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Perry White

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Real Identity: Perry White
Affiliations: Daily Planet
Appearances: Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Piotr Michael

Perry White is the editor-in-chief at the Daily Planet. Sid Sharp got an idea to be the Planet's personal superhero, Doctor Scoop, and report it all just like how Clark Kent had Superman to get all sorts of tips. White exclaimed "Great Carsar's Ghost!" and asked Sharp if he was out of his mind. He reminded Sharp he wasn't a superhero and called him a blockhead. Sharp was mistaken to be Superman by Parademons and was taken to Apokolips. Sharp was rescued by Superman. He wrote an account of it all and presented it to White. Kent, however, just turned in his version. White left to hold the presses to change the front page.