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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): See No Evil, Prophecy of Doom, Mad As A Hatter, Perchance To Dream, Night of the Ninja, Cat Scratch Fever, Heart of Steel Part One, If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?, Mudslide, Blind As A Bat, The Demon's Quest Part Two, The Worry Men, Double Talk, Never Fear, Torch Song, The Ultimate Thrill, Mean Seasons, Old Wounds, Mystery of Batwoman, and Chase Me
Appearances (STAS): Knight Time
Appearances (BB): See Wayne-Powers Corporation
Appearances (JL/U): Secret Origins Part One and Part Three
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Wayne Enterprises grew from humble beginnings, founded by Dr. Thomas Wayne as a pharmaceutical company. His son, Bruce Wayne suddenly reappeared after years of travel and took over Wayne Enterprises. Long-time friend of the Wayne family, Lucius Fox is joint CEO. They diversified the company into computer science and industrial research. It grew into a multinational conglomerate worth billions. The company eventually branched off into every possible industry such as Technology, Biomedical, Medical, Cosmetics, Motors, Aerospace, Applied Science, Shipping, and Electronics. Dr. Thomas Wayne served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors until his murder and was replaced by Bruce Wayne. Wayne occupies the main office several floors up and has a personal elevator.

Branches of Wayne Enterprises exist all over the world such as Gotham City, Metropolis, and Chicago in America, in Europe, and Nepal in Asia. Several subsidiaries were spun off to function on their own. WayneTech handles anything in the field of technology such as Optical Research, prototype protein silicon wafer chips, the sonic drill, and the Raven X-III. Wayne Biomedical Labs engineered MP-40, an experimental mutagenic adaptagen. Wayne Medical Research began a life long project to create a way for people with compromised immune systems to interact with the outside world. In the 2050's, they succeeded with the diagrav rings but one of the researchers used it for profit and became the Repeller. Jervis Tetch was involved in Research and Development but hid his mind control circuitry, later becoming the Mad Hatter. One of WayneTech's most notable researchers is Dr. Ballantine who developed a new alloy tensile. She later became one of three people posing as the Batwoman. However, as a crux for advanced technology, the company is a frequent target of thieves and super villains. It also is a breeding ground for villains, as well.

On the not-for-profit realm, there is Wayne Charities which often holds fundraisers and funds benefit performances. Haley's Circus one one known recipient. The Wayne Foundation funds grants for worthwile projects and underprivileged individuals, including Lyle Bolton, who later became the vigilante Lock Up. Wayne Gardens Halfway House provides cheap housing for low income families, ex-convicts, and others seeking to start a new life. Arnold Wesker, formerly the Ventriloquist, was one known resident.

On one known occassion, Wayne Enterprises partnered with another company, LexCorp, on a joint government contract. The WayneLex T-7 robot was created. However both sides were at odds with its applications. Wayne Enterprises held its ground to use it for space exploration while LexCorp sought to weaponize it. During this time, a copy of Brainiac entered Wayne computers. Months later, it infected Bruce Wayne with nanites and manipulated Wayne Aerospace into creating a new body and spacecraft. Superman and Robin appeared to intervene and destroy it. The advent of aliens warranted a WayneTech Sub-Station in Metropolis. Its aim was to establish a deep space global monitoring network. The Sub-Station failed, was infiltrated by advanced agents of the Imperium, and nearly destroyed if not for Superman and Batman. Following a mission with Static to capture Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and a runaway Bang Baby named Allie Langford, Batman, in his Bruce Wayne guise decided to steer Wayne Industries into metahuman research. It funded a program to treat Bang Babies free of charge. Langford was the first subject selected.

Some time between the 2030's and 2050's, Wayne Enterprises was taken over by Powers Technologies and a merger was formed. Wayne-Powers Corporation was born. Wayne lost his position and was reduced a shareholder on the Board of Trustees while Derek Powers took over as CEO. He fired most, if not all, employees from Wayne's company. It continued to profit, engage in hostile takeovers, and delve into illegal dealings. In the 2050's, Derek Powers was succeeded by his son Paxton after the former revealed himself as Blight. Months later, Paxton Powers was implicated in the theft of several artifacts and taken to jail. Wayne-Powers was returned to the original company name of Wayne Enterprises and most welcomed the return of Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne surprised the business world when he announced he would take over active duty as CEO again. During a special ceremony for the opening of a new $3 billion Wayne Enterprises complex, a state-of-the-art office and science center, the Joker and his gang of Jokerz crashed the party while stealing communications technology. It was later revealed that Wayne Enterprises Operations Manager, Jordan Pryce, gave Joker access to labs. He was next in line as CEO and wanted Wayne out the way. His confession was recorded and handed over to the police by Batman.