Wayne-Powers Corporation

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Part Two, Blackout, Meltdown, Shriek, Ascension, Armory, Sneak Peek, Untouchable, Big Time, and Return of the Joker
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Sometime between 2030 and 2050, Powers Technologies successfully merged with Wayne Enterprises to create Wayne-Powers Corporation and is still based in Neo Gotham. It became famous and infamous for Research and Development and absorbing smaller businesses. Derek Powers became CEO and Chairman of the Board while Bruce Wayne was reduced to a majority stockholder and Board of Trustees member. Without Wayne's influence, the company began to expand into the weapons industry. Jim Tate, weapons designer, helped establish the light weapons division. Another notable employee was Nobu Takeo who created a belt device that tested his theory of vibraspace and allowed its user to become intangible. It was unperfected but stolen by reporter, Ian Peek, in an unsolved fire.

Loading Bays for delivery are in the building's northeast sector. The Bio-Chem Research division's seristone laboratory is near the east loading bay. Seristone, a growth steroid, is a closely guarded secret and lucrative enterprise for Wayne-Powers. It also believed that the Bio-Chem division secretly created weapons for biological warfare. A DNA mutagen was to be sold to Kaznia but it was found out by two employees, Harry Tully and Warren McGinnis. Both died soon after but McGinnis' son, Terry, discovered a message and evidence of Wayne-Powers' illegal deal. He stole Bruce Wayne's Batsuit and stormed the Wayne-Powers building. After convincing Wayne to allow him to get his revenge, Wayne made McGinnis privy to a secret door leftover from the days of Wayne Enterprises.

All of the subsidiaries of Wayne Enterprises were rebranded. Notably, Wayne-Powers Medical Research specializes in iso environments and a branch of Wayne-Powers is in operation in South America. Paxton Powers was formerly in charge of Waybe-Powers Empresa Sede De Verdeza or Wayne-Powers Company Headquarters of Verdeza until he was summoned back to Neo Gotham by his father, Derek Powers.

Through his manipulations, Paxton Powers outed his father and became the new CEO and Chairman of the Board. He quickly issued new reforms, including one on extortion and kidnapping, and stayed out of the news following the revelation his father was also Blight. Months later, Bruce Wayne discovered Powers' collection of stolen artifacts when the Royal Flush Gang kidnapped the CEO and held him for ransom. After the Gang was defeated, Wayne tipped off the police and Powers was arrested. For months, speculation surrounded who would take over the company. Operations manager, Jordan Pryce was next in line to take over but Wayne suddenly announced his intention to become CEO and Chairman again. Pryce then hired a gang of Jokerz to get rid of Wayne. The gang turned out to be led by the Joker. He chose to attack a gala celebration for Wayne while his men stole some technology. Since then, it appears Powers Technologies was liquidated and the Wayne Enterprises name was restored.