance. Ray stated he spent his whole life trying to make the world a better place and Earth-X needed him the most. A gunner blasted Overgirl away. Black Arrow blew up the Resistance gunners on the roof tops. Blitzkrieg cleared out some Resistance soldiers as Reichsmen parachuted down. After he ran off, Phantom Lady appeared and knocked them out. Overgirl kept punching Ray but he kept standing up in defiance. She fired her heat vision and he countered with a light blast but entered a deadlock.

While Overgirl and Ray were at a stalemate, Condor stomped Arrow with both boots. Vibe and Condor took on Blitzkrieg next. Blitzkrieg punched Condor but Phantom Lady threw one of her shadow spheres on his head and blinded him. Vibe punched him out. She was relieved they finally took him out. Black Arrow and Blitzkrieg were taken into Resistance custody. Ray started losing ground rapidly but steeled himself and released a massive amount of power. Arrow and Blitzkrieg watched as Overgirl was shot across the city into the bay. The remaining Reich forces retreated.

Current Members

Black Arrow